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A Tradition Of Sharing And Caring Positive Promotions has always been a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness. Not only are we one of the largest suppliers of breast cancer awareness tools in the country, our company and individual employees have donated thousands of dollars to help fund research and find a cure. Supporting breast cancer awareness isnt just an aspect of our job, its something were passionate about. Each year we ask customers to tell us about their breast cancer awareness fu

Businesses, Community Groups, And Churches Showroom Of Support Raising awareness about breast cancer is possible no matter the occasion or venue. World Imports, a furniture importer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, proved that by incorporating a breast cancer fundraiser into a trade show event. As customers stopped by to see the furniture World Imports had on display and all of the pink they decorated with, the company encouraged them to make donations for breast cancer awareness. Those making sma

Small And Sweet Donations Add Up Helping out a good cause can really appeal to the senses. In the case of Blake Pharmacy in West Union, Ohio, the sense of taste was one focus of fundraising. The pharmacy, which sells ice cream and other sweets, donated 25 cents to breast cancer research for every strawberrydipped ice cream sold in the month of October. Local children also donated 10 cents apiece for a chance to win one free milkshake a month for an entire year. All proceeds were donated to a nat

Get Cookin For A Cure Bake sales are a popular and tasty way to raise money for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They can be held almost anywhereat sporting events, in local stores, or in the workplace. Here are some pink treats to sell at bake sales. Cherry pie Chocolate cookies with crushed peppermint candy pieces Cranberry lemon squares Pink lemonade Pink popcorn balls Pink sugar cookies Rice Krispie treats made with pink marshmallows Strawberry rhubarb pie Strawberry shortc

Fundraisers Naya Peterkin Jamaica, New York Breast cancer touches many lives, even those who are too young to get the disease. But that doesnt mean youngsters dont have the ability to have an impact on the fight against it. Thats what Naya Peterkin proved. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor and, after learning in school about the four Ps of business product, place, promotion, and price, Naya set out to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. One Sunday morning she sold pink and reg

All About Auctions Holding an auction is a great way to raise money, generate support from your community, and get the word out about breast cancer awareness. There are several types of auctions, and the one you select will depend on the amount and size of items youre auctioning, the space you have to work with, your event budget, and the amount of time allowed for bidding. Traditional Auction In this, an auctioneer sells off items with the highest bidder winning. This type of auction is lively

Tips For Soliciting Auction Items Receiving a wide range of donations makes it easier to raise more money. Most businesses and individuals are willing to donate items or services for a good cause, but its important to be prepared when you ask for a donation. Follow these suggestions. 1. Approach a key person in the business or organization, such as the owner or manager. 2. Provide a prewritten letter requesting a donation even if youre meeting the donor in person. Be sure to include the date o

Fundraisers Holly Wasilewski Derby, Connecticut Most people believe a breast cancer diagnosis is a curse. When Holly Wasilewski received hers, she instead chose to see it as a way to help others. Ten years before learning she had breast cancer, Holly was diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts. But she wasnt diligent about getting regular mammograms and, years later, found herself opting for a bilateral mastectomy. Following her surgery Holly said, I felt compelled to do something to help women so

Proud To Wear Pink Not everyone has a pink article of clothing to wear during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is especially true for men. Those organizing breast cancer awareness activities at Exelon Corporation in Cordova, Illinois, took this into account when they asked the plant manager to declare one Wednesday during the month Wear Pink To Work Day. That Wednesday, Exelon event organizers sold Ribbons from Positive Promotions Embroidered Ribbon Roll Appliqus to nonpinkwearing st

Awareness In Store Having a storefront with large windows is a great asset for decorating. And, during times such as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they can be used to get the publics attention. Klassy Kidz, a childrens clothing store in Ocilla, Georgia, took advantage of its streetside location and large windows and created pinkcolored displays with the theme Tackle Breast Cancer. Mannequins were dressed in Tough Guys Wear Pink and Fight Like A Girl Football Jerseys from Positive Promo

ers Michelle Vaughn Woodlynne, New Jersey November 2004 was a turning point in Michelle Vaughns life. It was then that she lost her best friend to breast cancer. Because of her friends lack of knowledge of breastcancerrelated resources, her cancer was caught in a later stage, making it difficult to treat. Her friend, Michelle said, was often so busy taking care of others that she failed to address her own health needs. Out of Michelles sadness rose inspiration as she committed herself to educa

Tips For Walks And Runs Put Your Best Foot Forward Many organizations and businesses hold walks or runs to raise money for breast cancer research. See some success stories below Walk The Walk Employees from Empower Media Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio, and their families participated in a fundraising walk for breast cancer awareness. A teacher at Marietta City Schools in Marietta, Georgia, sold pins to her coworkers to raise money. Each time her fellow staff members wore the pins in October, t

Checklist For Organizing A Walk Or Run Use this list to help you prepare for your upcoming fundraising walk or run. Assemble a committee of organizers. Select a date and starting location for the event. Determine the charity or charities for which you want to raise money. Choose a main fundraising model. Will participants have to raise money prior to the event or get sponsors and collect money once the walk or run is completed Reach out to potential sponsors that may be willing to help fund

Strength In Numbers OEM Controls in Shelton, Connecticut, showed that every donation adds up with a counting fundraiser during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In conjunction with other activities and fundraisers, a glass jar was filled with pink MMs , and employees were encouraged to guess how many were in the jar. Each person who participated put his or her name and guess on a raffle ticket in a separate jar. Guesses cost 1 apiece. Its The Little Things That Count In addition to MMs ,

Schools Stunning Support Several years ago, the girls field hockey team at Riverside High School in Riverside, New Jersey, decided they needed to give breast cancer awareness at their school a little boost. Since then, in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, theyve been decorating bras with childrens movies and characters as themesfrom The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians to Cinderella, Ariel, and Princess Jasmine. Bras are decorated with fur, lights, hats, and magic wands among ot

High Turnover Students at Central A M High School in Moweaqua, Illinois, found many ways to raise money for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Among them was Flip For A Cure. For this activity, 2,000 paper plates were placed upside down on the gymnasium floor. Prizes, such as money, candy bars, and gas gift cards, were tucked underneath the plates. For a donation, students could flip over a plate and get a prize. Hidden Treasures Use these Positive Promotions products in an activity such

So You Think You Can Dance For A Cure The dance team at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California, partnered with professional dance teachers to get students and members of the community moving for breast cancer awareness. They held a DanceAThon, and dance teachers volunteered their time to help participants learn moves in jazz, hip hop, and yoga. Rookie dancers donated money to join in on the fun. A dance benefit show was held in conjunction with the DanceAThon and those want

Go Fight Win Raising Awareness Through Sporting Events No matter the eventfootball games, soccer tournaments, or cross country meets sports are a great way to get people involved in the fight against breast cancer and to raise money for the cause. Here are suggestions for combining awareness, fundraising, and sports. Provide three chances to hit a 3point shot in basketball for a donation of 1. Give prizes, such as Positive Promotions Shoot for a Cure Mini Sports Balls, to those who actually mak

Pink Pep Rally Get your whole school involved in breast cancer awareness with a fun pink pep rally during October. Have marching band members wear Positive Promotions Give Cancer The Boot Pink Womens Cut Awareness TShirts or Tough Guys Wear Pink ShortSleeve TShirts and play lively tunes to get everyone in good spirits. Ask that members of all sporting teams incorporate pink into their uniforms. Provide cheerleaders with pink Positive Promotions Cheer For A Cure SportsThemed Awareness TShirts and

Hair Affair Some people go to great lengths for a good cause. Such was the case for one math teacher at Kirtland Central High School in Kirtland, New Mexico. He made a commitment to support the fight against breast cancer and ended up altering his appearance doing so. For many years, this teacher donned long hair and a substantial beard. In fact, his hair had been that way for so long even his own wife had never seen him without it But, to aid in the schools efforts to raise money for breast can

Medical Facilities And Offices Pumpkin Perfect Breast cancer awareness has become synonymous with the month of October. The Cancer Services Program of Sullivan County a division of the Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris, New York, used pumpkins, another symbol of that month, to create a fundraiser that was enjoyed by everyone from children to wellknown artists in the area. The Cancer Services Program partnered with a local business to hold a pumpkin party and, for a minimum donation of 5

Ladies Night St. James Parish Hospital in Lutcher, Louisiana, has only 20 beds, but over 800 people both men and women turned out for the hospitals annual Pink Ribbon Ladies Night Out. Attendees enjoyed a good meal, listened to a guest speaker, and learned about breast cancer at a mini health fair set up at the event. During the night, everyone participated in the Pink Glove Dance, a nationwide contest in which people danced while wearing pink gloves. That night over 4,000 was raised, in part fr

Wendy Reese Chicago, Illinois Breast cancer is way too familiar to Wendy Reese. Not only did she lose her mother and several aunts, cousins, and friends to the disease, she is a survivor herself. The losses of many loved ones and her own struggles have not weakened Wendys drive to educate others about breast cancer. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012, Wendy organized a breast health educational event. Many informational materials were provided to participants and, for one person

Health Fairs An Avenue For Education And Fundraising Health fairs are a great way to reach out to people and educate them about breast cancer. Your health fair can be large, involving others in your community, or it can be smaller and targeted to only people in your organization or business. Whatever the size, follow these suggestions for making your health fair a success. Health Fair Checklist Pick a date and location. Establish goals. What do you want people to take away from the event De

Health Fair Fundraising Ideas Health fairs are a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about breast cancer awareness, and also to raise money for the cause. Here are some simple suggestions for raising money at your table. Hold a raffle and sell tickets for 1 apiece. Raffle off a Positive Promotions Super Deluxe Gift Basket or items from the 43Gift Budget Raffle Pack. Have the Positive Promotions Mammography Assortment With Display Basket available on your table. Put a sign in front of it t

Tips For Successful Fundraising Raising money can help fund breast cancer research, assist in finding a cure, and have a positive impact on those suffering from the disease. Follow these suggestions for whatever fundraiser you plan. Remember that fundraising is an opportunity to educate people. Be sure the people helping out know where the money is going and why its important to donate to the specific organization or fund. That way theyll be prepared to answer questions if people ask. Reach ou

GoToGuide For Great Fundraising Items We suggest using these Positive Promotions products to enhance your fundraising event. Sell them for donations, give them away to participants, or come up with other creative ways to make them a part of your National Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities Bake Sales Napa Stainless Steel Travel Mugs Breast Cancer Awareness Latex Balloon Assortment Awareness Butter Mint Assortmint In Pink Slogan Wrappers EcoFriendly Carryall Bags Acrylic Tumblers With

October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Schedule Of Events October 1 October 9 October 2 October 10 October 3 October 11 October 4 October 12 October 5 October 13 October 6 October 14 October 7 October 15 October 8 October 16 28

October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Schedule Of Events October 17 October 25 October 18 October 26 October 19 October 27 October 20 October 28 October 21 October 29 October 22 October 30 October 23 October 31 October 24 29

Monthly ToDo List For Fundraisers Large fundraisers may require several months worth of planning. Use this monthly todo list to help you stay organized. July August September October 30

Important Contacts Name Email Address Title Phones Name Email Address Title Phones Name Email Address Title Phones Name Email Address Title Phones Name Email Address Title Phones Name Email Address Title Phones 31

Notes For over 60 years, Positive Promotions has specialized in health and wellness, education and promotion, safety and awareness, employee recognition, and reward solutions. We stay in constant touch with our customers and create products with their needs in mind. At Positive Promotions, we stand behind our products as much as we stand behind the causes they support. Our passion for promoting breast cancer awareness is evident in the quality of our products and in our commitment since 1998 to

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