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CELEBRATING 4 ADDY AWARDS OVER 6 YEARS OF SERVICE Rough Seas on the Way to Destination Healthy Access to healthcare, obesity and addiction are the top health issues residents face as we sail into 2012 page 32 Getting a Handle on Diabetes page 16 Community Farming page 20 Battling Acne page 39 Running Anyone Can Heres How page 42 Got Testosterone page 46

Introducing ER Extra TM Extra Fast, Extra Easy, Extra Great. Who doesnt want a little extra ER Extra is a revolutionary new emergency room experience spending more time focusing on your care and less time with the typical hospital ER hassles. At Wuesthoff Health System, we know how to deliver the finest care without the extra delays and excuses. Exclusively at

digital mammography... your future For Brevards comprehensive breast center Breast cancer support groups ACS cancer resource center Private counseling services Se habla espaol Lymphedema seminars Positron emission mammography PEM Diagnostic biopsy Breast ultrasound 1140 Broadband Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32901 One mile west of Melbourne Airport 3217331901 A service of the American Cancer Society Independently owned and operated

inside this issue departments 16 House Calls Getting a Handle on Diabetes 18 Senior Health On the Mind QA Checking Out Senior Communities 16 39 20 on the cover 32 Rough Seas on the Way to Destination Healthy Access to healthcare, obesity and addictions are the top three health issues facing residents as we sail into 2012. ILLUSTRATION BY Roxann Morin 24 Healing Our Bodies, Emotions and Minds 28 30 Meet Dr. James Raders Your Childs Oral Health 37 Anatomy Weight Loss Permanent is Poss

Volunteers in Medicine Space Coast SCVIM Palm Bay, Florida One 4Hour Shi Once a Month Sovereign Immunity, too P.S. ...Hugs Included... PublisherFounder CYNTHIA CINTRON CALHOUN Creative Director ROXANN MORIN EditorWriter MARIA SONNENBERG Contributing Editor SUSAN RUDMANN Sales ConsultantAdmin. Support CAROL KUEPPERS Adminstrative Support MICHELLE WILLIAMS Contributing Writers VANESSA BILLINGSLEY DUNCAN BOWEN, PHD INGA DEVLIN ARVIND DHOPLE, PHD JAMES V. EATON, LMHC, PA BILL HAHN IZABELA KOBO

321.724.4545 Dedicated to providing quality and compassionate health care, community and professional education and advocacy for seniors. The Osler Geriatrics Team left to right Joan Burritt, MSN, GNP, John H. Potomski, Jr., DO, CMD, Karen Stewart, MD, Giovanni Lupo, MD, JoAnna Jensen, MSN, FNP, Marva EdwardsMarshall, DNP, ANP, Kristen Murphy, MSN, FNP, Michelle Lewis, MSN, GNP, FNP, Susan Waterbury, MSN, FNP and Jo Ann Fisher, MSN, FNP OSLER GERIATRICS PRACTICE SITES Nursing and Rehabilitat facebook.comZipperUroGyn 321.674.2114 CONFIDENCE to laugh out loud BLADDER BOWEL CONTROL Inability to control bladder or bowel is embarrassing. Zipper Urogyn o ers stateoftheart testing and minimally invasive treatment for fecal incontinence.

from my desk H ere we are, a new year once again. Whatever happened to 2011 and all the great things we were going to accomplish If youre like me, you had some victories and some defeats. Once again, Im resolving to make no resolutions, opting instead for setting small, attainable goals because I prefer to set myself up for success. Actually, life is very good at the moment. Weve added a member to our family, Mignon, our Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Oh, the responsibilities of new parenthood Ive a

contributors Vanessa Billingsley Vanessa Billingsley is a wellness writer with Fountain of You, a boutiquestyle antiaging medical center that evaluates, teaches and coordinates individualized age management programs for men and women. Both practice at the Adult and Child Counseling Psychiatric Center in Satellite Beach, where James is also a partner and clinical director. Dr. Bowen has worked with individuals in the private and community mental health settings for over 25 years. He has been a

Izabela is the owner and founder of Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center, international beauty consultant, educator and researcher. She is constantly searching the world for new and innovative, noninvasive options to help women restore, maintain and achieve the very best skin and appearance possible. Izabela is passionate about helping women feel confident and beautiful at every age and is committed to focusing on longterm care and maintence to ensure skins good health and beauty. She is married to Ja

contributors continued Joseph Slattery, MD, obtained his medical degree from the Creighton University Medical School and completed his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Slattery has become an expert on soft tissue injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes. He obtained Advanced Certification of Competency in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and a certificate in Motor Vehicle Crash Forensic Risk Analysis. He has also rece

bulletin board The community bulletin board highlights information about ongoing or upcoming community happenings and volunteer opportunities in Brevard. MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND VOUNTEER Parttime support is needed for the gym walking supervisors from 830 to 10AM. For information call Michele or Louise at the 55 Club of Satellite Beach, 321 7838942. SAVE THE DATE Brevard Community College Career Planning and Development Center and Health Science Department hosts the 1st Annual Health Science Career

House Calls Getting a Handle on Diabetes By Sal Martingano, DC The average American consumes over 120 lbs. of sugar per year, more sugar in one day than our ancestors consumed in one year. T ype 2 diabetes is a devastating, formerly deadly metabolic disease that was first noted in the second century AD as a condition of excessive sweetness in the urine. Today we understand the sweetness to be the result of sugar, aka glucose, not entering the cells of the body because the hormone insulin i

Choose life after stroke. Choose HealthSouth. After a stroke, life has its challenges. But, it also has hope. And it begins when you choose HealthSouth for rehabilitation. Here, stroke survivors receive aggressive therapy with stateoftheart technology and an experienced team of rehab professionals. Combined with a multidisciplinary approach to rehab, personalized therapy programs and education, patients regain independence, restore confidence and reach optimum outcomes. When life brings you a

Senior Health Checking Out Senior Communities Navigating through the maze of senior community options could seem like a daunting task, but following these tips will simplify the process and help you find the community that is perfect for you. By Bruce B. Rosenblatt Start Early. Take time to compare the different senior communities in your area, so you will feel confident youve made the right choice. Be True to Yourself. Dont Procrastinate. Make a list of services, amenities and features th

Read More More articles by Bruce Rosenblatt including Solve the Mystery of Long Term Care and Have you had The Talk at Come for Dinner. Photo Credit iStockphoto.comlisafx The more you can experience of the lifestyle the better. How is the atmosphere in the dining room Is there a dress code for dinner Does the menu offer good variety Is the service attentive Can the chef accommodate specific dietary requirements Will you enjoy dining here unteer within the commun

H theFARMYARD By Jayne McAllister REVOLUTION Locally grown produce and meats allow more consumers to buy their meals directly from a local farmer. ave you ever been lured by a huge, perfectlooking strawberry, only to cut it open and find its center to be white, watery and tasteless Your disappointment took roots perhaps thousands of miles away from your home, where that strawberry was picked well before it was ripe, just so it could be displayed in pseudoperfection at your local supermark

Photo Credit Florida Fields to Forks Melbourne farmer Dan Jameson of RB Farms is a good example of a CSA farm. RB Farms CSA members pay 385 for a full share for 15 weeks of the 90 or so crops that Jameson expects to harvest this season. A full share consists of between eight and ten items per week, an item being defined as whatever the weeks count of a certain crop is. Half shares are also available in which members receive between four and six items at 285 for 15 weeks. Brevards newest CSA, Fl


The Henegar Center for the Arts The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman Thurs Jan 26, 8pm Karla Bonoff Sun Feb 19, 7pm Sun Mar 11, 8pm Jan 20 Feb 5 Fri Jan 13, 7 9pm On Sale Now Fri Apr 13, 8pm Mar 9 Apr 1 321 7839004 Tickets also available at 625 E. New Haven Avenue Downtown Melbourne Theatre District 3217238698 Hospice of St. Francis invites you to attend the new Young Adult Grief Support Program for Adults from 19 to 30 2nd 4th Wednesd

On The Mind Healing Our Bodies, Emotions and Minds Bringing balance and harmony back into the mind allows us to to live a healthy happy life. By Duncan Bowen, PhD and James V. Eaton, LMHC, PA A ll of us have been hurt, wounded or abused. Its hard to go through life without experiencing several such painful events. These hurts, wounds andor abuses can be physical andor emotional. They can be caused by strangers, authority figures or loved ones. They can also come from within, or be selfinflict

there is positive impact for both the person in need as well as the person helping. Again, people help people. In addition to physical healing and emotional healing, there must be a healing of the mind The mind is like the executor over our emotions and our body. When the executor over everything is having thinking distortions, learned irrational beliefs or has become addicted, the emotions and body cannot function in a healthy manner and intervention is needed. When we are children, we learn to

Mood Food Is the key to mental wellbeing in the kitchen By Arvind M. Dhople, PhD I Brains are roughly 60 percent fats, so the fats we eat or fail to eat could be changing the architecture of the brain. n the last 200 years, the human diet has changed dramatically fish oils, fruit and vegetables have taken a back seat to sugar, saturated fats and salt. Amid worries that such changes are affecting our health, nutritional science has become a major area of research. But are dietary changes als

found that high levels of consumption of sugary soft drinks were associated with mental illness and conduct problems. Artificial addictives have a reputation for adverse effects on behavior, particularly in children. The food industry insists that such addictives have been tested and shown to be safe indeed, E numbers mean that the compounds are approved for use, even in European Union EU. However, behavior change is not something that toxicologists normally test. In 2004, a study that pulled to

QA Meet Dr. James Raders Dr. James Raders practices at Zipper Urogynecology Associates, one of the nations top centers for the treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, overactive bladder and vaginal rejuvenation. Since you are new to Central Florida, can you tell us a little about yourself I received my undergraduate training and attended medical school at the University of Iowa. I completed my postdoctoral work and training in urogynecology at the University of

pelvic floor disorders that include overactive bladder, urinary and fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. How are these disorders commonly treated Are pelvic floor disorders common Many women are under the impression that they are alone in their struggles and therefore afraid or nervous to seek help. Its our job to help them know they are not. It is estimated that onethird of all women in this country will be affected by some type of pelvic floor disorder at one time in her lifetime.

QA Your Childs Oral Health Dentists receive all kinds of questions about teeth, for example How does my friend get three dollars for every tooth from the Tooth Fairy I put two teeth under my pillow, it took two nights, and then I only got a few quarters While the mysteries of the Tooth Fairy cannot be shared, here are the answers to some other important questions about childrens oral health. By Ryan Osorio, DMD When should I take my child in for the first dental visit One of the main goals of

Candy alone doesnt cause a cavity in a tooth, but if the wrong kinds of bacteria are sitting on the tooth in a mesh of plaque, those bacteria will also eat the candy and excrete acid waste. This acid waste, along with acidic foods and drinks are what cause the tooth to decay, forming a cavity. Communicate with your child about why he or she should brush and the consequences of not keeping up good habits. Make sure to be age appropriate in your discussion. I know a parent who gets his three year

Rough Seas on the way to Destination Healthy By Maria Sonnenberg Access to healthcare, obesity and addictions are the top three health issues facing residents as we sail into 2012

T The Health Council of East Central Florida is one of 11 local health planning councils created by Florida statute in 1982, and represents Brevard, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. he good news is that when it comes to healthcare, Brevard fares better than most other counties in the state. The bad news is that Florida doesnt compare too favorably with other states when comparing healthcare availability, policies and practices. In 2009, Florida Techs Community Health Summit identified se

Drinking Driving By Joseph Slattery, MD The aftermath of drinking and driving is one of the most pressing public health concerns in America today. You would be hard pressed to find a single person who has not lost a friend or family member to an alcohol related crash. Statistics show that one in three people will be involved in an alcohol related crash in their lifetime. One person every minute is injured in an alcohol related crash and over 10,000 people will die in an alcohol related crash th

mary concerns noted in Community Health Forums 2009 findings. According to Haridopolos, the problems may have even been further exacerbated by the recession. They continue to be a trending problem and if I were to guess why were not making progress, I would point to the economy, said the physician. The least expensive food is fast food, which is not the best food for you because its higher in fat and calories. Haridopolos advocates an increase in substance abuse treatment facilities. Theres been

Anatomy Weight Loss Permanent is Possible Tips to help you take the weight off...and keep it off. By Shari Maddix, MD W Photo Credits iStockphoto.compixelbrat, moswyn hen evaluating a weight loss program, it is normal to ask questions. What will I eat How much do I need to lose Is this going to be an easy plan to stick to Bariatric physicians ask many questions to uncover the goals and attitudes of their patients. Why do you want to lose weight How often do you dine out What foods do you cra

Skin Sense Acne Treatment Options Through treatment and maintenance you dont have to suffer from acne anymore. By Izabela Kobobel Photo Credit iStockphoto.comdigitalskillet A cne is a skin condition characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red growths known as papules, pustules and cysts, more commonly called pimples or zits. The most common type of acne is vulgaris, which tends to appear in teens and young adults between the ages of 12 and 25. About 20 percent of women develop

Learn More Laser Skin Rejuvenation is the only facility in Brevard County that focuses on acne treatment and medical procedures are performed by medical doctors on staff. For more information call 321 6903336. Topicals Dermatologists experience a high rate of success with topicals such as Tretinoin, an acid form of vitamin A and is available as a cream or gel by prescription only. Brand names include Aberela, Airol, Renova, Atralin, RetinA, Avita, Retacnyl, Refissa, or StievaA. Tretinoin is a

Run Towards a Healthier You By Inga Devlin O Running is good for your body and its good for your brain too. 42 Photo Credit iStockphoto.comamriphoto ne way to have a healthier, more active lifestyle this year is to start running, because running is great exercise for both body and mind. The benefits of running for your health are significant. Running improves your blood circulation, allowing your brain, your muscles and every organ of your body to receive more

As with any exercise, always consult you primary physician before you start. Make sure your physician gives you the green light to jog, run and exercise. A key to running is to start your run slowly, gradually allowing your body and your brain to switch into workout mode. It usually takes between five to ten minutes of running slowly for your body to adjust to a running pace. By following simple, achievable running plans youll be able to build your stamina and confidence. I recommend the follow

Nutrition T he foundation should consist of three key elements a Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula, Essential Fatty Acids and an Antioxidant Formula. Multi Vitamin and Minerals. Most people believe that a oneaday multivitamin will provide the basis for nutritional health. These formulas are woefully short of enough Vitamin C, Bcomplex, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and other trace minerals that are lacking in our diet. To get sufficient daily doses pression as well as certain skin ailmen

Antioxidant Formula. We need antioxidants to help us prolong our youth and slow down the aging process. Prooxidants damage our cells much the way rust deteriorates a piece of metal. Consuming foods high in antioxidants along with taking additional antioxidants in supplements may help protect our cells from unnecessary damage thereby reducing our risk of many diseases. Green drinks, which are blends of cereal grasses from the sprouts of wheat, alfalfa and oat grass along with algaes known as spir

Natural Healing Got Testosterone many as 20 percent of men over age 50 may be hypogonadal... By Vanessa Billingsley L Loss of libido andor inability to maintain an erection Fatigue Fat gain Decreased bone health Dry skin Aches and pains in the joints Depression Irritability Decrease in muscle tone Decrease in hair distribution of the chest and face Tendency to retract from life Decreased confidence Anxiety Loss of memory Experiencing feelings of being overstressed or ove

GET YOUR Any Age AntiAging Treatments Menopause Treatments BioIdentical Hormone Therapy Human Growth Hormone HGH Thyroid Evaluation Nutritional Counseling Andropause Therapy Rx Supplements ActiveFX DeepFXTM BACK Laser Treatments Fractional Laser Treatment Skin Resurfacing IPL Rejuvenation Hair Removal Vein Sclerotherapy Preventive Aesthetic Botox Cosmetic Fillers Medical Chemical Peels Skin Care Products Microdermabrasion Brevard Countys Only Dedicated AntiAging Center Now o ering se

W By Eileen Tighe 48 Photo Credit iStockphoto.comabzee Horses for Health hoa Did you know that horses work with medical students to improve their bedside manner, or that horses assist grief and domestic violence counselors and first responders suffering from vicarious trauma and veterans struggling after their return from war zones Horses can be highly effective coaches for any of us, leading the way to fresh insights on problems and helping us build the confid

Horses can be highly effective coaches for any of us, leading the way to fresh insights on problems and helping us build the confidence to move forward when we feel stuck. ger to develop stronger leadership skills. Some providers of equine learning experiences are generalists, while others specialize in psychotherapy or corporate training. Some participate in programs such as Horses for Heroes, which serves veterans, many suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Typically, sessions involve

spotlights Keep your KidneyBeans Healthy By Dr. Udau Desai a multidisciplinary team of primary care physician, cardiologist and nephrologist. CKD is typically insidious, with not many symptoms until the disease has reached an advanced stage. Individuals may notice loss of appetite, gradual weight loss, metallic taste sensation, difficulty in concentration, frequent fatigue, leg cramps at night, dry and itchy skin and nocturia, or the need to get up in the Dr. Udau Desai night to urinate, thus in

Bill Hahn This lesson has allowed me to share my story in words and photographs. I was asked what the first thing I remembered seeing when my vision was restored. It wasnt a beautiful sunrise or a gorgeous beach. It was the undying look in a loved ones eyes, a sight that was truly a vision. I now face my biggest challenge Medicare. On the anniversary of my lifesaving transplant, my health insurance was terminated on New Years Eve. My threeyear honeymoon is over. This year, I wont be celebrating

consumer advocacy Are We Hearing This Right By R. Dan Taylor When the consumer purchases from the drug store, or directly from an insurance provider or over the Internet, he does not receive even the most basic of examinations to check for abnormalities or blockages and not given any practical training in the proper placement of the product. Inserting either the cheapest personal sound amplification product or the most expensive of hearing aids made, into an ear plugged full of gooey wax, will h

Several pharmaceutical firms, health care diagnostic and product companies, hospice and home health organizations, as well as some of Brevard Countys LTC facilities, pharmacies and hospitals also supported the symposium as exhibitors. The symposium was organized by Jo Ann Fisher, MSN, FNPBC, Executive Director of BCMDA, with support from the staff of Osler Geriatrics and Brevard Geriatric Assessment Services, who managed the registration process and supplied the CEU credit. Father Robert Bruckar

Simplicity. Sophistication. Satisfaction. We reduce complexity and focus on what is most important making communication between people as easy as possible. We offer tailored solutions and groundbreaking service. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY FROM THE WORLD MARKET LEADER DISCREET, EASY TO OPERATE PRODUCTS EXCELLENT PRICEPERFORMANCE RATIO In business for more than 20 years Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Melbourne Hearing Care 321 720 E. New Haven Ave, Suite 12 Walkins Welcome 930AM NO

Experience the Best of the Performing Arts. . . Close to Home Glen Campbell Wilson Phillips Elvis Costello photo Paul credit Henne ssy Become a STAR Member today The Moody Blues More information available on Bill OReilly 3212422219 The only OFFICIAL source for King Center tickets Reserved Parking Available PICK PAY PRINT ONLINE Group Hotel Ticket Packages 321 4335824

calendar Address Key One Senior Place 8085 Spyglass Hill Road, Viera DRS Community Center 1089 S Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach King Center 3865 North Wickham Road, Melbourne KING CENTER Prices shown are single ticket and do not include applicable handling fees. Purchase tickets at the Ticket Office, at 3865 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, Ticket Hotline 321 2422219 or Check for updates new shows added all the

Indoor Walking Group, 830 to 10AM, Tue., Wed. Thurs at DRS Community Center. Upbeat music, airconditioned gym on rubberized floor. Cost Adults and Senior free. Info 321 7736458. Legacy Harbor Memory Resource Center at One Senior Place, 2nd 4th Fri, 9AM to Noon by appointment only. Free consultations for those with a loved one dealing with dementia, memory loss or Alzheimers Disease. Info 321 2536320. Legal Aspects of Divorce and Separation Monthly, 1st Sat, 10AM to noon at Womens Center, 1425

calendar continued February 17 930AM to 4PM, March 16, April 13 AARP Driver Safety Class, 10AM to 4PM at One Senior Place. 6hour class designed to help individuals retain driving competencies. Cost 14 or 12 for AARP Members. Come with lunch no time to leave. Register at 321 2429768. February 21 Caregiver Caf, 6 to 8PM at One Senior Place. Meet other caregivers and health professionals who understand your challenges. To RSVP call 321 2534430 or 321 9517118. February 21, March 22 Medicaid Plannin

Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group, meets last Mon each month except May and December, 7 to 9PM at Home Builders and Contractors Assoc., 1500A West Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne. For info call pt May and December. For info call 800 2272345. Parkinsons Support Group of Brevard, 4th Thurs, 130PM, Eau Gallie Public Library, 1521 Pineapple Ave., Melbourne. For info call 321 7529001. Space Coast Hepatitis Support Group, 630PM, 2nd Tues. each month at Wuesthoff Hospital,110 Longwood Ave., Rockledg

hospitals health providers Brevard County Health Department Clinic locations 611 Singleton Ave., Titusville 1744 Cedar St., Rockledge 2275 S. Babcock St., Melbourne 2555 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera. Administrative offices, 2575 N. Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island Appointments 321 6377300. owned and operated, integrated healthcare network with four notforprofit hospitals Cape Canaveral Hospital at 701 W. Cocoa Beach Cswy., Cocoa Beach, 321 7997111 Holmes Regional Medical Center, including Vi

services sponsors directory accounting Forensic Accounting Specialists, Inc. CPA, Fraud, Litigation, Audit, Valuation, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxation See ad on page 3 Miguel Mata, CPA 1900 S. Harbor City Blvd., Suite 325 Melbourne, FL 32901 321 8720534 Individual Corporate Taxes Member FICPA Se Habla Espaol 321 6104542 321 6108141 Bankruptcy, Wills Trusts, Guardianship and Probate. fitness AbFab Pilates Authentic Pilates Equipment Training, Barre Classes. Free Intro Cla

services sponsors directory continued Space Coast Vascular Peripheral Artery Disease Screenings See ad on page 27 Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine Providing Free Medical and Dental Care for the Uninsured See ad on page 6 Zipper Urogyn Bladder Bowel Control See ad on page 8 Dr. James Raders See ad on page 29 nutrition Natures Market Natural Health Products See ad on page 43 Paradise Health Nutrition Supplements, Health Beauty Products, Foods, Homeopathics and More See ad on page 45 rehabi

4 .5 OUT OF 5 STAR QUALIT Y IS WITHIN YOUR RE ACH Reach for the stars For quality health care, weve earned the most stars for the second year in a row. Health First Health Plans has earned an overall quality rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS for 2012, making our Medicare Advantage plans the best available to residents of Brevard County. What are we graded on Medicare gathers information from surveys of members and providers, claims information,

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