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Members PUBLISHED FOR MEMBERS OF BETHPAGE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION VOLUME 24 NUMBER 05 SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2013 first TM Federal Credit Union Built to give you moreSM. Built To Give You More New Advertising Campaign Highlights The Bethpage Credit Union Difference As a credit union, Bethpage is built to give you more. Since we are a notforprofit organization, revenue is returned to you in the form of lower fees, higher dividends, greater convenience and world class service. No matter which stage

Presidents Message As you can see from the story on the front cover, Bethpage is inherently different from a bank. Because we are a credit union, we are committed to giving our members more. Day in and day out that means lower fees, higher dividend rates, and lower loan rates. But value isnt the only part of our story. More convenience is just as important, and the reason why we invest in online and mobile banking technology, new branches, and nationwide networks of shared branches and free ATMs

Convenience More Value And Convenience Through Free ATM And Branch Networks Bethpage offers thousands of free ATMs across the country as well as inperson branch services from coast to coast. How do we do it Through COOP Financial Services. As part of the COOP network, Bethpage is able to offer our members more convenient locations than even the largest banks. On The Go Weve Got A Branch For That Whether you are at work, home, or your favorite travel destination, Bethpage is always nearby through

Lending Building Your Dream Home Team As a buyer of real estate, constructing a team of professionals to guide you through the home buying process is essential. It can very often be the determining factor between having a pleasant, smooth transaction, or a negative experience that you never wish to repeat. As with all large financial decisions, you need to ensure that you are working with experienced professionals who understand the laws, local customs, and processes for your transaction. The Mo

The Real Estate Agent Hiring a buyers agent is one of the most important decisions you will make. Why A buyers agent works for you, the buyer, while a listing agent works for the seller. The listing agents job is to get the seller the highest and best offer for their property. Their fiduciary duty is to the seller. Anything and everything pertinent to the transaction relayed by you to the listing agent will be relayed to the seller for their benefitnot yours. The buyers agent works exclusively f

Insurance and Investments When To Claim Social Security Benefits With so much in the media about Social Security, the concern for its solvency and the need for reforms to preserve it for future generations many Americans may be wondering, will Social Security still be around when I retire In its most recent report, the Social Security Administration projects that by 2033, program revenues will no longer support payout of 100 percent of benefits promised under the law, and benefits could be redu

Community Dont Tax My Credit Union Advocacy Arts Alive Long Island Credit unions were founded in 1934 on the principle of people helping people as an alternative to Commercial Banks. Credit Unions are Not for Profit Cooperatives that return profits they make back to their members in the form of new branches, better rates on deposits and loans, and investments in the communities they serve. Credit Unions have a volunteer Board of Directors and do not have outside shareholders to pay. In return cr

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Permit 255 Hicksville, NY 8006287070 Free Online Banking Free Mobile Banking Free Telephone Banking Over 425 SurchargeFree ATMs, including the following locations Must show CoOp logo facebook.comlovebethpage Bethpage Main Office 899 S. Oyster Bay Road MW 9am4pm Th 9am7pm F 730am7pm Sa 9am2pm Driveup MW 730am4pm ThF 730am7pm Sa 9am2pm Bay Shore 591 Montauk Hwy. MTh 9am4pm F 9am7pm Sa 9am2pm Open Bay Shore Sundays King Kullen 834 Sunris

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