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APRIL 2011 VOLUME 49, NUMBER 4 Sweet Home Chicago Print Solutions Conference and Expo to Offer Stellar Education, Trade Show in PSDAs New Hometown PAGE 40 Distributor Training Two Sides to Every Story PAGE 16 Printers and Technology Connecting Islands of Information PAGE 35

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PRINT SOLUTIONS MAGAZINE April 2011 FEATURES PERSPECTIVES 04 EDITORS NOTE Make a Commitment By John Delavan 06 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Your Best Opportunity By Bill Prettyman 12 PSDA PROFILE Never Standing Still By Amie Shak Under Jim Bonaventuras leadership, Cooley Group focuses on innovation and specializes in helping its clients to build and maintain their brands. 16 SPECIAL FEATURE PACKAGE Distributor Training Two Sides to Every Story By Heidi TolliverNigro The upcoming 2011 Print Soluti

EDITORS NOTE Make the Commitment BY JOHN DELAVAN, EDITORINCHIEF I dont want to alarm you. But I feel I should alert you that, by the time you read this, 2011 will be roughly a quarter over. Yes, more than three months have passed since 2010 ended. And, if youre like me, youre thinking, Its April already Seriously April Where did the time go Volume 49, Number 4 April 2011 PUBLISHER Matt Sanderson 312.673.5822 EDITORINCHIEF John Delavan 312.673.4825 Sur

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PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Your Best Opportunity PSDAs 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo is an ideal occasion to help your company serve its customers better and drive longterm success. BY BILL PRETTYMAN, PSDA BOARD PRESIDENT P To better satisfy our customers, we must understand the latest print industry trends. By doing so, we can lead them to new ways of solving their problems. SDAs 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo, to be held May 1719 in Chicago, is the premier annual event in the p

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PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Attending the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo will allow you to see our industry from 30,000 feet through education, networking, and simply listening to what others are doing. 3. Focus on Innovation During this years show, distributors will have the opportunity to visit almost 200 Expo booths. Exhibitors will be showcasing their latest print product and service innovations to help you provide even better solutions for your customers. These innovations will spur incre

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PSDA NEWS PSDA Staff Visit RBO PrintLogistix in St. Louis Affinity HR Group Named PSDAs Lead Human Resources Partner PSDA is pleased to introduce Affinity HR Group as PSDAs lead human resources partner, offering PSDA member companies costeffective and tailored support for challenging HR and management issues, including recruitment, retention, employee development and engagement, compliance, benefits, and policies. Members of Affinity HR have presented at events on workforcerelated topics, incl

PSDA NEWS Save the Dates for PSDAs 2011 Small Distributor Summit PSDA recently announced that its 2011 Small Distributor Summit will be held Sept. 1618 at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pa. Developed by and for owners of small businesses, this PSDA exclusive event is for companies whose annual sales volumes are lower than 2.5 million. Planned and organized by PSDA member companies, the Small Distributor Summit connects likeminded members who sell print and pri

PSDA PROFILE Never Standing Still Under Jim Bonaventuras longtime leadership, New Yorkbased Cooley Group focuses on innovation and specializes in helping its clients to build and maintain their brands. BY AMIE SHAK C ooley Group Inc. Executive Vice President Jim Bonaventura admits the print industry has been left for dead on more than one occasion. But Bonaventura hasnt left it since he first answered a helpwanted ad for Cooley Group in 1979. Bonaventura got involved in the industry by accide

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PSDA PROFILE beautiful scenery and peace and quiet of anywhere weve been, Bonaventura said. One fact many people may not know about Bonaventura is that he once performed in the Childrens Chorus at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in New York. These days, long after his voice changed, he sticks to singing Jimmy Buffett songs in the shower, Bonaventura said. Learn more about Bonaventura and his company at PS Amie Shak is managing editor of Print Solutions. Know of

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T H E M A N U FA C T U R E R P E R S P E C T I V E Distributor BY HEIDI TOLLIVERNIGRO Training Two Sides to Every Story 16 PRINT SOLUTIONS APRIL 2011 PSDA.ORG

T H E D I S T R I B U T O R P E R S P E C T I V E The upcoming 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo is a vital event that facilitates networking and relationship building for print manufacturers and distributors, and one issue many will inevitably discuss is training. Print distributors expect some training from manufacturers, but a solid return on investment must come from that training, as well. In this twostory package, featured Print Solutions contributor Heidi TolliverNigro showcases

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The Manufacturer Perspective As manufacturers assess the needs and expectations of distributors at every level of expertise, motivation, and commitment to print, they face a huge challenge in managing their training resources profitably. BY HEIDI TOLLIVERNIGRO 20 PRINT SOLUTIONS APRIL 2011 PSDA.ORG

T he 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo is a critical time of networking and relationship building for print manufacturers and distributors. One of the issues they are currently wrestling with is training. On one hand, distributors have a right to expect a certain amount of training from manufacturers. On the other hand, there needs to be a solid return on investment ROI attached to training, too. As manufacturers assess the needs and expectations of a full spectrum of distributors at eve

MANUFACTURER PERSPECTIVE Five Ways to Improve Your Manufacturer Relationship Respect the fact that there is ROI attached to training. Manufacturers need to train you. They want to train you. But training cannot be indiscriminate. It has to be done with ROI in mind. they are a quality vendor, we always make sure that they include something that is unique to them, he said. This way we can really work with them to get a new revenue stream for their efforts. shows to research promos not print a

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MANUFACTURER PERSPECTIVE education. How can you take the training manufacturers provide as a springboard, and then run with it Fort Launderdale, Floridabased Suncoast Marketing thinks it has come up with a good model. It utilizes the Printegra BootCamp for all its new sales and customer service hires to ground them in basic print knowledge and give them a plant tour. That is followed by the training at Suncoast. This includes training that its corporate trainer now retired helped to put togethe

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The Distributor Perspective For print distributors, its not just about the products manufacturers are selling, but also about the value manufacturers provide during training. BY HEIDI TOLLIVERNIGRO 26 PRINT SOLUTIONS APRIL 2011 PSDA.ORG

A s they walk the floor and attend the sessions at the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo, distributors will be approaching manufacturers with many questions, including What can you offer me to sell And how will you train me to sell it This will prompt a mental calculation on the part of the manufacturer about the likely return on investment ROI for training this and every other distributor who asks the same question. What many print distributors wish manufacturers understood is that they

DISTRIBUTOR PERSPECTIVE Action Items for Manufacturers manufacturer puts it, Those will require Business Forms 101. But if its a more experienced distributor, youll need to go deeper. Said Roger Buck, director of marketing for The Flesh Company, Youll want to provide unique applications or vertical market strategies so when they walk out of the training, they can say OK, I have prospects in mind. Im going to go out and try to sell it this way. Know what they want training on and to which medi

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DISTRIBUTOR PERSPECTIVE another. Some manufacturers have noted that many new recruits are coming out of other industries and have no print backgrounds at all, and some dont even have sales backgrounds and need to be taught the basics of business etiquette. Different Training Methods, Approaches More sophisticated distributors understand that manufacturers need to have basic training available for newbies to the game. Still, that leaves them wondering, What about us related issue. While print

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DISTRIBUTOR PERSPECTIVE Marketing tools like 11, pURLs, and QR codes are creative, impactful, and worth selling, but they often fall on deaf enduser ears unless a distributor is talking to the right size or niche of company at exactly the right time, said Michael Baucom, president of Proforma Print Source, writing on the PSDA Listserv. Sometimes a distributor can promote those tools to what would seem to be a very appropriate customer with great potential, but it just isnt the right fit, the cu

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Connecting Islands of Information BY DARIN PAINTER Management information system technology and creative workflow systems are helping some print firms and their supply chains get faster, smarter, and more united. I n May 2008, executives at familyowned Ampersand Printing believed that too many tasks were being performed manually instead of automatically. The company, based in Guelph, Canada, was known for its progressiveness it was among the first in Canada to adopt computertoplate technolog

ISLANDS OF INFORMATION Online Proofing and Workflow System Empowers Distributor Savvy end users are seeking new ways to collaborate with distributors more effectively, review and approve proofs of printing jobs faster, and manage access to those proofs in a controlled way. At the same time, forwardthinking distributors are aiming to move jobs from creation to production seamlessly, with as little human intervention as possible. WebbMason, a PSDA member distributorship based in Hunt Valley, Md.,

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ISLANDS OF INFORMATION Printings MIS system integrates via JDF with the printers Kodak Prinergy prepress system. Pages are then submitted into these templates to initiate platemaking. HIFLEX scheduling then sends the files to press and postpress for completely automated setups. The MIS system receives realtime information from all available external systems prepress, press, and postpress and displays them on a live dashboard view for Ampersand Printings personnel. This streamlined workflow enab

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Print Solutions Conference and Expo The Most Anticipated Event of the Year PSDAs signature annual gathering is a must for distributors and channel partners. 40 PRINT SOLUTIONS APRIL 2011 PSDA.ORG

T he 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo, PSDAs annual conference, is the most important event of the year for distributors and channel partners who provide print and managed services to businesses. In fact, of all the large print and related industry shows, this is the only event focused on supporting printing professionals who provide print, marketing, and related services through independent distribution to enduser customers. This years conference, May 1719, is centrally located on Chic

Print Solutions Conference and Expo Schedule at a Glance The following Schedule at a Glance shows only brief details of the comprehensive educational, networking and business development programming planned during the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo. For more details about all events, visit www.psda.orgconference. Tuesday, May 17 800 a.m. 500 p.m. Sales Track Selling WebtoPrint Solutions Pat Fortunato, Global Network Consulting Services Customer Service Track Achieving Customer Serv

1145 a.m. 1230 p.m. PEAK Awards Presentation 1230 p.m. 500 p.m. Expo Hall Open, featuring Vendor Presentations and Idea Exchange Centers 1230 p.m. 130 p.m. Lunch in Expo Hall 130 p.m. 230 p.m. Idea Exchange Center The Business Implications of Current Trends Facilitated by Marianne Morrison, InfoTrends Thursday, May 19 800 a.m. 900 a.m. Sales Track Adaptability in Selling Pat Fortunato, Global Network Consulting Services CEOs Track Making Sense of Assessments PSDA panel moderated by Claud

PSDA Conference Offers Education, Inspiration Programming at the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo includes something for everyone, with comprehensive educational tracks and engaging keynotes. Educational Tracks Programming for Your Professional Focus As a direct result of PSDA members asking for a greater emphasis on education and peertopeer learning, the first day of the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo Tuesday, May 17 features interactive workshops focusing on sales, custome

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Keynote Speakers Perspectives Inspire and Motivate The 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo features two keynote addresses designed to call out your potential for leadership and motivate you to take your business to the next level. Henry S. Givray Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, SmithBucklin Krish Dhanam Chief Executive Officer, Training International Inc. Opening Keynote Givrays presentation, The Passion of Leadership, will help you identify opportunities to grow as lead

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR FLOOR PLAN ENTRANCE 115 921 1018 212 713 201 405 803 815 920 704 204 917 702 123 106 412 914 611a 101 1020 817 110 924 307 506 107 3M Promotional Markets Department AccuLink Adcraft Decals Inc. AmeriCAL Inc. AmeriPrint Corp. Apex Business Systems Apex Color member of Strategic Print Alliance Appleton Arjobex ASI Advertising Specialty Institute BW Press Badger Tag Label Bertek Systems Inc. Bestforms Inc. BindTech Inc. Blue Frog Printing Broker Forms Business Car

ENTRANCE All information is subject to change. 522 820 1115 317 610 918 624 111 104 711 812 200 607 1008 823 1022 719 912 215 408 724 822 722 207 323 511 622 KDM Products Keystone Printing Group Label Art Label World Labels West Inc. LASER EXCEL LTi Printing Magnets 4 Media Mailers Haven LLC MAR Graphics Marathon Label Marketing4 Inc. Megaform Computer Products MICR Express Mtivity N.E.W. Printing Navitor New Century Envelope Northeastern Envelope Paitec USA Paper Systems Inc. PartnerPrinting.

Meet Your PSDA Staff Team While at the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo, youll have the opportunity to meet members of the PSDA staff team from the associations Chicago and Washington, D.C., offices. Throughout the event, PSDA staff will be available in the PSDA booth on the Expo floor and in special networking sessions. Look for details on specific meetandgreet times in the onsite guide in Chicago. Matt Sanderson Executive Vice President Chicago Office Julie Ferry Education and Progra

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW PSDA STAFF Marcie Valerio Marketing Communications Chicago Office Breon Baker Operations Chicago Office Ben Barclay Operations Chicago Office Barbara OConnor Operations Chicago Office John Delavan Publishing Print Solutions Chicago Office Frances Moffett Publishing Print Solutions Chicago Office Amie Shak Publishing Print Solutions Chicago Office Bill Wargo Publishing Print Solutions Chicago Office Ryan Abell Sales Washington, DC Office Dave Merli Sales Washington,

Exhibitor Directory The following companies were confirmed exhibitors at the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo as of March 15, 2011. PSDA member companies have their names shown in blue type. 3M Promotional Markets Department Booth 115 3M Center, Bldg. 2233N08 Saint Paul, MN 551441000 Phone 651.737.1492 Fax 651.737.5857 Email Web www.3m.compromote AmeriCAL Inc. Booth 212 6620 F St. Omaha, NE 68117 Phone 402.331.1180 Fax 402.592.9944 Email Web

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING ASI Advertising Specialty Institute Booth 920 4800 Street Road Trevose, PA 19053 Phone 215.953.4000 Fax 215.953.3969 Email Web ASI is the largest media, marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, with membership of 26,000 distributor and supplier firms. ASI provides catalogs, magazines, offers ecommerce, marketing and selling tools. Bertek Systems Inc. Booth 917 Arrowhead Industrial Park 133 Bry

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Business Cards Plus Booth 914 8785 Portage Industrial Drive Portage, MI 49024 Phone 269.327.7727 Fax 800.875.7700 Email Web Business Cards Plus is a 25 year old, fullservice trade printer of stationery products. Printing flat, thermography, 4color process both digital and offset, plus we foil and emboss. We have our own online ordering system and offer fulfillment and mailing services. Our job is to make

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Champion Printing Inc. Booth 110 4205 Dixie Highway Elsmere, KY 41018 Phone 859.727.5501 ext. 1 Fax 859.727.5507 Email Web Champion Printing is a web offset direct mail printer specializing in cut sheet selfmailers, bindin order form envelopes, traditional stock and custom envelopes. Cook Receipt Book Mfg. Inc. Booth 107 278 E. Main St. Dothan, AL 36302 Phone 334.671.1116 ext. 12 Fax 334.793.7283 Ema

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING DataMart Direct Inc. Booth 810 279 Madsen Drive, Suite 101 Bloomingdale, IL 60108 Phone 630.307.7100 Fax 630.307.8059 Email Web DataMart Direct is a direct marketing firm specializing in multichannel marketing and variable print applications. Core services include direct mail, fulfillment, digital print, webtoprint, and PURLs. Delforms Booth 103 3660 Victoria St. N. Shoreview, MN 55126 Phone 800.328.7889 Fax 80

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING eQuantum Inc. Booth 501 P.O. Box 11155 Reno, NV 895101155 Phone 775.856.2800 ext. 201 Fax 775.856.2408 Email Web Flottman Company Booth 417 720 Centre View Blvd. Crestview Hills, KY 410175434 Phone 859.331.6636 Fax 859.344.7085 Email Web Flottman Company celebrates 90 years of printing Specializing in fullcolor printing and miniature folding. The bindery can fold as small as a hal

Futek Forms, Tags Labels Booth 1016 540 Discovery Drive Neenah, WI 549564885 Phone 920.725.3500 ext. 202 Fax 920.725.3599 Email Web Futek manufactures tags, manifold tags and pressure sensitive labels. Our flexo presses are equipped with ion deposition for variable imaging. We offer stringing and wiring. GDS offers a unique line of premium retail display graphics and trade show exhibit options for mid to large companies. Gill Studios Inc. Booth 310 P.O.

CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Glatfelter Carbonless Printing Papers Booth 321 P.O. Box 2500 232 East Eighth St. Chillicothe, OH 45601 Phone 866.739.3023 Fax 740.772.0000 Email Web Glatfelter Carbonless WORKS for your business. Providing exceptional carbonless, security papers, laser MOCR and dozens of other papers for growth in your print business. Greystone Print Solutions Formerly Greenville Printing is a commercial printer offering sheetfe

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Hoosier Data Forms Booth 214 1002 E. 25th St. Indianapolis, IN 46205 Phone 317.923.1340 Fax 317.923.1341 Email Web Hoosier Data Forms, a family owned business, has always strived to anticipate the needs of tomorrow to be on the cutting edge of technology We produce business cards and stationery in one to full color, foil, raised, emboss, and we provide ordering platforms and integrate with all distributor programs. I

www.psda.orgconference 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo May 1719 Navy Pier Convention Center Chicago, IL Convene with more than 1,200 of your colleagues from around the world at PSDAs largest, most exciting event of the year the one conference where Principals and their sales, customer service and technology teams come to get ahead of the curve. THE 2011 PRINT SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE AND EXPO FEATURES Relevant exhibit hall networking and education opportunities Vast Expo Hall showcasi

CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING JFM Concepts Booth 618 6527 Carrollton Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220 Phone 317.254.4510 Fax 800.859.4008 Email Web JFM Concepts is a full service cross media marketing technology firm featuring VDP Web with PURLs, Landing Pages, QR Codes, SMS and more. Keystone Printing Group Booth 820 15400 South US Highway 27 Lansing, MI 48906 Phone 517.485.0032 Fax 517.485.4066 Email We are a Union Printing Company.

LWI provides simple to complex custom labels printed digital and flexo including variable data, scratchoff, foil and embossing and up to 10 colors. Mailers Haven LLC Booth 104 25322 Rye Canyon Road Suite 200 Valencia, CA 91355 Phone 800.557.5487 Fax 661.414.8579 Email Web See our ad on page 99. Mailers Haven sells high quality lists exclusively to mail shops, print shops and ad agencies. Run counts and get orders through a knowledgeable list agent,

CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Magnets 4 Media Booth 111 7 Chamber Drive Washington, MO 63090 Phone 800.642.6384 ext. 1 Fax 636.390.5147 Email Web Magnets4Media is the largest advertising magnet manufacturer in the country. Call us to compare our service, prices, and quality make us the market leader. Megaform Computer Products Booth 607 850 Industrial Park Drive Vandalia, OH 453770667 Phone 937.890.8410 Fax 937.454.1861 Email officesmegafor

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING PCI Paper Conversions Inc. Booth 722 6761 Thompson Road Syracuse, NY 13211 Phone 315.437.1641 Fax 315.437.3634 Email Web Manufacturing StikWithit and Note Cube notepads and StikWithit self adhesive posters, stickers, dry erase and bulletin boards. Offset and digital printing, removable and repositionable adhesive. The Print Services Distribution Association seeks to enhance the success of the independent distributio

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING PartnerPrinting.Com Booth 822 700 Columbia Ave. Riverside, CA 92507 Phone 951.787.9988 ext. 116 Fax 951.367.1475 Email Web PartnerPrinting.Com is a full service webtoprint resource serving the print tradeonly market since 1988. Primacompanies Primadata Booth 511 1201 Waube Lane Green Bay, WI 54304 Phone 920.347.1961 Fax 920.347.1964 Email Web Primadata is your pre

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING PrintXcelPrintegra VersaSeal Booth 500 352 S. Greeno Road Fairhope, AL 36533 Phone 251.928.4022 Fax 334.928.5733 Email Web PrintXcel is a distributors best source for a wide variety of print products and services. We operate 4 manufacturing facilities nationwide. Our products include cut sheet and continuous checks forms, financial forms, direct mail, integrated and affixed card and label products, multipart mailers and

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Proximity Marketing Booth 425 2947 Interstate Parkway Brunswick, OH 44212 Phone 330.220.6100, ext. 233 Fax 330.220.6103 Email Web We help you generate revenue not more work with email marketing. Print distributors love us because we do the work, while you get the credit. With facilities across the United States, the entire RR Donnelley print platform can become one of your most important assets. Rainb

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Silvanus Products Booth 923 40 Merchant St. Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670 Phone 800.822.2788 121 Fax 573.883.3160 Email Web Silvanus Products is a leading manufacturer of custom information packaging products for a variety of markets. We are capable of producing all binder product lines including Vinyl both supported and unsupported, Turned Edge and Poly, from the most complicated to average binders at a ver

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Strategic Print Alliance Booth 301 173 Tara Lane Goodlettsville, TN 37072 Phone 615.406.1010 Fax 314.781.5546 Email Web Strategic Print Alliance is a network of bestinclass regional print manufacturers. We offer a national manufacturing and distribution footprint to service customers of all sizes. Our ability to leverage our spend gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace and gives o

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING The Envelope Express Inc. Booth 202 301 Arthur Ct. Bensenville, IL 60106 Phone 630.616.9696 Fax 877.616.9858 Email The Envelope Express Inc. specializes in custom manufactured and printed envelopes, including Door Hangers, Bangtail, Remittance and Drive ups. We also manufacture Expansion Envelopes in paper and Tyvek. We offer Specialty Closures in Latex, Peel Seal, Peel Reseal, String Button and Clasp. We offer printing capabilities in

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Universal Manufacturing Company Booth 1111 5450 Deramus Kansas City, MO 64120 Phone 816.231.2771, ext. 330 Fax 816.483.6842 Email Web Universal manufacturingcommercial trade printer that understands the rising demand for highquality printing at super competitive prices. Warwick Publishing Company offers a complete line of desk calendars, wall calendars, and pressure sensitive stickon calendars, pocket folders and greeting c

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CONFERENCE PREVIEW EXHIBITOR LISTING Wright Enterprises member of Strategic Print Alliance Booth 301 P.O. Box 20489 Portland, OR 972940489 Phone 503.661.2525 Fax 5036610515 Email Web 4color process printing, bar coded products, calendars, cards, integrated, checks, commercial printing, continuous forms, cut sheets, digital printing, direct mail, ecommerce solutions, envelopes, catalogbooklet, envelopes, custom, envelopes, window, equipment, bar coding, eq

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CASE STUDY Crashing the Net PSDA member supplier Dispatch gives its local minor league hockey team a true homeice advantage with its digitally printed game programs. BY AMIE SHAK A professional hockey team had a problem, and it wasnt with its players. In this case study, Print Solutions showcases how supplier member Dispatch helped the team sell more programs at its games by giving fans a reason to buy a program every time they attended, with winning results. Client Erie Otters, Erie, Pa., a m

The programs also feature advertisements for local businesses, including hotels and restaurants, as well as Dispatch and Tungsten Creative. Sometimes large organizations have game suites, and the programs can be personalized for that particular corporation in the suite. Anyone with an aversion for word problems in math classes can appreciate the text of the Tungsten Creative ad, which reads, A hockey puck weighing 5.8 oz. is resting exactly 42 ft. from the goal line. A 195pound right winger skat

INDUSTRY NEWS COMPILED BY FRANCES MOFFETT News Relyco Adds Paperless Payroll Management Solution PSDA member Relyco a provider of valueadded payment and business printing solutions, business equipment and check printing solutions is adding an online paperless pay stub and W2 SoftwareasaService solution SaaS to its comprehensive line of paperbased payroll processing offerings. Relyco DocAgent, powered by Digital Designs Inc., is a secure and easytouse, webbased software platform that empowers

INDUSTRY NEWS inbound document processing. The company will also employ a variety of technologies in support of SDGs integrated communications program. R.R. Donnelley also announced that it had been awarded a multiyear agreement by L.L. Bean, a multichannel provider of apparel and outdoor equipment. R.R. Donnelley will produce L.L. Beans full line and specialty catalogs, including its OutdoorsSporting and Home titles, as well as produce package inserts that ship with ordered products. R.R. Donn

INDUSTRY NEWS the bulk of shipments, with more than half of that revenue. Inhouse printing sites and packaging printers add about 10 percent each to the total European revenue, while other types of establishments contribute significantly less. Analysis and Interpretation CONAN, a Senate document that analyzes Supreme Court cases relevant to the Constitution. Number of Establishment Share by Type Commercial printer 32.7 percent Newspaper printer 0.6 percent Label printer 1.7 percen

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INDUSTRY NEWS WorkflowOne Emerging from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy WF Capital Holdings, the parent company of Workflow Management, which operates primarily through its division WorkflowOne, announced that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division, has confirmed Workflows Plan of Reorganization. The company is positioned to complete its restructuring and emerge from Chapter 11. We are very pleased to have reached this milestone bringing us closer to emergence fr

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INDUSTRY NEWS says that his primary goal is to increase and strengthen the number of distributor partnerships Broker Forms has and to make them distributors aware that it is as painless as possible to work with Broker Forms. Based on my past experience, seeing the ups and downs of independent brokers, I think Broker Forms makes life easier for distributors to do their jobs successfully. InfoTrends Announces New Senior Consultant InfoTrends recently announced that Barney Cox has joined the comp

INDUSTRY NEWS inkjet system to enable vivid image quality on lowcost paper for printers looking to produce highvolume, highvalue jobs. Xerox has developed a patented, granulated, resinbased ink formulation to serve the highspeed production market. The key benefit is the elimination of water so that vibrant, consistent color can be printed on lowcost, offset paper that comes out flat with no ink soaking through. Pages can be produced quickly and reliably, saving money in labor and waste and bec

INDUSTRY NEWS COMPILED BY FRANCES MOFFETT range of plastics. The new ink requires relatively low maintenance compared to competitive products. Visit Pad Print Machinery of Vermont Presents Latest Automated Stress Ball Printer Pad Print Machinery of Vermont leads the field in custom automation and is proud to introduce the latest version of an automated stress ball printer shown below for the promotional products industry. Features include automated rotary table, custom software

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INDUSTRY NEWS includes the arrival of its webtoprint module, PrintShop Mail Web, in order to optimize online ordering of VDP products. With PrintShop Mail Suite 7.1, Objectif Lune carries on the evolution by making PrintShop Mail Web a fullfeatured production server able to process variable data print jobs submitted by as many design stations as desired from anywhere in the world for direct production or web ordering. For more information, visit Aleyant Adds Variable QR

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ADVERTISER INDEX Companies that advertise in Print Solutions provide vital financial support for the Print Services Distribution Association PSDA and deliver products and services of tremendous value to print industry professionals. When you seek additional information from these companies, make sure to mention that you saw their display ads in Print Solutions and thank them for their continuing support of PSDA. ADVERTISER 4over Acculink Adcraft Decals Admore Advertising Specialty Institute AS

FINAL THOUGHTS Working with Style Why Employee Style Assessments Are Essential BY CLAUDIA ST. JOHN I am a firm believer in style assessments those personality tests that some companies use to evaluate their employees and so is my former colleague, Lisa. Lisa used to drive me nuts. She is not the warm and fuzzy type. She would arrive in the morning and shut her door and would not emerge until afternoon working the entire time shut in her office. Meanwhile, I was engaging with the team, asse

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Visit us at Print Solutions Expo Booth 819.

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