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FITNESS STARTS WITH EATING RIGHT EXERCISING REGULARLY We all want a healthy lifestyle that enables us to look, feel and do our best. Yet a healthy lifestyle doesnt just happen. Eating foods that are

If you get off track, just get back on GOOD EATING HABIT CHECKLIST Everyone has to eat. But with so many choices, eating right requires education and planning. 1. Check the Food Guide It Pyramid on

7 COMMON FOOD MYTHS Good eating habits often suffer when people accept food myths as food facts. Here are truths to help you see through 7 of todays most common food myths. Vegetarians Take Note Elim

MY PYRAMID IS FOR YOU The MyPyramid Plan from the USDA can help you become healthier by reminding you to eat better and exercise more. It gives you valuable information for choosing the foods and amou

MILK GROUP Any of the following equals 1 cup from this group 1 cup of milk or yogurt 1 12 ounces of natural cheese 2 ounces of processed cheese Note that this group includes all fluid milk products

YOUR DAILY CALORIE FINDER Your body needs calories for energy. You get calories from the foods you eat. This chart can help you learn how many calories you should take in daily, based on your age, sex

FIND YOUR DAILY FOOD AMOUNTS BY CALORIE LEVEL Now that you know your recommended daily calorie level from page 6, use the chart below to find out how much food you should eat from each of the Food Pyr

READING THE NUTRITION FACTS LABEL Learn to read the Nutrition Facts label found on packaged food. It will help you make better choices each time you shop for food. 1 CHECK INGREDIENTS LISTS Look for

4 CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol is a substance made by the body and found in foods with ingredients derived from animals. Limit your intake of cholesterol to 300 mg or less a day because too much choleste

NUTRITIOUS SNACKS FRUITS Apple 1 medium Banana 12 medium Blueberries 1 cup Cantaloupe 1 cup cubed Dates 14 cup chopped Dried Fruit Mix 1 oz Frozen Fruit Juice Bar Grapefruit 12 medium Grapes

SNACKING CHECKLIST NUTRITIOUS SNACKS GRAINS Bagel 12 wholegrain Bread 1 slice wholewheat Cheerios 1 cup Crackers 6 transfatfree whole wheat English Muffin 12 wholewheat Oatmeal 1 cup cooked pla

Portions at fast food restaurants have increased in size over the decades. For example, take a look at a meal from McDonalds. YEAR 1955 2002 HAMBURGER 1.6 oz 1.68.0 oz FRIES 2.4 oz 2.47.1 oz SODA 7.0

Have your bread without butter or margarine. Use 1 or 2 milk in your coffee instead of cream. Skip the extra cheese on anything you order. If a restaurant serves big portions, split the meal w

Take The Kids Along One of the ways to teach children about healthy food is by taking them along on your shopping trips. Let them help you pick out foods. Give younger kids simple choices to make, suc

COOKING SERVING SMARTS CHECKLIST Your kitchen is the easiest place to make healthy improvements. Load your cupboards and refrigerator with nutritious foods. If you feel like you crave some lesshealth

DATE TO START EATING HABIT TO CHANGE Eating Exercising For Good Health Handbook 16 Stop munching on candy all day. Intake fewer calories for weight loss. BENEFIT TO ME Buy popsicles instead of

CHANGING MY EATING HABITS PROGRESS REPORT Rewards Work Wonders Reward yourself when youve reached your goal and for small steps along the way. But try to use nonfood rewards a movie perhaps, a new pa

THE BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Youre never too old or too young for exercise. Not only does exercise help you look and feel good, but studies show that exercise helps prevent many chronic and lifet

SIMPLE WAYS TO ADD ACTIVITY TO EVERY DAY To improve your fitness level, you dont need to join a gym, invest in expensive equipment or run 10 miles a day. You can start by increasing your everyday acti

The amount of exercise needed for aerobic fitness depends on your activitys intensity. Moderateintensity activities should be done at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week. If you exercise more vig

EXERCISE TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT For a healthy heart you need to move enough to really get your heart pumping. Thats where aerobic cardiovascular exercise comes in. To be sure your routine is benefitin

Take The Step Challenge Many walkers use steps to gauge their progress. If you want to do so, gradually build up to 10,000 steps a day. More for weight loss. Do all 10,000 steps at once or space them

Goals for Week Date My steps per minute walking Slow Medium Brisk THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY TOTAL Minutes walked Total number of steps walked MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY Minutes Walked To

STRETCH TO GET STAY FLEXIBLE Here are some good stretches for beginners. 1. Wrist Rotations Targets Wrists Slowly rotate your wrists clockwise and then counterclockwise. People with arthritis in th

5. Hamstring Stretch Targets Hamstring or Back of Leg Lie on back. Lift left leg straight into the air, holding leg behind thigh with both hands. Slowly press heel towards ceiling. Hold for 1520 secon

GET STRONG STAY STRONG Strengthtraining also called resistancetraining or weighttraining exercises make your body stronger and better toned by challenging your muscles to work harder. This is done by

5. Arm Rotations Strengthens Shoulders and Upper Back Extend your arms straight out from sides, keeping elbows straight. Make small circle with your arms, keeping your palms turned upward and your sho

Eating Exercising For Good Health Handbook Photocopy the charts on these pages. Use them to keep track of your weekly exercise routine. Work at gradually increasing the time you spend exercising as


BMI Underweight Below 18.5 Normal 18.524.9 Overweight 25.029.9 Obese 30.0 or greater LIMITATIONS TO BMI It may overestimate body fat in athletes and others who have a muscular build. It may underest

EXERCISE AWAY 300 CALORIES To enjoy a steady weight loss of one pound a week, you need to cut out 500 calories a day. You can do this by reducing the number of calories in your daily diet andor by bur

CUTTING CALORIES CHECKLIST Read nutrition labels and choose items lower in calories. Reduce your intake of added sugars, added fats and alcohol since they all provide calories but w

Calorie Cutters Dont forget breakfast By having a healthy breakfast, youll have the energy needed to get through the rest of the day without overeating to compensate for energy burnout. Keep h

Photocopy this log and use it to record your weight once each week. Weigh yourself at the same time each morning, with clothes off. Use COMMENTS area to keep track of your progress as well as any obse

WEEKLY WEIGHT LOG WEEK OF WEIGHT WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE CHANGE COMMENTS Weight loss is rarely a straight line down. Its the trend down that counts. Hang in there during the peaks and plateaus. 35 Eati

NAMES NUMBERS Healthcare Practitioner Gym Registered Dietitian Emergency Contact Fitness TrainerConsultant NOTES Eating Exercising For Good Health Handbook 36