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medicine V E R M O N T V O L . 5 0 , I S S U E 2 2 013 UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT COLLEGE OF MEDICINE PROBING THE MYSTERIES OF TRAUMA Kalev Freeman, M.D., Ph.D., uses the Emergency Department as a living laboratory A L S O F E A T U R E D Vermont Medicine Hits a HalfCentury A Tale of Two Neuroscientists

History in the making e Medical Ira Allen Society has a long history, beginning with the Century Club, initiated by medical alumni in the late 1950s. For more than three decades the College of Medicine has recognized hundreds of donors each year. ese benefactors have been the mainstay of philanthropy, and their gifts have greatly impacted students, faculty, and research. Just as UVM founder Ira Allen shaped UVMs earliest legacies, todays Medical Ira Allen Society members continue to mold the Col

V E R M O N T UVM COLLEGE OF MEDICINE MAGAZINE 2 3 From the Dean College News e Medical Education Center renamed, trauma education put to the test in Boston, a new migraine gene discovered, graduates have their day, and more. features 12 20 26 Probing the Mysteries of Trauma Born in an instant of unplanned, violent stress, trauma demands immediate action and is inherently di cult to research. rough innovative datagathering systems, one trauma physiologist at UVM turns the Emergency

VOL. 50, ISSUE NO. 2 PUBLISHED AUGUST 2013 FROM THE DEAN As spring began its turn to summer, we graduated 106 new physicians and twodozen Ph.D. recipients at this years commencement. ose graduates fanned out across the country, with a good number staying a part of our academic medical center community, and many more going to residencies and postdoctoral programs at the most prestigious institutions across the country. Soon after graduation comes Medical Reunion, a wonderful time to see the resu

C O L L E G E N E W S Medical Education Center Named for Helen and Robert Larner, M.D.42 e University of Vermont announced in May that the Medical Education Center at the College of Medicine will be named for alumnus and Burlington native Robert Larner, M.D.42, and Helen Larner, in tribute to the couples decadeslong e orts to make medical education more a ordable. e impact of the Larners generosity on the College of Medicine and the physicians educated there is immeasurable, noted UVM Preside

Letters on an Exceptional Teacher Dallas Boushey A built a very special record during his five ANATOMy OF AN decades teaching ExTRAORDINARy LIFE at the College of Medicine, so it comes as no surprise that the interview with Boushey in the last issue of Vermont Medicine brought forth an unprecedented level of response from alumni who studied with him during his years as an active faculty member, and during voluntary teaching stints in his retirement. ssistant Professor Emeritus Dallas Bousheys ho

Notables Schneider Appointed Director of Cardiovascular Research Institute The College of Medicine announced the appointment in July of cardiologist and Professor of Medicine David Schneider, M.D., as director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute CVRI. Schneider, who is director of cardiology in the department of medicine and medical director of cardiology at Fletcher Allen Health Care, will succeed CVRI founding director Burton Sobel, M.D., who passed away this spring. Recruited to UVMFletc

C O L L E G E N E W S Another Clue Revealed for the Mystery of Migraine A team coled by Robert E. Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurological sciences, has discovered a new gene for migraine, a disabling headache disorder that a ects up to 60 million Americans each year. e study, published as the cover story in the May 1, 2013 edition of the journal Science Translational Medicine, prompted news coverage from National Public Radio, USA Today, CNN, and other outlets. Searching for genes is p

Research Notebook Study Probes Genetic Link to Estrogen Responsiveness, Potential Impact on Fertility Research from Emma Wall, Ph.D., postdoctoral associate in immunobiology, and Cory Teuscher, Ph.D., professor of medicine and pathology, o ers insight into the genetic pathways underlying responsiveness to estrogens and their potential role in fertility, postmenopausal bone loss, and sensitivity to environmental chemicals that disrupt the bodys endrocrine system. The study, published online in Th

C O L L E G E N E W S STUDENT NOTES New Student Achievement Award Inaugurated At the College of Medicines annual Honors Night to recognize student achievement, held May 14, the College presented a new award The Mildred A. Reardon, M.D. Award for service to the College of Medicine. Mayo Fujii, M.D.13 the inaugural winner, is a Vermont native who received an undergraduate degree in neuroscience from Middlebury College. She graduated in May and will complete her residency in General Surgery at Fl

3 QUESTIONS for Christa Zehle, M.D.99 Associate Dean for Student A airs and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the UVM College of Medicine Dr. Zehle, an alumna of the UVM College of Medicine Class of 1999, joined UVM and Fletcher Allen Health Care in 2003 as assistant professor of pediatrics, and was promoted to associate professor in 2011. She successfully launched the Pediatric Hospitalist Program at Fletcher Allen, and continues to have a clinical role at Vermont Childrens Hospital along wi

Madeleine Kunin and John Hennessy, Jr. Class marshal Shetal Patel, M.D.13 COMMENCEMENT 2013 A total of 106 STUDENTS were conferred medical degrees by UVM President Tom Sullivan, J.D., and Dean Rick Morin, M.D., at the College Commencement Ceremony in Ira Allen Chapel on May 19. UVMFletcher Allen cardiologist and Associate Professor of Medicine WILLIAM HOPKINS, M.D., gave the main address, in which he recounted the value of mentors and colleagues in his career, including the late Professor of M

C O L L E G E N E W S Tampas Receives Honorary UVM Degree For half a century, John Tampas, M.D.54 has shown UVM President Thomas Sullivan, J.D., and tireless dedication to the John Tampas, M.D.54 College of Medicine both as a professor of radiology and an active alumnus. At the universitys main commencement ceremony on May 19, this dedication was recognized with an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the institution. In addition to his 1954 medical degree, Dr. Tampas received his bachelor o

PROBING THE MYSTERIES OF RAUMA Through innovative datagathering systems, a UVM trauma physiologist turns the Emergency Department into a living laboratory. by Josh Brown photographs by Mario Morgado 12 V E R MO N T M E DI C IN E

V O L 5 0 , I S S U E 2 2013 13

Dr. Freeman has been able to develop an outstanding research program for emergency medicine and trauma using a novel model of student research assistants. Steven Le er, M.D., UVM Professor of Surgery and Chief Medical O cer, Fletcher Allen Health Care 14 V E R MO N T M E DI C IN E

elen White, a twentythreeyearold skateboarder, grits her teeth and lets out a deep grunting moan. Her knuckles look like hamburger meat. She has black akes of blood on her lower lip and around her nose, a curving laceration across her forehead, and two glistening gashes in her knee. A whiteandorange cervical collar holds Whites head still, but her eyes move back and forth as two EMTs in green jumpsuits wheel her into a room on the main oor of the Emergency Department of Fletcher Allen Health Car

is innovative program has been great for our patients, academic medical center, and the students. With this team, Freemans research aims to understand the relationship between traumatic injury and blood vessels. Several of his studies focus on the endothelium the inner lining of blood vessels that regulates smooth muscle, helps form blood clots, and provides a barrier to uid that could leak in the brain. But in trauma the biochemical signals in the endothelium can go haywire, Freeman believes,

ats why, just before midnight, Chelsea Manning is still waiting outside of Helen Whites examination room. e patient has returned from her CAT scan and Manning is hoping that a technician will soon return her vial, lled with Whites blood. If White gets admitted to the hospital overnight, shell qualify for one of the trauma studies Freeman is helping to lead, with a team of other researchers and universities, on the biochemistry of blood clotting. Mannings job as one of Freemans student chiefs ha

Music and the Mind When a soccer player with a concussion comes into the emergency room at Fletcher Allen Health Care, medical student ALEX THOMAS17, would like to catch him. And, maybe, encourage him to listen to music on his iPod. T hroughout his undergraduate years at UVM leading up to his entrance into the College of Medicine, Alex Thomas has been helping a team of researchers led by Professor of Psychiatry Magdalena Naylor, M.D., Ph.D., and emergency medicine specialist and Assistant Prof

One could be forgiven for imagining Kalev Freeman saying, Im only a real doctor I dont play one on TV. His blue eyes, athletic chin, impish smile, and GenX tattoos, barely visible beneath a shortsleeved shirt, might make the cut in Hollywood. And after hearing his slow, gu awing laugh, one could see how he considered a di erent career as a bluegrass ddler. But spend more time with the man and it becomes clear that here is someone with remarkable drive and sense of mission. When youre in the hosp


AS V RMONT M DICIN HITS THE HALFCENTURY MARK, WE LOOK BACK FONDLY OVER THE FIVEDECADE CHRONICLE OF THE LIFE OF THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE trapped into a passenger seat of a twinengine aircraft a few hundred feet above White Plains, N.Y., John Mazuzan, M.D.54, certainly had no time to think of the next 50 years stretching out ahead of him. Having another 50 minutes guaranteed would have been more than enough. It was the spring of 1964, and Mazuzan, whod only recently returned to Burlington to pract

Facilities Over 50 years, the Colleges campus has not only changed its actually moved. Early issues of Hall A detail the plans for the Given complex and, in 1968, the move to the top of the hill including the last class in the old Hall A that had served the school for more than 60 years. Later years saw coverage of the connection to Rowell Hall, and the rise of the Health Sciences Research Facility and the Medical Education Center. covered General Eisenhowers visit to Norwich University in 19

Curriculum Change is a constant in medical education, and nothing has been more of an indicator of the constant re nement and improvement of the art and science of medicine than the continuing evolution of the Colleges curriculum over the past 50 years. In 1967, the new curriculum introduced a radical change early clinical experience. That spirit continued to inform the curriculum development process over the coming decades, eventually fostering the Vermont Integrated Curriculums development in

Technology First and foremost comes the human dimension of medicine the doctorpatient relationship. But augmenting that is the tremendous tide of technological innovation that has brought forth astounding new resources for better treatment and increased access to and sharing of information. Physicians are lifelong learners, and that has been apparent in these pages. Computers made an early appearance, the World Wide Web was born right before our eyes, and in the new millennium, the College of Me

Clinical Practice The delivery of medical care has changed in many ways over the last 50 years. Medicare and Medicaid were introduced a year after the magazine was founded, and the huge changes over the years in practice structures, the introduction of new clinical elds such as emergency medicine, and the continuing need for more primary care doctors have been documented in Hall A and Vermont Medicine. Rita Pin Verm a ne pati of M well close past, Pina 1968 1974 1995 by Sona Iyen

by Jennifer Nachbur photographs by Mario Morgado A TALE OF TWO NEUROSCIENTISTS A DEEP PERSONAL FRIENDSHIP AND SHARED INTEREST IN NEUROSCIENCE LED TWO LONGSTANDING CHAIRS THROUGH TWO DECADES OF COLLABORATION AND THE MERGER OF THEIR DEPARTMENTS. long the bays and beaches of the Long Island shoreline, a vibrant mix of land and sea creatures captivated the attention of a little boy so deeply that he knew by the age of seven he would one day be a biologist. A couple of hours to the north, in a town

Longtime colleagues, collaborators, and close friends Robert Hamill, M.D., left, and Rodney Parsons, Ph.D. V O L 5 0 , I S S U E 2 2013 27

THE PARSONS FILE Rodney Parsons, Ph.D. ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS Professor of Neurological Sciences, 2013present Professor and CoChair, Department of Neurological Sciences, 20122013 Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, 19792012 Professor of Physiology Biophysics, 19731979 Assoc. Professor of Physiology Biophysics, 19691973 Assistant Professor of Physiology Biophysics, 19671969 Postdoctoral Fellow in Physiology, Columbia University, National Institutes of Health, 19651967

research group of about 20 people and enjoyed functioning as their coach, hailing back to his original career aspirations at Spring eld. In the early 1990s, he reached a turning point in his career hed been asked to run the Universitys Center on Aging, and colleagues were submitting his name for chair positions at other institutions. en he received a letter from UVM. With his deep love of his native New England, the o er from UVM, which included service leadership at the then Medical Center Hosp

At the College of Medicine Commencement in May, Robert Hamill, M.D., standing at left, listened while his emeritus citation was read by his friend and colleague Rodney Parsons, Ph.D., at lecturn. Dean Rick Morin observed at right. young faculty across the campus, says Parsons, whose role as chair has been similarly focused. e greatest thing has been watching people grow and exceed expectations Cindy Forehand becoming a major support for the institution. Gary Mawe, who has soared. e developmen

hall In 1905, when the College of Medicine completed its third home at the corner of Prospect and Pearl Streets in Burlington, the main lecture room was named Hall A. For the next 63 years, students such as the members of a class in the 1950s shown below learned the science of medicine while perched on those rows of steeplyraked wooden seats. When the College moved to the top of the hill in 1968, the designation of Hall A moved too to a slightly more comfortable assemblage of orangeupholstered

The University of Vermont Foundation PRESIDENT S CORNER Somehow, in the midst of a soggy, wet late spring, we managed to pull o what I think was one of the nicest reunions ever. e rain held o just long enough, for the most part, and all the class members from across the decades were able to have a wonderful time here on campus and throughout the Burlington area. One thing that struck me was the span of history that our attendees at reunion re ected. In the course of one evening, I had the pleas

HALL A M.D. CL A SS NOTES If you have news to share, please contact your class agent or the Development Alumni Relations o ce at or 802 6564014. If your email address has changed, please send it to For complete list of class agents, please see page 38. UPCOMING EVENTS 19 5 0 s R EU NION 2014 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 9 Neil N. Mann is currently working at the Center for Healthy Aging in Danvers, Mass. 63 Marjorie Topkins reports I retired Jan

HALL A M.D. CL A SS NOTES Mark Novotny writes that he is currently serving as CMO for Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, Mass., as we join Mass. General Hospital. Still bene ting from my UVM education and still hanging out with Michael Polifka 78. 77 John E. Alexander writes that 78 his daughter, Jane, was married in September 2012. She currently is stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., with her Army husband. John J. Ambrosino reports I moved to Hermitage, Penn., and am still working hard at

Development News Annette R. Plante, Daughter of Class of 1915 Alum, Funds Scholarship A diversity scholarship fund at the UVM College of Medicine, established by Annette R. Plante in 2008, will receive an additional 198,000 thanks to a generous will provision she established. Annette, the daughter of College of Medicine alum Ulric R. Plante, Class of 1915, created the scholarship to honor her father and her brother, Joseph Plante, a UVM alum from the Class of 1955. The Dr. U.R. and Joseph Plante

HALL A M.D. CL A SS NOTES Ph.D. CL A SS NOTES 20132014 CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION C O N F E R E N C E Je ords Quality Care Symposium S C H E D U L E Bridging the Divide Rich Parent reports I drove up to the San Francisco Bay Area to reunite with another UVM College of Medicine grad and close friend who got married last November back in Vermont. We celebrated her wedding on the West Coast at her sisters house in Menlo Park. The attendees were Rich Parent 05 and wife Kelly Parent Gulnar Od

H A L L A M . D . C L A S S H AOLTLE S N A FL ASHBACK That 70s Show Maybe its the sideburnandfullbeard quotient, or the level of plaid, but this photo whose label identi es its subjects as students in the Given Building Hall A screams 1970s. Bruce R. MacPherson, M.D.67, now an associate professor emeritus, leads the class. Note the Kodak Carousel and Bell Howell projectors by the rear wall. This shot was either opped when originally printed, as the windowwall of Hall A was on the right o

Class Agent Directory HALL A M.D. CL A SS NOTES Class agents are dedicated alumni who volunteer their time to serve as the voice of their classmates at the College of Medicine, and who work to encourage support of the College each year. Agents help deliver information to their far ung friends about the ongoing work of the College, and at the same time help their medical alma mater keep abreast of the news and views of their class. If you would like to learn more about serving as a class agent,

H A L L A M . D . C L A S S H AOLTLE S N A 01 Ladan Farhoomand, 7077 Heron Circle, Carlsbad, CA 92001, 760 3317151, Joel W. Keenan, Greenwich Hospital, Five Perryridge Road, Greenwich, CT 06830, JoAn Louise Monaco, 1034 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028, 212 9887788, Bristol, TN 37620, 570 2754681, Kerry Lee Landry, 919 7329876, Mary OLeary Ready, Maureen C. Sarle, m

View Highlights of the celebration of Achievements that formally opened Reunion 2013. Go to uvm.edumedicinevtmedicine R E U NI T E D R E U N I O N 2 0 1 3 Alumni of the College of Medicine traveled far and wide to attend Reunion 2013, May 31 to June 2. All told, the attendees represented 25 states plus Canada. Alumni came from as far away as Hawaii, Washington, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Minnesota to reconnect with their classmates and former teachers, and visit familiar and new area

C L A S S R E U NI O N S 58 55 63 50 83 30 88 25 98 15 Reunion V O L 5 0 , 49 I S S U E 2 2012 3 41 Reunion Reunion Reunion Reunion

Obituaries Frank E. Harrigan Jr., M.D. Dr. Harrigan died May 8, 2013. He was 93. Born in Lewiston, Maine, on April 13, 1917, he grew up in West Hartford, Conn. He earned his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Vermont, and was a member of UVMs rst ski team. While at UVM, he obtained his private pilots license, beginning an avocation that lasted the rest of his life. From 1942 to 1943, Dr. Harrigan was an intern at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington. D.C. prior to overse

HALL A OBITUARIES Burton E. Sobel, M.D., in 2009. including a Research Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health and a Distinguished Scientist Award from the American College of Cardiology, and was a leader in subspecialty societies including the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. He had more than 800 manuscripts published, and edited major cardiovascular and medical scienti c journals. e

1152 a.m. June 22, 2013 Arthur J. Perelman, M.D.52 center and his sons Robert, left, and Jon, right, listen to speakers commemorating the establishment by the Perelman family and friends of a 1 million endowment at the Vermont Cancer Center to fund the Charlotte E. Perelman Cancer Research Fund, named in memory of Dr. Perelmans late wife. photograph by Je Clarke

NonPro t Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Burlington VT Permit No. 143 VERMONT MEDICINE 89 Beaumont Ave. Burlington VT 05405 Reconnect with faculty. Revisit Recall the good times. Renew old friendships. the place where your medical career began. JUNE 68 2014 49, 54, 59, 64, 69, 74, 79, 84, 89, 94, 99, 04 09 The UVM Medical Alumni Association invites you and your family to plan now to join your classmates for Reunion 2014 June 68, 2014. Come back to Burlington and the UVM campus, your home during m

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