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2013 highlights of the year When I look back at our accomplishments in 2013, I am proud of the work that our more than 7,000 employees do every day. With dedication, skill and the generous support of our community, Fletcher Allen has won national awards for patient safety, made discoveries in the art and science of medicine, drafted significant plans for our future, and strengthened our partnerships with other hospitals and providers across Vermont and New York. We have been able to accomplish s

in service to the Patient Left Lise S. Kowalski, MD, Family Medicine physician, Fletcher Allen, and assistant professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine. Right top Marie Bona Sandoval, MD, medical director, Aesculapius Medical Center, and assistant professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine. Right bottom Tara Abele, APRN, Internal Medicine nurse practitioner, Fletcher Allen. HigH Reliabilit y tRansfoRming PRimaRy caRe DeliveRy This year our 11 PatientCentered Medical Homes

infection PRevention Central lineassociated bloodstream infections result in thousands of deaths each year, yet these infections are preventable. Reducing central line infections has been a key focus in our quality improvement efforts. FY13 saw continued success There have been zero central lineassociated bloodstream infections in dialysis patients at our Rutland center for two years. There have been zero central lineassociated bloodstream infections for over three years in the Neonatal Intens

new icu waiting Room oPens A new Intensive Care Unit waiting room opened in 2013. It creates a warm and friendly environment with comfortable furniture and contemporary artwork so families can feel at home while their critically ill or injured loved ones receive treatment. HinesbuRg family PRactice oPens new facility Hinesburg Family Practice opened its new building in September. The new space meets contemporary standards for patient care and has rooms that create a friendly environment for chi

in service to the community Dennis Beatty, MD, Internal Medicine physician, Fletcher Allen, and assistant professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine. builDing an integRateD DeliveRy system Fletcher Allen is collaborating with hospitals in Vermont and northern New York to build an integrated health care system that will provide the same standard of highquality, affordable care no matter where our patients live. We are integrating our patient records, using telemedicine to link physici

sustainabilit y onecaRe veRmont Seniors in Vermont already have access to some of the highest quality health care in the U.S. Now Fletcher Allen has brought together doctors and hospitals from all over Vermont to work together in a brand new way to create a system thats better for Vermont seniors. OneCare Vermont connects the people who care for Medicare beneficiaries professionals in hospitals, doctors offices, ERs and clinics to provide a coordinated system that is easier for seniors to acc

facilities management anD efficiency veRmont team uP to imPRove eneRgy efficiency Fletcher Allen is working on a plan to make the Fanny Allen Campus more energy efficient. Following a retrocommissioning study, completed with assistance from Efficiency Vermont, plans are underway to upgrade the campus heating and cooling system. PHilantHRoPy milton family PRactice solaR Panels Debut In February 2013, Milton Family Practice began using solar panels to generate power. Over the next several months

gRateful Patient HonoRs DR. fRank ittleman witH 1 million gift A former patient of cardiothoracic surgeon Frank Ittleman, MD, donated 1 million to Fletcher Allen to establish The Frank P. Ittleman Professorship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. The professorship will become a full chair once the funding of its 3 million endowment is complete. Frank Ittleman, MD, division chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Fletcher Allen professor, UVM College of Medicine uv

Fletcher Allens Community Benefit Fund supports the Visiting Nurse Associations Grand Way Adult Day in South Burlington, which specializes in caring for people with dementia. communit y benefit fletcHeR allens community benefit funD In 2013, Fletcher Allens Community Benefit Fund invested 725,000 in organizations and programs to support those in need. Funding efforts are based on five priority areas identified in Fletcher Allens 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment Access to Food and Nutritio

in service to medicine Left Kim Dittus, MD, PhD, hematologistoncologist, Fletcher Allen, and assistant professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine, works with a patient as part of Steps to Wellness. Right William Hopkins, MD, cardiologist, Fletcher Allen, and associate professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine, leads medical students in an exercise in the Clinical Simulation Laboratory. sPotligHt on tHe aRt anD science of meDicine stePs to wellness Opening in August 2011 an

caRDioResPiRatoRy fitness sHown to ReDuce canceR Risk Susan Lakoski, MD, HematologyOncology physician, Fletcher Allen, and assistant professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine, was the lead author on a large, prospective 20year study indicating that a high level of cardiovascular fitness in middle age reduces mens risk of developing and dying from lung and colorectal cancer, two of the most common cancers affecting men. Better fitness also reduces the risk of dying from, though not dev

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