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Volume I, Issue 3 June 2011 Foxhall Campus Groundbreaking Draws Hundreds of Supporters Construction already underway for new athletic field More than 600 people gathered at St. Patricks on Sunday, June 5, for the Foxhall Campus Groundbreaking Ceremony. The first phase of the project will bring the Day School its first regulationsize athletic field and lay infrastructure for further development of the site. St. Patricks was honored to welcome the Rt. Rev. John B. Chane, Bishop of Washingtona st

Facchina Begins Field Construction Vertical construction will begin later this month The contours of St. Patricks new athletic field take shape. Facchina is laying stormwater management pipes and roughgrading the site in anticipation of the first retaining walls to be built in late June. Midfield lies just beyond the backhoe. Since the Groundbreaking Ceremony on June 5, substantial progress has been made on the Foxhall Campus. With the last of the necessary permits from the District having bee

A Broader Vision Reaches 7.1 Million of 8million Goal Campaign Participation by Class Grade 8 100 Grade 7 43 Grade 6 41 Grade 5 42 Grade 4 57 Grade 3 57 Grade 2 69 Grade 1 49 Kindergarten 54 PK 54 Nursery 48 Help us move the ball up the wall Please contact Assistant Head of School for Development Carrie Ahlborn at 202.342.3454 or to make your gift today. Thank you

Our Mission St. Patricks Episcopal Day School strives to create a diverse learning community of students, teachers, and parents who recognize the infinite value of every participant as a child of God. We are committed to developing character, advancing human understanding, and promoting academic excellence in our students in order to prepare them to live with integrity, compassion, and purpose. Site features photos, architectural drawings, and construction planning Campaign Website Source for

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