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awards morale of students and H olding a successful excel in assembly can boost thecan be rewarding to parents, encourage them to the classroom. It also teachers, and others involved in education. This guide can help ensure that your assembly runs smoothly and is worthwhile to all. Refer to it often as you organize your next event, and make copies of it to use in the future. Tips For A Winning Assembly Check with school staff to be sure the anticipated assembly date doesnt conflict with other

Give teachers their own checklists to prepare for the event. Include deadlines for getting pertinent information to you, such as names for the program. Invite special guests to attend. Guest Name Contact Information Order supplies and awards. Items Needed Arrange for audiovisual equipment e.g., microphones and speakers. Map out the assembly area and determine seating arrangements. Develop a printed program that lists the order of events and the names of stud

Day Before The Assembly Tasks Review responsibilities with teachers, volunteers, and school staff. Check that all awards are ready. Test audiovisual equipment to see that it works. After The Event Duties Write an article for the school newsletter and website that recounts highlights of the assembly and lists which students won each award. Send thankyou notes to volunteers and special guests. Get feedback from teachers and staff about the event. And brainstorm ways to make the next assemb

Commendable Conduct Emphasize one behavioral issue each grading period, such as students being kind to their teachers and peers. Give Good Character Award Sparkle Foil Award Pencils PL1230E to students who exhibit the conduct youve called attention to. At the end of the designated time, hold a short assembly. Present Caught Being Good 12 Silicone Bracelets GN2501F to students whove been caught more than once. Rockin Grades Put a new twist on the honor roll idea. Implement a Rockin Roll for stude

Principal Achievements For students who go the extra mile, create an extra special award. Use the My Principal Thinks Im A Star Dog Tags With Charms GN7675F to recognize students who excel in all areas of school. As an added incentive, also present Principals Award Silicone Bracelets GN1152F to the winners. Hold an assembly each quarter to hand out these principals awards. Print the honorees names in the school newsletter and remember to mention their names again at the endoftheyear assembly. Ho

School Roll Models By publicly recognizing your honor roll students, you will nurture their continued success and inspire other students to achieve. Treat the honor roll inductees to sweet rolls at the beginning of the day. Roll out a red carpet for the awards assembly. To show which children are on a roll academically, present them each with an Honor Roll Gold Academic Medallion MV189 or Academic Excellence Gold Academic Medallion MV205. Outstanding School Citizens Honor the good citizens in yo

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