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FlAtbush Jewish JournAl the voice of the flAtbush jewish community distributed to over 100,000 people in 18,000 homes, shuls stores Vol. 2 N0. 23 inside June 30, 2011 t g a, iuh x j wwf A Citicom Publication sxc FJJ Summer Issue pArshA inspirAtions 8 THE FLATBUSH JEWISH JOURNAL WISHES OUR READERS IN FLATBUSH, THE CATSKILLS, WORLDWIDE, AN ENJOYABLE UPLIFTING SUMMER hagaon Rav Michel yehuda Lefkowitz ztl niftar at 97 Matzav summer hAlAchos 34 emunAs tzAdikim 27 The Torah world and al

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Rav Pam on the Parsha An exclusive weekly excerpt from the Pleasant Way by rAbbi sholom smith FOR THE FLATBUSH AREA ZMAniM Latest Shema Shekiah Tzeis Parshas Chukas Look What My Children Complain About The people spoke against Gd and Moshe, Why did you bring us up from Egypt to die in the desert, for there is no bread and no water, and our souls are disgusted with the insubstantial bread manna. 215 In this parsha the Torah describes how Klal Yisroel complained bitterly about the manna which w

Message to Flatbush mordy mehlmAn, Publisher eMaiL to editoRtHeFJJ.CoM tehillim list Kindly email names of cholim to Forecast tHuRSdaY June 30 82 64 Sunny Weather ohrn th xj ic cegh oh h j wr k r h n v fk n i c e j m h h k, p b v a tp i c v a n vru pm , c v b j r, x t Appreciating Our Freedom As we approach July 4 Independence Day we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the United States of America for providing us with a safe, secure, free society to live in

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HAKHEL BEH MONDAY MORNING PRACTICAL HALACHOS AND HASHKOFOS PROGRAM 800 AM Shacharis Refreshments Served 900 AM YARCHEI KALLAH cqa Rav, Agudath Israel of Madison Zichron Chaim Zvi THE GREAT TEHILLIM CONTROVERSY Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Shlita 1000 AM 09 4, 830 JULY 4 CHOSHEN MISHPAT 5771 Rabbi Ari Marburger, Shlita Author, Business Halachah, Artscroll Dayan, Bais Din Mayshorim of Lakewood, NJ CONTEMPORARY ISSUES 1100 AM FROM CAIRO TO CAMBRIDGE AN AUDIOVISUAL TOUR OF THE FAMOUS CAIRO GEN

Pathways of the Prophets rAbbi yisroel reismAn, with permission From artscrollmesorah Israel at War Part 1 This Chapter is based on a shiur given by Rabbi Reisman during the period that Israel was at war. The FJJ has reprinted this as a source of inspiration to us, and a guide for our connection to Eretz Yisroel at all times. Today, Klal Yisrael finds itself once again in a matzav of sakanah, a time of danger. Today, Klal Yisrael is once again at war and our sons, Yiddishe kinder, are in dange

PAR S H A Inspirations Rabbi Moshe Boylan inspiring messAges from gedolei yisroel flAtbush rAbbonim Thoughts On Parshas Chukas and Shivah Asar Betamuz Based Upon The Writings Of The Bobover Rebbe, Rav Shlomo Halberstam ztl In the beginning of this weeks Parsha, the Torah tells us, Zos Chukas Hatorah Asher Tzivah Hashem Laimor this is the law of the Torah which Hashem commanded, to say as follows. Many meforshim ask why the Pasuk refers to the Chukas Hatorah as opposed to the Chukas Haparah, b

PAR S H A Inspirations Continued FRoM Page 8 inspiring messAges from gedolei yisroel flAtbush rAbbonim without any division and controversy. Only then will they merit the redemption. In the beracha said after reading the Haftorah, we say, Samchainu Hashem Elokeinu Beeliyahu Hanavi Avdecha... Bimehayra Yavo Veyagel Libenu... make us happy Hashem our God with Eliyahu Hanavi Your slave... quickly should he come and our heart will be happy. One can explain the intention of this beracha with the S

Salomon Says I hope you dont mind if I am perfectly honest with you. Good. Here goes. I am a reject. There. I said it. And now you know. As a practicing psychotherapist, I am committed to an oath of patient confidentiality. After almost 30 years in practice, Ive got more secrets stashed away in my psyche than WikiLeaks and the Israeli Mossad put together. So I guess Ive grown accustomed to keeping things especially embarrassing things pretty much to myself. But no more. In a spirit of spontaneou

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Catskills Section news events in Around the cAtskills All Food Cooked on Premises Citicom 718 6920999 279 East Broadway Monticello, NY Delivery in Monticello Area Sun 12pm 12am Mon, Tues, Wed 4pm 1230am Thurs 12pm 2am Fri 9am 2hrs. before shabbos THERES NO BETTER WAY TO PLEASE YOUR CHILD, GRANDCHILD, NIECE OR NEPHEW EACH TOTE BAG CONTAINS Check Out Our s on Low Price deishim Kid Tons of Kosher Nosh Candy Water Bottle Frisbee NATIONWIDE SHIPPING 718 4369308 4819 16th Ave. Brookl

ONE MORE WEEK LEFT... SCREEN 3 ...And Its All Behind You The sxc NEW 14 MP 12 MP 14 MP 14 MP 3.5 SCREEN 4.3 SCREEN 4.3 SCREEN SCREEN 5 OLym OLympus 14mp 14mp Panas Panason Panasonic 12mp Digital Camera 4x Digital Camera W7X Digital Camera 4x Optical Zoom 2.7 Optical Zoom 28mm Wideangle Dual Image LCD Screen Stabilized Zoom 3 LCD Wideangle Lens Reg. 99.99 Screen Reg. 139.99 Reg. 129.99 29 6999 8999 3 1 99 1 99 09 SCREEN Cano Canon 14mp Digital Canon 1 Canon Camera W4x Optical Zoo

Catskills warning to drivers deer town of thompson More Likely on Roads now Supervisor Furious about gambling delay The New York State Thruway Authority, Department of Environmental Conservation and State Police remind motorists to be alert for increased deer activity along roads this month. The agencies say yearling deer disperse from their natal range at this time of year and their increased movement boosts the possibility of vehicledeer collisions. The other peak period for

Catskills daiRY JII PIzza Cafe KoSheR Inn PIzza ICe CReaM MaIn StReet PIzza tSPoonS PIzza DPIe ISwIRl the PuRPle PeaR StaRgelt felleRS PIzza anD Cafe SPRInKleS lIbeRty KoSheR PIzza Q CuMbeRS SIMPly SuShI SIMPly SweetS Swan laKe PIzza 845434PIZZA 8454341503 8454345845 8454343100 8457918140 8454340334 8454344100 8454366774 845436PIZZA 8454340200 8452921055 8454342055 8457919191 8457919193 8452928814 Woodbourne Woodbourne South Fallsburg South Fallsburg Kiamesha Woodbourne Woodridge Loch Sheldrake

Catskills Continued FRoM Page 14 Section distance. This applies to any emergency vehicle with its flashing lights on. If you do not slow down and change lanes when approaching such a vehicle, you can be issued a moving violation which carries 2 points and up to a 150 fine. On single lane roads, motorists must slow down and use caution. Many drivers to the Catskills have been issued summons for not obeying this law. Drivers said they witnessed a police car on the side of the road with lights on

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Trips Falls n Wrongful Death n Auto Acccidents n Defective Sidewalks n Injuries on the Job n Construction Accidents n Medical Malpractice and Birth Defects n Bus Train Accidents n Lead Poisoning n Building Accidents n Fires Explosions n Products Liability n Burns Dangerous Drugs n Camp and Bungalow Accidents Herschel Kulefsky The Personal Injury Law Firm At the Law Offices of Herschel Kulefsky, your personal inury case is handled entirely within the firm, from start to finish. Your case will

This is what the dynamics of Shuvu is based on That the battle for kedushas Eretz Yisroel, for the palterin shel Melech, for the kedushah of Klal Yisrael, will be decided only in the classrooms. Where the children are, thats where the victory will be. The Ribbono Shel Olam is with the children. MOREINU HARAV AVROHOM PAM SHUVU DINNER, FEBRUARY 2000 PLEASE JOIN US DONATION 100 or more will be matched by an anonymous donor DOUBLE YOUR SPONSOR A CHILD IN A SHUVU SCHOOL 100 per month 10 months It

SHUVU ANNUAL DINNER RECEPTION Summer SHUVU CHAZON AV R A H A M FOR DONATIONS PLEASE CALL WEDNESDAY, JULY 20 730 PM phone 7186923434 fax 7189775634 email gedaliah rachael weinberger 1757 east 23rd street between quentin and avenue r at the home o f for a reception to benefit the children of SHUVU dayan aharon dovid dunner shlita valet parking for men only Guest Speaker 718.692.1144 R R Thursday, June 30, 2011 PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYA

s er ad e 18 Jr FJ uly for lJ le unti sa F ial ec oF Sp Rabbi frand on the Parsha rAbbi yissocher frAnd, with permission From artscrollmesorah 20 Judaica artist rabbi yonah weinrib by renowned The Kesubah Collection Parashas Chukas Giving Credit When It Is Due In this weeks parashah their rhetoric softened ever so slightly Why have you brought the congregation of Hashem to this wilderness to die there, we and our animals 204. This variance may seem so slight, but it represents progress on

Health The allure of Grapefruit for Weight Loss Whats under the Skin Q. is there any truth to grapefruits role as a weight loss aid A. Thats a question thats been asked for the past 80 years. The notion that grapefruit has magical powers to aid in weight loss goes all the way back to the 1930s, when the Hollywood Diet, also known as the Mayo Clinic Diet though the Mayo Clinic had nothing to do with it was all the rage. This diet recommended eating grapefruit with every meal because of its allege

Health You May Not Be as Thin as You think You Are. Really. Most people realize that the world is in the middle of an obesity epidemic an estimated 300 million adults worldwide are overweight, putting themselves at risk for a slew of diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. But growing evidence indicates that many people dont want to face the facts about their personal obesity crisis. For decades, scientists have documented that people inaccurately perceive their own weigh

Regency Home Health Care Services will ease your worries by offering you roundtheclock assistance for your loved ones. Let our licensed professional home care providers ensure your parents comfort and safety, delivering optimal care and compassion in a homelike environment. Your family members will enjoy a community setting and a quality of service that is secondtonone at our modern facility in the heart of Boro Park. 7182231520 REGENCY OF BORO PARK Assisted Living Community 5110 19th Ave, Broo

MDL Modern Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. heAlth And fitness Advice for the flAtbush community BY dr. Benjamin Bass Dedicated To ExcellencedentaL SCHooL in the Field of Laboratory Testing FaCuLtY nYu Dentalgallery Experience the Difference We Accept Oxford At No Cost To You COSMeTIC VeneeRS The PeRFeCT SMILe The benefit of veneers over crowns is the preservation of tooth structure. Depending on the situation, veneers require much less tooth preparation than crowns. In some cases veneers can be p

In Around Daniel keren EVENTS NEWS MOSDOS Flatbush news And events in Around the flAtbush community aRRoganCe deStRoYS Horav eliezer dovid Rapaport Shlita offers insights to be Learned from Korachs Rebellion Horav Eliezer Dovid Rapaport, shlita, the Rav of Khal Zichron Avrohom Yaakov in Flatbush spoke this past Thursday night at his shul on the important lessons that we Yidden today can learn from the tragic rebellion of Korach and his followers. He noted that many people feel a special ke

In Around Sanitation department Fines Flatbush Senior For tree Mess Left Behind By Parks department EVENTS NEWS MOSDOS Flatbush news And events in Around the flAtbush community Hakhel July 4 Yarchei Kallah On Monday morning, July 4, Hakhel will be hosting a Yarchei Kallah at Agudath Israel of Madison Zichron Chaim Tzvi, 2122 Avenue S in Flatbush. Shacharis will be 8 AM, followed by refreshments. At 9 AM, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Shlita, Rav of Agudath Israel of Madison, will speak on The Gre

In Around Rabbi eliezer dovid Rapaport offers insights to be Learned from Korachs Rebellion Continued FRoM Page 27 EVENTS NEWS MOSDOS Flatbush news And events in Around the flAtbush community How can you say such a thing Obviously, you are picking and choosing. That is the derech of the yetzer hora The fact that the Yetzer Hora is able to do that today to erhliche Yidden is a sign left over from the incident of Korach and his supporters. That according to the heilige Chasom Sofer was what

Education Partners Parenting in excerpt from ArtscrollmesorAh book by dr. meir wikler Parenting news And events relAting to proper pArenting educAtion our 4yearold Just Started Bedwetting The next accident will not be a premeditated, deliberate test. And it may not be a test at all. It may simply represent a residue of the anxiety generated from the earlier incidents which were mishandled. Either way, however, just as night follows day, you should expect another accident some time soon. Whe

RABBI MAGIC RABBI YISROEL LANDSMAN Worlds Champion Best Torahdik Shows It is Like Taking a Trip Without Ever Leaving the Building Great for Schools, Camps, Fundraising Events, Birthdays, Bar mitzvahs, etc.... Fire and Bird Spectacular PRESENTS A MAGIC VENTRILOQUIST SHOW Magic Show includes Outstanding illussions Nonstop action packed performance Lots of audience participation Tons of great pictures for you to take...etc.... Ventriloquist Show may include the following themes Appre

Education nachas Notes rAbbi yitzchAk shmuel AckermAn, lmhc Parenting unbearably hot. We had, thanks to my very organized wife, bottles of water for washing, sandwiches, fruit, and assorted dessert items. What we didnt have was any place to sit. Until our kids realized that the hood of a 1985 Caprice station wagon affords spacious seating for many children. My wife and I opted for the tailgate, a little less of a climb. I am tempted to lament the shape of minivans. The hood slopes too steeply

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Halachically Summer Halachos As the summer approaches, we will discuss many halachos which frequently arise during the summer months. The Satmer Rebbe ztl used to say one who goes to the country should remember that although one may be leaving his home, one cannot leave Hashem. Preparing for Davening One should prepare himself properly before davening to Hashem. Therefore, one who has played ball etc. must make sure to wash up and change his clothing before davening so that it does not look like

Halachically Continued FRoM Page 34 Speaking ers. If all the money lost on the CDs that are copied would be added up the producers etc. are losing a lot of parnasa, despite their investing a lot of time and money to create something that the public is interested in. One wonders why some people who are very stringent to keep every custom even when it may have little backing in halacha are so lenient with this halacha which is based on the posuk in the Torah of lo signov. A CD or tape which is no

PHOT Mesivta tiferes Yisroel graduation gAllEry All photo submissions Are welcome to Bar Mitzvah of Mordy gelbard Yeshiva torah Vodaas Seudas Preida at the LangMarcus Vort upsherin of Kalmy Katz R elly Kleinman Presenting Kitzur Shulchan aruch 36 Flatbush Jewish Journal Thursday, June 30, 2011 718.692.1144

PHOT Mirrer Yeshiva gedolim Visitation Led BY R Shmuel dovid thau gAllEry All photo submissions Are welcome to at the Samet tishler Vort Photo Credits Milty Klein at the Schwebel Kirzner Vort 718.692.1144 Thursday, June 30, 2011 Flatbush Jewish Journal 37

Travel Jewish Journeys tickets in protest, that they released a statement in response, in which they predictably clarified their position, assuring the public that the arrangement is merely an interline agreement, and not a codeshare, and that they cannot control the government policies of the countries which it services. Somehow, though, it seems the kasha iz besser vi der terutz. The third item is actually a combination of several factors which, if things play out as I believe, will be a boon

Travel Section submissions for trAvel section Advertising Articles 718.692.1144 Thursday, June 30, 2011 Flatbush Jewish Journal 39

Simcha Section EXCLUSIVE. MEMORABLE. FROM ERETZ YISROEL simchAs And celebrAtions in And Around our community cuy kzn Flatbush ENGAGEMENTS NEW WEDDING SHTICK THE PARACHUTE ProceeDS BenefIt neeDy kaLLaS Here anD In eretZ yISraeL PLeaSe contact simchas Zacharia Schwebel Blima Kirzner Yaakov Lang Shoshana Marcus Yitzchok diamond Rudi Cyperstein aron Yitzchok gelley Rochel Zywicka WEDDINGS Boruch Fink Frimi Rosenberg Pinny Kofman devori goldberg Mordechai grunhut Henni Schechter Shlomo

Simcha Shadchan Mrs. Chana Rose eMaIL yOuR queSTIOnS TO InFO TheFJJ.COM Section simchAs And celebrAtions in And Around our community ask the Flatbush Im in my twenties and have dated quite a bit within my circle, that is the standard Brooklyn yeshivos and the boys who came back from Eretz Yisroel. Im hitting a dry spell and the names Im hearing are all repeats within my circle. How do I branch out without having to look for boys in Europe, Israel, and South America Thank you for your questio

Womens Easy Tips to Using Herbs World cooking And housekeeping Advice from flAtbush experts herbedbaked Salmon Steaks Ingredients 6 salmon steaks or fillets 34 cup butter or margarine 34 cup dry white wine 3 tablespoon minced fresh parsley pinch thyme and rosemary 1 clove garlic minced salt and pepper, to taste Combine marinade ingredients and pour over salmon steaks in the Tupperware Seasonserve container and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Place fish with sauce in preheated 350 degree oven and

Womens Lets Get Real mrs. lebA schwebel World cal as a reminder that Hashem gave us a beautiful world. When our conscious aim is that life is sweet and good, we are behaving correctly. The second category is to use the physical for a spiritual purpose. On Shabbos, for example, we use our finest dishes, and wear our finest clothes to enhance our mitzvah of Shabbos. We bathe in preparation of Shabbos, and prepare delicious food, incorporating all the physical elements of our lives to enhance this

Womens World MaGGID ShIuR TOPIC cooking And housekeeping Advice from flAtbush experts Please contact individual ShiurimShuls to confirm weekly schedule, which may vary. Ladies Shiurim directory TIMe alternate wednesdays 900 PM wednesdays 745 845 pm Shabbos 530 pm Shabbos 530 PM alternate wednesdays 800 pm tuesdays 830 pm Sundays 800 pm tuesdays 730 830 pm alternate tuesdays 830 pm thursdays 930 1030 am Shabbos day 1 hr. before time of candlelighting LOCaTIOn Call for location 718.344.657

An Observant eye r A b b i Av i s h A f r A n Lucky Loser Contests arent really my thing. I dont buy lottery tickets or wager on sports or, for that matter, even know much about them until recently I thought Miami Heat was, well, a straightforward description, with the uppercase H a nod to the humidity. Once, though, nearly thirty years ago, I put my name into play for a truly special prize. It was a long shot, I knew, but the payoff was so unusual and so tempting, I figured as regular gamblers

U.S. Bachmann Launches Presidential Campaign, Says nation Cant afford Second obama term yWn News yWn news And events in About the united stAtes diabetes Cases double to 347 Million The number of adults with diabetes has doubled worldwide over the last three decades to nearly 350 million and increased nearly threefold in the U.S., a sign that the epidemic will impose an evergreater cost burden on health systems. The latest calculation, based on a study published in the British journal Lancet,

Evening Sponsored By FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE UNITY BASEBALL GAME AT FLATBUSH HATZOLOH N.Y.P.D. P.B.B.S. N.Y.P.D yby HOME OF THE Wednesday, July 20th 6pm 1904 Surf Avenue separate seating available Rain date August 23rd For group tickets sponsorship opportunities call 3473380025 For individual tickets call 7184678726 or email GAME SPONSORS N.Y. COMMUNITY HOSPITAL INNING SPONSORS sta pro 7184711122 SPONSORS All proceeds are going to The Sergeants Benevolent

Letters Continued FRoM Page 4 to the Editor a suggestion. I really feel that every frum newspaper should have a Rav whom they consult regarding these issues. In this way much machlokes would be avoided. If you do have a Rav who paskens these things for the FJJ, please notify the public as to who he is and what he holds on these issues. I once heard a very true vort. Every person thinks that his way is the middle path and from his vantage point, everyone else is extreme. Those people are too fru

of t pletion Announcing the com the kleinman edition New Releases from he vevolume set of NEOWL. 5 V Dedicated by Elly and Brochie Kleinman A special major feature that makes this an even more useful Halachic guide This edition lists important rulings of two of the last centurys most widely studied halachic authorities, when they differ from the Kitzur Mishnah Berurah, the Chofetz Chaims authoritative commentary on Orach Chaim Igros Moshe, the monumental responsa of the Posek Hador,

Kashrus Pie in the Sky Much has changed in air travel over the past decade. With all of the security scrutinization that a passenger has to undergo before boarding a flight, flying will never be the same. Slowly but surely airline travel is getting back to its place of prominence before the disaster of 911. The FE Traveler cover story article, The FiveStar Inflight Experience, should come as no surprise to the international traveler. It states, Food is an integral part of the overall inflight ex

Kashrus Continued FRoM Page 50 Kurrents travel agent to arrange for proper kosher meal service. 4 If more than one type of airline meal is offered on an airline carrier, do not assume that there is a choice onboard. Requests should be submitted well in advance and reconfirmed 24 hours before departure. 5 It is always advisable to bring your own brown bagged meal on the airplane just in case. It is also interesting to note the unique and diverse destinations of the kosher airline meal. These can

Israel tamar Fogel Meets with Jonathan Pollard in uS Jail The Jerusalem Post News is only said after one has been in true danger. One of the people present wondered aloud, in light of Rav Elyashivs words, about having Yidden daven for the gadols health and recovery. To that Rav Elyashiv responded, The tefillos of the public are not for naught, and Hakadosh Boruch Hu saves them for other cases, and here, right now, we see that we need these tefillos. Meanwhile, last night, Rav Elyashiv went to T

Israel Continued FRoM Page 52 News news And events in About isrAel its people a new flotilla expected to set sail for Gaza this week. During the meeting, cabinet ministers voted in favor of a Navy plan to prevent the upcoming flotilla from arriving in Gaza and giving the IDF authority to prevent the ships arrival by any means necessary while trying to avoid casualties. The ministers agreed that flotilla participants will be allowed unload their cargo in the Egyptian port of ElArish and at t

perspectiVes in Jewish art The Kesubah The Art of Life Enter a Jewish wedding hall, particularly during the postsefirah, pre Three Weeks period, and youll be witnessing a celebration of Jewish life and continuity. The solemn moments of the chupah, the tefillos transcending the hall and entering a higher realm, the dancing, pulsating with simchah, create the backdrop for the union of chosson and kallah and the new home they are building. In my years of illuminating kesubos, I have been fortunate

Childrens Corner fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush 718.692.1144 Thursday, June 30, 2011 Flatbush Jewish Journal 55

Childrens The Torah True Talking Zoo BY SOLOMON MEHLMAN vg Corner fun And inspirAtion for the children of flAtbush observe the Sabbath Shabbos a TReaSuRy OF JeWISh beDTIMe STORIeS Reprinted with permission from artScrollMesorah Publications JunioR CooKing Shmuel Blitz At Any Cost Tully the Tiger BY SOLOMON MEHLMAN vg Im Tully, the Tiger, my stripes are quite bright, Just like Leibel, the Lions, is my appetite. But Leibel, you know, likes to bellow and roar, While the quiet approach is

Flatbush Would you Like a Prize Atara Dunkstein teens by all the salespeople. While exciting at first, the dolls lost their luster after two or three days. They realized that they were dolls like any other, and a brand name means nothing. Like lunatic mothers, the girls abandoned their new dolls and began their search for the next big thing. Another reason why I get so upset is because I fear a lack of maturity in my siblings morals. How will they shape their behavior if they are getting reward

FLatBu H FInanCe Law and disorder Dear David Last week I was heading home after a hard day at work. As I neared my home in Flatbush, I noticed that my car was almost out of gas. I decided to pull into a gas station I have used for many years. Every time I pull into a gas station nowadays my heart sinks looking at these outrageous prices. You need to take out a home equity loan just to drive your car. Anyway, I handed my credit card to the attendant who starts filling up my car. After filling up

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the Person in the Parsha rAbbi dr. tzvi hersh weinreb Parshat Chukat Captivity information about Gilad is distributed, and from which poignant pleas for his release emanate. This week, I choose to reflect upon the horrors of captivity in general, and to feel the pain of Gilad and his loved ones. This week, Gilads suffering is especially relevant because it is in this weeks Torah portion, Parshat Chukat, that we read of the very first Jew to become a prisoner of war. The verse Number 211 tells

Yahrzeits 28 Sivan Rav Shimshon aaron Polansky, the Teplik Rav 18761948. Rav of Midovia in Ukraines Kiev district at age 20. Five years later, he became Rav of Teplik in Ukraines Podolias region. Rav Polansky immigrated to Eretz Yisrael in 1922, settling in the Beis Rav yisrael najra, born in Damascus, Yisrael area of Yerushalayim. Syria, he served as secretary of that community in which his father was a rabbi. Later Rav yisrael Zev Gustman 19081991, he wandered widely and finally was rabbi a ta

Reflections of the Maggid rAbbi pAysAch krohn, with permission From artscrollmesorah Bound To His Father The following is one of the most moving stories I have ever heard. I am grateful to Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum, principal of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Maryland for sharing it with me. The young man in this story is a prize student in his yeshivah. In the summer of 2000, 16yearold Mordechai Kaler volunteered to help in the Hebrew Home for the Aged in Greater Washington. One of his respon

Flatbush How to Buy a Lens A few weeks ago a reader inquired about which lens to buy for her DSLR camera. Hopefully this next series of articles will provide the needed information. If you do not own a DSLR, then most of the article will be of little or no value. Turn the page and examine the rest of the paper. But if you do own such a camera, or you are considering purchasing one, then continue reading. The joy of owning a DSLR is the ability to change lenses. You could go for a wide angle to s

Flatbush Shul Directory AdAs Yeshurun BAis Moshe Rabbi avRohom Klein 3418 Avenue N 718.338.9414 w Shacharis 620 am w Maariv 815 Pm w Shacharis 630 am sxc A COMMUNITY SERVICE OF THE FLATBUSH JEWISH JOURNAL S h ac h a r i S Z m a n i m b a S e d o n T u e S day, W e d n e S day a n d F r i day m o r n i n g S . S h u l i n F o c a n b e a d d e dc o r r e c T e d v i a e m a i l i n f o t h e f j j .c o m pri eitZ chAiM Rabbi melvin buRg 2600 Ocean Avenue 718.743.5533 w Shacharis 630 am w Minch

Daf yomi Directory Based on information provided by daf Yomi Commission of agudath israel of america daf Yomi Shiur info can be addedcorrected via email infofl 720 AM 730 AM Beis Mordechai Rabbi Yaakov Eis English Chizuk Hadas Rabbi Jacobs English Lev SomeachAlesk Rabbi Yisroel Berger Yiddish Nachlas Yitzchok Rabbi Avrohom Yosef Sekula Yiddish Shalheves Kodesh Rav Yehuda Sheinkopf Toras Chaim DFlatbush Rabbi Chaim Y. Weinfeld English Yeshuran Muzhai Ropshitz Rabb

Flatbush Shiurim Directory ALTERNATING RABBANIM SUGYOS IN DAF YOMI Motzei Shabbos 730 PM Kehilas Bais Avrohom 1124 E. 21 St Avenue J CHASSIDUS Motzei Shabbos 745 AM Chabad of Marine Park 3040 Nostrand Ave. PQuentin a communIty ServIce of tHe fLatBuSH JeWISH JournaL TO S U B M I T N E W S H I U R I M A N D U P DAT E S EMAIL FAX 718.6921233 HARAV AVROHOM KLEIN CHOVOS HALIVOVOS Thursday 830 PM Congregation Adath Yeshurun 3418 Ave N MESECHES TA ANIS Tuesday 830 PM BOYS MISHNAYOS M


Continued FRoM Page 3 life. But how does one attain it Is it through fame or fortune Neither of the above guarantees happiness. There are many wealthy and famous people who are unhappy and depressed and make everyone around them miserable. Happiness is attained by the realization that whatever blessing Hashem grants should be appreciated. If one has such an attitude, then no matter how much or how little he has, he is happy. This thought can be summed up in an old aphorism People search for the

FlAtbush ProFessionAl business Directory accountant Jack Shama, cPa 718.252.2045 1040 EZ 50, regular return 75 Irving Gluck, cPa attorney at Law 5314 18th Avenue 212.233.4401 comPuter rePaIr computer Specialist Zev Gold 718.986.1255 Free gift with service call InSurance the omni agency Property Casualty Insurance Gabe Schwab, Ari Freilich 718.831.7888 fairmont Insurance Avi Katz 917.825.7216 aHI agency All forms of insurance AlexShaya Herkovich 718.253.9111 917.816.8785

Classified HELP WANTED Summer Job opportunity with potential for long term position. Brooklyn Real estate mortgage company seeking female for part time outbound calling customer service. good pay. Call 7323013907 Ads clAssified Ads should be emAiled to cAll 7186921144 OPEN HOUSE ave. K L. oPen HouSe Sunday 0703 10am4pm. 1176 e13 Bet. K L. 1Fam, Semidet. Pvt. drv. Fncdin. Bk Yard, 3BR, 2.5bth dplx, FdR, Lrg LR. Hdwd Flrs, Fin Bsmt w2BR 635K askarinam Realty 718 3822573 TUTOR

Flatbush Jewish Journal The voice of The flaTbush Jewish communiTy disTribuTed To over 100,000 people in 18,000 homes, shuls sTores sxc Advertising rAtes Full Page All Ads Accepted with Full prepAyment only. ads in ProPer sized PdF Format or 25 sUrcHarge. Half Page strip inside Quarter Page 7.5x 4.5 eighth Page Junior Page 10 x 13.625 7.5x 8.825 Half Page 10x 6.625 4.8 x 13.625 10 x 2 4.8x 6.625 4.84 x 3.25 3.6 x 4.5 800 color 500 bw 600 color 350 bw 450 color 250 bw 45

ICare4Autism International Autism Conference at Albert Einstein College of Medicine July 6, 2011 Register Now at International Center for Autism Research Education, Inc. 4 autism www.hearourvoices.orgconference AUTISM A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Finding the Causes and Treatments for ASD What Does Medical and Educational Research Tell Us Group Discounts Available Special Rates for Flatbush Jewish Journal Readers Call 7186869600 ex 1150 now Welcoming Remarks Dr. Joshua Weinstein, ICare4Autism Foun

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