Convert your PDF into a Flip Book

  • Your PDF must contain all of the pages of your publication.
  • To get the best results from our PDF to Flipbook convertor please review our PDF Optimization tips.
  • Locked PDF's cannot be converted.
  • Click here to read our recommendations on PDF page sizes
  • The colours in the PDF must be RGB.
  • You can amend the Title, Play Sound and other options after your Flipbook has been created.
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PDF Page Size

Our PDF to Flipbook convertor can handle any size of document but all of the pages in the PDF must be the same height.

Single Page Layout

All of the pages in the PDF are the same width. This is the recommended layout

Double Page Spreads

The first page of the PDF is a single page and one or more of the internal pages are double page spreads.

If the PDF does contain double page spreads each one will be counted as 2 individual pages, the above example therefore has 6 pages.

While our PDF to Flipbook convertor has no problem with double page spreads they are incompatible with our Mobile Device Flipbook viewer and Flipdocs Link Editor which is why we recommend separate pages.


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