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Your BudgetFriendly Source For Special Events Recognition Since 1947 OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT PRICE LIST Classification Large Business Federal ID 131968593 CAGE Code 084L9 DUNS 002401719 Purchase Orders Government Credit Cards Accepted 2013 PRODUCT CATALOG Salute military families for their patriotism, courage and service to our nation. Present them with gifts of recognition and educational tools that help them meet the unique challenges they face. Call Toll Free 18772581225 www.positivemilit

Military Family Matters Handbooks Help Troops Reunion Reintegration KLT37 Deployment KLT38 This publication helps the returning service member and the family handle reunions with as little stress as possible. Includes sections titled Especially For Partners Of Those Returning Home, Especially for Service Members Returning Home and how to Reconnect At Your Childrens Pace. Readers will also find StressRelief Techniques, special advice for those Returning From A War Zone and tips on What Make

AND LOVED ONES meet the challenges they face Deploymen t Mobilizatio n PTSD KLT39 Preventing Domestic Abuse KLT40 Service members and families struggling to cope with posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD can find guidance in this 16page handbook. It explains What Is PTSD, What Are The Symptoms Of PTSD, Why Is It Important To Seek Help, What Is The Treatment For PTSD, How Can Other Family Members Help, and suggests Where To Go For Help. Also includes a Checklist of Trauma Symptoms to help ser

Help Youngsters Adjust to Parental Deployments and returns Well Miss You Educational Activities Book KCB547 Youre Coming Home Educational Activities Book KCB548 Its not easy saying goodbye to a parent who is being deployed, even if its just for a short time. This book helps children learn how to cope with their feelings and how to make the most of the period theyre apart. It assures them of their deployed parents love and provides tips for writing letters and helping out by doing their best a

educational activities books and bookmarks Boost Military Kids Pride and confidence Im A Proud Military Kid Educational Activities Book KCB517 AFR C Its Time To Move Educational Activities Book KCB593 Re on R locati ACS ess Progra in ead m Builds the selfesteem and morale of children who have one or both parents serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The book points out some of the special circumstances military kids deal with and how these can be seen as exciting challenges and advantages,

Educational Tools To Help Military Families Dont Be Scared, Be Prepared A Kids Guide To Staying Safe During A Disaster Educational Activities Book KCB638 CHILD YOUTH SERVICES Safety is a family affair when it comes to emergency preparedness. This 16page book helps children learn what to do and what to expect when disaster threatens. Includes tips for assembling an emergency supply kit, creating and using a family communication plan, and how to stay safe in case of a flood, hurricane, tornado

Stay Prepared, organized And supportive Our Military Family Personal Organizer FGT4 Help military families keep all their vital information in one place, including military service, insurance, health, entitlement benefits and much more. Having key information at their fingertips will relieve stress and help them prepare for deployment, emergencies and other situations. Sturdy leatherette cover protects contents. Qty. 25149 150 250 500 1,000 2,500 Each 2.99 2.95 2.89 2.85 2.79 2.25 Includes You

salute Americas Homefront Heroes SALE Now As Low As TM983 4.75Each Military Families Saturn Stainless Steel Travel Mug TM983 Standard design on front TMP151 Standard design on front GN1762F GN315V your 4line personalization on back Double wall stainless steel travel mug features our theme on front, and a BPAfree plastic liner that keep drinks hot or cool. With contour grip handle and pushbutton, locktop lid. Add your message on back and distribute in recognition of military families. Qty.

Let military kids know theyre special Im A Military Kid...And Proud Of It Dog Tag GN2336F Dog tag is a trendy accessory that reflects military kids pride. Features our striking image and message. Kids love the glowinthedark feature. Comes with a 24 beaded chain. of packs 15 610 1120 2129 30 Price per pack 15.95 14.95 13.95 13.50 12.95 10 Dog Tags per pack Size Tag 2 12 Chain 24 Personalization Not available 1.30 Each As Low As Im A Military Kid...And Proud Of It Air Mesh Drawstring Backpa

HELP YOUNGSTERS Protect Themselves Stay SAFE Lets Learn About Safe And Unsafe Touching Educational Activities Book KCB440 English KCB464 BilingualEnglishSpanish Be Smart Say No To Strangers Educational Activities Book KCB17 English KCB88 Spanish Valuable for helping kids learn on their own or with an adults guidance about personal safety. Includes The difference between safe and unsafe touching What to say if someones touch or requests for touch make the child feel upset Who to talk to f

Raise child abuse prevention Awareness Warning Signs Of Sexual Abuse Pocket Pal BC192 Tool to help prevent sexual abuse in children and adolescents Tells effects of sexual abuse Lists signs of abuse in younger children and in adolescents Includes how to educate children and teens about sexual abuse Instructs what to do if a child or teen is suspected of being abused Personalization Appears On Back Talking With Children About Child Abuse Pocket Pal BC196 Stresses the importance of adults

RESOURCES That help ADOLESCENTS AND TEENS Front Back Front Back Tracker wraps around cigarette pack making it easy to note time and reason for smoking Personalization Appears On Back Stop Smoking Kit SK1837 Without personalization SKP1235 Your 5line personalization on Card Drug Education Slideguide CBB600 English CBB633 Spanish Help smokers in your company kick the habit with this handy kit. Enclosed card features ways to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight on back. Front lists and explains

Avoid Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol Front Back Back Drinking Driving Calculator Slideguide CBB616 Front Calculates a persons estimated blood alcohol concentration BAC, based on his or her sex, weight and drinks consumed. Indicates which BACs are dangerous and potentially criminal. The back cover features the effects of various BACs on the body and mind. Also has basic facts about drinking, such as the legal driving limit and zero tolerance laws, and Drink Smart tips Only drink in a safe envir

Help ADOLESCENTS AND TEENS Stay Safe online CYSS Back Front Front Back FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM Front Back Keeping Your Cool Tips For Teens In Military Families Bookmark KM593 Acknowledging that military teens face special challenges, the back of the bookmark lists ways to control rising anger immediately and to stay on top of stress throughout the day. Also encourages teens to seek help from others, including parents, friends, teachers and school counselors. Pricing For KM593, KM799, KM811 Qt

and stand together against bullying Take A Stand Lend A Hand 2Sided Silicone Bracelet With Pledge Card SK1540E 4213 In addition to our outer message, silicone bracelet also features Band Together Against Bullying inside. Card has room for student to sign name pledging to help stop bullying. Lead, PVC and latexfree. FDA compliant. of packs Reg. per pack 19 27.50 1029 24.75 3049 23.75 5099 22.25 100249 18.75 17.75 250 16.95 15.95 Back Front SALE As Low As 64Each Sale per pack 24.75 23.75 2

myplate products make Good Nutrition easy Diameter 9 1 4 Childs Portion Meal Plate With Educational Card VP5037 Childs plate has proportioned sections to make it simple for children to understand how to eat healthy by including major food groups at meals. Made of durable, BPAfree plastic, which is dishwashersafe. Portion Meal Plate makes a great teaching tool in classrooms, at health fairs and everywhere else you want learning about healthy food choices to be fun. Comes with card to remind ed

Reinforce meal portions based on usda GUidelines Paper Portion Plates As Low As 29 Per Plate Pack Of MyPlate Paper Portion Plate GN6941F Coated paper plates come in a pack of 20. Its a great way to illustrate how to build a healthy, balanced meal. Five portions include Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, Protein and Dairy properly proportioned to follow the USDAs guidelines. All five sections include illustrations to direct food choices toward the healthy side. Colorful plate is fun and simple to follow

Help new mom and baby stay healthy and well My Childs Immunization Record Pocket Pal BC38 English BC40 Spanish ABCs Of Baby Care Slideguide 486SL English 403SL Spanish Personalization appears on back Spanish Version Pricing For BC38, BC40, BC185 Qty. 25249 250 500 1,000 Each Free 59 13149 55 150 50 250 46 500 2,500 43 1,250 5,000 41 2,500 Size 2 14 x 3 12 Personalization Up to 5 lines or logo in black on back Production time 4 business days plus art prep and shipping Imprint area 1 12 x 2

Tools to keep military families fit H BJACth l Heaotion Prom OvalShaped Tape Measure With BMI Scale OS6519 60 cloth tape with metricinch scale measures waist circumference and other parts of the body. Calculates body mass index based on height and weight for adults. Great for weightwatching programs. Qty. Each 100 1.80 250 1.71 500 1.67 1,000 1.63 2,500 1.59 Activity Food Tracker FCJ34 Helps recipients assess physical activity eating habits. Provides space to write down types of exercise

vital health aids info for Military Families UPDATED WITH LATEST CPR GUIDELINES Personalization appears on back Front Back HAWC Heart Attack Warning Signs Magnet FM214 Heartshaped magnet alerts people to take quick action when warning signs occur. Seven warning signs include Chest pain or discomfort that lasts for more than a few minutes Shortness of breath Cold sweats or clammy skin And more. Qty. Each 200 69 500 65 1,000 62 2,500 59 5,000 49 Travel First Aid Kit VPP1 With Personalizat

Help Military Families manage Stress Personalization appears on back Blood Pressure Recorder Pocket Pal BC49 English BC47 Spanish Spanish Version Enables recipients keep track of blood pressure to help prevent heart attacks and strokes due to hypertension high blood pressure. Eightpanel pocket pal has tips for managing blood pressure, nutrition reminders and space to record regular blood pressure readings. Qty. Each Free 25299 59 13149 300 57 150 500 52 250 1,000 48 500 2,500 43 1,250 5,000

Books Help Kids make Smart, DrugFree Choices Let Your Good Character Shine Be Drug Free Educational Activities Book KCB631 Life Is All About Making Choices Educational Activities Book KCB627 Teaches children that staying away from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs shows good character. Explains the dangers of drugs and how avoiding them shows caring, courage, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness. For grades 13. AFRC Fun and thoughtful activities walk kids through a sixstep process of

Military logos or your convenience, we have your logos on file. We will print large logos where possible, according to a products imprint area. F 729 730 731 732 733 734 735 736 737 738 740 739 741 742 743 744 Military Families Resource book 23

help Military Families save and invest wisely Personalization appears on back Your Guide To Good Credit Pocket Pal BC171 Help newcomers to credit cards start off right with this carryalong guide that explains How To Establish and Maintain Good Credit, as well as Why Good Credit Is Important. Includes What A Credit Score Is, How to Receive Free Credit Reports, and the latest laws on obtaining credit cards for persons under age 21. Qty. Each Free 25299 59 13149 300 57 150 500 52 250 1,000 48 5

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