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FallWinter 2013 ANNUAL REPORT

Peekaboo, an Egyptian fruit bat with an incredible personality, who was handraised at Bat World Sanctuary. Photo by Amanda Lollar. Printed on 20 recycled paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, using 100 vegetable based ink. VOLUME 5, FallWinter 2013 Annual Report 3 4 5 6 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 22 23 24 25 26 27 27 27 28 29 30 32 32 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Yearend Letter 2013 Financial Accounting YearEnd Summary 2013 Rescues Isis The Orphans of 2013 Red Bat Rescues Utah Best Fr

2013 YEAR END LETTER Dear Bat World Sanctuary Supporters, We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our beloved Bat World family, our loyal members, who continue to come to our defense during the most trying of times for Bat World Sanctuary the last 3 years. As many of you know, we are being harassed and bullied by a relentless, mentallytroubled cyberstalker, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in Los Angeles. Our reputation was almost deliberately destroyed by her, so much so that after bar

2013 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Bat World 2013 Income Grants Memberships donations AdoptaBat sponsorships Educational programs workshops Book sales commissions Bank dividends Bat World 2013 Expenses Legal fees Construction prof. fees Book educational printing Office, program resale expenses Insurance Operational expenses Foodnutritional expenses Veterinary expenses Travel Expense rescues programs Legal fees include court costs, insurance deductible and document fees. Operational expenses incl

2013 YEAR END SUMMARY Income Grants Memberships Donations AdoptaBat Sponsorships Educational Workshops Book Sales Commissions 26,040.00 169,838.25 19,173.11 6,582.00 39,494.15 Expenses Legal fees Construction Professional fees Books Educational Printing Office, Program Resale Expense Insurance Operational Expenses FoodNutritional Supplements MedicalVeterinary Supplies Travel Expense rescues programs Permits, Bank Fees, Licensing Misc. Loan Payments 6,967.16 33,446.36 21,280.19 16,864.63 4,

2013 RESCUES This past year, your contributions enabled us to save over 542 orphaned, injured and displaced bats. The bats featured in this section represent only a few of the lives we saved, as well as the bats who now fly free because you bought their medicine, paid for their housing, and provided the food that sustained them. It was a lonely, unimaginably long road that brought Isis, an Egyptian fruit bat Rousettus aegyptiacus to where she belonged all along. Where it begins is unclear her p

Isis spent most of the eight years at the amusement park with her mate. They were the only two bats at the noisy theme park. The theme park was hoping that Isis and her mate would reproduce, but their living conditions wouldnt allow any offspring to survive. Toward the end, Isis mate died, so Isis lived alone in a small glass cage for several months, gawked at by large groups of people seven days a week. Larry Crittenden Opposite page Isis with a honeydew treat. Above Isis on arrival. Thankfu

The orphaned freetailed pups Tadarida brasiliensis above are three of over 60 rescued during the summer of 2013 from Bat Worlds wild sanctuary. Mother bats have an extreme hardship caring for pups, who when born can be 14 to 13 the size of the mother. These babies are full grown and flying within 8 weeks, and during this time a mother bat must provide enough food for herself as well as her rapidly growing pup. Some mothers do not survive their hardship, and some choose to drop their pups rather

The orphaned freetailed bat Tadarida brasiliensis above is holding a foam tip in its mouth. Bat babies derive comfort from a binky just as human babies do. The tip is made from an eyeshadow applicator that has been removed from the wand and trimmed to fit the babys mouth. Once starving, her tummy is now nicely filled with milk. The orphaned red bat Lasiurus borealis below sleeps peacefully after being rescued from a hot sidewalk by a concerned citizen after spotting the baby while mowing her yar

Like the red bat on the previous page, the juvenile red bat Lasiurus borealis above was rescued by a concerned citizen after funding him lying limp in the grass. After a few days of rest and recuperation, he was ready to be set free. Once he was placed into a tree he immediately began grooming, providing this natural shot. Red bats are among the few species who have more than one live young. Mothers are often found grounded after trying to escape bird attacks with as many as five babies clinging

Benny, a Brazilian freetail Tadarida brasiliensis, was found inside a wall in a house in McGregor, TX late on a cold winter Friday. His rescuers, the Mortons, collected him and put him in a box, intending to find help the next day. In the morning, he was gone. Saturday night, he returned, narrowly escaping the family cat. He was returned more securely to the box, and the Mortons began calling for help. The closest rehabilitator was 125 miles away. Unwilling to let Benny die, the Mortons made the

Ziggy, an orphaned Jamaican fruit bat Artibeus jamaicensis, was spotted by a concerned member of Bat World at a childrens birthday party. He was being used as show and tell by an edutainment grouppetting zoo. Ziggy was born to one of the bat mothers the group possessed, and he was abandoned. The person who spotted him at the party alerted our VP, who then made arrangements to get him to us. The group admitted that they do not know how to care for baby bats and often lose them, so they were glad

Tinkerbell, a Jamaican fruit bat Artibeus jamaicensis, was featured in last years annual report, she has such a sweet story that we decided to include an update. Tinkerbells mother was one of the many unfortunate bats that had become ensnared in the exotic pet trade, where bats inevitably live short lives of loneliness and terror. Like so many others in her predicament, Tinkerbells mother languished in a captive environment wholly unsuited for bats and eventually died giving birth to her daughte

A state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator with Best Friends stated BWS was huge help to our rehabilitation program which has only recently started to rehabilitate bats, from the expert advice we received as well as answering frantic phones calls at all hours of the day and night when a bat patients health suddenly deteriorated. Amanda was even kind enough to help walk me through orphan bat monitoring and care when a bat in our center gave birth something we had never encountered bef

In 2013 we helped individuals and bat care professionals in 13 locations worldwide. Using photos and videos, we were able to identify species and offer medical advice. We freely shared book chapters on bat care published by Bat World Sanctuary that allowed bats to be saved in Costa Rica, Turkey, Slovenia, Cameroon, Montenegro, Sweden, Central Mexico, London, Lithuania, Greece, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Israel. Pictured below are a few of the photos we received from the rescuers we hel

By Mitch Gilley, BWS volunteer and author of our new blog Inside Bat World at Learn more about volunteers Mitch and Angela on page 33. October 1, 2013 It was around midday during my second week of work at Bat World Sanctuary, just as we were preparing to dice an entire grocery stores produce section for Peekaboos dinner, when the call came in. Bat Worlds other volunteer, Angela, and I could only hear one half of the conversation, but the other half wasnt hard to discern. Broken se

The shopkeepers, before describing their absolute certainty that this fragile three inch long mammal intended to kill them, informed us that it was last seen under a table. In turn, we informed them that it was no longer there. As we searched they bombarded us with questions that Angela, sensing perhaps that I was on the verge of overwhelmed, answered their many questions of What do you do with them after you catch them You KEEP them Youre TRAINING to do this How many do you have over there So w

That didnt happen. So, with heart pounding and breath held, I reached out. From below I heard Youre going to use your hand This made me desperately want to laugh my hand was gloved, after all. Those of you whove spent a good deal of your childhood in church know my predicament when its really bad to laugh, the urge can literally become uncontrollable. Laughing here, now, so close to this bat, would have been really bad. My lips tightened into one very strained grin, and I was grateful then to b

To a volunteer at a bat sanctuary, though, it is hilarious. Once youve hand fed a few disabled bats and wiped their faces with little bat nappies, you dont really see the whole Dracula thing anymore. We pulled into the driveway ready to bring Amanda the bat wed fetched and share the story of our success when we saw Amanda coming out of the staff entrance to meet us. Theyd called again while we were en route, having found another one in the back of the store. Wed only just left the craft shop vic

We decided that the worstcase scenario for this problem that a great many bats had been again trapped in the abandoned upper floors of the building that the craft shop was in was too severe to ignore. Not likely perhaps, but easily possible. We had to go up there, knowing that one of those abandoned pitchdark floors had once been a funeral home and had seen as much human suffering and death as that of bats, that we might be walking into a mass grave, that we might find dozens of them in simila

Three days passed, and with each one the juvies regained their strength and restlessness, and as one always hopes but is never quite precisely happy about, the time came to release them. Its the ultimate hallmark of a successful rehabilitation, but after hand feeding them day after day, its a bittersweet moment. We do our releases at the wild sanctuary, another old building purchased by Amanda years back to protect the bats that had taken up residence in it. Currently it houses approximately 50,

Pumpkin Fun Boo2 with a Bumpkin photo bomb enjoys one of many pumpkins carved and hung from the flight enclosure ceiling during the month of October.

2013 EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS Your donations have allowed us to reach over 1.5 Million people this year through educational events and online videos and posts. From classrooms to the Internet, we are making a difference for bats around the world. ON THE GROUND PRESENTATIONS WERE GIVEN TO ADULTS AND CHILDREN THROUGHOUT THE STATE OF TEXAS, IOWA, VIRGINIA, AND FLORIDA THIS YEAR, INCLUDING Weston Gardens Shangrila Gardens DFW Wildlife Coalition, 10th Anniversary Celebration Amelia IslandFernan

A FEW OF THE PROGRAMS BAT WORLD SANCTUARY PROVIDED THROUGH ONTHEGROUND AND ONLINE EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS Above left BWS Vice President Dottie Hyatt teaches elementary school children at Hilltop Elementary in Argyle, Texas about the benefits of bats. Above right BWS Treasurer Denise Tomlinson gives a summer library bat program to adults and children in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Below left Kate Rugroden, BWs Director of Special Projects, poses for a photo with elementary school students after bat pre

EDUCATIONAL FILM COLLABORATION In collaboration with Aperture Films, Bat World Sanctuary provided photos, videos and information to create an informative but fun video short explaining echolocation. The film will benefit Carlsbad Caverns and the National Park Service. For more information on the project please visit Dear Bat World Sanctuary, I have been a lover of bats for many years and always do what I can to help raise awareness and donate to help these beautiful wonde

Kate Rugroden, Bat Worlds Director of Special Projects and chair of the National WNS Stakeholder Committee The 2013 White Nose Syndrome WNS conference was held September 36 in Boise, Idaho. Over 130 researchers, government officials, and stakeholders were in attendance. The news about White Nose Syndrome continues to be grim, with the fungus now confirmed in 22 states and five Canadian provinces. States in the Midwest and Western regions are working proactively to monitor bat hibernacula. Bat c

2013 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Our accomplishments this year include raising the necessary funds to build our new facility on the 13 acres that Bat World Sanctuary acquired in 2012, a nomination for the Indy Prize, helping get the Florida bonneted bat listed as endangered, and more. A NEW BAT WORLD SANCTUARY Were so very excited to announce that between the donations made by our wonderful supporters, the sale of property donated to BWS by our President, Amanda Lollar, the recent wins in contests, and fun

INDY PRIZE NOMINATION The Indianapolis Prize, the Nobel Prize of animal conservation, is given every other year to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts involving animal species. We are proud to announce that our Founder and President, Amanda Lollar, has been chosen as one of the 39 Indy Prize nominees. As a nominee, Amanda shares the company of conservationists including Jane Goodall and Denver Holt. The Indianapolis Prize winner will receive an unrestri

A PRERELEASE FLIGHT ENCLOSURE FOR BAT WORLD MIDCITIES During the spring and summer months of 2013, this new outdoor flight cage at Bat World MidCities became home to dozens of orphaned Red bats, Brazilian freetailed bats and evening bats. Most bats spend two to three weeks in this outdoor flight enclosure, acclimating to the weather and gaining strength, speed, and agility before release. Thank you to our dedicated volunteers who worked so hard to get this enclosure constructed in just two week

Wins In 2013 we placed in two contests featured on Crowdrise, the Mozilla Firefox Challenge and the Groupon Earth Day Challenge. We are extremely grateful to our generous donors who supported us and enabled us to place 3rd in each of the above named contests. The money generated was significant in allowing us to move forward in the construction of our new Bat World facility NOTE The article below is no reflection on how incredibly grateful we feel. It is about an incident that occurred during th

her life working 1620 hour days, 365 days a year to advance the cause of bats and educate the masses to the importance of bats. Due to her efforts, BWS has approximately 47,000 loyal followers on FB. Whereas, by contrast, Jimmy stated he has never even visited the charity he represents let alone work on site for them. Either man could have written a check to their charities for the coveted 50,000 first place prize money rather than take it from another charity. They bought their victories and th

2013 CAMPAIGNS Highlighting two of our ongoing campaigns of 2013 In a clip from Man vs Wild formerly on The Discovery Channel Bear Grylls used smoke to flush bats from a cave and then struck the fleeing, terrified animals with a makeshift club and stomped on them with what seemed to be glee, jokingly referring to it as bat tennis. This actually happened, and it is not an isolated incident. Aside from bats, Bear has killed alligators, monitor lizards, capybaras and even boas. None of these animal

2013 VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Peekaboo, an Egyptian fruit bat, welcomes our new volunteers, Mitch Gilley and Angela Hughes. Mitch Gilley has advocated for animal rights his entire life. He has done so through writing and volunteering, something he is now doing full time at Bat World Sanctuary. Before volunteering for Bat World, Mitch attended Weatherford College and went on to work for a large company in Mineral Wells, Texas. One day he encountered a wounded Mexican free tail bat later named Ichabod

A very special thank you to Randy Turner, Randee and Tommy Saldoff, Laurel Rohrer, Shirley Wolf, Barbara Eston, Dede Bent, The Uphams, everyone who donated in our Fire fox, Earth Day and Ryot Challenges, RubyWhiteTips, Starrlight Jewelry Vamplets. This beautiful and intricate crossstitch of Lil Drac was created by Bat World member and Lil Drac supporter Cassondra Bailey. The project likely took hundreds of house. Cassondra donated the crossstitch to BWS to be used in a raffle that helped us se

BATS in the PANTRY Keens Apple Pie Pastry for twocrust pie 34 cup sugar 2 tbl whole wheat pastry flour 1 tsp ground cinnamon 14 tsp ground nutmeg 1 to 2 tsp lemon juice 6 to 7 cups thinly sliced, peeled and cored cooking apples 1 tsp margarine Preheat oven to 425F. Place bottom crust in bottom of 9 inch pie plate. In small bowl, combine fructosesugar and next 4 ingredients. Place half of thinly sliced apples in piecrust sprinkle with half of sugar mixture. Top with rest of apples, and remainder

BAT WORLD WINES This Collectors Pack of wines, complete with Bat World Sanctuary labels, includes one bottle each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Order one bottle or the entire collection The taste is even sweeter when you know you are saving lives with every sip. Purchase at benefitwines.combatworld BAT WORLD ECARDS Bat World Sanctuary ecards are now available, featuring our sanctuary bats. These cards can be personalized and sent for a dona

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Sponsor a bat in need Your sponsorship package includes An adoption certificate listing you as the official sponsor. The personal background of your bat. The natural history of the species. A matted photograph of your bat, suitable for framing. A graphic that represents the actual size of your bat. A oneyear online membership to BWS that includes BAT WORLDS magazine. A personalized message for a gift AdoptaBat. Our standard gift card message reads This AdoptaBat sponsorship has been made

Phone 9403253404Address 217 N. Oak Ave., Mineral Wells, TX 76067 Beene Lil Drac Mr. Kitty Little River 8 Peekaboo Little E Isis Poppy Tinkerbell Please enter the name of bats you wish to sponsor Name as it should appear the certificate Email address to receive our online magazine NOTE We do not sell, trade, or share your personal information with anyone. BILLING INFORMATION Name Phone Date SHIPPING ADDRESS Name if different than above Address City State Zip Total of sponsorship Please

WHY SAVE BATS Roughly one of every four mammals on earth is a bat. Consider this if your day includes soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, coffee, margarine, chewing gum, candles, paper, ink, wood, fuel, rope, twine, rubber, spices, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, margaritas, air fresheners or even lifesaving medicines, you are not only involved with bats, you are likely dependant upon bats. Bats are among the most beautiful and beneficial animals on earth. They are clean, gentle and intelligent. Bats ar

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