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FallWinter 2013 ANNUAL REPORT

Peekaboo, an Egyptian fruit bat with an incredible personality, who was handraised at Bat World Sanctuary. Photo by Amanda Lollar. Printed on 20 recycled paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry I

2013 YEAR END LETTER Dear Bat World Sanctuary Supporters, We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our beloved Bat World family, our loyal members, who continue to come to our defense during t

2013 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Bat World 2013 Income Grants Memberships donations AdoptaBat sponsorships Educational programs workshops Book sales commissions Bank dividends Bat World 2013 Expenses Leg

2013 YEAR END SUMMARY Income Grants Memberships Donations AdoptaBat Sponsorships Educational Workshops Book Sales Commissions 26,040.00 169,838.25 19,173.11 6,582.00 39,494.15 Expenses Legal fees Cons

2013 RESCUES This past year, your contributions enabled us to save over 542 orphaned, injured and displaced bats. The bats featured in this section represent only a few of the lives we saved, as well

Isis spent most of the eight years at the amusement park with her mate. They were the only two bats at the noisy theme park. The theme park was hoping that Isis and her mate would reproduce, but their

The orphaned freetailed pups Tadarida brasiliensis above are three of over 60 rescued during the summer of 2013 from Bat Worlds wild sanctuary. Mother bats have an extreme hardship caring for pups, wh

The orphaned freetailed bat Tadarida brasiliensis above is holding a foam tip in its mouth. Bat babies derive comfort from a binky just as human babies do. The tip is made from an eyeshadow applicator

Like the red bat on the previous page, the juvenile red bat Lasiurus borealis above was rescued by a concerned citizen after funding him lying limp in the grass. After a few days of rest and recuperat

Benny, a Brazilian freetail Tadarida brasiliensis, was found inside a wall in a house in McGregor, TX late on a cold winter Friday. His rescuers, the Mortons, collected him and put him in a box, inten

Ziggy, an orphaned Jamaican fruit bat Artibeus jamaicensis, was spotted by a concerned member of Bat World at a childrens birthday party. He was being used as show and tell by an edutainment grouppett

Tinkerbell, a Jamaican fruit bat Artibeus jamaicensis, was featured in last years annual report, she has such a sweet story that we decided to include an update. Tinkerbells mother was one of the many

A state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator with Best Friends stated BWS was huge help to our rehabilitation program which has only recently started to rehabilitate bats, from the expert adv

In 2013 we helped individuals and bat care professionals in 13 locations worldwide. Using photos and videos, we were able to identify species and offer medical advice. We freely shared book chapters o

By Mitch Gilley, BWS volunteer and author of our new blog Inside Bat World at Learn more about volunteers Mitch and Angela on page 33. October 1, 2013 It was around midday during my sec

The shopkeepers, before describing their absolute certainty that this fragile three inch long mammal intended to kill them, informed us that it was last seen under a table. In turn, we informed them t

That didnt happen. So, with heart pounding and breath held, I reached out. From below I heard Youre going to use your hand This made me desperately want to laugh my hand was gloved, after all. Those

To a volunteer at a bat sanctuary, though, it is hilarious. Once youve hand fed a few disabled bats and wiped their faces with little bat nappies, you dont really see the whole Dracula thing anymore.

We decided that the worstcase scenario for this problem that a great many bats had been again trapped in the abandoned upper floors of the building that the craft shop was in was too severe to ignor

Three days passed, and with each one the juvies regained their strength and restlessness, and as one always hopes but is never quite precisely happy about, the time came to release them. Its the ultim

Pumpkin Fun Boo2 with a Bumpkin photo bomb enjoys one of many pumpkins carved and hung from the flight enclosure ceiling during the month of October.

2013 EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS Your donations have allowed us to reach over 1.5 Million people this year through educational events and online videos and posts. From classrooms to the Internet, we are makin

A FEW OF THE PROGRAMS BAT WORLD SANCTUARY PROVIDED THROUGH ONTHEGROUND AND ONLINE EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS Above left BWS Vice President Dottie Hyatt teaches elementary school children at Hilltop Elementa

EDUCATIONAL FILM COLLABORATION In collaboration with Aperture Films, Bat World Sanctuary provided photos, videos and information to create an informative but fun video short explaining echolocation. T

Kate Rugroden, Bat Worlds Director of Special Projects and chair of the National WNS Stakeholder Committee The 2013 White Nose Syndrome WNS conference was held September 36 in Boise, Idaho. Over 130

2013 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Our accomplishments this year include raising the necessary funds to build our new facility on the 13 acres that Bat World Sanctuary acquired in 2012, a nomination for the Indy Pr

INDY PRIZE NOMINATION The Indianapolis Prize, the Nobel Prize of animal conservation, is given every other year to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts involv

A PRERELEASE FLIGHT ENCLOSURE FOR BAT WORLD MIDCITIES During the spring and summer months of 2013, this new outdoor flight cage at Bat World MidCities became home to dozens of orphaned Red bats, Braz

Wins In 2013 we placed in two contests featured on Crowdrise, the Mozilla Firefox Challenge and the Groupon Earth Day Challenge. We are extremely grateful to our generous donors who supported us and e

her life working 1620 hour days, 365 days a year to advance the cause of bats and educate the masses to the importance of bats. Due to her efforts, BWS has approximately 47,000 loyal followers on FB.

2013 CAMPAIGNS Highlighting two of our ongoing campaigns of 2013 In a clip from Man vs Wild formerly on The Discovery Channel Bear Grylls used smoke to flush bats from a cave and then struck the fleei

2013 VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Peekaboo, an Egyptian fruit bat, welcomes our new volunteers, Mitch Gilley and Angela Hughes. Mitch Gilley has advocated for animal rights his entire life. He has done so thro

A very special thank you to Randy Turner, Randee and Tommy Saldoff, Laurel Rohrer, Shirley Wolf, Barbara Eston, Dede Bent, The Uphams, everyone who donated in our Fire fox, Earth Day and Ryot Challeng

BATS in the PANTRY Keens Apple Pie Pastry for twocrust pie 34 cup sugar 2 tbl whole wheat pastry flour 1 tsp ground cinnamon 14 tsp ground nutmeg 1 to 2 tsp lemon juice 6 to 7 cups thinly sliced, pee

BAT WORLD WINES This Collectors Pack of wines, complete with Bat World Sanctuary labels, includes one bottle each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Or

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Sponsor a bat in need Your sponsorship package includes An adoption certificate listing you as the official sponsor. The personal background of your bat. The natural history of the species. A matt

Phone 9403253404Address 217 N. Oak Ave., Mineral Wells, TX 76067 Beene Lil Drac Mr. Kitty Little River 8 Peekaboo Little E Isis Poppy Tinkerbell Please enter the name of bats you wish to spo

WHY SAVE BATS Roughly one of every four mammals on earth is a bat. Consider this if your day includes soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, coffee, margarine, chewing gum, candles, paper, ink, wood, fuel, rope