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EDITORS RANT Credit Where Credit Is Due OK, I gotta say once again and again, that it burns me when I see magazines, TV programs, internet sites the internet being the biggest culprit due to its size and lack of control using peoples photos without getting their permission, and not giving them credit once they get it I have written about this before and will again... these people bust their butts on the frontlines of this or any sport, so give them credit where credit is due Sure, you can grab a

Whos In This Issue of Often Imitated, Never Duplicated RPM Mag IS The ORIGINAL Voice Of Extreme Drag Racing Wild Street Machines WORLDWIDE... Dont Settle For Less We DELIVER Insane Fast Cars And Bring You NO POLITICS... JUST ACTION Your ONLY Real Time Real World Magazine Period Features AUGUST 2011 Cover Feature Bats, Jokers Horsepower Tim Segars very cool Pro Modified 62 Impala is one wild looking machine, and it has the power to back that up. Plus, not only does The Joker help line up Ti

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Bats, Jokers Horsepower Story By Tony Weber, Photos By Tony Weber Logan Weber O 6 ne of the most exciting and captivating outlaw Pro Mod teams in the southeastern region is the Tim Segars Batman Racing based out of Hartselle, Alabama. The team has adopted the motto of Why So Serious and they display that attitude on the strip. We are here to have fun and do something we all love, Segars explains. Its just that simple. If playing to the crowd every pass with The Joker running after the stunn

MAHLE Clevite products have been on board every single NASCAR race winner since its beginning in 1948. But even we realize the true lifeblood of auto racing is on any short track on a Friday or Saturday night across the nation. This is the arena where todays gladiators battle for supremacy and we are proud to support them. As long as grassroots racing continues to breathe life into asphalt or dirt, our commitment to quality under the hood remains strong. PROUD SUPPORTERS O

Unlike their famous counterparts, here the Joker and Batman are the best of friends. The Joker gets Tim moving and the crowd standing as he fulfills a dual role of team cheerleader and opponent antagonizer, and then helps guide Tim back to the starting line. 8 Visit Us Online at RPM Magazine, THE Voice Of Fast Cars WORLDWIDE

was able to qualify. Didnt mean I was going to go anywhere, but I helped fill a field, Tim says with a laugh. During the daylight hours Tim works at the Ascend Chemical Company and also runs Segars Tree and Stump Removal. No high profile positions and certainly no high dollar sponsorships, the team is completely self made and self sufficient. Its tough for me and my wife Karen but we balance everything out as best as we can. In only his second official year in the Pro Mod ranks, Tim has certainl

Tim choses MSD for his ignition needs. The Bat Cave... nothing fancy and certainly no frills in this Batmobile, everything is bare bones and built for Outlaw style racing. Joker being brought in, Mickel has been wanting to do it for a long time and I always thought it would be a distraction, Tim said. It doesnt affect me at all like I thought it would. Karen adds, The reaction from the fans and especially the kids makes everything we try to do mean that much more. Maybe one day Karen will be a

Intimidating, even from the back The wild 62 Impala draws attention wherever it goes and has the power to back up the intimidation factor Between rounds Tim, Greg and Alan all thrash to prepare for another pass. racing together, Tim laughs. Mickel lives across the street and he has helped me build all of my cars. Wayne just happened by the trailer one day and he instantly became someone I knew I wanted to have around. He won the Indianapolis U.S. Nationals back in 64 and 65 behind the wheel of

trailer in early 2011, the team blasted off a 4.08 in the eighthmile, so there is a lot of optimism going in. If I dont get any further than I am now, I am tickled to death to have just been a part of this. I am happy to be an outlaw, Tim says. Seeing him smile the way he does means the world to me. I love this for him and for our family, Karen says proudly. With the state of motorsports today, big sponsors pulling out and professional teams losing sight of what brought them to the show to begin

Despite trouble with the timing system the team was able to rattle off a string of impressive runs during the very first PURS event, muscling their way into the field with round by round computer data tuning. At a weight of 2,530 pounds with driver the big bodied bat has clicked off a best eighthmile hit of 4.08 seconds at 186 MPH. The Why So Serious Team is made up of Mickel Gillispie The Joker, Wayne Mahaffey, Tim Segars The Batman, Alan McMullan and Greg Roberts. Not pictured is Tim Looney wh

heodore Roosevelt once said, speak softly and carry a big stick, and that is exactly how newcomer Pro Mod racer Jay Santos came across when we first met him at the PMRAs Extreme Mayhem Nationals. Though unarmed at the time, we were well aware that as owner of Brampton Pallet Inc, Jay had access to a lot of big sticks. Giant Leap T Story Photos By Raymond Knight Additional Photos By Dale Boeru But his true big stick is the 512 screwcharged Hemi 69 Camaro Yenko SC that he

1973 340 Cuda, and then getting sucked into the underground movement that sprung up in the early 80s, he took to the streets. Thankfully Jays involvement was short lived and he left the scene to start a family, pursue his career ambitions, and what was to become a life long passion, collecting 1st and 2nd generation Camaros. Over the years Jay and life long friend Chuck Sousa would build many classic Camaros. He would also amass a warehousesized collection of Camaro parts. Building and collectin

RPM Quick Tech 1969 Camaro Yenko Class Pro Modified Owner Santos Motorsports Driver Jay Santos Body Cynergy Composite carbon fibre, 1969 Yenko Camaro Engine 521 prepped by Mike Stawicki Racing MSR, billet block, Bryant crank, Ross pistons, MSR Cam, Moroso aluminum pan, Heads BAE 7 heads, Victory Valves, Manton rockers Power adder PSI C Screw Charger Transmission Lenco Chassis G Force So the 70 was shelved, and a Hugger Orange 69 was purchased. Jay and some friends put together a nitrous sipping

The choice of car would of course be a 1969 Camaro. Working closely with Cynergy Composites the team would create the worlds first carbon fiber 69 Camaro body. No vinyl body wraps here The immaculate paint job was laid down by Scott Jahren Paint and Dan the Sign Man created the grill. The end result was a true work of art. Adding an extra touch to the setup, Jay had full functioning head and tail lights installed, wanting to hang on to the street car blood that runs through his veins. But all sh

Vito, being a veteran racer, quickly came to a halt when he realized Jay was in trouble. Then watched Jay go wall to wall when the chutes finally deployed, but unfortunately the Camaro tagged the wall the second time around. Jay credits the great chassis and safety equipment for the little bump he received. It was that safety equipment that Jay had noted as being one of the biggest differences in the level of cars. In his Pro Mod he is strapped in to the point where he is like part of the car. T

With more than 40 National Championships in the last six years, more ProChargerequipped racers have raced their way to national titles and event wins than any other poweradder. Period. All over North America, more and more racers count on ProCharger power to get them across the stripe first. In fact, the 80 quickest racers with centrifugal superchargers are ALL powered by ProCharger. Call us today when youre ready to take your racing and winning to the next level. Dealer Opportunities Available

A mans passion and need for speed is easy to understand as it is bred right into most of us. Jays quiet side though is a little harder to understand, that is until you meet what is most precious to him, his daughters Kaila and Emily, and long time girlfriend Irene Wu. He also has a long list of friends and family that have helped him make such giant leaps in the quest for lower ETs. Santos Motorsports would also like to acknowledge its professional partners for all their help, dedication, and su

This Article Dedicated To The Memory Of Tommy Gray Sr. By Northern Exposure The Outlaw Pro Mod Experience In The NEOPMA Series o matter which area of the country you live in the class of Pro Modified Drag Racing is the final step to becoming basically a Funny Car in speed and ET alone, but keeping the doors on these cars and a complete chassis gives the true meaning of doorslammer and brings the recognition of being the quickest and fastest full bodied cars on the planet. One

Lets Meet Some Racers Of The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association In no particular order these racers have benefited the series and continue or have joined in to make a show for anyone needing that special power rush that only Pro Modified can offer. Frank Patille If you cant remember where you might have seen a 57 Buick Pro Mod, youd have to know it was with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association as Frank Patille is the one and only owner of this body in the world. Yes there are no others, th

Frank Patilles Hemi Buick strong man fell ill and spent weeks in Johns Hopkins in a severe state not knowing the cause as of this writing. Frank is back home recuperating but it will be a long road. Franks family is his main crew, with Todd Blades as machinist. The Patille family owns and operates a busy construction company and wishes to thank Richard Dixon, and their many sponsors. Visit as we update Franks condition. Continued on page 26 Outlaw 10 HOLCOMB MUSTANG THE

Gary Courtier Gary is a wellknown and highly talented major homebuildercarpenter out of Long Island NY. His Camaro is one of the most recognized in the class. Garys racing started in 1995 jumping right into Pro Modifieds with a trip to Roy Hills driving school and now sits in his Jerry Bickel Chassis some 15 years later with great assurance he has the capabilities to manage the 886ci motor and its four stages of nitrous on a competitive level. Jerry Bickel handled the full build of this car that

Gerry Capano one end to the other and side to side on this car before and after each pass with the rest of The Guys Franky, George, Tony, Jason and Brian. Not only does this car go, it shows as well with its gleaming paint that Gary has had on all his cars, an orange metal flake flipflopping paint and ghosted flames over the Tim McAmis 68 Camaro body by Performance AutoCrafters. Gerry Capano Following an early entry into the Pro Mod ranks, Gerry Capano competes in the Blown class with a Jerry H

owned Real Estate business owner and avid collector of Corvettes for which he has many Survivors like his 69 427425 HP original, a 66 black with only 11,000 on the odometer and 2 others including a 63 split window fuel injected model. Gerry maintains no sponsors as he considers the sponsors of the series to be just that and does everything in his power to make them proud of his efforts, his goal for this year is to be in the top ten in his class. Vinny Budano Bobby Martins very cool 33 Willys

Camaro back on the quartermile after a disastrous outing at ADRL Maple Grove when again as happened in Palm Beach at the Shakedown the drive shaft broke, sending the motor into a nitrous explosion. Vinny took in the rest of the race and began focusing on the NEOPMA series, though he intends to run more race series with it to keep his record with the NMCA in good standing as he has been a champion there three times. The General Manager of Shafiroff Racing Engines, Vinny has no problem taking the

winning his first round before rain stopped the race. The team is a real family affair as all major players are family, Father Fred Scriba is the main sponsor Scriba Welding, mother Ann is the team videographer, cook and team captain. Steve and Stephan Schultz maintain the car as crew pulling the clutch after each round, filling nitrous and completing general maintenance to keep this car rock steady and consistent. Continued on page 34 Fredy Scriba Fredy Scriba may just be one of the youngest d

100 YEARS UNDER THE HOOD. TM TM Trademark of Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries. Source Thomas Penway Research Poll of ASE Certified Mechanics in the USA , 2011, Ashland Canada Corp.

Tommy Gray The Undertaker is somewhat of a household name but this is no wrestler, this is a Pro Modified GTO a p t l y named in the early years of To m m y Grays career. Gray at age 50 now is easily what you Tommy Gra would call an ultimate showman, bringing back the days of wild paint and cool names to as his was given for his delight of the 70s style Funny Cars and s manship. Tommys father began the whole operation in the early enties with Tommy jumping right into the seat of a Pro Mod ov ye

year but lost to Scotty Cannon lightheartedly Tommy still maintains he holds the record for holding the record the shortest time in Pro Mod history. But without a doubt you cant contest his ADRL and IHRA event wins plus his many wins on a local level and his outstanding appearances at special events like the night of thrills. A short stint with a screw blower back in the day netted this first timer a strong 3.83 and 3.82 in the eighth and a 5.79 at 252 mph with an ADRL setup. Now, a Mike Janis H

Matt Deitsch Matt Deitsch One of the hardest working racers in the series, Matt Deitsch made himself known last year moving into the exJim Halsey Tim McAmis Camaro. Though motorless, Matt slammed a strong Reher Morrison 840ci mill into the chassis with four HUGE stages of Speedtech nitrous oxide pressurizing the cylinders for maximum power, which he felt immediately as he ripped off consistent 6.02s and 6.08s at 237 mph while staying right around 2,450 lbs. Matt shifts the Lenco 4 speed backed

NEOPMA SIDEBAR Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Vice President of Operations Vito Micciolo recounts their first three events of 2011. Our first points event, The Mountain Motor Nationals May 13th14th forecast changed a half a dozen times leading up to the event. From 50 to 30 rain and we just tried our best to get the event in. Unfortunately, after qualifying, while in the lanes for first round of eliminations, the rain let loose and came down for the rest of the evening, causing the NEOPMA to cancel

Elliot Thompson Elliot Thompson Bring on the turbochargers Yes the turbochargers are spinning in Elliot Thompsons pits and on the pavement, putting on a wild fire show as it stages. Known well for his ADRL appearance, NSCA championship season in 07 and runner up in 08, Elliot is no newcomer this class racing from qualifying number 1 in Orlando 2006 in Heavy Street. Later he would move to the Outlaw 10.5 class with twin turbos in a Leo Barnaby built Camaro, which made its way through several con

the Hoosier slicks and softening the blow with Penske shocks. Making the car work with limited time on the track this year is a handful between the duties of a thriving family business. The team consists of Father Ed and brothers Eric and Evan taking the car to its limit. Changes made to the crew over the years have brought them back to square one for 2010 in a quest to have the turbo ride take down the blower cars. Elliot himself explains that if they had taken the other power adder avenues, th

Mike Ghiraldi Mike Ghiraldi Having spent 25 years in a Bracket car or some form of doorslammer, Mike Ghiraldi maintains he keeps a low profile yet his record in his first year with the series netted him 2nd place in points, missing by just 10 points, the number one spot... this by no means is low key Mike is also the Sales Manager at Shafiroff Racing Engines so you would not be miscalculating in guessing there was a 738ci Shafiroff big block Chevy under the hood of the Tommy Mauney chassised 68

rarely ever has a crew but many friends help make this car work. Mike qualified 8th with a 6.30 at 224 mph at The Shakedown at E Town but missed a tuneup which ended his weekend. Mike has also raced in other countries like Puerto Rico. Mike makes special mention of the friends that make up his results as a racer, Danny at Competition Wiring, Timmy Hyatt Hyatt Racing Clutches, Mike Bankston Bankston Boys Racing, Speedtech and of course Scott Shafiroff and all the guys in the shop, plus special th

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NORTHERN EXPOSURE, Continued from page 41 NEOPMAs Vito Micciolo comments on the players, the rivalries and the series as a whole. We always have some good competitive rivalries building in NEOPMA. Matt Deitschs performance has steadily increased into the 6.00s and hes gunning for Fredy Scriba who dominated the class last year. Tim OHare went to a clutch and now is into the 5.90s and is looking to take the championship from Steve King. Larry Plummer is going full throttle at everyone in his ques

2011. Derrick Townes performance is also improving and he feels when his team gets a complete handle on the car they will be right there. Newcomers Alex Boom Boom Viscardi, Elliot Thompson and Jim Bersani in their Turbo Pro Mods are making their presence known early with some solid numbers. Larry Higginbottham, Dwayne Wolfe and Bruce Mullins are also ready to do battle with their Blower Cars. The turbo Pro Mod is an interesting animal and you do not see the dominance from them as you do in other

Nitrous heavy hitter Gary Courtier takes on 2010 class Champion Fredy Scriba in an allout, knock em down, drag em to the door Pro Mod battle to the finish Which is pretty much what every race is for these 1320 Warriors. Check out the height of Coutiers hoodscoop... you gotta love that website which sees thousands of visitors per week and helps us promote our sponsors. Were also working with Cocklins Video Services to create a reality TV show concept to market to the networks. Last but certainly

Story By Buddy Trivette, Photos By Buddy Matthew Trivette Outlaw At Heart G oing into his fourth season racing with the popular Quick 8 Outlaws, Chris Wooten has steadily improved each year. For Chris it hasnt been an easy road to racing at this level. He has always wanted to go fast, and running this style of headsup racing lets him do just that. Even though when Chris shows up at an Outlaw race he comes out of the trailer with one arm tied behind his back due to his 632inch engine. Chris kn

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by, which finally led to its sale after reaching 6.50 times in the eighthmile. This time through the car of choice was a 1967 Chevy II. I went out bought the car but when I brought it home my Mother said, ...and you went and bought this The car did look rough I admit, but once we put some elbow grease into it and some paint on it, it shaped up nicely. And right off the trailer that car went 6.0, so we were pretty happy. Chris found success early while bracket racing the Chevy II, losing the trac

body cracking and it became clear that it was time to upgrade. The car just wouldnt take any more. It was an old car that wasnt built to do what we wanted to do. One Saturday I drove up to OAT Race Cars and saw what was to eventually be a 1969 Camaro sitting on Rickys jig, a car which coincidentally the owner no longer wanted to pursue. We got to talking money, I got with the car owner and bought it right away. This was the first time that Chris had a car that was built from new, and built just

wanted to, but never could afford it, continued Chris. But I got with Daddy and told him we were going headsup racing, and we just made it happen We had never messed with nitrous oxide before and really didnt have a clue what to do with it, but with the help of our good friend Ervin Rose we got our feet wet in the world of nitrous racing. A while later Chris hooked up with Victor Rietzel and now Victor makes a lot of the tuning calls and helps Chris anyway that he can. I can call Victor three or

My Daddy David and my Momma Veronica, my wife Heather and my daughter Hailey have always been there. They have always stuck by me just like my uncle Richard and friend and crew chief Lucas. From the downs to the ups, weve been there together. My main key is my family. I was actually going to take this season off to regroup but I changed my mind because I didnt want to take anything away from my Daddy. Hes sixtyfive and has diabetes, we dont know how many years are left. Really though, none of us

10 Wide Racing Street Car Cruise Match Race August is finally here and the long awaited 10 Wide Racing Street Car Cruise Match Race is going to be held on the 19th 20th of the month. Over 60 of the baddest street brawlers from all over the country are feverishly working to get their machines prepared for this event and they will come loaded for bear. RPM Magazine and Lucas Oil Products have added this event to their Extreme Events Series for 2011 and it is sure to be one of the most talked ab

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Story Photos by Tim Lewis A New Breed Of Outlaw Drag Racer Headsup door car racing today is, well, for lack of a better term, out of control Pro Mod style door cars running 3.50s in the 18th and 5.70s in the 14mile The amount of time and money spent on these machines would make your stomach turn. Then theres the other headsup machines of Outlaw 10.5. Lynch is running quicker and quicker with every race and there are constantly more drivers moving up into the 4 teens and 4.20s. History shows us

SRP Professional Series The most advanced piston kit for your high performance LS engine now includes skirt coating Lightweight 4032 alloy FSR forging Includes a 1.2mm LS7 style steel top ring, 1.5mm napier 2nd ring and 3.0mm oil ring 60 less top ring wear when compared to ductile iron Available for standard and stroker combinations Premium wrist pins and wire locks included Custom Pistons CHEVY LS7 FSR Designed specifically for extreme levels of nitrousboost, these are the toughest LS7 pi

Right Does this thing look like a old Pro Mod or what Gene Jenkins Trans Am has the early 90s Pro Modified look going on with the big wing out back... I love it dont want to race in a 6.0 or 5.30 index Some tracks have also started 4.70 index and similar programs which leads right into where this story is headed. Top Sportsman has been around since the mid 80s and the IHRA made a great choice by splitting the class up letting the dragsters and altereds have their own class called Top Dragster.

Long time Top Sportsman racer Glenn Teets who also owns a 6 second late model GTO runs his super clean 67 GTO at local TS races. Teets has owned this car for well over 20 years and it was a daily driver years ago. This car goes 4.90s yond what many of us can truly appreciate. Plus, on top of that, its going fast without going broke The Southern Outlaws have a set of rules for racers to follow just like every other well put together class, and you do have to be a member to race in the series. So

Ronnie Hoy has one of the nicest looking cars in Top Sportsman. This allmotor GXP can run 4.60 and not even break a sweat doing it. This car can go much quicker. When I asked Ronnie how big his motor was pictured left he just smiled and said its not that big. Greg Bruce races this sleek Vette and also owns a super clean Chevy II. The vette runs in the 4.60s which puts him up towards the front of the pack at each race. Below Terry Logan calls his 99 Firebird Shark Attack, and it looks the part.

Long time bracket racer Wells Waugh logs by the day and then cuts the tree down at the drag strip on the weekends in his Top Sportsman Beretta. Below This could be the longest running car in the series. The Grimsleys very cool 55 Chevy has been around the Virginia area since the late 80s black Chevy Beretta in Top Sportsman, but nothing is like seeing the big body full size 55 making a pass. Another is Jerry Williams who went from a Chevy II to an altered and then a dragster, and now into Top S

type of racing is all about. It seems that this racing will always have its place as there is no real need to be the quickest and fastest car in the class. Its a shame, but in many of todays headsup classes so many competitors just complain, and on the other side of the fence the rule makers change the rules for one or two people to get in and race knowing the car is illegal, which is just not right. When you let people fly in under the radar you may get the cars now, but it will be short lived

Stacy and Ernest Johnson have been big supporters of the club since the start and make every race. The power plant in Stacys Camaro is an alcohol burning 598ci big block Chevy built by Johnson Performance that runs well into the 4s. Word is that a bigger engine is in the works now and will also be fueled by alcohol. Pictured left is Eric Donovans EFI 648 big block in his wild GTO that gets some help from two dry nitrous systems. This car can run in the 4.30s with both systems fired up. to one o

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