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See Page 60 See Pages 43, 45 47 Serving Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island See Pages 3, 4 5 1.00 WWW.5TJT.COM VOL. 12 NO. 43 15 AV 5772 AUGUST 3, 2012 93,000 Celebrate The Siyum HaShas See Page 16 FROM THE EDITOR BY LARRY GORDON Jews In The News Though our detractors insist we control the American news media, it would seem to be an easy accusation to deny, considering the nature of the coverage Jews, and in particular Israel, seem to attract these

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BAGEL STORE Continued from Front Cover we get there from here. Maybe we first have to define where here is. In Israel, just three weeks ago, I was privileged to spend part of a day with Arieh King of the Israel Land Authority. Arieh is a powerhouse and a man fiercely dedicated to that rebuilding along with the ancillary requirement that if the Temple is to be rebuilt, Jerusalem must be a Jewish city. I was wondering the other day what the best way is to communicate what Mr. King does and how he

cause the Israeli government does not want to ruffle any international feathers. Mr. Ezra is now 96 years old. He never married and does not have a family. Arieh King and his staff of attorneys worked tirelessly to retrace the paperwork and demonstrate that the extended Arab family that resided on the propertythe Natsheh familyhad done so illegally for decades. We did not want anything from them, no back rent, no payment for the way in which they tried to destroy and ruin the property, he says.

WERE GROWING Continued from Front Cover class of ten pioneering local girls. When we first opened the doors to Machon Basya Rochel, we were expecting a handful of new students each year. We would have been thrilled with an enrollment of 25 girls for our third year, reminisces Mr. Alex Edelman, chairman of the board and founder of the school named in memory of his mother, Mrs. Rose Edelman, ah. Opening a seminary in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway was a gutsy move. The waters had never been teste

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Front Cover Thursday, July 26, however, was a difficult day to indulge in this type mediacontrol denial when perusing the influential editorial pages of both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. There we were, once again dominating the news with the stories that focused on the medias two favorite themes. One story was about how Israels settlement communities are burgeoning and are here to stay, while the other was about the impact of the Jewish vote here

A WEEK OF NO TACHANUN Continued from Front Cover nun, some more valid than others. Some omit Tachanun on the yahrzeit of any famous rabbi, which actually seems counterintuitive. The day of a yahrzeit should be one of prayer and introspection. Rabbi Yisroel Reisman discusses the origin of this custom, which he believes to be incorrect, in his foreword to the excellent sefer Tachnun by Rabbi Reuvane Slater. Some feel that if there is a bris taking place in your synagogue, all the minyanim in that

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FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 9 of the United States and most of Europe still labor under the absurd impression that if only Israel would withdraw from Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem and deliver these lands to their rightful owners, the Palestinians, all would be good in that region of the world. In his piece last week, settlerleader Dayan took this notion by its horns and turned it upside down. Dayan made the following points The settlers in Judea and Samaria and in East Jerusalem are

There is none else beside Him Devarim 435 Rabbi Binyamin Kletzker, a chassid of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, was a lumber merchant. One year, while he was adding up the annual accounts, he inadvertently filled in under a column of figures TOTAL Ein od milvado There is none else beside Him. A fellow chassid admonished him for his absentmindedness. Dont you know, Reb Binyamin, that everything has its time and place he admonished. Theres a time for Chassidic philosophizing, and a time to engage i

FROM THE EDITOR Continued from Page 12 co by stating that the administration believes that issues like this need to be worked out between Israelis and Palestinians in the finalstatus phase of negotiations. This, too, is a tired, old Washington response that no longer has much relevance or meaning. In the Wall Street Journal piece, Mr. Medoff cut to the chase when he said that Mr. Romney essentially traveled to Israel to improve his chances of winning Florida in the November election. And now, wi


SEVEN YEARS SINCE GUSH KATIF Continued from Front Cover zan. Caravilla is the nickname given to temporary housing units set up for the Gush Katif expellees. In this case, temporary means numerous years. Nitzan is the town where hundreds of expellees are still living. I think by now they have a grocery store. But not much else. Rachel and Moshe are two exceptionally beautiful people, making the best of their broken life. I was in Eretz Yisrael visiting them because Banished, my historical novel a

talk about tikun olam. But for them, tikun olam, saving the world, really means impressing the gentiles with their humanistic values, their progressive values, while, forgive the slang, throwing their fellow Jews under the bus. So, I expected nothing from them and I was not disappointed in my expectations. Moshe said that the ones who broke his heart were our own Torahobservant Jews. The same people who are hysterical over digging up a crusader cemetery in Barzili Hospital, couldnt have cared le

Rejoice In Finishing Shas And Nachamu, Nachamu Ami Halachic Musings BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN This week is a double simcha. The Jewish nation is both celebrating the finishing of some 2,700 pages of the Talmud, as well as planning to celebrate Shabbos Nachamu. Finishing a tractate of the Talmud is discussed as a most joyous occasion in and of itself in the Gemara, and being joyous and celebrating Shabbos Nachamu is also a custom with deep historical roots. The Maharil in his Minhagim 27 explains tha

A Great Lease is in the Details. Shomer Shabbos Any dealer can lease you a car. But when you get down to the fine print, Bay Ridge Auto Leasing stands alone. SELECTION Test drive the car of your dreams from our new showroom. And if our inventory of new and used cars doesnt have what youre looking for, well find it for you. SERVICE Bayridge has a dealerauthorized repair center with our own inhouse body shop, so youll get your car back fast. And until you do, well set you up with a loaner. T

Chief Executive Appointed To Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim As reported in these pages last week, R Adrian Garbacz was recently appointed as Mir Yeshivas chief executive. R Adrian, who grew up in London, was a talmid in the Mir for close to three years. When the rosh hayeshiva, Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, ztl, visited in New York several years ago, he requested R Adrianalong with Yossi Ostreicher and Greg Fraginto form a board of directors that would guide the operations of the yeshivas American office.

SEVEN YEARS SINCE GUSH KATIF Continued from Page 17 only answer that I came up with is, for five years we had been under attack. Six thousand missiles had fallen on us and only one person had been killed by those missiles in that time. We saw miracles every day. How could these miracles have stopped The only answer I came up with is that Gd protected us from the gentiles, but when it was the Jews who came to destroy us, He just backed off. I cant think of any other explanation. Perhaps in the fu

Yeshivas Mir Continued from Page 20 ment fund is definitely on the radar. In midMay, R Adrian Garbacz made a presentation to alumni of the yeshiva and baalei batim in London, England. This group has now undertaken to make a dinner in London on November 11 to benefit the yeshiva. There is a tremendous energy in England that we are Baruch Hashem tapping, remarks R Adrian. Aside from London, R Adrian has been to places such as Switzerland, Vienna, and Belgium, and has been working all across the Un

An Introduction To JONAH Founded over a dozen years ago, JONAH is a nonprofit international organization best known for its efforts to educate the worldwide Jewish community about the prevention, intervention, and healing of the underlying issues causing samesex attractions. The organization also helps men and women dealing with any sexually related issue, including, for example, Internet pornography, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, and sexual promiscuity. The organization named itself after the

JONAH Continued from Page 23 sexual feelings, behaviors, identity, or any other sexual confusion issue. These include individual and group therapy and coaching, support groups for men and women who may struggle, support for families, weekend programs, educational materials, and seminars. JONAH also provides speakers for schools, universities, and civic and religious organizations concerning sexuality issues and the messages of secular society on the existing culture war. For more information abo

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Messages of the Torah Leaders at the Siyum HaShas in Tel Avivs Yad Eliyahu Stadium BY RABBI YOSEF EFRATI The feelings of joy at the Yad Eliyahu stadium were tempered by the conspicuous absence of HaGaon Rav Elyashiv, ztl. Rav Elyashiv played a major role in the founding and success of the Dirshu Kinyan Halacha program. The Kinyan Halacha program created a structured system that guides participants in studying the difficult topics of Shulchan Aruch. At the event, I cited the Gemara in Brochos 3b

away, the Torahs honor left the world together with him. Why was Rabbi Akiva given this title The Gemara tells us that Rabbi Akiva sought to expound on each section and detail of the Torah, right down to the crowns that adorn the various letters in a sefer Torah. The title of the Torahs honor is bequeathed to one who seeks to generate honor through every part of the Torah. In our times, it is Dirshu and its leadership that deserves that title, through all of its various programs. Rabbi Yechezkel

Finishing Shas on French Hill BY RABBI NACHMAN SELTZER Over ten thousand people gathered at the Yerushalayim Siyum HaShas Hamerkazi this Tuesday evening in Yerushalayims French Hill neighborhood. This event is the latest in a string of phenomenally wellattended gatherings, and it offered a charm and inspiration all its own. Crowds of mostly Israeli bnei Torah attended, and spirits were high in the impromptu arena that was constructed especially for the evening. While the weather might have prove

caused major disturbances in the nature of the universeand were therefore described as kasheh, difficult. The breaking of the Luchos caused a change Prior to their destruction there was no element of toil in Torah study, but now toil became an integral component of Torah. Aharons death was cataclysmic in its own way. Both Moshe and Aharon had been destined to lead the Jewish nation out of the desert and into Eretz Yisrael, where they would have built an everlasting Mikdash and lived in peace and

FLYING HIGH Continued from Page 29 halichos, ela halachos. The Rosh Yeshivah explained that those who learn halachos make them halichos, a part of the daily routine. These people of Dirshu, Rav Ezrachi concluded, have no life other than Torah. His siyum was followed by Kaddish recited by Reb Avrohom Bleeman, Rav Hofstedters fatherinlaw. Words of Torah and chizuk were heard in yet another language when Rav Yosef Chaim Sitruk, shlita, former Chief Rabbi of France, addressed his native countrymen a

a lack of respect for Torah and the scourge of lashon hara and sinas chinam. Dirshu Ambassadors The throngs of chutzniks at Binyanei Hauma represent a large swath of Klal Yisrael that is part and parcel of the Dirshu family. Hundreds of Dirshu participants from around the world took the time and undertook the expense to travel to Eretz Yisrael to be part of the siyumim. The tens of thousands of Yidden whose lives have been powerfully influenced by Dirshu, but who were unable to attend the event

Accolades From The Secular Press BY RABBI NACHMAN SELTZER Preparations for the chain of Dirshu siyumevents have been going on for months, and theyve been happening on every level. Every detail has been taken into consideration the organizational skills weve been seeing are incredible. Ticketing. Security. Gift bags. Entertainment. Nothing was left to chance. The competence Dirshu shows in the countless minor details involved in making an event run smoothly is the same competence that provides th

Voting, Our Most Potent Weapon BY ASHER E. TAUB, ESQ. The Jewish vote was once considered the most powerful weapon in politics. The consistently high turnout by Jews at the voting booth made securing the Jewish vote critical for any politician aspiring to attain or remain in office. Unfortunately, this has come to an end. As I was petitioning for Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich in Kew Gardens and Kew Gardens Hills for Mr. Ulrichs State Senate run, I was shocked to hear so many voters say, Ill

MINDBIZ By Esther Mann, LCSW Dear Esther, Last weeks column, about a mother concerned about the overthetop sibling rivalry between her two daughters, prompted me to write to you. My situation is similar, yet unique. My mother has always been extremely close with our aunt, her sister Rhoda. From as far back as I can remember theyve always been very close. They lived on the same block, hung out together all the time, and basically did everything together. I remember lots of fun times spent togethe

other neighborhood was worthy of me and my family. My husband disagrees and frankly, so do I. Some of our friends are buying homes in Teaneck and other neighborhoods that look interesting. My husband has siblings in Teaneck and very much wants to live there. When I told my mother than we are looking at homes in Teaneck, she went wild with anger. She couldnt imagine how we can possibly consider living in a neighborhood that isnt walking distance to Alice. And furthermore, whats going to happen wh

MINDBIZ Continued from Page 35 your younger sister had a stronger and healthier need to individuate from your mother. She paid a price, but my guess is that ultimately it was worth the price of admission to be her own person. Your brother, on the other hand, assumed a profession that he does not necessarily love. For all we know, he struggles daily with this commitment and feels he is living a life that is far from authentic. Such a life does take its toll. Lucky for you, you naturally enjoyed t

Cities Of Refuge From The Other Side Of The Bench BY DAVID J. SEIDEMANN, ESQ . I have always been fascinated by the concept in Jewish law of the Arei Miklat, the Cities of Refuge. In ancient Biblical times, three cities were set up on the east side of the Jordan river and three cities were set up in Israel proper where a person who caused the death of another through negligence could escape to, and thus avoid the family of the deceased seeking to exact revenge. What initially caught my attention

Letting Go Of The Occupation Tidbits From Israel BY RON JAGER It was just a matter of time before selfappointed prominent Jewish leaders in America got organized to send a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu claiming that Israels international standing is in peril due to the recent judicial report by retired Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy. It concluded that Israel is not occupying Judea and Samaria and that there is no legal prohibition against populating the land east of the 67 border with Je

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Another Mothers Musings By Phyllis J. Lubin No Free Swim Its Sunday morning. Usually my husband does laps on his bicycle on the boardwalk, while I swim my laps. This routine began last summer, and now it has become our regular Sundaymorning schedule. So why am I sitting on a bench writing these musings, instead of my usual Sunday morning routine This time of yearIm writing this during the Nine Daysalways prompts many questions, most specifically for my purposes to swim or not to swim Traditiona

and we would take a trip to Brooklyn, it felt as if we were going on a long trip. Once Lenny and I married and settled there, the trip from the Five Towns area now seemed like a minute. I was able to do that trip practically with my eyes closed. And my mom would zip by for almost daily visits on her way home from work. Brooklyn was anything but on the way home from her school in Queens, but my mom made it seem like it was not at all out of her way. My grandparents would make weekly treks from Qu

THE DISH By Elke Probkevitz Mason Jars The mason jar is in vogue, elevated from its lowly, ordinary use to a multifunctional and stylish container. They are not just for preserving and pickling anymore. Mason jars are inexpensive so they can be purchased in bulk and used to store, serve, or decorate however your heart desires. Mason jars are useful, durable, and practical for many purposes and come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some practical uses for this timeless tool. Use as a mixer. The

BUSINESS WEEKLY Restoring the Primacy of Choshen Mishpat By Rabbi Meir Orlian Monetary Stipulations The Brauns were negotiating the purchase of a house. It was a spacious colonial with a renovated kitchen and a nicesized garden the price was also within reason. However, the roof leaked in numerous places and needed a thorough sealing. The owner did not want to invest in the repair unless he had a definite buyer, whereas Mr. Braun was equally insistent. I refuse to buy the house unless I know t

MONETARY STIPULATIONS Continued from Page 43 ble to other monetary matters, where the established seller refuses to relinquish his property without fulfillment of the terms Aruch Hashulchan 2074. What did you say is the accepted ruling asked Mr. Braun. The Nesivos 2071 and other Achronim cite the practice not to require this formulation for movable items, said Rabbi Tzedek, and to write, in accordance with the stipulation of bnei Gad and bnei Reuven, for real estate. Some authorities suggest, th

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Celebrating Tu BAv This erev Shabbos Nachamu is Tu BAv. The Midrash in Eichah lists various reasons for celebrating Tu BAv, the 15th of Av 1. While the Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years, female orphans without brothers could only marry within their tribe, to prevent their fathers inherited land in the Land of Israel from passing on to other tribes. On the 15th of Av, after the first generation of Jews that entered Israel passed away, this ban was

DAF YOMI INSIGHTS Continued from Page 45 were still alive They were still commanded in tzitzis They entered their graves with their tzitzis on, and if they died, the tzitzis were not removed. Nevertheless, Tosefos says that our custom of removing the tzitzis strings on a niftar is still at odds with the Gemara in Menachos. Tosefos suggests that perhaps it is only proper to bury someone in tzitzis when the entire nation is righteous and observes this mitzvah. Nowadays, when unfortunately many peo

real estate mortgage financing By Anessa V. Cohen Moving Time Although there are those homeowners who get up one morning and just say, Yup, it is time to sell this house and move on to a new one a more typical situation might be a homeowner who gradually gets to the point of wanting to sell his home. These are the homeowners who started cleaning out the different rooms of their house after all the kids left for college, and when they were finished cleaning, suddenly looked around and thought,

5TJT Seeks Intern For Mideast Reporting Reporters Notebook BY SAMUEL SOKOL JerusalemThe daily life of a reporter bears little similarity to what you may have seen on television or in the movies. The busy newsrooms of the past, with clacking typewriters and men in hats chomping on cigars yelling Stop the pressesdo not exist. This might be obvious, yet many people still have the image of a newsroom from film noir or comic books like Superman burned into the back of their minds. The modern newsroom

thats the WAY IT IS By Hannah Reich Berman Nothing Like Ingenuity Theres something to be said for central air conditioning. Actually theres a lot to be said for it. It provides a consistent level of comfort because theres none of that walking from one room to another and hoping that the one you are about to enter is as cool as the one you just left. There are also hallway and bathroom issues to be considered. Back when Hubby and I didnt want to spring for the cost of installing central air, we

Croton Basketball League Solution To Previous 5TJT Puzzle Bands 1 H A T S E P 20 2 3 4 5 P 6 I 7 C T 8 9 C H A F F L A I I R D I A 10 11 12 13 14 17 I C 21 15 18 E C H O K O A N I 22 24 29 16 19 S E T H R O L 23 28 N D 25 L N G S T O N E S R I I O 30 33 39 44 40 E O N 32 38 A S K 34 41 45 35 36 LEAGUE LEADERS PPG Dani Rosenthal 21.0 SPG Ken Scharf 3.5 BPG Asher Jungreis 2.5 RPG Asher Jungreis 16.5 26 31 37 42 T E M P L E P 27 L O T S W I N C E A L A A D O 43 4

5TJT Puzzle Fiddler On The Roof BY YONI GLATT Across 1. Some homes abbrv. 5. She follows 45Down to 48Down 10. LA sight 14. Nap 15. Place for Napoleon, once 16. Assistant 17. Like good wine 18. Excite 19. Street 20. Tractor unit 21. Setting for this puzzle 23. Consumer 25. Wither 26. Kernel locale 29. Phonetic foe 30. Gulf problem 33. Mrs. Tevye 35. Fast connection letters 36. Jewish author of note 40. Achva 41. The theme to this puzzles theme 43. Deal 46. Actor who first played Tevye 47. Kind

Question Texting and email have become a primary form of communication in todays society. We rely on it heavily for work, keeping in touch with friends, and even building relationships from scratch. In the notsodistant future, textbased messages may become the norm and phone calls or facetoface communication thought of as a quaint, nonessential way to get in touch. The question becomes when and how to implement this form of contact into dating. On the one hand, the written word provides a way to

express in texting language all that is bubbling in your heart. You can do all that, because it feels safe. You are not talking to a human being. You are not exercising facial muscles, especially eye contact, when conveying your feelings. You are merely exerting your fingers to tap letters and symbols. My advice to the modernday single is to not underestimate the oldfashioned methods in dating. If you took a poll, you would find that people who date facetoface or by phone reap the highest relati

DATING FORUM Continued from Page 53 While communication has always taken on many forms, there is one ubiquitous necessity in any relationshipa method of communication that works. Fastforward 30 years. There has clearly been a paradigm shift in our methods of communication. And as the new methods are here to stay, we should embrace them for the good they can bring. In actuality, texting is almost equivalent to sending a quick card on the spot. The beauty of it is that you dont have to wait a week

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The Five Towns 18 Bike4Chai, August 89 BY ROCHELLE MARUCH MILLER Neither rising at dawn nor facing the daunting challenges of threatening hills could deter their commitment and diminish their enthusiasm. Long before the scheduled date of the event, they began training rigorously, some as early as last year, never missing a group training session, often training individually. Determined to cross the finish line, they have pushed themselves beyond endurance, exceeding even their own expectations t

Croton Softball League Championship Lobos vs HitmenSmackin Pitches Americas Largest Independent Jewish Weekly WWW.CROTONLEAGUES.COM 58 August 3, 2012 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES

BIKE4CHAI Continued from Page 57 cause and to participate in the ride. When I first heard about Bike4Chai, I said, This is something I would want to be involved with, said Allan, who had already commenced a program of exercise and fitness. Given how this opportunity presented itself, I was very enthusiastic about participating and being involved in every way. Bike4Chai is an extremely challenging, intense event that requires serious, rigorous training. It caters to our community and it has becom

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Rabbi Avram Pollak, Menahel Rabbi Eli Zoldan, Judaic Studies Principal Rabbi David Abramchik, General Studies Principal Mesivta Yam HaTorah of the Five Towns Far Rockaway Your sons four years of Mesivta should be filled with growth in ruchniyus, academic excellence, and close Rebbe Talmid relationships. Building The Talmidim of Today Into The Leaders of Tomorrow For More Information 917 8267650 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES August 3, 2012 61

News From The Hills BY CHANITA TEITZ My husband pointed out something interesting last night after the fast. Tishah BAv hasnt fallen out on Shabbos for the last fourteen years, but in the next seven years it will fall on Shabbos four times. The Jewish calendar is a mathematical phenomenon based on specific rules and calculations fixed by Hillel. Its amazing how mathematically advanced he was. Certain yom tovim can never fall on certain days, while Pesach is fixed in such a way that it always fal

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News From The Hills Continued from Page 62 nah. His father said that there would always be a little Moishele to ask the four questions. Enjoy your Shabbos Nachamu and may Klal Yisrael be zocheh this year to the ultimate nechama. and mara dasra of Congregation Shaaray Tefila of Lawrence, who will speak on Enrich Your Marriage in 30 Days, Sunday, August 19, at the Young Israel of Hillcrest, 16907 Jewel Avenue, Flushing. Birkos Hashachar at 815 a.m. sharp. 915 a.m. speaker, and berachah party to f

Hempstead Increases Security An Interview With Town Supervisor Kate Murray BY RABBI YAIR HOFFMAN As most of our readers know, a terrible tragedy occurred recently in Bulgaria, with the terrorist bombing in which five Israelis and others were murdered and many more were injured. Acting quickly, the Supervisor of the Town of Hempstead arranged for extra police protection at our synagogues, schools, yeshivos, and places that might be likely targets. The Five Towns Jewish Times spoke with Kate Murra

Hempstead Security Continued from Page 65 County and New York City. It would just be speculation at this point. I would imagine that not only do they do it at a time of extra stress like these days in light of the Bulgarian attack, but Im sure they do it on a regular basis. Y.H. Which areas do you think in Nassau County might have the most risk in this kind of thing K.M. Well it just stands to reason that we are a likely target because we are number one outside of New York City in terms of Jewis

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SERVICES PROVIDED Tutoring Services Available Experienced math teacher will prepare you for next year on any level you need. Shomer Shabbos. Call Yossi 5165813930 Social Security Disability My name is Dale Masur and I am an accredited disability representative. Call for a Free evaluation at 9175026215 Experienced Rebbe available to learn any limudei kodesh subject with you or your son. References available. 9178422587, Gemach special for simcha. We provide for you excellent

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Lawrence Prestigious brick ch col 2MBR 3BRs culdesac . .1.1M 136 Monroe St 5BR bilevel 150 deep prop . . . . 700s 45 7BR Victorian col. lg property, transportation, worship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .600s Majestic brick ch col. on beautiful corner lot . . . . . .1.5M The Plaza Spacious jr4 coop, FLR FDR, EIK, MBR suite, dble terrace, pool, elevator, doorman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .349K Far Rockaway Young

CLASSIFIED ADS Continued from Page 69 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Income Producing Shopping Center for Sale in Sullivan County 100 Leased with Long Term Leases In Place Additional Air Rights Available 1,900,000 9.7 CAP Contact Yosef Katz 2128374629 or VACATION RENTAL Milford, CT Direct waterfront 2BR Apt available August. Private beach 2000month or prorated negotiable Call 2033879991 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Nassau, Long Island RetailComm Bldgs For Sale. 3 build

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Office Space For Rent Far Rockaway 8,000 sq. feet. Ideal for professional medical offices or classrooms. Ground floor access directly from street. Call Melissa at 3477570224 Weissman Realty 5167916100 Cedarhurst Office rental Executive 2 Bths, Fully Web wired, 1,250 sq. ft., CAC. 5TGR 5163223555 Cedarhurst office for rent 2 small offices on Central Ave. 1 flight up, CH, CA. Call owner 9174175725 Your Real Estate, Service, or Help Wanted Ad Here Every Thursday

SUCCOT IN LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Continued from Page 71 these families doubtless are making their own bar mitzvah or wedding celebrations, and many probably do not know how they will pay for even a minimal simcha. Especially given the tenuous economic climate, how can one justify flaunting wealth Finally, what lesson will the bar mitzvah boy learn Will he learn that one accumulates assets by virtue of hard work Will he learn the value of delayed gratification Or will he instead learn that everyt

empty for several years. The Board of Education has finally seen fit to put the school on the market. The School Board should consider the needs of the community in its decision in the sale. Here in the Five Towns lies a hidden gemthe Five Towns JCC. Why is it hidden It occupies a little outoftheway house on Grove Avenue in Cedarhurst. Due to space limitations in its present location, the JCC also conducts programs in more than 18 other spaces in and around the Five Towns. It has not had the opp

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Having A Great Time At Orah By Nechama Strauss Welcome to the best time of the year. We love summer, and nowhere is it better than in Orah Day Camp. This time around our theme is Traveling through Time. We started with the Dawn of Time and found ourselves this week in the Wild Wild West. The building has been covered in everything from dinosaurs, to dragons, to pilgrims. Every day is packed with fun. We run a gamut of activities from arts and crafts to wacky science. Our ca

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Continued from Page 73 Most recently, the president has stated his unequivocal support for a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes and coaches who were brutally murdered at the Olympics 40 years ago. And when it comes to America, the country which he was elected to lead, hes light years ahead of the Republicans who dont care about womens rights, health care, or protecting our environment for generations to come. As an American, I want a true leader who will stand up to

AROUND THE FIVE TOWNS Continued from Page 74 kosher bagel store. The community offers a plethora of learning opportunities to all levels through its rabbinic staff headed by Rabbi Dr. Chaim Wakslak and a number of assistant rabbis. They have shiurim on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. In the summertime, there is a Shabbos afternoon lecture that provides a broad spectrum of speakers, lecturers, and entertainers to the shul. Typically, at the start of the summer, in conjunction wit

Become a Facebook fan of 5 Towns Jewish Times. At the Friends of Mercy Medical Center 31st Annual Golf Classic, Dr. Aaron Glatt center and from left Dr. Marc DiSciullo, Dr. Perry Stein, Dr. Gary Herzog, and Dr. Kenneth Schwartz RECEIVE DAILY MESSAGES WITH NEWS, EVENTS, DEALS, AND MORE Participate in discussions and contests. facebook.com5TownsJewishTimes A field of nearly 90 golfers enjoyed play on July 23 at the Hempstead Golf Country Club, followed by a postouting dinner honoring Dr. Micha

UK S S IN JERUSALE KO For a Family of 6 M BUY A RAFFLE TICKET FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN 1 TICKET 50 3 TICKETS 100 8 TICKETS 180 ael To Isr tay ickets rip T tire S lem und T he En T erusa Ro al For el In J ot ent Star H Car R y at a 5 ys Mone 10 Da nding 0 Spe ip 1,80 e of tr OR valu sh 00 Ca 25,0 Win To Buy Tickets Call 347.460.9829 or go to Buyers of 8 tickets 180, will receive a free 1Year subscription to the Five Towns Jewish Times. 78 August 3, 2012 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIM


Community News Continued from Page 77 ty on the South Shore of Nassau County. Motherbaby services are at the core of Mercys mission and the funds raised at the Golf Classic help to make it possible for the hospital to assist mothers and babies throughout the community, including the less fortunate and the uninsured. Over the past five years, the Friends have raised some 1.5 million to support hospital facilities. Leibys father, had been discussing the plea but didnt want to open any more wound

Hon. Judge Rivera in the Kings County Supreme Court. This campaign runs across the board, said Ms. Meyer. I intend to advocate for women in violent relationships and ensure that they have a safe place to go and help our young involved in gang related activity restructure their lives by helping them work toward a degree. ing personal, family, and business life. Having led and created courses for other coaching programs, what was important for Ms. Schindler was that the studentteacher ratio never

Community News Continued from Page 81 bills mounting, I needed a second income. The coaching certification program at HIC taught me how to be a more effective executive and a much more communicative husband and father. An added plus is that the other participants in the program opened up their Rolodexes to me and I made powerful connections for my coaching practice, as well as my business. I work as a busy guidance counselor in a very large city school. I dont spend a lot of time with students,

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What Makes Jewish Dating So Hard ABOUT ME Im the Perfect Jewish man A good looking doctor, funny, smart, and humble. What more do you need At The 12th Siyum HaShas Of Daf Yomi PHOTOS BY YOSSI GOLDBERGERJDN IM LOOKING FOR... The perfect Jewish woman beautiful, smart but not too smart, funny able to appreciate my sense of humor, a great cook and someone who can keep up with me. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY MESSAGE ME IF YOU THINK YOU... Meet all of the above criteria. Nati REMIND ME TO TELL YOU ABOU

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The Duplicitous Mr. Holmes BY YOCHANAN GORDON We are still reeling from the shock of the recent attack at a Colorado movie theater, where 12 people were shot down in cold blood and almost 60 others wounded by an insane monster who surely premeditated this attack for months prior to executing it. From news reports of suspect James Holmess first day in court, it seems that many of his teachers at the various educational institutions he attended said he was an honors student. Many of his peers as w


ISRAEL BONDS FOR THE NEW YEAR Invest in a Nation of Heritage, Courage and Inspiration 2012 5773 High Holidays Purchase Israel Bonds Online Development Corporation for IsraelIsrael Bonds 575 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10022 888.764.2631 Follow Israel Bonds on Twitter and Facebook This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in State of

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