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RPM FOR FREE In our continuing effort to support the automotive performance and race industries, were once again offering a chance for related companies to take avantage of our Industry Distribution Program which sees FREE copies of RPM Magazine sent to 100s of Performance Racing related businesses in USA and Canada. So, if you own, operate or manage any type of performance or race industry business Including Speed Shop, Race Car or Chassis Shop, Manufacturing firm, Installation Facility, Wareh

Whos In This Issue of Features Often Imitated, Never Duplicated RPM Mag IS The ORIGINAL Voice Of Extreme Street Cars Outlaw Drag Racing WORLDWIDE... Dont Settle For Less We DELIVER Insane Fast Cars And Bring You NO POLITICS... JUST ACTION Your ONLY Real Time Real World Magazine Period APRIL 2011 Feature BIG BAD Eat your heart out Chevy Chase... the Wagon Queen Family Trucksters Got Nothin Introducing Steve Morris BOOSTMASTER Special Edition. Lets just say the trip to drop the kids of at ba

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Story By Brian Hansen Photos By Brian Hansen, Pete Boomer Ores Dominick Damato W The Boostmaster Special Edition... Eat Your Heart Out Chevy Chase ...The Wagon Queen Family Trucksters Got Nothin BIG A hen most people hear the words Station Wagon images of the Brady Bunch or Chevy Chase in one of National Lampoons Vacation movies probably comes to mind. Before the days of the minivan these behemoths ruled the roads and served as reliable family trucksters for decades. Unfortu nately, many

Some ask why a station wagon to that Steve simply replies, Why not. Its actually nice to have the two extra doors and room to store the dual parachutes after a run. And look, this behemoth is still in its orginal box... or it least the woody look makes you think that. AND BAD MAHLE Clevite products have been on board every single NASCAR race winner since its beginning in 1948. But even we realize the true lifeblood of auto racing is on any short track on a Friday or Saturday night across the na

Definitely a view of the B o o s t ma s t e r that Steve likes his competitors to see. Right Before the woody wagon theme here is what Steve Morris Chevy looked like. And, before it went on a diet this car weighed in at a whopping 4580 pounds and ran 8.30s at 160 mph, on pump gas Ron Wesley at Clocks Off Racing in Racine, Wisconsin put a new Racecraft rear differential in the wagon along with a new suspension setup to keep the car grounded and stable. Lower right Looking in through the back of

The current bullet in the Boostmaster wagon is one of Steves 2,311 horsepower 540 Big Block Chevy monsters. To make this kind of power one of the angriest centrifugal blowers on the planet ProChargers F3 139 was called into action. Running at 32 pounds of boost the fuel is jammed through a 1400 cfm blow through carb from the boys over at CS. An Edelbrock Super Victor directs the fuel into a set of Dart Machinerys 18 degree Big Chief cylinder heads. A Dart Big M block holds a Lunati crank, MGP co

Top left Steve Morris is a handson guy. Here he is seen with Bobb Mackley and Chris Wiers at the recent Redemption race at SGMP swapping out a transmission in the Racecraft Big Yellow stacker. Steve is the guy kneeling with a hold on the trans. Ron at Clocks Off Racing stands proudly beside yet another amazing machine that he has had through his shop. With the task of moving 3,620 pounds of Chevy down the track Steve knew that he needed to have a pretty potent combination. Being the owner of Ste

enlisted the services of Ron Wesley at Clocks Off Racing in Racine, Wisconsin to work his magic on the suspension. In February a new stockstyle rear differential from Race Craft Inc, Pinto rack and pinion, and Strange shocks were installed to make the car more manageable. Steve commented, Now it drives like a Caddy. Steve continued, The car has run as fast at 7.50s on the 315 Mickey Thompson radial tires at only 32 pounds of boost. With the recent suspension changes completed at Clocks Off Racin

custom made for this project. The final product is nothing short of spectacular Cool facts about the Boostmaster When the car was first assembled it weighed in at 4,580 pounds and ran as fast as 8.30 in the quarter mile at 160 mph. At this speed the car still had the factory roof rack and was fairly stable. Shortly after sorting the car out it was going 170mph and became unstable so they took off the roof rack. The problem was resolved. The next milestone was 180mph and again the car was squirre

Article by Bill Robaey Photos by Bill Robaey Its A T Southern Style he Shakedown has been a staple in the Northeast at Englishtown, New Jersey for a number of years now and well known promoter Dave Hance has added to his events with the Southern Shake down held in the Sunshine State of Florida, at Palm Beach International Raceway. Hance, a racer himself, has a true love for headsup racing and does whatever it takes to make his events ones to remember. Dave is all about the r

Left Scott Filkins beautiful 1968 Dodge Dart something you dont see every day in this small tire class dominated by Mustangs and Camaros. Scott travelled all the way from Wareham, Massachusetts to compete against some of the best 10.5 racers around with his blown 572 cubic inch monster. In the final he ran a quicker 4.28 elapsed time but lost to Guadagno who had a slightly, and I mean slightly, quicker start. Rumor was that the margin of victory was just .01 of a second Event frontman, Dave Han

Left The young... Rickie Jones works on his transmission. Hes 23 years old but drives like a seasoned pro. Jones was atop the ladder after qualifying was complete. Right The seasoned... A veteran of fast doorslammer racing was on the property in Palm Beach. Even though he wasnt behind the wheel of his 2005 Grand Am, Tony Christian still has a presence about him. Whenever he shows up at a race, people take notice, especially the competition. full time job, but believe it or not, many of these te

Bob Kurgan NMCA Xtreme Street Radial BOSS 302 Block 7.94 177mph 2010 Cobra Jet 352cid and 428cid engines. Boss 302 and Boss 351 blocks with Zheads Dan Millen NMRA Pro Outlaw 10.5 Champion BOSS 351 Block 4.24 185 mph 18th Mile Arabian Drag Racing League, Quatar Team Saline Centimark Mustang BOSS 5.0 Modular Block 2009 CPS Bonneville Record Holder 253.42mph REAL POWER. REAL PERFORMANCE. REAL SUBSTANCE. REAL VALUE. BLUE. Ford Racing blocks and cylinder heads are engineered, tested, and man

DMC Racing in Halifax Massachusetts was well represented with Jason Enos in Outlaw 10.5 along with Paul Major and Alex Vrettos in Outlaw Radial. All three of these cars are works of art. The way DMC has been turning these out you can bet that they will be on the win lists in all classes. Hance added the hot upandcoming X275 Radial class to the Southern Shakedown list of attractions and decided to use John Sears X275 rules, as have other tracks, in an effort to create consistency and parity among

Jason Enos 1967 Mustang built by DMC was number one qualifier in Outlaw 10.5 with a 4.23. Jasons car is relatively new debuting earlier this year at this very racetrack running stellar 4.30s. Jason stepped it up this weekend and the car will be a force running 10.5 tires. Below Alex Vrettos in Outlaw Radial has been a heavy hitter for some time. The Corupt Crew and DMC together make for some great racing, and great eating at their pits. The winners in the top classes were Shannon Jenkins over R

Above Scotty Guadagno from Brooklyn, New York was in the house for Shakedown Palm Beach continuing his success from the race just a week prior. Scotty G, as he is better known, has continued his record nitrous runs with a 4.50 during qualifying and marched through the field taking home the win. Congratulations Scotty Below Wild Bill Devine, a name that everyone knows in the blue oval world of racing, is always a threat but had some issues at PBIR as seen with his crewmember working late at night

HOHUM OR HELL YEAH PART I he car a person drives can say a lot about them be fore a word is ever uttered. Many RPM Magazine readers are in a business that requires contact with the public, whether its selling parts, supplies, or providing services. The sad thing is that many leave their cool old hoopties in the garage and drive a late model something that says, Im just like everyone else It takes an effort to make a statement, and that applies to a racing program, or how people present themselve

One look at and you will see what we mean when we urge performance enthusiasts and racers to support those who support your sports inclined, and more likely to know his products. Gear heads are notorious for constantly improving their racecars, and knowing what works. Racers know their nuts and bolts, and thats a good thing, so follow along as RPM drags an old treasure out of the garage and goes from simple maintenance tips to ideas on how to make a statement with work related t

the best products available, and giving back to the people that support their business through racing and event sponsorships of all kinds. They make it possible for a lot of teams to race, and many events to be held, so remember this when going shopping at a local auto parts store. Is it going to be Brand X run by people who could care less if you have a place to race, or Lucas Oil, a company that lives and breathes your passion Starting on a project like this is can be overwhelming and disorgan

10 Wide Racing.... Match Racing Madness in the 21st Century 10 Wide Racing is hosting its third annual Street Car Cruise Match Race August 19th 20th and RPM Magazine and Lucas Oil Products have added the event to their Extreme Events Series in 2011 Last year over 50 of these extreme machines showed up and made it one of the most talked about events in 2010. With grudges to settle from last years race, and new ones brewing daily, the Match Race portion of the event this year is going to be off

The Muscle In MUSCLECAR Story Photos Tim Lewis T he Musclecar is a true American creation. What was actually the first Musclecar however, of ten invokes heated debate, but you will never, ever hear anyone deny the Ford Mustangs of the 60s their rightful place at the topshelf in Musclecar history. One husband and wife team from the northeast makes putting a little, no, a lot of extra muscle in their Musclecars a serious business. And it is always refreshing to see the body styles that made m

Fastback Mustangs make perfect street or race cars. This Stang has a little street, and a whole lot of race After a long hot day of racing Steve could use a sleep. On this day there were problems and the work went long into the night. Since Steve decided to go allin he and his crew have put out some very nice machines, with some of them reaching record holder status. Just a quick look into the record breakers that have come out of Drummond Race Cars and youll find Sal Patel with his street legal

later the tides were turning and the hottest thing to hit the track was the Drag Radial class, which prompted Steve and Kathy to once again make some changes to the 67 and go headsup racing in 2004. All this was fueled by the momentum of their success in the summer of 2003 when Steve, along with Kathy and close friend Lewis Jones took 3 cars to US13 and won 3 classes Jones won the Bad 8 Doorslammer class in Steves tube chassis 68 Mustang, while Steve picked up the win in Super Pro in his Ford po

Steve pilots Mike Bradfords very cool Outlaw 10.5 1969 Mustang Fastback at MIR in Maryland with Kathy guiding Steve on every pass. Wilson plate system go to work on the nitrous side of things. To put the engine power to the rear wheels, a JW converter with a glide along with a 9inch Ford rear with 3.89 gears and Moser axles is used. The suspension was redone with a Flaming River rack and new shocks all around with Calvert Racing Caltrac bars along with leaf springs from Calverton on the backend.

up the street to get ice cream and head back home, said Kathy, who is not just at the track to keep the trailer clean as she herself has been a best of 8.15 on nitrous... the lady can drive 2010 was one of the best seasons for team Drummond with Steve getting the Pro Mod to run a solid 6.03 at 240 mph, picking up the Pro Street win at the US Street Nationals, as well as long time customer and friend Dale Collins getting the 10.5 win at Orlando at the end of the year. So whats in store 2011 3 thi

100 YEARS UNDER THE HOOD. TM TM Trademark of Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries. Source Thomas Penway Research Poll of ASE Certified Mechanics in the USA , 2011, Ashland Canada Corp.

Venturing To The Top Of Pro Modified Drag Racing Humble Beginnings To Title Status Outlaw Pro Mod Racing The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Article and Photos By t wasnt an easy road for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association, John Mazzorana, Ronny Sider, and Bob Perry meeting at diners to pull the trigger and take the earlier versions of Bracket racingTop Sportsman teams that felt somewhat disenfranchised with class racing and not making use of their cars and venues i

Almost always in a final or a top qualifier, Fredy Scriba maintains an easygoing manner yet is the most competitive driver out there. The Sorcerer Corvette has the honors of being Nitrous points Champion for 2010. That sprint to achieve the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Associations top level status was not the five second pass but a highway of twists and turns that would find them where they are today. A prized addition to many track schedules as the Association gives you full quartermile drag raci

Steve King may have had his Viper Teeth removed in replacing his world renowned King Viper with the new Camaro in the blown class, but his performances havent fallen off. Taking a huge win at Super Chevy Maple Grove 2010 helped seal the seasons points Championship. ethics that they have followed to this day. Give the fans an awesome show filled with colorful personalities, outlandish race cars and one of a kind anyone could run style racing as long as it was nitrous. Superchargers and turbochar

Being one of few African American Pro Mod driversowners, Derrick Townes relies heavily on his skills and team along with his NFL star defensive tackle sponsor Cornelius Griffin now a free agent from the Washington Redskins. Derricks cool personality is his trademark wrapped in a violent supercharged 526 Hemi Camaro. Generally, area tracks took a liking to this format of racing, the lone outlaws were given the incentive to be at the top of the list for spectacular side by side racing at safe tra

A twin turbo Mustang was just what this chassis fabricator needed to bring one of the sole turbo entries into the class, followed by Dave Hance and Randy Jewell with Jeff Mullins and his Willys being the first turbo Pro Mod in the NEOPMA series. Theres no one that just doesnt drool over this supercharged Dodge Daytona. Farber has been increasing in popularity with his winged warrior and brutal assaults on the quarter mile. 38 Visit Us Online at RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast

Gary Courtiers exceptional nitrous Camaro is a main attraction at each and every race. Media rep Jimmy Biggs is shown covering his final round appearance. This car has been seen around the world in the Orlando World Street Nationals ads. Lower left Getting into Halseys former ride with Reher Morrison power in front of him, Matt Deitsch made big waves on just his first passes with solid five second runs. Matts son is his main crew. On their schedule for this year 2011 are tracks which have been

This is the only 1957 Buick Pro Mod in the country, possibly the world. Frank Patille, is backed by a team of family with his wife Diana being the team writer and chef and their son doing the prep. This car continually improves and has earned a national IHRA winners circle appearance. The Associations first turbo entry, Jeff Mullins Willys shown below, gave fans at Cecil a show each month with a glimpse at giant power previously untapped in the earlier years of turbocharging. Below Nick Montana

The bright yellow Corvette did nothing but make a statement from its first burnout. Milt took to this class like a prizefighter going rounds, his spectacular array of wins now has him tuning cars for other teams as he has resigned from the drivers seat. Right Larry Plummer Rob Pullen... talk about a wicked team, they are the wild side of this organization with one of the finest Pro Mods you will see. This car has Attitude written all over it in a good way. Today, the demand for this group has a

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The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia II Redemption Eric Dillard not only won the tough Radial vs. The World class in the Berry Motorsports twin turbo charged 88 Mustang, he also made the quickest side by side pass in drag radial history going 4.40 at 187.52 to beat the 4.44 at 177.35 by Paul Major in his twinturbod 2000 Corvette. This was one oval vs. bowtie matchup that will certainly be remembered for quite some time. he 2011 racing season opened up on the last weekend of February, yet as

Story By Tony Weber, Photos By Tony Weber Logan Weber to fit all the teams. While there were still extra curricular activities like the arm wrestling and the big wheel races, the primary focus this time around was the racing. And, not one team appeared to be more focused than another, as the intensity level was an off the map. One might wonder if current affairs would have an impact on both the racers and the promotion side Continued on page 48 This gives a whole new meaning to Dont Mess Wit

with optional 5.7 LCD touch screen SELFLEARNING fuel maps Stop tuning your it for you Let Holley EFI do Changing EFI midseason while l eading in points seemed crazy, but switching to the New Dominator EFI has given us total control of the fuel and spark in the car. Logging every function will continue to keep us on the leading edge of this class. KEVIN YOUNG PSCA 2010 Wild Street Champion 400ci SBC Procharger F2, Holley Dominator EFI Best ET 7.77 and 185mph ALSO AVAILABLE Dominator EFI Vehi

of an event. Would the support be there The answer was a resounding oh hell yeah. The stands had butts in them all three days, with spectators anxious to shake off the bitterness of cold. The pits were full of racers who had spent the winter months fabricating, installing, repairing and updating their machines of war to claim bragging rights along with some pretty healthy cash and prizes. But what was the most impressive thing about the event was the sponsors who made it all possible. In the eco

Paul Major brought his incredible twin turbocharged 01 Corvette out to wreak havoc in the Radial vs. The World competition. The Vette has to be one of the most intriguing pieces of drag strip art anyone has seen in a long time...the exhaust exits at the tail lights as Paul gets on throttle..... real time format as soon as it happens and not four to five months down the road. Without these companies there would be no Radial Revolution and certainly no RPM Magazine in its current form. As title sp

...yes, it really is this impressive... you are not seeing things, the twin 91mm turbos are mounted in the freaking trunk see both finalists in the Radial vs. The World proudly pull to the line each with his product under the hood. Joe looked like the proud papa of newborn twins when Eric Dillard and Scotty G pulled into the beams. Holley EFI brought out some of the most enjoyable side by side racing with their No Boost class, for those purists who have not yet gone over to turbo or blowe

Late into the night, the Holley No Boost finals matched up Chad Henderson and Francis Johnson in what was announced by Monty Smith as being a regular class at all future events. Henderson could have bracket raced his Buick as he banged off a career high 4.65 at 155 mph to take home the big win. Below, right Factory wheel studs a little bit of hook Wild ride Lebanon, Tennessees Dan Jackson had his wild ride during 6.50 index qualifying when all four studs sheared off at the base. Then Dans tire

Raging Torrent By Data Stream or ince before Al Gore popularized the term Information Superhighway our world has been changing because of the Internet. Looking back now, it makes one wonder what we did before the days of Notebooks, Netbooks or Macbooks, iPads and smart phones. The term data stream was coined for information going down Gores highway, but I think these days that stream has turned into a raging torrent with the multitude of media venues available to the Internet user. There are so

racers or keyboard jockeys hiding behind a nickname will blast real racers or just talk smack. Forum administrators have a hard job deciding when to pull a post that is even if they see it. Monitoring a busy forum quickly turns into a full time job and if they are not making money at it, who has the time to spend sorting through every post. The plus side to forums is people can now get information about all sorts of things they would never have known about in a pre digital world. The World has n

much as possible. That being said, there are many honest people out there with good parts for sale, just be careful. No doubt you have heard the term Social Media, especially since the movie, The Social Network. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Blogger, Flickr, YouTube and Blogs are words in everyones vocabulary now. I have to admit that I was a Facebook holdout for years, but since I signed up before Christmas, I have become a convert. It is a great way to promote you and your race team or business.

but reading a magazine on a screen of around 50 square inches does not match the 110 square inches of a regular sized printed publication. Digital will never replace print, but it has its place. It offers advertisers even more exposure, and after all that is why they advertise in the first place. Add in the fact that you can embed hyperlinks and video directly within the digital magazine and it makes even more sense to advertisers. It is easy to store, and you can just go to the RPM Magazine Bac

SRP Professional Series The most advanced piston kit for your high performance LS engine now includes skirt coating Lightweight 4032 alloy FSR forging Includes a 1.2mm LS7 style steel top ring, 1.5mm napier 2nd ring and 3.0mm oil ring 60 less top ring wear when compared to ductile iron Available for standard and stroker combinations Premium wrist pins and wire locks included Custom Pistons CHEVY LS7 FSR Designed specifically for extreme levels of nitrousboost, these are the toughest LS7 pi

Project 4 Lug Thug By Chuck Scott The Real World Of Building A Killer Drag Radial Street Machine... On A Budget The 177 Rear Disc Brake Conversion We promised you a thrifty, nononsense rear disk brake conversion, and here it is. Since the beginning of hot rodding and drag racing, folks have been modifying stock parts and putting them on cars that they never came on from the factory. The modern high dollar race car has veered from that old tradition but the budget backyard builds, fuelled by th

PERFORMANCE CONVERTERS, TRANSMISSIONS, and COMPONENTS provide Quality, Reliability, and Hands On Experience... Our complete line of SECOND T0 NONE 602.257.9591 WWW .HUGHESPERFORMANCE. COM

With everything bolted up, I put the wheel on the car and check for clearance. There were a couple spots that the bracket got a little close to the inside beadlock ring on the Holeshot wheels. I marked the spots, took them back off and hit it with the grinder. While off I cleaned the calipers with some brake clean and painted them with epoxy paint to prevent them from getting rusty. With an open wheel design like the 4 lug Holeshot Sunstars, you cant be showing no ugly drum brakes off. Now we ju

Project 4 Lug Thug By Chuck Scott The Real World Of Building A Killer Drag Radial Street Machine... On A Budget Steered Straight... N and more ow that the cage is in the RPM Magazine project car, I quickly realized the steering wheel was going to be a major obstacle when climbing in and out of the car. For some reason I didnt have this problem several years ago. I called up Blake at Holcomb Motorsports to order a quick release and a new steering wheel. Being the salesman that he is, Blake co

just need some hand tools, something to cut tubing with and a welder or a drill and bolts if you dont want to weld it. The whole install took less than an hour from start to finish, even with picture taking and snacking. To make the install look complete I decided to mount the display brain box for my new Autometer ProDash Logger. I have had my eye on this thing since I first saw it a little over a year ago. It records up to 13 channels of data 23 with an expansion module and comes with a drive

3 4 5 3. If you are planning to use a factory type steering linkage you will need to cut the doubleD end off the stock shaft end. Take about a 3 section with at least an inch of the round part above the doubleD section. 4. The piece of stock shaft will slide over the supplied round shaft with the Holcomb kit. You can drill a hole through the overlapped tubing and use a bolt but I chose to mig weld it instead. 6 5. Before you go any further it would be a wise decision to mock the new column up

8 8. With everything back in the car I knew I made some good choices. The Holcomb column and wheel package along with the allinone simplicity of the Autometer ProDash Logger, makes for a clean clutter free command center. 9. While typing this segment of the 4Lug Thug build series, I made several trips back and forth to the shop to spray the satin black paint on the Thug. I would never attempt to perform a nice glossy paint job myself, especially in my dust ridden shop. The satin murdered out lo

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