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FallWinter 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

Poppy, a zoorescued Indian flying fox reclining in a hammock. See page 6 for more information about Poppy. Photo by Amanda Lollar. Printed on 20 recycled paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry I

2012 YEAR END LETTER Dear Bat World Sanctuary Supporters, As you know, Bat World is a sanctuary, a safehaven for displaced and abused bats. Bats who arrive at Bat World are restored to good health and

2012 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Bat World 2012 Income Grants Memberships donations AdoptaBat sponsorships Educational Workshops Book sales commissions Bank dividends Bat World 2012 Expenses Land purchase

2012 YEAR END SUMMARY Income Grants 62,000.00 Expenses Land Purchase, Bat Castle Construction, Website Database Rebuild Office Program Supplies Books Educational Printing Insurance Operational Expe

2012 RESCUES This past year, your contributions enabled us to save over 512 orphaned, injured and displaced bats. The bats featured in this section represent only a few of the lives we saved with your

Mom Pup In April of this year we received a call from an exotic pet trade dealer who was going out of business. He stated that he had joined our Facebook page and after reading our posts he had a ch

Cornelius Cornelius, a baby Jamaican fruit bat Artibeus jamaicensis, was born at Bat World Sanctuary after his mother was transported to us while pregnant. His mother was part of a zoo closure, and s

Tinkerbelle, an orphaned Jamaican fruit bat Artibeus jamaicensis arrived still attached to her deceased mother. Tinkerbelles mother had been purchased as a pet early in 2012. The individual who bought

Orphaned Red Bats Every summer we receive dozens of orphaned red bats Lasiurus borealis. Red bats are one of the few species that have more than one live young per year. It is not unusual for them to

Miss Dangles Miss Dangles, a Brazilian freetailed bat Tadarida brasiliensis came to us in July, after a caller notified us that a bat was hanging in an awkward position from a roof awning in the down

Dusty In September, a female Brazilian freetailed bat Tadarida brasiliensis, who was emaciated, dehydrated and extremely dusty, was brought to us after being found inside a warehouse. She had been sp

Fig, Raisin Jellybean Every year in October, we take in a number of tiny evening bats Nycticeius humeralis. These beautiful little bats often attempt to settle in for a winter nap in places that are

Snow Angel a big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus, came to us in November after she was found in a neighborhood yard by a family living in Houston, Texas. They were familiar with Bat World Sanctuary after h

Honeysuckle Fun During the summer, the rescued fruit bats enjoy fresh honeysuckle blooms that grow outside the Bat World facility. An unseasonably warm November brought the bats an unexpected treat of

2012 EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS Your donations have allowed us to reach well over ONEMILLION people through educational events and online videos and posts. From classrooms to the Internet, we are making a di

Botanical Research Institute of Texas On August 11, 2012, Bat World Sanctuarys Vice President, Dottie Hyatt, and Director of Special Projects, Kate Rugroden, presented a new program at the Botanical

Hilltop Elementary By Patience Knotts, Bat World member and Science teacher at Hilltop Elementary, Argyle, Texas. In late October, fourth graders at Hilltop Elementary in Argyle, TX were anxiously a

attending the wildlife rehabilitation training programs that Kate teaches for new rehabilitators. At present, this is the only program approved by the state for general wildlife rehabilitation trainin

2012 ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2012 has been a phenomenal year for Bat World Sanctuary. From securing land for the organization, to winning the Chase Giving contest which allowed us to build the worlds first ba

Bat Castle Update Bat Worlds bat castle was completed in March of 2012, and sits on a bluff overlooking a pond located on Bat World Sanctuarys land, as seen in the photo above. As bats are being part

Wins and Awards In May of 2012, Bat World sanctuary won third place in the Groupon on Earth Day Challenge, where our generous supporters made donations in lieu of voting. Bat World Sanctuary was up ag

New Bat World Books Baby Seethrough is a baby bats tale nearly twenty years in the making Written by Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary, and illustrated by renowned artist Sa

2012 CAMPAIGNS Highlighting two of the campaigns in which we have been actively involved during 2012. The Expendables 2 movie caused massive damage to a cave that has a status of a natural monument. T

2012 VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT An Honorable Mention for Bat Worlds first volunteer. It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of the passing of Major Luther S. Lollar, Bat World Sanctuarys very fi

To educate her students about bats, teacher Ren Grimes sponsors a bat every year from Bat World Sanctuary. The bat they recently adopted, Mr. Kitty, has an interesting story one that Ms. Grimes thoug

BATS in the PANTRY Spicy Mango Salsa 2 cups diced fresh mango 2 cups fresh peaches, pitted and chopped 12 cup chopped tomato 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 Tbsp chopped fresh ginger root 14 cup chopped fr

Loving Tributes In Loving Tribute to James Browning, who passed away in September of 2012. He and his wife Kay who is an avid supporter of Bat World found a bat in their hot tub one day and Jimmys fee

Bat World Wines This Collectors Pack of wines, complete with Bat World Sanctuary labels, includes one bottle each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Thi

Sponsor a bat in need Your sponsorship package includes An adoption certificate listing you as the official sponsor. The personal background of your bat. The natural history of the species. A

PhoneFax 9403253404Address 217 N. Oak Ave., Mineral Wells, TX 76067 Beene Lil Drac Mr. Kitty Little River 8 Peekaboo Little E Gimlet Poppy Mini Me Please enter the name of bats you wish to s

WHY SAVE BATS Roughly one of every four mammals on earth is a bat. Consider this if your day includes soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, coffee, margarine, chewing gum, candles, paper, ink, wood, fuel, rope