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MARCH 2014 Often Imitated, Never DuplicatedFor 15 STRAIGHT YEARS RPM Magazine has been the ORIGINAL Voice Of Wild Street Machines and Extreme Drag Racing WORLDWIDE Dont Settle For Less We DELIVER Insane Fast Cars and Bring You NO POLITICS... JUST ACTION Your ONLY Real Time Real World Car Mag...PERIOD THE CARS COVER CAR SPECIAL MORE Readers Projects ....... 18 THE SO Much Horsepower Packed Into One Place... That Place IS RPM Magazine ACTION Prepared for War................................. MARCH 2014 7

RPM FEATURE CAR TEMPEST S photos by n. 1. Furious agitation, commotion, or tumult an uproar. 2. RPM VERSION Naturally aspirated, manually shifted Pontiac. High revolutions of combustion Resulting in a rapid and furious forward movement, typically through distances of 1320 feet quickly. Defies gravity when launching from a standing state. story by Pat McGowan Shawn Dixon action photos by TCT Photography hawn Dixon comes to the Pontiac camp out of genetics more than reason. When talking with S MARCH 2014 9

TEMPEST him because they were good friends. As long as I can remember my dad always wanted to buy a Catalina of his own to race. Fast forward to 1998 and Shawns dad Al Dixon finds a 1963 Catalina from Tombstone, AZ. that had his name written all over it. He came to Shawn with a Hemmings book one day and said, Hey Shawn, look at this car I found. Just a few months later that car was in Ontario, Canada. Shawn and his dad developed a strategic plan to build a lethal Catalina with the clean southern

Denis Standon ran his 1963 Tempest in NSSB. Denis car was a huge inspiration to Shawn and led to him to building one of his own. His car is still one of the nicest racecars I have ever seen and had the fortune to be around, explained Shawn. He loved the cars that were campaigned in Pro Nostalgia and Nostalgia Super Stock and decided to find a 1962 Tempest to build for Pro Nostalgia. Shawn really liked the bodylines and thought they were so ugly that they would make a really cool looking race ca

TEMPEST OUT TO LAUNCH The Tempest is a crowd pleaser with high, hard launches. Shawns quickest ET to date is an 8.50 at 160mph with two 4150 style carburetors on a Wenzler tunnel ram intake. dealt with Andre for chassis work in the past and they had also completed the chassis and cage in his dads Catalina, so there was already a good solid relationship there. Shawn added, Andre and his daughter Ange have built some badass Super stock and SSAH cars. I really liked his attention to styling the c

CAGED ANIMAL Most of the original interior only required some cleanup, dye and paint work. Add in a few gauges, a roll cage and shifter and lets go racing MARCH 2014 13

TEMPEST AZURE THING An unassuming stance for a small tire mid eightsecond quartermile runner. CLEAN TOP TO BOTTOM The rear gear is a 5.00 while rear shocks are AFCO double adjustable. Bailie and the car retains all of its original steel panels. As one can imagine, a car with these types of bodylines has to be straight, and straight it is As for motivating the Pontiac, Shawn originally had Butler Performance build a 410 c.i. engine which made just shy of 880 HP. In version one, the build saw a MARCH 2014 15

NO JUNK IN THIS TRUNK This Pontiac screams quality from one end to the other. Back here youll find all the necessities of drag racing a high power battery, big fuel pump and a tank to hold just enough gas to get from point A to point B. with the Extreme 5speed which is in the car now. Coming out in 2009 with the Liberty 5speed and some shock changes they managed to get the Tempest to knock off 8.80s by seasons end. Looking to get a bit more out of the engine, Shawn contacted Tony Bischoff of BE

The freshly acquired Tempest. It is hard to believe, but this is the same car. TEMPEST starting up a speed shop. I talked about this project car with Denis and that I was going to see what it needed, said Shawn. On a whim we figured that we would team up on it. That was five years ago now and that one car evolved into the shop that we now operate Oldcastle Speed and Custom located in Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada. Shawn knows where his strengths lie and it is in his family and friends. I cant say

RPM SPECIAL BRENT L ast month we started back with our Readers Projects and the response was incredible It seems lots of you have some serious work under way this winter. Check out this months batch of wild iron taking shape in the garages of RPM readers around the world Beachley Damascus, Maryland ome of you may remember this 1969 Camaro from the old NSCA National Street Car Association days. The late Rick Grove built the car with John Little and it was purchased by Brent in March 2012 from

STEVEN T Brisebois Calgary, Alberta Canada he west coast 10.5 scene will have a new face from Calgary, Alberta in 2014. Steven Brisebois is building a full tube 87 Mustang powered by a 526 ci Brad Anderson Hemi with twin 91mm turbos on alcohol. Steven says, Im building it in my small fab shop and every tube in the car will be polished and clear powder coated, so every weld will be left as is to show off the craftsmanship that has gone into the car. A Rossler TH400 will take care of the shiftin

BRYCE F Springfield, Missouri or 17 year old Bryce McClelland, building a sweet 1966 Chevy II street car is a number one priority. Starting with a body that was not so good, Bryce fabricated the frame rails and used SW frame rails to finish off the chassis. A Fat Man Fab front end with the Camaro strut conversion was also used. Along with guidance from Blake Hughes of 417 Motorsports, Bryce and his father fabricated the floor, firewall, and trunk pan. Using everything at his disposal, Bryce say

READERS PROJECTS TUBBY T Thompson Locust Grove, Virginia ubby Thompson has been busy as of late putting a new look on two racecars from the Southern Outlaw Top Sportsman series. Billy Hughes will be hitting the track with new Kandy paint on the exJustice Brothers Plymouth Arrow. SOTS president Gary Pitts suffered a shop fire and his truck, along with Gary himself who tried to save the truck and other items from the flames, picked up some nasty burns. Tubby and his crew got the bodywork done

Pat Spangenbergs Alley Cat... its rough, tough, and one potent Poncho story by Brian Hansen photos by Pete Ores P 22 MARCH 2014 RPM Magazine at Spangenberg likes big cars. Hes owned a bunch of them over the years and they all have one thing in common... theyre wicked fast street and strip machines. Sure, the fullsize cars weigh more than a Camaro, Mustang, or one of the other lighter models that are so prevalent at the drag strip these days, but he would rather take the path least travele

RPM FEATURE CAR Pats car. The way the power comes on, the transfer of the weight, the feel of the car on the road, its all different in a big heavy car, and let me tell you, it is a blast Before racing the 62 Catalina I had a 1966 Impala that weighed in around 4,300 pounds with me behind the wheel, Pat commented. It ran in the 8.70s 157mph through the exhaust on 10 Mickey Thompson slicks. I squeezed just about every ounce of performance that I could out of that car and decided that I wanted t

PLAYING ROUGH HEADED FOR VICTORY Nestled between the frame rails of the Poncho is a 598 CI aluminum big block with Dart Big Chief 14 degree cylinder heads. The Pontiac valve covers really give those in the know an idea of what exactly makes this Cat so angry. parts to put together a 598 Big Chief headed engine that would be stout enough to run in the low nines without any power adders. The first time that we took the Catalina out to make some shakedown passes it ran 9.50 142mph. Right then an MARCH 2014 25

ground is a TSI Transmission Addison, Illinois TH400 with a transbrake that was built by Don Stanley. When asked what kind of torque converter Pat runs he responded, Im not exactly sure I bought it from a guy that used it in a pulling truck a bunch of years ago and it doesnt have any stampings on it to tell me who made it. I do know that its a stainless steel 9 diameter converter that stalls around 4,000 rpm and seems to work pretty good. With 60 times in the sub 1.30s I guess its hard to argue


28 MARCH 2014 RPM Magazine

1962 PONTIAC CATALINA OwnerDriver Pat Sprangenberg Engine Short Block Dart Iron 10.2 deck height, Callies forged crank, Callies connecting rods, Diamond 14.01 forged pistons, Cam Motion camshaft Induction 14 degree Dart Big Chief ProStock Pontiac cylinder heads filled with titanium valves and topped off with a Dart intake and 1150 CFM Dominator by Chuck Nuytten Engine Management A heavy right foot Data Acquisition Time slips Power Adder NONE Ignition MSD 7AL3 Transmission T.S.I. TH400 with a mys

PLAYING ROUGH IF IT ISNT BROKEN... Nothing fancy here... just factory upper and lower control arms with some bolton disc brakes. SIMPLE APPROACH Factory style suspension includes an OldsPontiac rear diff filled with Strange components including a 4.11 gear. A pair of racing shocks, and an antiroll bar built by Spangenberg have also been added. FABBEDULOUS QUALITY The rough look of this Alley Cat quickly ends when it comes to the quality of the chassis work hidden within. 30 MARCH 2014 RPM

SLEEPER...INSIDE AND OUT The red and white candy cane interior is an exercise in functionality. If the shifter is not in an optimal location, build a bracket to get it right in the sweet spot. Carpet... who needs it inal white paint, the Catalina isnt going to win a best paint award any time soon. Pats fine with that and has been quoted saying, Pretty paint doesnt make the car go faster And anyone who knows Spangenberg is well aware of his passion for having his own designs look underrated, and

PLAYING ROUGH ALL HAIL THE CHIEF Good friend Pontiac Pete Stamm was the gracious host for our photo shoot. As you would expect everything is Pontiac themed. PAT AND THE CAT Pat Spangenberg with his latest creation. Cars of the 1960s thanks to the optional 421 SD Super Duty performance package, these fullsize Pontiacs wreaked havoc at drag strips all over the country at the hands of legendary drag racers like Arnie The Farmer Beswick, Arlene Vanke, Don Gay, Gene Hinson and Harold Ramsey. Pontiac

IMAGINE REPLACING THIS ENJOYIN THE DRIVE Pat takes the big Poncho for a spin. Its tradition in Wisconsin to take your hot rod out cruising as much as possible when the leaves start falling in October since a long cold Winter is just around the corner. delivery of it and raced the car for a few months before Pontiac caught wind of the fact that I went to Chevrolet. Shortly thereafter they called me that a Bristol Blue 62 Super Duty 421 Catalina was on its way from the factory. I took delivery o

HOT EVENTS story by DYNO WARS BOOSTED TO VICTORY WINTER WONDERLAND David Godfrey photos by Chip Margiotta Local speed shops host offseason event that draws heavyhitter street machines O 1,200 HORSEPOWER STREET LEGAL CAMARO n the frosty evening of January 18, 2014 in Erial, New Jersey, Mike Serranos final pull of the night was just enough to be crowned the Fonse PerformanceKS Race Cars Dyno Wars 2014 Champion. Mikes turbocharged 602 cubic inch big block powered street legal Camaro laid d

BBC 632 Nitrous Series Designed for Nitrousfed 632 engines using aluminum rods. Vertical gas ports Designed with large pin boss span and extra clearance to accept aluminum rods Designed with 316 oil rings for improved oil control critical in nitrous engines Intake valve relief edge has been machined to remove thin outside area, reducing hot spots and likelihood of preignition Utilizes JE Pro Seal Hardened Nitrous Series .043, .43, 316 ring package BBC Open Chamber Blown Alcohol Dome Design

WINTER WONDERLAND REAL STREET MACHINES ONLY, PLEASE... POWER PACKED MORNING IN FRIGID TEMPS LONG LIVE THE DYNO KING Dyno Wars champ Mike Serrano poses with his Fonse Performance and K S Race Cars trophy and 1000 payout. Although Serrano reportedly had significant difficulty depositing the oversized check in his banks ATM slot, he had no trouble at all blasting a fourdigit number on the dyno thanks to his boosted big block. It was standing room only as over 4,000 in cash and prizes was awarded

WINTER WONDERLAND THE CROWD WAS HUNGRY...FOR POWER The crowd came early and stayed all day. There was great food, practice tree races and even an engine dyno demonstration showing the differences between VP Racing Fuels C12 and Q16. out, but unfortunately the nitrous would not activate. Despite the setback, Cable still managed a respectable 720 horse run on all motor power. Another nitrous car that experienced some issues was Eric Hemphills Ford Fairmont. The second stage of nitrous on his smal

Introducing Valvoline NextGen. The first recycled oil formulated from a breakthrough process that combines the latest rerefining technology with Valvolines special additives to exceed industry standards. Its the only recycled oil good enough to be called Valvoline, because we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Yours. Go to and find out why it is important to recycle your used oil and use recycled oil. 2011, Ashland Inc. TM Trademark of Ashland or its subsidiaries in variou

WINTER WONDERLAND ONE COOL MUSTANG Scott Bastedo drove over an hour in subfreezing temps to prove he owns a REAL street car. This turbo powered Mustang laid down an impressive 925 horsepower, good enough for 4th place. strapped down next and it took every bit of all three pulls to get past Pauls turbo powered Ford. On his final pull, Serranos big block poweredCamaro shook the rollers to the tune of 1,185 horsepower, enough to be crowned the King of Dyno Wars 2014 LOOKING GOOD Tom Kolenkiewicz

WINTER WONDERLAND YA GOTTA HAVE HEART After rolling onto the dyno earlier in the day and discovering a broken rear diff, Tom Kolenkiewicz spent the rest of the afternoon repairing the third member in the parking lot. Tom finally got his turbopowered Mustang strapped down at the end of the night and made an astonishing 971 horsepower, but unfortunately pushed a head gasket and was disqualified from the event due to breakage. FIRE N LIGHTNING One of the most impressive entries of the day was thi

WINTER WONDERLAND 2014 DYNO WARS FINAL RESULTS 1. Mike Serrano, BBC Turbo Camaro 1,185 1,000 250 Mickey Thompson gift certificate 2. Paul Vaughn, SBF Turbo F150 Lightning 1,099 500 250 Mickey Thompson gift certificate 3. Andy Mulherin, Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 1,093 200 50 Atco Dragway gift certificate 4. Scott Bastdo, SBF Turbo Mustang 925 50 Atco Dragway gift certificate 5. Will Bryant, SBC TurboN2O Malibu 888 6. Eric Hemphill, SBF Ford Fairmont 739 7. Carey Cable, BBC N2O Nova 720 8. Matt

by George Pich photos by Matt Woods Steve Halls incredible 3,000 HP 55 Chevy Pro Mod will take no prisoners

PREPARED FOR WAR TO GO BOX Steve Halls 55 Chevrolet Bel Air Pro Mod is prepared for war. Still resembling a 55, this Shoebox has every stateoftheart trick in the book built into it courtesy of Robinson Race Cars. 48 MARCH 2014 RPM Magazine

W hen Steve Hall first went to Santa Pod Raceway to watch drag racing, he never imagined hed be building a 3,000hp stateoftheart Pro Mod over thirty years later, but the now51 year old haulage contractor from Kent, UK has done exactly that. HOW HALLS 55 CAME TO BE Ive been hooked on drag racing since the very first time I went to Santa Pod, explained Steve. I was just 20 years old and was invited to go along by some friends, the same guys who are now my crew on the 55. Yes we have been togeth

PREPARED FOR WAR ON WAY AD BAY EVY CHE This bad bowtie was built around the Latin phrase, Si vis pacem, para bellum. Translation If you want peace, prepare for war. fourspeed top loader trans. Then, I did something really stupid and cut it up We did a full tube chassis and went with a 555inch Chevy big block, but unfortunately I crashed the car on its second full pass when the throttle linkage went over center and stuck open. The Mustang was a complete wreck, so I took a number of years off t

1955 CHEVY PRO MOD OwnerDriver Steve Hall Chassis Andy Robinson Race Cars ARRC super lightweight SFI 25.1F 4130 chassis. Shear plate technology twin rails. Integral engine breather system breathers run in top chassis rails. ARRC Components Fuel and oil tanks, carbon fiber drivers seat, titaniumaluminium steering column, maxadjust 4link plates, carbon fiber wheel tubs, carbon fiber door X panels, titanium firewall, removable carbon fiber floor, 85 double adjustable wheelie bars with Wheeleze whee

PREPARED FOR WAR CAUTION CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE A 521 cubic inch Hemi takes up the real estate between the frame rails. The trickedout mill massaged by Davenport and topped by a 1471 blower running at 20 overdrive has already gone 6.07 in another car. SHOW CAR OR GO CAR Check out the fully functional taillights and the small details like the bowtie wing strut mounts that really set off the bodys exterior. The fever for power returned once again, and six years ago Steve imported a blown C5 Vet

PREPARED FOR WAR 8006261828 Bill Taylor Enterprises 2 Memphis Avenue Mt. Pleasant, MS 38649 Some Parts Not Legal for Sale or Use on PollutionControlled Vehicles ASSEMBLED POWERGLIDE TRANSMISSIONS re Signatu duct ro Racing P Top Sportsman Top Dragster FEATURES New BTE Magnum SFI Approved Case, Ringless Vasco Turbo Spline Input Shaft, Mega Racing Band, Two Ring Servo, Performance Servo Spring, Coated Deep Aluminum Pan, BTE Straight Cut Gear set Available in 1.80, 1.98, and 1

GO WITH THE FLOW Lots of fuel is required to run 5s in the quartermile and thats where Hall and his team see themselves going in 2014 NO FLAMES ON THIS HOT ROD A Coldfire fire suppression system from the good folks at DJ Safety is onboard insurance, just in case body may not resemble its original production counterpart other than a few bodylines and strategically placed graphics. Nothing wrong with that, but most will agree that new cars like Halls 55 entering the mix definitely add spice to t

PREPARED FOR WAR COMPLEX COCKPIT If it looks complicated, thats because it is. Inside you can see the quality of the car in addition to all the equipment that is required to keep it competitive and safe. The Racepak dash is not only functional, it looks as if it was made for the 55. SIXMONTH BUILD The body went on the jig at Robinsons in November 2012 and amazingly came out of his shop turnkey in May 2013. In fact, Steve and his crew picked the car up at 4 A.M. on the way to the first Europea

LIGHT IN THE TRUNK Lots to see back here and if the 10 aluminum rear diff doesnt do it for you, then check out the carbon fiber spine of the Bel Air. Thats right, theres no chassis bars after the rear shock mounts LOTS OF SHOW... AND EVEN MORE GO With the new 55 powered by a blown 521 cubic inch Hemi, Steves adventure in racing the freshfromtheshop car started off well, but it certainly wasnt an easy ride for the remainder of 2013 while shakingdown the Bel Air. Steve commented, We had two engi

PREPARED FOR WAR WARMIN THE HIDES Steve heats the massive Hoosier rear slicks at Santa Pod Raceway. There was no clutch in it and we went with really low rev limits and shift points, continued Steve. So after running the 6.56 at 216 in that configuration, we know there is plenty more to come. In fact, the engine ran an effortless 6.07 in the hands of its previous owner Graham Ellis. Wed like to send out a get well soon to Graham as he had a really bad crash at the last race of the year destroy

RPM FEATURE CAR BACK BADDER THAN EVER. RESURGENT TIREHOOD OBESITY It is tough to beat the wicked good looks of a tubbed car, and thanks to Summit Racing and guys like Mike Norcia, the trend continunes to gain momentum among builders and fans. T he idea was simple, really. Take a street car. Any street car. Treat it to a full drag raceready chassis with the biggest tires that could possibly be tucked up in the wheel wells and install a massive pair of bead rolled fabricated aluminum tubs. The

by Toby Brooks Mike Norcia and May Vokaty Mike Norcia and Summit Racing Equipment partner to prove that the new wave of Pro Street is alive and well However, for those of us who knew better, Pro Street never died. It simply got modified. And circle this sentence, loyal reader Pro Street is coming BACK in a big way and RPM is leading the charge. Pro Street 2.0 is headed for a car show near you full steamroller tires ahead. Still skeptical Consider this clean 1967 Camaro built by Mike Norcia of

TWO POINT OHHH... It hadnt exactly been babied, though. It had a 327 split down both sides of the block, Norcia quipped. I believe the only thing the previous owner used to work on the car was a torch and a sledgehammer, he added. After replacing the engine and treating the car to a fresh paint job, it was a cool cruiser worthy of a feature in Chevy Power magazine in 1980. Over the years, as Norcia continued to build his business, he used and abused the Bowtie as a factory mule of sorts, testing

MODERN TAKE Old school style meets newschool tech. The interior features a 12 point cage, Autometer gauges, a Grant wheel, and RJS harnesses. The stiffened Ford 9 inch rides on QA1 coilovers. We created the Summit Racing Pro Street 67 Camaro Combos based on Mikes build, said Summits Alan Rebescher. The idea is to give people a solid foundation for doing their own Pro Street build. A guy can duplicate Mikes project, or pick and choose from our combos to meet fit their own build plans, he added.

TWO POINT OHHH... soon rectified with the addition of a Ford 9 rear end outfitted with a Strange spool, 4.10 gears, and 35 spline axles. Rear braking chores are handled with Strange discs, while Speedway front discs spin on a two inch dropped suspension featuring Summit upper and lower control arms and QA1 shocks. Inside, the Camaro features a full interior with Year One factory replacement seats, ACC carpeting, and a Year One custom center section. RJS 5point cam lock harnesses help keep occup

RPM FEATURE CAR story and photos by Tim Lewis F ast cars and drag racing have a way of getting in ones blood. When you look at the amount of racers who started racing in the early 50s and 60s, its amazing how many have stuck it out through thick and thin. Think about all the things that have changed not only in engine performance and drag racing, but in the world itself since the start of this sport. The amount of technology today is mindboggling, as are the costs involved in building some o

MAVERICK LESS IS MORE No wing and no chute. The clean simple lines of the little Ford look right at home anywhere it goes. HOOKING UP ON A BUDGET The stock suspension and small tires make this car even cooler. Gary does it with leaf springs and CalTrac bars of the VW Beetle and the Japanese rivals that were starting to invade the compact car market. However, it soon caught on with hot rodders who discovered that these cars were relatively light and could take some horsepower. When we first ca

BLUE COLLAR BLUE OVAL 408 cubes of Ford power from Mark Hottle. This little engine has carried the Maverick well into the 9s at over 135 mph. SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL Function is what the inside of the Mav is all about. No fancy gadgets or high dollar parts...just bare bones old school like it used to be MARCH 2014 75

MAVERICK FAMILY AFFAIR Son Chris races this low 9second Mustang. Its safe to say that this father son team bleed Ford blue. The fatherson team of Chris Kelican and Gary Kelican. and was known back in the 1970s for being able to go through the gears of a fourspeed really well. During one outing while driving a friends Chevy II, he had a clutch come apart on the starting line re sulting in considerable damage to the car. I knew it had come apart really bad when the hood got pushed up from the b

didate for his next project. Being a true blue Ford man, there was no chance a small block Chevy would ever end up between the frame rails of the Mav, and soon after the work started on a 408inch Windsor planned and built by Mark Hottle. A 9.5 deck Dart block with a 4.030 bore and 4.000 stroke was the platform for the build. A Scat steel crank and H Beam rods make up the rotating mass inside the block with pistons from SRP. A Comp Cams solid roller .660, .668 camshaft opens the valves on a set o

REAL POWER. REAL PERFORMANCE. REAL SUBSTANCE. REAL VALUE. BLUE. Get the most out of your True Blue Performer with Ford Racing Performance Parts COBRA JET DAMPERS Front 19mm more travel than stock Mustang Fits 20052012 Mustang Valved for Drag Racing 5 Adjustable Settings True BOSS 302 AND 351 ENGINE BLOCKS Available in 8.2, 9.2 and 9.5 deck 4bolt main 2,3 and 4 caps Designed for stroker and big bore applications COBRA JET CHASSIS KIT Fits 20052012 Mustang with 9 Axle Designed for D

RPM PROJECT CAR LOSING WEIGHT PART 2 GREAT DEAL Check our killer internet find... a VFN onepiece front end for 350 ...gets a VFN Fiberglass nose job the fenders and the front of the doors. A jig saw with a fine tooth cutting metal blade was used to insure a smooth cut. After getting our front clip mocked up for the first time, we realized we would have to do a little rework for our hood mounting covered in our last article. This was needed due to the fact that the metal fenders were being remo

RPM PROJECT CAR cult if not impossible. Be careful not to flatten your springs too much, some preload is needed to prevent the fasteners from vibrating lose. Pliers or a cclamp can be used, but I use a bench vise to allow for both sides of the spring to be compressed at once. Once your proper spring height is found, remove the aluminum pop rivets, paint the tab, and reinstall the springs using steel rivets. After the fastener is installed correctly, turn the mounting body of the selfejecting hea

to attach the rear of the fender to the chassis of the car. The kit included six weldon plates, six springs, six selfeject fasteners, four chromoly tubes, and a bending fixture. This created a little challenge for installing the heel kit, as it needs to be TIG welded and we only had access to a MIG welder at the time. Next, we moved on to roughing up the underside of the front end to allow the fiberglass we would be applying a good mating surface. With the areas now prepped, Christina and I inst

11 11 The fiberglass mounting plates were held into place using Clecos for the tack welding process. 12 After removing the Clecos and front end, Kevin welded up all the tubes. 800 2081755 Crafted in the U.S.A. 12 13 The bending fixture was placed in a vise to allow for the bending of the heel plate tubes. Making this bend was not as easy as it looks with chromoly tubing. 13 14 The heel tubes and Dzus plates waiting to be welded. 14 15 15 16 The tree and front end were reinst

RPM PROJECT CAR PART 3 Set Up for Success Bump Steer Solution by Chuck Scott With the car toeing in over a halfinch when acceleration is duplicated by jacking the front end up one and a half inches, we knew it would be even worse when the front suspension compresses on braking. As illustrated above, the green arc represents the travel of the tie rod assembly and the red arc represents the Aarm. When the suspension extends, the arcs get closer together, causing the tie rods to pull inward. Wh

100Holley Made in the U.S.A. 97aluminumconstruction 28weightsavings 20morefuelbowlcapacity 10newfuelbowlfeatures 6newmainbodyfeatures 5newmeteringblockfeatures 1newcarburetor...Gen 3 ALL NEW CALIBRATIONS FOR TODAYS ENGINES 950 TO 1475 CFM GEN 3 Previous GEN3mainbodywith noticeablylargerair entriesthanprevious generations Integratedidle bypassvalvefor fullidlecontrol Fullymachinedfrom venturiithroatto throttleborefor predictablerepeatable performance FactoryreadyTPS mountingpoi

2 Shaft Mount Rockers Take your engine to the top level with Scorpion Shaft Mount Rocker Arms. Made for the most demanding racing applications, this system greatly increases valvetrain stability, stiffness and geometry, which means much better performance and more horsepower potential. Rocker Arms Lifters Pushrods Valves Valve Springs More ENDURANCE SERIES RACE PROVEN PERFORMANCE 3525120800 bushings. Just like the modified bump steer kit, we felt that this appr

RPM PROJECT CAR We got this party started by pulling off the brake calipers and setting them aside. Next, we screwed the dust cap off, pulled the cotter pin, and removed the spindle nut. The brake rotor and wheel hub slid off and were also set aside. Three countersunk bolts hold the brake caliper mounting plate to the spindle. With the brakes and wheel hub out of the way, we can move on to separating the ball joint and removing the OEM spindle. Sometimes a couple of taps on the loosened castle n MARCH 2014 87

RPM PROJECT CAR There are more advantages to this project than just the bump steer solution the AJE spindle is 2.4 pounds lighter per side. Remember, the prior owner of these brakes had cut off a section of the OEM spindles for the brake install, so the difference to a set of unmodified spindles would have been even more. 6 Comparing the maximum angle of our old bump steer kit to the new AJE kit shows an additional 8.5 degrees. AJE achieves this by using a larger rod end and high misalignment

8 9 Before bolting the brake caliper mounting plate to the new spindles, we cut about an inch off the bolts since they dont have to go all the way through the thick stock spindle anymore. Slide the hub and rotor onto the spindle and check its alignment with the caliper. It should slide onto the rotor and onto the caliper mount easily with both brake pads free. It may be necessary to pull it back down to the caliper mount plate and add washers to set the depth of the caliper with the rotor. ww

RPM PROJECT CAR 10 Here is a side by side comparison with the photo on the left showing the factory spindle and the photo on the right showing the AJE Racing drop spindle. Notice how much higher the rotor is positioned. PARTS LIST AJE Mustang Bump Steer Kit MU3434 119 AJE 7993 V8 Mustang Drop Spindle MU8750 449 Total for bump steer fix 568 11 To put the car back to the same ride height you will need to crank the front coilovers up about two inches to compensate for the new spindles. SO

Driven to Extremes. Middle of the road has no place in your garage. Summit Racing Equipment understands. Well help you get the extreme horsepower and performance you crave from your V8 with plenty of upgrades like engines and components, transmissions, and plenty of other gofast parts because we know exactly what drives you. Rely on us to answer your questions and recommend solutions 247. Endurance Series Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Kits TrackTested High Performance Keyword SCC Endurance Mount Kit

Ask your Parts Pro counter person for one for your car Providing superior particle removal, highperformance and optimized flow characteristics for maximum performance and longer filter life. Each Filter Features Royal Purples filter media uses the latest technology filtration system that filters out particles as small as 25 microns. Featuring all aluminum construction. Equipped with 6061T6 billet aluminum metering blocks and a base plate. Three different anodized color options Red, Blue, or B

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