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TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword Why INOK INOK Overview INOK Mission INOK Key Concepts What Is INOK How to Get the Movement Started 7 Key Strategies INOK Educators Staff Commitment An Open Letter to Teach

You are a marvel. You are unique. ... And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel You must work, we must all work, to make the world worthy of its children. Pablo Picass

FOREWORD Safe Schools and Healthy Learning Environments say, DisrespectIts NOT Okay INOK Fort Worth Independent School District students responded to national concern about bullying. They are now wor

WHY ITS NOT OKAY Despite national media attention and stepped up efforts by legislators, policymakers, and educators, bullying and other peer mistreatment continue to plague schools. Attendance is th

Harassment in schools is the norm. Kids call me faggot and no one says a word. That scares me. I dont feel safe at school because Im gay. Thats not okay FORT WORTH ISD STUDENT banners and citywide bi

w terms to kno Social norming sanctioning the behavior and values of a group interventions. Discussions, programs, and studentled projects encourage competence, positive thinking, and selfregulation.

Why confront negative social norms If people are allowed to be disrespectful toward others, every studentevery personis at risk of being harmed, bullied, harassed or demeaned at school somewhere, some

Shifting social norms from hurtful, competitive, negative exchanges to respectful, hopeful, inclusive interactions is the simple INOK movement. 1. Make a personal commitment. Be the first to stand up

debate, insisting on respect and tolerance for all parties present or involved regardless of position or personal opinion. 4. Create an INOK campus committee made up of educators and staff who work wi

Give parents and community the vocabulary and suggestions on ways to expand the INOK initiative. Ask the mayor and other community leaders to join the INOK movement both visibly and vocally. Involv

INOK acknowledges school differences and accepts that what might work at one campus may not necessarily be effective at another. INOK intentionally gives each campus community the flexibility to meet

INOK EDUCATORS INOK gives educatorsall adults in the learning communitythe opportunity to empower students and help them create positive school climates and cultures. When students and adults feel s

Actions and empathy, such as the signing of student pledge cards and distribution of INOK wristbands, buttons, lanyards, and other incentives. Student voice and understanding, including effe

An Open Letter to Teachers Everywhere Teaching Tolerance Magazine, Number 34 Fall 2008 I am troubled. As an educator, as a parent and as an activist, I am deeply troubled as I rethink public education

Imagine competent educators who deserve and command autonomy and respectand then use it to create classrooms of equality and sharing where all students find their cultures reflected in the stories tea

of every human being and adopts clear, strong social norms that reject verbal and nonverbal discrimination and disparagement. It is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in

DIVERSITY WEEK is an outgrowth of the AntiDefamation Leagues A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute, currently held in April. During this week, peer leaders provide activities recognizing and celebrating di

NO NAMECALLING WEEK is an annual week of educational activities designed to end namecalling and encourage an ongoing dialogue about ways to eliminate bullying. Accompanying lesson plans are available

bullying. The guide includes educational activities that increase awareness and promote social action. To download the free guide, visit www.thinkB4YouSpeak. comForEducators. WAYSTOHELP.ORG is an org

integrity, and civility Team with campus administration to review data and track discipline trends Suggest ways to make INOK a campus community initiative Distribute INOK materials and provide tea

INOK STUDENTS Students have the most important role in the INOK initiative. As the largest component of the learning community, they greatly influence the culture and climate of their campus. Studen

INOK Student Organization Goals Students see, hear, Understand how social norms are established and identify and know things adults dont know. Students generational, societal, and campus peer norms

Fear grows out of the things we think it lives in our minds. Compassion grows out of the things we are and lives in our hearts. BARBARA GARRISON AUTHOR activities, ideas, and resources are free. Here

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new kind action every day via social networks and the RAK website. Members can use the prompt or come up with their own kind action. STAND FOR THE SILENT SFTS is a progra

Kids always want to know how what theyre learning is related to the real world, SAYS PATRICK MANSON, 6TH GRADE TEACHER AT LANCASTER INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL IN LANCASTER, TEXAS. When you build a human righ

INOK PARENTSGUARDIANS COMMUNITY Contrary to popular opinion, bullying does not begin and end at school. Experts say bullying and other forms of violent behavior continue outside The challenge of so

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INOK RESOURCES STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND INSTRUCTION Positive Promotions is the exclusive vendor for registered and approved Its Not Okay INOK products. Buttons, bookmarks, Ts

interactive, educational website that provides resources to help keep children ages 517 safe on and offline. The site also provides resources to parents, educators, and law enforcement. www.tyla.orgpr

www.stopbullying.govreferenceswhitehouseconference This site contains the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention materials. You will find resources and information on bullying prevention, bully

Superintendents Office Superintendents Office Superintendents Office 100 N. University 207 Fort Worth, Texas 76107 100 N. University Dr., Ste. SWDr., Ste. SW 207 Fort Worth, Texas 76107 100 N. Univers

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And what do we teach our children We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France. When will we also teach them what they are We should say to each of them Do you kno