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FlAtbush Jewish JournAl uniting the jewish community distributed in flAtbushboro pArk5 towns to over 200,000 people in 22,000 homes, shuls stores sxc Vol. 4 N0. 6 inside February 7, 2013 dg a, yca z f A Citicom Publication Baltimore Wins The True ViCTory Super Bowl NighT Baltimore Jewish LiFe Truth Spin Brooklyn College The DBS Movement yAhrzeits 67 rAv brevdA 66 If you live in Baltimore or are a fan of Baltimore, this was the event. The large enclosed arena ... filled with youn

Avraham Dovid Mitzvah Tank Celebrating Avraham Dovid AH Liberovs BarMitzvah Day Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, 18th of Adar 5773 Kings Terrace, 815 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, New York Gala Dinner Shimon Yaffa Leviov Kings Highway Glatt Meat Mitzvah Tank Award Avraham Dovid Award Mark B. Lew, MD Janet Rugg Lew, ESQ Avraham Dovids Pediatrician R.S.V.P. 700 pm Reception 800 pm Dinner Couvert 180 per person 360 per couple Table of 12 1,800 A Heartfelt Invitation to the Residents of Fla

Rav Pam on the Parsha An exclusive weekly excerpt from the Pleasant Way by rAbbi sholom smith FOR THE FLATBUSH AREA ZMAniM Latest Shema Shekiah Tzeis Parshas Mishpatim Dinei Torah Parshas Mishpatim discusses the laws and guidelines of Dinei Torah, and it is instructive to describe some of these cases and the valuable lessons to be learned from them. The purpose of telling stories of our great Torah sages is to instill yiras Shomayim fear of Heaven. In Parshas Yisro 198, the Torah says that Mo

Message to Flatbush mordy mehlmAn, Publisher EMaiL To EdiTorThEFJJ.CoM tehillim list ohkuj k y g i c o h h j u v h, , n w r vh xuk vzhk ic iugna wr v e k t v r a v h j i c r z g h k t v nk a v jubn vbj ,c vtk vecr FORECAST ThurSday February 7 Partly Cloudy WEATHER A Joyous Adar in Flatbush The winter we are living through is quite cold, but thankfully with little snow. Although we have seemed to escape winter totally, there is no telling what the next few weeks could bring. Either way, we ca

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Splendor of the Maggid Tehillim Treasure Rebbetzin Batsheva Esther Kanievsky of Bnei Brak, Israel, who passed away in Tishrei 5772 October 2011, came from extraordinary spiritual stock. Her grandfather was the legendary Rabbi Arye Levin ztl 18851969, the great tzaddik of Jerusalem, and her father was Rabbi Yosef Sholom Eliyashiv 19102012, the revered posek hador in Jerusalem. Her fatherinlaw was the gadol hador, the Steipler Gaon, Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky 18991985, and her husband was the

80OFF UP TO BELOW COST SALE STARTS THURS. FEB. 7 EVERY SUIT IS BEING SOLD AT OR SUITS, SPORT JACKETS, COATS, CAR COATS, SHIRTS, SHOES, TIES MORE BORO PARK STORE ONLY FREE VALET PARKING ON SUNDAYS Sunday Legal Holidays 106, Mon. Wed. 107, Thurs. 108, Fri. 10145 WE ACCEPT MC, VISA AMERICAN EXPRESS WE SHIP UPS Due to nature of this sale we will not be o ering alteration 5020 13th AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 718.972.4665 718.692.1144 Thursday, February 7, 2013 Fl

Rabbi Frand on the Parsha rAbbi yissocher frAnd, with permission from artscrollmesorah Parashas Mishpatim Take a fellow who likes two cereals Wheaties and Cheerios. Each week, he goes to the supermarket and decides which one to buy. But then he gets married, and suddenly, life gets complicated. He now has his wifes favorite Raisin Bran to consider. And if he can afford only one box of cereal at a time, then he might just have to adjust to Raisin Bran himself. This may seem mundane or even pe

ORLD Jewish w it h a d v a n c e d re g is tr a ti w w w .j e w is h e x p o s .c o n om T e l 7 1 8 .6 3 3 .5 6 4 7 FREE ADMISSION Conference THURSDAY MARCH 7, 2013 1100 AM 600 PM This expo serves staff members of Camps, Day Camps, Bungalow Colonies, Yeshivas, Schools Special Ed Programs Stage 6 Brooklyn, Ne w York 7 hours of nonstop networking Open to men and women FOR EXHIBITOR7INFORMATION3 3 1 8 . 6 3 3 . 0 7 3 3 18.633.07 7 www.jewishex

Pathways of the Prophets rAbbi yisroel reismAn, with permission from artscrollmesorah Shaar HaSimchah When I visit Eretz Yisrael in the summer, I usually daven and learn at Yeshivas Ohr Sameach. Towards the end of my recent visit, I was asked to speak in the yeshivah. My topic was bitachon faith. The theme of my shmuess was that the middah of bitachon can enable us to overcome difficulties and find happiness. I was trying to come up with an appropriate anecdote with which to begin the shiur. T

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The STory of our paST Trip To Kivrei TzadiKim The following is a reprint of an exclusive FJJ story about Rabbi Paysach Krohns past trip to local Kivrei Tzadikim. Limited seats are still available for the next Kivrei Tzadikim trip, on Sunday, February 17, 2013. See advertisement on facing page for details. A Sunday of Inspiration Malky Lowinger Sunday September 25 , 1130 AM We look like a group of tourists boarding our coach buses in the heart of Flatbush. Its an unusual scene. Tour buses may

JoiN uS SuNday, feBruary 17 To eXperieNCe iT ConTinuEd FroM PagE 12 group gather at that kever and offer their heartfelt tefillos. Rabbi Krohn then enlightens us about the life of the Chofetz Chaim, whose second wife Miriam Frieda is buried here along with her son. He tells us how the Chofetz Chaim desperately wished to visit Eretz Yisroel but was unable to go. We also learn about a segulah that the Chofetz Chaim recommended to a woman whose only child was gravely ill. He told her to have the S

This da Sun y 42 nd Annual Awards Dinner 30 Shvat 5773 February 10, 2013 Talmudical Academy Adelphia, New Jersey cordially invites you to join us at our Annual Awards February 10, 2013 30 Shvat 5773 new locatio Dinner 1030 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228 Dyker Beach Golf Club n Reception 600pm Dinner 700pm Alumnus Award Moshe Devory Benenfeld Vice President, Apple bank Honoring Former Parents Rabbi Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Cars MiniPassengerCargo Vans Trucks Guests of Honor NICE

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COMING NEXT WEEK The Perfect Mishloach Manos Gift Understand Megillas Esther as never before NEW Fullcolor photo for each dish Seder wine guide wine pairings Midrash Rabbah dedicated by Elly and Brochie Kleinman 60 creative, easytomake Leah Schapira, author of FRESH EASY, and Victoria Dwek recipes that you would never believe are made of Pesach ingredients. Megillos Esther compactsize complete in one volume The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah Esther includes the entire text of the Midr

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PREPURIM Send something really special SECTION Make someone happy this Purim this Purim children and their families. Send an exquisite When you send Mishloach Manos cards from Chai Lifeline, you send a message of compassion and concern for more than 4,300 seriously ill BAMBI card to Baltimore J Bubbe Baila in Cards are available in packages of ten for a suggested minimum donation of 20. Shipping is free on orders of two or more packages sent to the same address. A 3.00 shipping charge w

A Fortune In One Hour This Purim, you can make your fortune like so many others have ...The childless who were blessed with children, The singles who found their zivug, the sick who were cured, jobs found and Yiddish nachas from their children... How You Can Make And the Pele Yoetz specifies Hashem hears all prayers however He shows extra affection to those who support Torah learning that takes place on this day. Whatever you request shall be granted Megillah, 56 Hey Mordechai, youre thinki

20 Flatbush Jewish Journal Thursday, February 7, 2013 718.692.1144

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PREPURIM SECTION At Yad Eliezer, Were Juggling a Lot... Fe e A d Ba by Purim Fund Foods Boxe Big er th Bro ster Si Simch a Kol s Kallah We ha beauti ve fu Purim l cards This Purim, you can lend a hand Feed families with Matanos LEvyonim distributed on Purim day. Deadline Megilla night Yad EliezerPurim 1102 E. 26th St. Bklyn, NY 11210 718.258.1580 www.yadeliezer.orgpurim Israel Office 02.591.2200 Dallas Taurog 972.735.0274 Canada Salamon 416.782.2197 Miami Beach Gibber 786.558.496

IC O A C N HI G COUNSE LI N G IN STI TWERSK RECEIVE CERTIFICATION FOR THROUGH TORAH BASED TRAINING TCCI HB ASED COA CH N SHALOM BAYIS COACHING TUTE O RA I Under the guidance directorship of R Mordechai Twerski, Hornosteipler Rebbe Shlita and approved by Gedolei Yisroel Flat ers i Join us in he public. Speak Twerski, to t Benzion open rski, Dr. unted chai Twe Freidman Disco rde Rabbi Mo aim Aharon ration reregist bi Ch p and Rab able for ister are avail tes ail to reg ra ll or em

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Education With Hearts Full of Love horAv mAttisyAhu sAlomon, with permission from artscrollmesorah Parenting news And events relAting to proper chinuch pArenting An Image of Dignity A HigHer StAndArd The Tanna Devei Eliahu writes Ch. 21, A person should not see his parents speaking improperly, and if he does he should voice his objections. If he fails to do so, he and they will not live out their lives, Heaven forbid. If a person sees his parents saying things they shouldnt be saying, even

Education Partners Parenting in excerpt from ArtscrollmesorAh book by dr. meir wikler Parenting One approach that has brought sanity back into many homes is to completely remove yourselves from the responsibility of calibrating the milligrams of each portion of dessert or any other treat. Instead, you place this responsibility on your childrens shoulders. This will serve the allimportant function of getting you and your husband out from that nowin position of being caught between your dueling

Education Parenting For the serious talmida who aspires to grow and achieve in a warm, congenial environment. Our intensive half day Seminary was established with the encouragement and guidance of Gedolei Hador. A seminary with a highly devoted and qualified staff where strong hashkafos and Ahavas Torah are imparted to our talmidos. news And events relAting to proper chinuch pArenting In a world of changing values, it is essential to make formal provisions for the education of our Bnos Yisr

Education Nachas Notes rAbbi yitzchAk shmuel AckermAn, lmhc Parenting Another Mishna in Avos says al tadin es chavercha ad shtagea lmkomo. The word es sometimes means with. Taken that way, this Mishna teaches us not to join with someone in addressing their concern until we understand their place, their situation as they perceive it. No matter how well we know their objective situation, we cannot know their subjective situation until we listen to their story. When you listen, bear in mind anoth

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New York Delta To Open Outdoor Airport Decks In NYs JFK AP News APVIN news And events in About new york its people Israeli Rider To The Rescue After Bus Driver Passes Out On UES A New York City bus driver reported he blacked out before crashing into a parked car, injuring three people, authorities said. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the crash happened on the BxM18 bus heading north on Madison Avenue near 80th Street. The MTA said the driver and two passengers were taken to

U.S. Reuters News even as he champions efforts to battle global warming. He has taken U.S. television networks to task, for instance, for accepting advertising dollars from traditional energy companies in his recently published book The Future, according to NBC. But he deflected the criticism, saying Al Jazeera is committed to strong coverage of climate change and APVIN news And events in About the united stAtes Al Gore Defends Current TV Sale To Al Jazeera Al Gore said that tough competitio

World VIN News Reuters news And events in About the world Belgian Court Denies Friedman Girls Entry To Boys Yeshiva Grandmothers Seeking Custody Of Children An Antwerp judge has ruled against former Neturei Karta member Moshe Aryeh Friedman in his bid to force the all boys Yavne school to accept his three daughters as students. The controversial Friedman made waves just weeks ago when he won a similar lawsuit, forcing Bnos Jerusalem, an all girls school, to enroll his two sons as students,

Israel Chabad Chasidim Lash Out At Mining Company Over Exploitation Of Rebbe Text VIN News VIN news And events in About isrAel its people Charging that an Israeli mining company is purposely misrepresenting the words of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe to promote its current dig in Haifa, the Chabad Hasidim are fighting back in an attempt to save the Rebbes good name. At the heart of the matter is a promotional video being used by Shefa Yamim Exploration and Mining which directly quotes a 1988s c

Salomon Says His name was Yuri. He came from Moldovia. To say that he was a waiter would be unfair. Not after he waited on us our ENTIRE HUMONGOUS family for every single meal over Pesach for 11 days in a row No, he was much more than that. He worked with a partner. The partners name was also Yuri...yes, from Moldovia. Yuri 1 was tall and fair Yuri 2 was short and dark. Together they attended to our every beck and call and, believe me, there were many becks and many calls. Months before, when

FJJ home decor Supplement 20 Tips for Home Safety Security 1. If out of the house for an extended period of time, create the illusion that someone may still be home. Leave a stereo on in the room where a burglar would most likely break in. Use exterior lighting and motion detectors to minimize burglar concealment. 2. Make sure all exterior doors have good proper locks. Install 1inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. 3. If you get an unexpected knock at the door, check to see who it is befo

FJJ home decor Supplement 10 things a burglar wont tell You 1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new refrigerator. 2. H e y, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier. 3. Love those flowers. That tells me you have taste ... and taste means there are nice things inside. Those yard toys your

YOUR HOME. YOUR STYLE. PRE PESACH SPECIAL with purchase of kitchen receive 4625 New Utrecht Ave. Phone. 718.853.3200 718.692.1144 FREE backsplash tiles. FREE knobs. Expires Feb. 28 13 Restrictions apply. Thursday, February 7, 2013 Flatbush Jewish Journal 37


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PHOT at the WeiszParnes Lchaim gallery All photo submissions Are welcome to at the Bar Mitzvah of Moshe ahron Zanvel Sheiner PhoTo CrEdiT noSSon TZVi groSS V.i.P.s in around Flatbush at the Kedem Kosher Food Wine Expo at the Bayonne dinner Misameach MidWinter Event with Congressman Chris Smith Harav eliezer ginsburg with Bnei torah 40 Flatbush Jewish Journal Thursday, February 7, 2013 718.692.1144

PHOT Bochurim from Kinor dovid visiting rabbi yehoshua Kurland in yeshiva Shor yoshuv gallery yeshiva Torah vodaas 7th grade Visiting Tiferes Stam All photo submissions Are welcome to Khal Lev avraham of Kensington Melave Malka at the Bris of Yonasan Horowitz Rabbi Yosef eisen at Mesivta toras emes Kehilla Moreshes Yaakov Parlor Meeting at the Sofer Bowl led by rabbi Fink Flatbush askonim in israel Shalheves Kodesh Melave Malka Tehilah Ldovid Community Wide Taanit dibu

Travel Camp Section submissions for trAvel section Advertising Articles Radiss on Hotel Pisca tawa y, New Jersey YOUR HOST THE MEISNE R FAMILY Non Gebrochts Cholov Yisroel Teen Programs Separate Swimming Nightly Entertainment Private Dining Available Aerobics . Full Fitness Center Day Camp . Baby Sitting Service Strictest Rabbinical Supervision Buffets and Viennese Desserts Three Gourmet Meals Daily Shmura Matzah Only Scrumptious Tea Room Stimulating Lectures

Travel Camp Section submissions for trAvel section Advertising Articles Orlando, Florida WHAT MAKES THIS PESACH PROGRAM DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHERS PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL Dear Guest PRIVATE GAME ROOM PRIVATE DINING ROOM As you know, our Pesach program is a NonGebrokts program. Consequently, guests are kindly requested to be careful that Matzo should not come in contact with liquids. Furthermore, being that Egg Matzo is not permissible on Pesach except for the

Travel Camp O u atre yeeat h s t d Loca xuriou lu Section submissions for trAvel section Advertising Articles atm a ach n he pI s Cam s 8 12 Grade nd r2 u rt e Only Frum Sports Camp In e Catskills For Boys In Grades 8 12 Reso CE AVAILABLE only Rabbi Karp he Only Camp W th Hotel Accomodat ons TTh e O n l y C a m p W iit h H o t e l A c c o m o d a t iio n s For additional information, please visit our website or call 8452004416 Me

Travel Camp THE ONLY 4DIAMOND PREMIER RESORT WHERE THE ENTIRE HOTEL IS EXCLUSIVE TO OUR PESACH GUESTS Ft. Lauderdale Section submissions for trAvel section Advertising Articles 2013 pesach FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA binyan adey ad JOIN US THIS YEAR AGAIN IN THE BEAUTIFUL POCONO MOUNTAINS Pocono Manor Resort Ben Cohen Shloime Daskal Sruly Wulliger Warm Yom Tov Atmosphere Ashkenaz Sefard Minyanim 5Star Culinary Experience, Daily Pool Side BBQs Lavish Tea Room

In around Worldrenowned tenor Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot will join legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman for a major performance at Cushman Wakefield Theater in the Barclays Center on Thursday, February 28 at 730 p.m. Cantor Helfgot, the wellknown chazan who has led the revival of Jewish liturgical music will perform together with Perlman who will bring his soulful sound to Brooklyn. Perlman and Helfgot recently collaborated on the album Eternal Echoes Songs and Dances for the Soul, which Perlm

In around Masores Bais Yaakov Marks 25th Anniversary ConTinuEd FroM PagE 1 EVENTS NEWS MOSDOS Flatbush news And events in Around the flAtbush community of achievement in the realm of chinuch habanos. The emcee, Mr. Moshe Katlowitz opened the program with some beautiful thoughts connecting the weekly parsha to the unique attributes of Masores Bais Yaakov. He then called upon the dean, Rabbi Yosef Gelman to present the special 25th Anniversary Tribute to the Masores Bais Yaakov Executive Com

In around Truth Spin Brooklyn College The DBS Movement ConTinuEd FroM PagE 1 EVENTS NEWS MOSDOS Flatbush news And events in Around the flAtbush community fore, the mistruths and rhetoric meant to delegitimize Israels very right to exist. Vitriolic intolerance is nothing new to the Jewish people. The news this weekthe chidushwas an official seal of endorsement for the event by none other than Brooklyn College itself. When I heard the news I was shocked, and I acted. I was joined by numero

Flatbush My Nikon camera shows in the LCD viewfinder stuff as normal white normal color and then by itself for no reason I know of goes YELLOW on me. The viewfinder shows a YELLOW tint to everything...and if I snap a picture its YELLOW. I HATE THAT CAMERA There are NO instructions how to deal with it and I simply can NOT use the camera....if you know what to do let me know please...if you have a store, maybe I can bring the lousy camera to you so you can personally see how bad it is and that it

Simcha ry calligraphy invitations envelope addressing placecards personalized ribbon foil Section simchAs And celebrAtions in And Around our community calligraphy invitations envelope addressing placecards p ersonalized ribbon foil stamping stationery calligraphy invitations envelope address Organize your kitchen clutter NOW Get rid of your freezer mess No more UFOs Unidentified foreign objects FREE GIFTS to all Kallah orders over 250.00 Minimum10 FREE products plus MORE Cal

Simcha shadchan Mrs. Chana Rose EMAil yOuR quEsTiOns TO inFO ThEFjj.COM Section cuy kzn simchAs And celebrAtions in And Around our community ask the Flatbush Flatbush simchas engAgements Freidy Weisz to Dovid Parnes Sara Goldwag to Yoel Becker Fraidy Weiss to Dovid Parnes Chany Loewy to Ari Weisfeld Ruchy Zoberman to Favi Goldberger Esty Greenwald to Shaya Rozner Dear Mrs. Rose, Q. Currently, 23 seems to be the average age at which bochurim start shidduchim. A new letter, signed by many ge

PAR S H A Rabbi Moshe Boylan Inspirations him why he didnt merely learn Torah without a Bris, Unkelus answered that this was not possible. Rav Akiva Eiger ZTL explains in the name of the Ollelos Efraim from the Baal Keli Yakar that the external Bris Milah which removes the Arlah foreskin also helps to remove the inner Arlah on the Lev heart which prevents a person from growing in Torah. Thus, a Bris helps one to achieve in Torah learning and observance. This may be the reason that in Birchas Ha

The Person in the Parsha rAbbi dr. tzvi hersh weinreb Parshat Mishpatim Responsibility rienced. They point to the many verses in this weeks portion that speak of one ox goring another and question the contemporary relevance of such arcane legalities. But when I studied about my responsibility for my oxen and the consequences which applied if my ox gored you, or your slave, or your ox, I was living in Brooklyn where I had certainly seen neither oxen nor slaves. But I do not at all recall bei

Womens The Balancing Act rebbetzin tziporAh heller, with permission from artscrollmesorah World mark jobs that have to be done weekly, jobs that must be done monthly, and jobs that must be done yearly. Commit yourself to get through what has to be done. Every day, do some of the things that have to be done weekly. Every two weeks, do some of the things that have to be done monthly. Every month, do some of the things that have to be done yearly. You can choose to do the dishes once or twice a da

Womens World cooking And housekeeping Advice from flAtbush experts Tefillah Connection Please join us for a weekly shiur for women in Sundays 10001045 A.M. Weinrib home 1919 Homecrest Ave. Rebbetzin Esti Reisman, shiur followed by Tehillim. Mondays 935 A.M.1045 A.M. Eisenberger home 1334 E. 27th St. Mrs. Chaya Kalazan currently doing the Amidah bet. Ave. M N bet. Ave. S T Th e vkhp, ruthc Sundays 10151100 A.M. Weinreb home 103 Parkville Ave. Rotating Magidei Shiur Wednesdays 145215 P.M.

Womens Lets Get Real mrs. lebA schwebel World beneath my wings. He is there with me all the time, prodding me, pushing me, encouraging me to grow and refine myself through situations and relationships that He directs and places me in. We dont actually see Hashem, but we see Hashems involvement through His messengers, actions and works. This phrase in Shemone Esrai mentions rain and wind, but we dont realize how these natural occurrences can be a source of rachamim, mercy or din, judgement, depe

Womens Soy A Perfect Food Choice RoChelle Rothman World act like a weak form of the female hormone estrogen. The most potent phytoestrogens in soy are called isoflavones. Some research has indicated that these phytoestrogens might help reduce a persons risk of breast or prostate cancer. menopause symptoms. Research also has found that soybased phytoestrogens might alleviate some menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes and osteoporosis. Soy drawbacks and Questions Despite its positive nutrien

LEGAL PROBLEMS Let us help with Back Taxes IRS Audits Business or Tax IRS Levies IRS Liens Nonfiled Returns Negotiations Payroll Taxes Wage Garnishments Frum Brooklyn Attorney with experience dealing with the IRS and NYS Tax authorities. We have experience in drafting and negotiating business documents including Partnership Agreements, Estate and Trust Agreements, Tax Forms, Lease Agreements and more Collections COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL Tax Contracts FREE CONSULTATION J S Jason B. shanBa

cordially invites you to join us at one of our Yad Batya L Kallah FOR WOMEN ONLY Feb. 28, 730pm 25th Annual Auction Parties 2013 at 8 pm Tuesday, February 12th, At the home of KY THER ROCHEL BISTRITZ ES oklyn, NY 1132 East 32nd Street, Bro 5 p.m. CHARLIE HARARY at 84 GREATNESS ER TAPPING INTO YOUR INN Yitty Blatt HOSTESSES Batya Kahan Adina Puderbuetal GUEST SPEAKER Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 8 pm At the home of GILA ZELIN GER 2 Fieldcrest Drive, Monsey, NY 10952 Devora Adler Ayala Bern

Sephardic Aleppo City of Scholars A n e x c l u s i v e w e e k ly e x c e r p t f r o m A r t s c r o l l m e s o r A h Heritage history, hAshAkfAh, And stories from the rich sephArdic trAditions Based on information provided by his sons Moshe and Joseph Faham Mr. Mordechai Faham was an example of the worthy Syrian layman of yesteryear with a strong personality and even stronger emunah faith. The verse, Naaseh vnishma, We will do and we will obey Shemot 247, describes him best. Besides actu

Please join us in rebuilding two three mikv aos by Hurricane Sandy. Every day that passes presents another challenge to T aharas Yisroel. Mikv USA ah One Of These Mikvaos Was Built By HoRav Elya Brudny Shlita Lilui Nishmas His Wife ah HoRav Brudny fully supports endorses this emergency appeal destroyed For more information please call Baruch Cywiak of Mikv USA at ah or email bcywiakmikv 718.338.0070 the numeric value of Mikvah 151 towards your efforts. 1x 151 Name Address Phone D

Childrens The Torah True Talking zoo BY SOLOMON MEHLMAN vg Corner 2 fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush JunioR CooKing observe the Sabbath shabbos rabbi yechiel Spero reprinted with permission from artScrollMesorah Publications Absolutely Priceless Tully the Tiger BY SOLOMON MEHLMAN vg Im Tully, the Tiger, my stripes are quite bright, Just like Leibel, the Lions, is my appetite. But Leibel, you know, likes to bellow and roar, While the quiet approach is a thing I adore. But

Childrens Corner fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush 718.692.1144 Thursday, February 7, 2013 Flatbush Jewish Journal 63

Health you prepare them with What do deepfried zucchini, salmon loads of butter, cream, oil sauteed in butter, and garden pasta with and salt. Alfredo sauce have in common Theyre examples of how you can take a perfectly FOOd prep pitFAllS. Stay clear of these food delicious, healthful food and weigh it down calorically with an unfortunate prepara preparation styles, which can detract from even the tion style. The way a food is prepared can have healthiest foods. Deepfried. Whether a huge impact

Health Frimet Blum Fitness children, his children often care for him. They spoon feed him as long as he can still swallow, wheel him around, and talk to him though he can only participate in the conversation by blinking his eyes. Chaim has a mother, but shes really not there for him. She is too busy to care for her children physically, and too heartbroken and overburdened to tend to their emotional needs. Much of her burden is financial. The cost of caring for an ALS patient is staggering. Wh

Yahrzeits Rabbi Moshe Boylan of the Week dedicAted to the eternAl memory of leiby kletzky Ah Chesek Shlomo Divrei Hesped On Maran Rav Shlomo Leib Brevda ztl On Chuf Zayin Teves this year, Klal Yisroel lost the great Mechaber, Maggid and Marbitz Torah, Rav Shlomo Leib Brevda ztl. Chazal tell us that if a talmid student goes into galus exile as a result of killing someone accidentally then his Rebbe must also go into galus to be with his talmid. The Rambam explains that the reason for this is t

Yahrzeits Yahrtzeit 2 Adar Rabbi Moshe Boylan of the Week dedicAted to the eternAl memory of leiby kletzky Ah Chesed LeAvrohom Divrei Torah and Divrei Zikaron Upon The Yahrtzeit of The Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva Moreinu Harav Hagaon Rav Avrohom Kalmanowitz ztl Upon the occasion of the yahrtzeit of the Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Avrohom Kalmanowitz ztl, it is appropriate to mention Divrei Torah he would say, and some of the Maasim Tovim which were a fulfillment of these Divrei Torah. In the following

Yahrzeits Yahrzeits licensed to the Flatbush Jewish Journal by Manny Saltiel of the Week 29 Shvat dedicAted to the eternAl memory of leiby kletzky Ah 27 Shvat Rav Elazar Rokeach 17581837. Born in Stanislow, Poland, he was the son of R Arye Leib and a grandson of the baal Ateres Poz of Lask. When he was 13, he celebrated three landmarks his bar mitzvah, his engagement and his completion of Shas. At the age of twenty, he became rov in Piltz, Poland. During this period, he wrote his

Yahrzeits ConTinuEd FroM PagE 67 of the Week dedicAted to the eternAl memory of leiby kletzky Ah Moreinu Harav Hagaon Rav Avrohom Kalmanowitz ztl pain of our brothers that are suffering, and therefore we have the right to demand that the Koshi HaShibud of our current Galus should be Mashlim, and we should merit the complete Geulah. The following story shows the tremendous feeling and Middah of Nosai BeOl which the Rosh Yeshiva had for Yidden suffering. Rav Avrohom was once traveling with a Me

Letters ConTinuEd FroM PagE 4 to the editor etc. while being educated, entertained and inspired. An unbelievable presentation was given by Rabbi Indig, Shlita, a shochet, who showed the boys shechita knives, and spoke about the history and halachos behind them. Then came the spellbinding and inspiring story given by Harav Fischel Schachter shlita, who volunteered his time to have the zechus and participate in such a kiddush Hashem. He had the audience hanging on to his every word as he extolled

Letters ConTinuEd FroM PagE 70 to the editor shidduch Crisis solved emAil letters to as part of the theme behind the Shabbos, Torah Vodaas is a mosad which has flourished with great Siyata dshmaya in Flatbush for over 50 years and the Hanhallas Hayeshiva and the Board of Directors are committed to serving the Flatbush community until Moshiach comes to take us all to Eretz Yisroel It would seem to me that such a theme is diametrically opposed to the views of many of the well k

Letters ConTinuEd FroM PagE 71 to the editor anguish take this very opportunity to cry out to Hashem to help you recognize more easily who the right one is, and to send him mamish bikarov. May HKBH ease the pain of all those suffering in this matzav and grant Siata Dishmaya to all those trying to help. Mrs. Tzipora Kloc Turkey, Friend or Foe emAil letters to 2 You say when a smart mature dan lkaf zchus Jew gets a no answer to a shidduch that he or she reds, they are ok with

Flatbush Shiurim Directory RABBI SHMUEL YITZCHAK ACKERMAN CHA Z AL ON PARENTING Tuesday Eve. 815 PM 1052 East 31 Street a cOMMunitY service Of the flatBush JeWish JOurnal TO SUBMI T N EW SH I UR I M A N D UP DAT ES EMAIL FAX 718.6921233 HARAV LICHTIG CHUMASH BIYUN Shabbos 500 PM Cong. Bnei Avrum 197 Webster Avenue DAYAN MOSHE BERGMAN CHOSHEN MISHPAT Monday Eve. 900 PM Avenue O Synagogue 808 Avenue O HARAV MOSHE TUVIA LIEFF MESECHTA MAKOS BIYUN Mon. Wed. 830 930 PM Agudas Yi


Flatbush Shul Directory NAROLER BEIS HAMEDRASH RABBI SHAPIRO 2409 Avenue U 718.332.9100 w Shacharis 625, 715 AM w Mincha 10 minutes after Shkiah w Maariv 915 PM Flatbush Maariv directory 630 pM Khal Beis avrohom 1524 E. 17Th ST TIFERES TZVI RABBI MICHOEL SPITZER 1307 East 8th Street 718.338.2771 w Shacharis 655 AM w Maariv 915 PM Beis Menachem Mendel dFlatbush 1703 aVe J Congregation Chizuk hadas horodenke 1898 Bay aVEnuE M18 1310 aVe o 1073 E. 27Th ST 1554 ConEy iSLand aVE 2920 aVe J 1323 E.

FlAtbush ProFessionAl business Directory accOunting esther styller, cPa 718.436.2971 Business, PersOnal cOPOrate Planning sol edelstein, President, efg inc 1315 Avenue J 2nd Floor 886.540.8377 Fax 212.208.3040 garage dOOrs five star home service We install and repair all types of garage doors. 718.677.5555 MOving trucking gerber Moving and trucking Shalom 347.276.7422 Oscar abraham, cPa 718.258.1829 PrOfessiOnal resuMes g

RES ERV S U DO OL .pj ohhj WW NO E T HIL LAS TS SEA E T IME T sxc A R EM IN r,uh oa vkce,b vkp,v ohehsmv ,jubn ouenc sxc VISIT KIVREI AN OPPORTUNITY TO DAVEN FOR HEALTH, PARNASSA, SHIDDUCHIM A HALFDAY OF INSPIRATION IN THE LOCAL NEW YORK AREA TZADIKIM Join our 7th trip a guided tour of these Kevarim, from the Gedolim of today to the Gedolim of yesteryear Harav Avrohom Rebbetzin Pam . Harav Dovid Lebowitz . Harav Henoch Lebowitz Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky . Harav Reuven Grozovsk

Classified help wanted Seeking Experienced Sales Professionals For an Exciting opportunity in a Sizzling hot Booming Market. Excellent Pay, Commissions only, Leads Provided. Please email Resume to PT Secretary Wanted, Midwood office, organized Computer Literate. Call 7183824660. data entry position available Requires focused individual with good typing skills, accuracy and detail orientation. Lower Manhattan orthodox organization. great benefits. Resumes to

FlAtbush Jewish JournAl uniting the jewish community distributed in flAtbushboro pArk5 towns to over 200,000 people in 22,000 homes, shuls stores sxc THE FJJ IS DELIVERED TO 22,000 HOMES, SHULS STORES IN FLATBUSH, BORO PARK THE FIVE TOWNS FJJ 2013 ADVERTISING RATES SCHEDULE Full PAGE Half PAGE Quarter PAGE Eighth PAGE COVER FULL BANNER COVER FULL BANNER 8x 1 600 COLOR Half PAGE 10x 13.625 10x 6.625 4.8 x 13.625 4.8x 6.625 4.84 x 3.25 INSIDE BANNER 10x 3 1,000 COLOR 600 BW 600

New Awning Concept 1 Front View Awning Concept 1 Front View e Awning Concept 1 Front View Park Signs Ne wning Concept Front View New wning Concept Ne Front View New wning Concept N Front VBoro Park Boro iew Boro Park Signs Boro Park Boro Park Signs Boro Park S S ASSORTED LARGE THE PAGE LARGE SELECTION OF LARGE SELECTION ASST. BOXES S N THE PAGE TURN SELECTION OF ASST. BOXES PAGE ASST. BOXES PP OF ASSORTEDP P ASSORTED TURN THE PAGE TURN THE PAGE TURN THE P P MEDIUM E U MEDIUM E MEDIUM EU U

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