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Innovative Ways To Recognize, Educate Inspire ITS AS EASY AS... 1 Select a backpack pgs. 46 pg. 7 2 Select additional supplies 3 Choose gifts for parents, volunteers and donors r f to a great start Ou Get every student of Backpack Program new Back To School at can come loaded features backpacks th supplies students with essential school n all students start need to succeed. Whe e backpack, the year with the sam ated, so everyone competition is elimin school year Its also gets off to a positiv

Use A Backpack Program To Welcome All Students Connect With Parents Dear Educator, Looking for a way to help all students feel excited and prepared for the new school year, while getting parents more involved right from the start Positive Promotions Back To School Backpack Program ensures every student starts school with confidence and with the supplies they need. It also promotes a positive relationship with parents that encourages them to become more actively involved with their childs educat

ITS AS EASY AS... 1 STEP Select a backpack Choose from several backpack styles on pages 46 You can order just the backpack or the backpack with Pencil Pouch Kit 2 STEP Select additional supplies Need additional supplies See Page 7 for additional supplies you may want to purchase. We can also insert any schoolspecific materials you would like to add such as your district calendar. 3 Choose optional gifts for your parents, volunteers or donors See back cover for great gifts to say you apprec

1 SELECT A Choose from 6 styles on pages 46, each Need Higher Quantities Call For Pricing CLEAR BACKPACK OSA4181 Backpack Only VPP902 Backpack with Kit SWOOP SLING BACKPACK ROYAL BLUE BLACK BPP40B BPP40K VPP903B VPP904K Blue Backpack Only Black Backpack Only Blue Backpack with Kit Black Backpack with Kit STEP 100 6.12 10.05 250 5.93 9.88 500 5.75 9.70 Seethru is great for school security Adjustable padded back straps and handle Large front zipper pocket Side mesh pocket Royal blue or

BACKPACK personalized with your school name Need a Sample We can send you a free sample of any backpack on pages 46. Call our sales specialists at 8772581225. CITY BACKPACK OSA5723 Backpack Only VPP905 Backpack with Kit CURVE BACKPACK ROYAL BLUE RED BLACK LIME GREEN ORANGE OSA5741 Backpack Only VPP906 Backpack with Kit Made of 210D Polyester Large front pocket Adjustable padded shoulder straps and web handle Zippered main compartment Mesh side pocket Spot cleanair dry Qty. Backpack on

ADDITIONAL BACKPACK CHOICES Choose your backpack style and add your school name Need Higher Quantities Call For Pricing SPORTY BACKPACK WITH FRONT POCKET OS8916 Backpack Only VPP907 Backpack with Kit DRAWSTRING BACKPACK CAROLINA BLUE ORANGE PINK RED ROYAL BLUE ATHLETIC GOLD BLACK MAROON NAVY FOREST GREEN LIME GREEN PURPLE OS7586 VPP908 Backpack Only Backpack with Kit Large front zipped pocket holds more Drawstrings cinch and fit around shoulders Builtin slot for ear buds Reinforced eyelets

STEP 2 ADDITIONAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES Glue Sticks Scissors Loose LeafPaper Wide or College NEED ADDITIONAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES Our school specialists are ready to help you Call 8772581225 for the prices of items shown here and for further assistance. Highlighters Colored Pencils Folders Flash Drives Notebooks Crayons Pens Back To School BACKPACK PROGRAM 7

STEP 3 THANK PARENTS, VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS FOR ATTENDING YOUR EVENT VISTA TOTE TB1093 Standard design TBP138K Your logo or 5line personalization Qty. 124 2549 5099 100249 250 Each 6.99 6.95 6.89 6.69 6.59 AUTOMATIC UMBRELLA WITH SLEEVE GN8027 Standard design GNP3940 Your logo or 5line personalization Dualtone shoulder tote Zipper closure, mesh side pocket, front zipper closure Front pocket accommodates iPad 600denier polyester Nylon umbrella with our fullcolor design Extends and ope

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