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NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY For complete nutrition, have something from each of the 5 food groups every day. TUESDAY S M T W T F S SAFETY FACT More than 29 million Americans seek emergency treatment ever

PUT NEAR MISSES ON NOTICE time could result in an injur y the next time. THURSDAY FRIDAY Learn to recognize when youve had a near miss. Anyone who has thought, That was a close call, has had one. Al

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 1 Groundhog Day 2 3 8 9 10 15 16 Presidents Day 17 22 Washingtons Birthday 23 24

AVOID SHOCKING EXPERIENCES tingling in your hands or a slight shock. use extra care around power lines. THURSDAY Stop using an electricpowered tool immediately if you feel When using equipment, carry

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 1 2 3 8 Daylight Saving Time begins 9 10 15 16 17 St. Patricks Day 22 23 24 29 Palm Sunday 30 31

THINK FIRST TO AVOID A STRAIN loads. Get help or use a mechanical aid. items. Bend your knees, not your waist. THURSDAY Dont take chances when lifting and moving hea vy or awkward Keep your spine str

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SAFETY FACT Nearly 40 of American workers report experiencing fatigue on the job. WELLNESS TIP Sleeplessness may be caused by medical issues. If you have trouble slee

STAY ALERT FOR FATIGUE Be aware of when your attention is compromiseddecreased focus Aim for 79 hours of sleep a night, as recommended by health experts. and response time caused by fa tigue creates

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USE THE RIGHT PPE FROM HEAD TO TOE how small and quick a task may seem. Use all the required personal protective equipment PPE, no matter Never become complacent. Personal protective equipment provid

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 1 2 7 8 9 14 Flag Day 15 16 21 Fathers Day Summer begins 22 23 28 29 30

GET THE FACTS FROM THE SDS Treat all hazardous materials with respect. Read the substances safety data sheet SDS to learn the safe way to handle it. substance into a new container, label it clearly.

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY JUNE S M T W T F S SAFETY FACT It takes 5 to 7 days for a persons body to begin to adjust to hotter, more humid weather. WELLNESS TIP Add motivation for exercise by m

MAINTAIN YOUR COOL WHEN ITS HOT hat when working outdoors on hot, sunny days. prevent heat illness. Wear long pants, long sleeves, sunglasses, and a widebrimmed Take breaks to cool off and remember t

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GUARD AGAINST SLIPS, TRIPS, AND FALLS Clean up spills or barricade the area immedia tely. Keep walkways and stairways free of tripping hazards. Beware of surfaces where a change in traction might occu

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SAFETY FACT Close to 70 of American workers who experienced hand injuries were not wearing gloves. WELLNESS TIP Keep the salt shaker off the table. Use herbs and spic

TREAT WOUNDS WITH CARE Know where first aid kits are loca ted in the workplace. Clean and bandage even small cuts and scra pes promptly. Wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly if providing care. THURS

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SEPTEMBER S M T W T F S SAFETY FACT Workplace fires and explosions kill 200 and injure more than 5,000 workers each year in the U.S. WELLNESS TIP Have health screenin

FOCUS ON FIRE SAFETY Store flammable materials and waste properly. Be familiar with workplace emergency procedures. Know where emergency power shutoffs are located in your area. THURSDAY FRIDAY SATUR

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 1 Daylight Saving Time ends 2 Election Day 3 8 9 10 15 16 17 22 23 24 29 30

STACK AND STORE IN A SAFE MANNER items on the bottom. shelves, racks, or bins. Always stack materials neatly and properly, with larger, heavier Do not exceed height or quantity restrictions, or overf

NOTES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SAFETY FACT The number of residential fires caused by candles triples every December in the U.S. WELLNESS TIP Beware of overexerting yourself when shoveling snow. Tak

NEVER LET SAFETY TAKE A HOLIDAY home and at bedtime. Blow out candles and unplug holiday lights before lea ving Celebrate the safe way. Do not drink and drive or allo w your party guests to do so. Ha

EMERGENCYCARE GUIDE FOR ADULTS YOUR ACTIONS CAN SAVE LIVESKNOW WHAT TO DO CPR and first aid training can make a difference in emergencies. Check with your workplace, the American Red Cross, American H

If theres no AED see box at right or If an automated external until someone arrives with one defibrillator AED is nearby, Place the victim onto hisher back, retrieve it right away. Follow the on a fi

CHOKING 1. ASK Are you choking If the victim cant brea the, cough, or speak, or makes highpitched sounds, have someone call for emergency help. 2. PERFORM THE HEIMLICH MANEUVER Stand behind the victi

ELECTRIC SHOCK Disconnect the source of electricity. Call 911. If the victim is unconscious and not brea thing normally, begin CPR. Treat for shock and burns if necessar y. EYE INJURIES Avoid r

DRIVE SMART AND STAY SAFE Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of onthejob injuries, according to the National Safety Council. Driver fatigue, drinking, time pressure, and not wearing seatbelts

KEEP YOUR WORK AREA CLUTTERFREE Workplace housekeeping is the task of keeping work areas, hallways, storage spaces, stairwells, bathrooms, break rooms, and offices clean and safe. It includes ensuring

STAY FIT TO FIGHT INJURY A strong, healthy body can help you avoid injury and illness both on and off the job. By striving for fitness, you can reduce the chance for sprains and strainsthe number one

KEEP STRESS IN CHECK Anything that affects your health and your ability to focus on the task at hand can compromise your safety at work and home. Too much stress can put you into this danger zone. Bei

GUARD AGAINST COLDS AND THE FLU The common cold and the flu influenza affect millions of people annually. These contagious diseases leave people feeling lousy and unable to work safely and efficiently

PRACTICE SAFETY AT HOME More workers are injured off the job than on the job. Apply safety rules to all you do a t home as well as a t work, including using PPE and knowing how to handle hazardous sub