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Health Fair Planning Guide Health fairs give you a chance to present a wide range of information to a large number of individuals all in one place. You can encourage people to make healthier choices and supply the tools to help. You also can provide muchneeded services. This guide contains the steps necessary for organizing a successful health fair. Use it to create an event that has positive impact for years to come. Step 3 Decide On The Best Time And Location For The Fair Choose A Season Ind

Are there enough restrooms Are they handicap accessible Are quiet areas available for blood pressure, hearing, and other screenings Are there private areas for exams Will there be a separate area for food Will refrigeration be available for food Are you holding the fair in a gymnasium or other space where noise might be magnified Seniors may have difficulty hearing in this setting. Choose Topics For Awareness Booths Possibilities include Colorectal Cancer Dental Health Employee Assistance P

Organize Implement A Successful Step Six Implement Your Plan Use the checklist at the end of this guide to aid in orchestrating your timetable. Factor in enough time to meet with key members to assure that they have adequate staff for the health fair. Have appropriate brochures, guides, etc. ordered and delivered or produced inhouse. If the fair will be held at a location other than your facility, arrange for roundtrip transportation of supplies, paperwork, equipment, etc. Create a time sche

Health Fair Ensure That Appropriate Clinical FollowUp Occurs When Necessary Make sure that participants who need immunizations, additional screenings, referrals to support groups, or other services are taken care of. Cut Here Health Fair Timetable And Checklist 6 To 12 Months Before Define audience and focus. Establish goals for the health fair. Decide ideal time of year, week, and day for the fair. Select location. 3 To 6 Months Before Establish timetables. Decide upon health screenings and s

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