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TWO CROSSES TWO HEARTS FOREVER AS ONE Cross 800.952.3412 Comfort The

Story WHATS YOUR How did you come to work in this industry No doubt God has been grooming you for this your entire life. It is no coincidence that you are working with those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. For having met so many such as yourself, I have found the common denominator to be that you have been blessed with a caring heart. Little did I expect to be led to work in this industry ministry...from my background as a freelance artist, wife, mother and now grandmother, commun

THEN In January of 2000 at my motherinlaws death my brotherinlaw Michael instinctively took one of our small crosses and sliced it into two crosses. He put one in his mothers casket and gave the other to his sister Ann as a keepsake. As she held the cross tightly in her hand, Ann felt an overwhelming sense of comfort in knowing her mother would always be with well as peace in knowing her mother was safely home in the presence of God. and NOW Your families will always remember the mome

We have found that the offering of the Comfort Cross is a true sign of how Jesus is the true comforter and hope to families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. It has also affected our family advisors in a deeply profound way as they experience the love of Christ enter into the familys grief as the healing waters of their tears flow. Many of our families have been away from the church for some time, and the gift of the Comfort Cross is a wonderful way of saying, welcome home. Deacon Paul

Many families need em Cross gives th l. The Comfort after the funera to erally hold on something to lit e. to their loved on ection ice a tangible conn Cremation Serv m Funeral and F.S.PQuattlebau bout, M.S., C. Cheryl D. God ross The Comfort C n give to the ful gift that you ca is the most meaning cemetery for they come into the family at the time gible affirmation meeting. It is a tan the preinterment s and a very communion of saint of our belief in the that even though personal reminder l

Program 1 2 3 4 5 6 ATNEED Including the Comfort Cross as you meet with the family, place the cross on the table...picking it up from time to time. Holding it is like whispering a prayer to God inviting Him to speak through you as He soothes the hearts of those who are grieving. once the particulars of the arrangements are completed, take the cross, offer it to the family and explain this is a gift to you with our deepest sympathy. read the Comfort Cross narrative aloud...that they may ful

PICTURE FRAME Comfort Cross KEEPSAKE Holds 2.5 x 3.5 photo of your loved one and displays your treasured Comfort Cross TheComfort Cross ashes to ashes...stone to stone This Jerusalem Stone cross has been cut into two pieces one as a gift to leave with your loved one as Jesus lifts their soul into eternal life and the other for you to keepjust as you will always keep them close to your heart. As the cross symbolizes eternal life given to us through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, this

THE ANGEL OF MY HEART, MY PRECIOUS CHILD Bereavement angel comes with the following narrative I leave this little heart with you, a symbol of our love so true. This angel I shall always keep while knowing in Gods arms you sleep. 2012 Holy Land Stone Company LOGO HER E YOU R included your logo optional GIFT BAG ...quarried in the Holy Land and Made in America 733 North Dr, Ste E Melbourne, FL 32934 ph 800.952.3412 fx 877.725.7860 800.952.3

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