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SEPTEMBER 2011 VOLUME 49, NUMBER 9 FIVE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICAL MARKET SUCCESS Strategies for Print Distributors Targeting Health Care and Other Niche Industries PAGE 16 ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATIONS Print Manufacturers Consider Whether the Pursuit Is Worth the Effort PAGE 32 PRESS SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY Experience RealWorld Situations Without Draining Resources PAGE 44

PRINT SOLUTIONS MAGAZINE September 2011 FEATURES PERSPECTIVES 04 EDITORS NOTE Finding Your Niche By John Delavan 06 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE The Momentum Generator By Bill Prettyman 12 PSDA PROFILE Celebrating a Century of Tags and Labels By Frances Moffett With 100 years of success behind it, PSDA member AllenBailey Tag Label has been able to hold its ground and provide superlative customer service in an everchanging industry. 16 COVER STORY Five Prescriptions for Medical Market Success By

EDITORS NOTE Finding Your Niche BY JOHN DELAVAN, EDITORINCHIEF I started my journalism career more than two decades ago , working part time as a copy editor at New Orleans daily newspaper, The TimesPicayune, while pursuing my undergraduate studies at Loyola University. Once I moved on to graduate school at Penn State University, I continued working part time as an editor at the local paper there, and then my first big job out of college was working at the PostTribune, a newspaper based in nor

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE The Momentum Generator Having a clear vision for your business gives you purpose and the motivation to grow. BY BILL PRETTYMAN, PSDA BOARD PRESIDENT hat is vision Vision is imagining a future a future better than the present or the past. It conjures up passion and emotion as you consider what it will be like when you reach it. It is about defining the future you want for yourself, your relationships, your company and your customers. Vision is generally a longerterm view of w

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE To create velocity. Vision creates a better velocity than no vision at all because, as the saying goes, If you do not know where you are going then any road will take you there. Velocity deals with speed and direction. The company moves toward its vision at a faster and faster rate the clearer the vision is and as long as priorities and decisions are made consistent with it. involvement is important not only for feedback but for buyin if they are needed to help execute on t

PSDA NEWS Ennis, Glatfelter Host VIP Series Conference PSDA member companies Ennis and Glatfelter recently hosted the 5th Annual VIP Series Conference. This years program, The Battle Against Print and How to Fight Back, was held in San Francisco, Charlotte, N.C., and St. Louis and provided local distributors with opportunities to learn and network with one another. Each year, the VIP Series Conference reenergizes me about our industry, said Steve Osterloh, vice president of marketing for Ennis.

PSDA NEWS Meet the PSDA Staff Team MARCIE VALERIO Marketing Communications Manager What is your role on the PSDA staff team As a marketing and communications manager, I work with a range of people both on staff and in the association to help promote events, develop content on the website, share association news and develop a longterm marketing strategy for PSDA. Because just about every marketing project involves a large group of contributors, Im also sort of an informationwrangler. My mark

PSDA PROFILE Celebrating a Century of Tags and Labels With 100 years of success behind it, PSDA member AllenBailey Tag Label has been able to hold its ground and provide superlative customer service in an everchanging industry. BY FRANCES MOFFETT I ts not every day that a company gets to celebrate its 100th anniversary. AllenBailey Tag Label recently reached 100 years in operation, and according to Richard Phelps, partner and director of marketing, it has come a long way. Founded in 1911 by

PSDA PROFILE with shorter lead times from our customers, continued price pressure oftentimes in the face of increased costs and opportunities to utilize new technologies to improve the efficiencies with which we operate. It drives you crazy at times, but I believe its also what makes the industry and our jobs actually fun. Phelps said that AllenBailey Tag Label addresses these challenges with inhouse training and by reaching out to its vendors for continued guidance with its inks, substrate


PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICAL MARKET SUCCESS BY DARIN PAINTER FIVE My wife didnt want to waste the time driving back and forth to the office when she just needed to accomplish a few tasks, said Dr. Johnny Kaushal, administrator for Kaushal Pediatric Services. In that same amount of time, she could complete 10 sets of notes and finish her day sooner in order to spend more time with our family, which includes two girls. The EHR system Dr. Neeta Kaushal had used at her previous physician practice was

FIVE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICAL MARKET SUCCESS PRESCRIPTION 1 TAKE TIMECONSUMING TASKS AWAY FROM MEDICAL STAFF TullyWihr has 40 years of experience in the health care industry and has developed a comprehensive forms management solution for the niche. Our account representatives are not just ordertakers. They have indepth knowledge of the industry and understand the needs of health care facility managers and staff, said George W. Smith, CDC, vice president of sales and a partner at TullyWihr. Som

FIVE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICAL MARKET SUCCESS FOUR VALUEADDED SERVICES Distributors targeting the health care industry say they need to impress clients with more than just products. Here are four ways they accomplish that goal WAREHOUSING is critical to companies maintaining or keeping medical accounts. You can restock nursing stations and departments monthly and in emergency situations. Also, instead of delivering printed products to a single area, consider delivering them to specified person

FIVE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICAL MARKET SUCCESS We speak to physicians, nurses, administrators, health care opinion leaders and patients all over the world, said Kerry Hilton, owner of HCB Health. Because we live and breathe health care, we understand the complexities of both the human body and the medical marketplace. Our approach is to help clients outsmart the competition, not outspend them. More than ever, the complex world of medicine requires a holistic approach to health care marketing. Te

FIVE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICAL MARKET SUCCESS SIX GOOD LINKS TO STAY UPDATED Regulations and standards change frequently in the health care industry. Distributors targeting the niche can stay ahead of trends by visiting these sites, among others We retrieve 1,000 patient charts a day, said Chantal Lafrenire, head of the medical records department at CHAUHDL. Our archivists had to find the files, process them and return the folders to their proper place. When you receive 1,000 requests a day, t

Weve had training sessions as quick as 10 minutes and as long as an hour, said Sonia Mokbel, director of marketing for Purkinje. In every case, the doctors have been upandrunning within 60 minutes. Each authorized hospital employee uses a personal setting to find files from any computer within the network. The fileretention problem has been eliminated, and numerous medical professionals can access the same patient file from an unlimited number of locations simultaneously. Also, health care profe

How to Sell to Key Vertical Markets Specializing in the retail, hospitality, financial or manufacturing markets can help print distributors bring in the best clients. BY DARIN PAINTER n the past few years, more vendors have become generalists, touting the same things hundreds of other firms tout, including competitive prices and the ability to respond promptly, says David C. Baker, principal of Nashville, Tenn.based consultancy ReCourses. At the same time, the best clients are looking for speci

HOW TO SELL TO KEY VERTICAL MARKETS More and more organizations want to work with companies that understand the nuances of their business and the dynamics of their industry. David C. Baker, Principal, ReCourses relationships with their customers. Do you have the right process for interpreting consumer data What good are numbers and percentages unless they help make you smarter, more effective and more responsive Provide website design and maintenance. Theres a growing need for distributors to

HOW TO SELL TO KEY VERTICAL MARKETS Targeting Vertical Markets How to Create a Marketing Plan BY DARIN PAINTER S ome distributors view marketing plans the same way teenagers view math problems Its a good idea to write them out, but who really has the time Who really has the patience Who really has the advantage, Selina Oppenheim, president of Bostonbased consulting firm Port Authority, said, is the company that knows what it wants and takes the marketing steps to get there. Its a misconceptio

This is the toughest part of the marketing plan, said David C. Baker, principal of Nashvillebased consultancy ReCourses. Everyone says, Were costeffective, responsive and here you get to work with senior people. What does that really say Not much. Most firms have very unfocused, noncompelling descriptions of what they do. The key, Baker said, is touting your organization as a specialized firm. Developing a focused positioning statement helps you do that. Theres a lot of value in a supplier whos

CERTIFICATIONS Are They Worth the Effort BY HEIDI TOLLIVERNIGRO E N V I RON M E N TA L While it can be advantageous to promote your company as green, there are very specific stipulations and the end result isnt always clear cut. here is a lot of discussion these days about environmental certification. From a marketing perspective, the ability to present your company as a partner in helping end users green their images and meet their environmental standards can be a significant benefit. But h

ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFCATIONS Each certification system uses somewhat different standards, covers different elements in the chain of custody and requires different percentages of certified fiber content in order for the logo to be printed on the final end product. certification requires No conversion of forests or any other natural habitat Respect for international workers rights Prohibition of use of hazardous chemicals Respect for human rights with particular attention to indigenous people

ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFCATIONS Thinking Carefully Through Certifications One of the benefits of environmental certifications is helping distributors and end users make smart purchasing and vendor decisions that help the environment. By looking for environmental certifications on paper use, energy use and other areas, it simplifies your decisionmaking. By selecting the certified product, you can always be certain that the choice is better than a noncertified product. Right Most of the time, but not

ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFCATIONS Certification for Smaller Shops Even smaller manufacturers are investing in environmental certifications. Like their larger counterparts, they are often prompted to do so at the request for specific customers. Once certified, they may choose to maintain the certification as part of a broader environmental commitment. PSDA member Team Concept Carol Stream, Ill., a 10 million per year manufacturer, falls into this category. Two and a half years ago, it obtained its FSC

ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFCATIONS At CE Printed Products, if the print process is fully Forest Stewardship Council FSCcertified the product will bear an FSC certification logo. can still buy that stock, and the answer is yes, McNeill said. Often, that makes them happy and is completely sufficient for their needs. Especially some of the smaller customers they dont need the full certification logo. They are just happy to know they are doing the right thing. The president of one marketing firm whose na

ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFCATIONS RIT Study Industry Steps Toward Certification According to a recent survey from the Rochester Institute of Technology, the printing industry is getting serious about quantifying its environmental commitment. RITs Sustainable Print Systems Laboratory conducted a 31question survey of printing businesses filled out by 105 respondents that looked at five different areas sustainability policies, sustainability metrics and measures, involvement in formal environmental cert

president of PSDA member Quality Resources in Minneapolis, which holds an environmental certification from a local printing association. For example, we were recently recognized by the city of Plymouth and got an environmental award. We got our picture taken in the paper and recognized in the city council meeting. So it becomes a bullet point in our proposals. We use the environmental certification in much the same way. Plus, its the right thing to do. Let your customers know that, even if you


The Emergence of Press Simulation Technology The ability to experience realworld press situations without draining resources or wasting time proves valuable for many manufacturers. HEIDI TOLLIVERNIGRO Editors Note The names of several quoted sources in this story have been left out per their requests for anonymity. e can talk all we want about marketing services and the value of data and online and mobile marketing, but lets face it If your print quality stinks, none of those are going to make

THE EMERGENCE OF PRESS SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY pressroom employees how to recognize and troubleshoot problems with tension, paper, inkwater balance, dryer and folder, Glasgows manufacturing pressroom manager said. It also provides a basis for refresher courses and complex folder problems like wrinkling, dog ears and uneven folds. One of the many benefits of the WebSim Heatset EXPERT is that it eliminates the waste of materials and the threat of damage to equipment. We have successfully used the s

THE EMERGENCE OF PRESS SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY Press Simulation in an Educational Environment Students at Fox Valley Technical College pictured in Appleton, Wis., part of the Wisconsin Technical College system, have discovered an expected characteristic of press simulators. They are addicting. Fox Valley is the largest educational user of Sinapse Graphic press simulators in the United States. It has five offset simulators one heatset and four sheetfed SheetSim SHOTS and is currently in the pro

THE EMERGENCE OF PRESS SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY It Isnt a Video Game Lest you be tempted to think this is little more than some kind of video game, just ask the manufacturing manager of The Nielsen Company, an RRD company in Florence, Ky. When asked about the press simulator, my first reaction was that we do not have time to play games, he said. Our pressroom is fastpaced and busy all the time. We have many customer OKs, and I was unsure we had the time to allow employees to sit on the computer pl

To do it right, he highly recommends using the dualtouch screens in the lab. Enthusiasm from Atlanta RRDs location in Atlanta is an enthusiastic user of the system, as well. Our goal here at the Atlanta West plant is to put all of our operators through the press simulator program, exuded the plant manager. We intend to start with the feeder operators and move up the ladder. We have even shared it with one associate in our scheduling department. Our pressroom manager supports this program 100 pe

CASE STUDY The Right Code, The Right Combination PSDA member Western States Envelope Label uses QR codes with 7R Convertible Mailers to pique interest, promote innovation and showcase results. As clich as it sounds, pushing the envelope when it comes to marketing mediums can yield big dividends. Case in point PSDA member Western States Envelope Label. This Butler, Wis.based envelope and label manufacturer married QR codes with allinone 7R Convertible MailersTM to house its quarterly Inside th

The outcomes of Western States Envelope Labels selfpromotional piece far exceeded expectations, with 480 reply cards requesting further information and samples and 425 mobile devices accessing the companys website. Convertible Mailer saved time as well as printing, perfing and inserting costs. The inside of the envelope was used to imprint extra information that customers could keep on hand once the reply and business card portions were removed. The business card portion included the QR code,

INDUSTRY NEWS COMPILED BY ALEXA SCHLOSSER News Printing Industries of America Workshop Offers Comprehensive Orientation to Graphic Arts color theory and reproduction and variable data processing and digital printing. The program costs 1,095 for Printing Industries of America members and 1,595 for nonmembers. For more information and to register, contact workshop leader Joe Marin Printing Industries of Americas senior analyst, digital technologies at jmarinprinting. org. You may also visit

INDUSTRY NEWS aims to create productive networking opportunities to enhance its members professionalism and success through professional development, tradeshows and social events. WorkflowOne Introduces New Solution for Industrial Manufacturing WorkflowOne recently announced a new digitally printed kitted labeling solution for industrial manufacturers. The solution, called OneMark, remedies the problems inherent to flexography, such as the timeconsuming nature of the process and the amount of

INDUSTRY NEWS Inc.s newest acquisition, Atlas Tag and Label in Neenah, Wis. Hagen is a 10year industry veteran, serving in roles such as accounting manager and controller. He has been a part of the Ennis Inc. team since the Atlas acquisition in September 2010. Bob was integral to our integration of Atlas Tag and Label into Ennis, said Dale Donati, vice president of operations. Promoting from within the Atlas facility gives us a leader with 10 years of experience in the Neenah facility. I am loo

INDUSTRY NEWS COMPILED BY ALEXA SCHLOSSER Design Suite enables printers to produce dramatic metallic special effects on their presses. For more information, see shortrun, colorcritical printing capabilities at an affordable price point. For more information, visit King Printing Boosts Productivity with HP Inkjet Web Press Upgrade Massachusettsbased King Printing Co. recently became the first North American book manufacturer to install a new HP T350 Color

ADVERTISER INDEX Companies that advertise in Print Solutions provide vital financial support for the Print Services Distribution Association PSDA and deliver products and services of tremendous value to print industry professionals. When you seek additional information from these companies, make sure to mention that you saw their display ads in Print Solutions and thank them for their continuing support of PSDA. ADVERTISER 4over Admore AllenBailey Tag Label AmeriPrint BW Press Carolina Cut Sh





FINAL THOUGHTS Are Your Pay Practices Legal Timekeeping App Lets Employees Track, Send Work Data BY CHARLOTTE JENSEN how often nonexempt employees report one hour of work when all they did was respond to one email. Unfortunately, you have no way to prove the time wasnt actually spent on work, so youre on the hook for it. Working Overtime Dont pay unapproved overtime OK, this one is illegal. Unauthorized overtime is a disciplinary issue, not a payroll issue. All hours that a nonexempt employee

2012 Print Solutions Conference and Expo JUNE 46 THE BALTIMORE CONVENTION CENTER BALTIMORE, MD Convene with your colleagues from around the world at PSDAs largest, most exciting event of the year the one conference where principals and their sales, customer service and technology teams come to get ahead of the curve. THE 2012 PRINT SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE AND EXPO FEATURES Relevant exhibit hall networking and education opportunities Vast Expo Hall showcasing all aspects of print, marketing an

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