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report card off on the right foot. Published by Creative Troupe, LLC Healthy ears, nose throat, Nicole TRouPe coNTRibuTiNg PhoTogRaPheR KeiTh beTTeRly E ars, nose, and throat problems can prevent your child from learning, enjoying the classroom, and feeling good in general. If your child to Dr. MalisBrevard and Indian River Countys only FellowshipTrained, BoardCertified Pediatric ENT Specialist. From pinpointing the problem to providing topnotch treatments, we ha

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For the Moments You Want to Breathe In... And the Relief of Being Able To. Sinusitis affects 37 million in the U.S. each year S evere sinus symptoms dont just limit your daily activities. They limit your everyday quality of life, making the times you should enjoy most virtually impossible to enjoy. Break free of sinus misery with Balloon SinuplastyTM an advanced, minimally invasive sinus surgerynow offered by Dr. Malis Potentially permanent results fast improvement of symptoms Much more e

Always have Charm dowNloAd CHARM oN tHe spACe CoAst MAgAziNe to YoUR ipAds oR ipHoNes bY visitiNg spACeCoAstCHARM.CoM ANd CliCk oN tHe iMAge of tHe CURReNt editioN. CliCk opeN iN ibooks ANd voilA YoU HAve CHARM to CARRY witH YoU eveRYwHeRe. 2011 Apple iNC. All RigHts ReseRved. Apple, tHe Apple logo ANd ipAd, ARe RegisteRed tRAdeMARks of Apple iNC., RegisteRed iN tHe U.s. ANd otHeR CoUNtRies. 10 CHARM JANUARY 2012 spACeCoAstCHARM.CoM

letteR fRoM tHe pUblisHeR of amer 66 erweight icans are ov and i am one of them... this year that will change Not only do i want to battle the bulge but i want to be able to run a 5k and shop for clothes without worrying about which bumps will be disguised. in order to succeed i knew that i needed a plan. for that plan i have turned to Club performax. they have a fast track system that has a proven record of success. over the next 6 months i will post my status in the magazine with hopes th



20 Years imagine making a deal with one of your friends that if you made it big time, you would provide help for their newfound project. Now picture after 20 years of being a celebrity, youre still helping out with the cause that you said you would. this is exactly what happened to tim wakefield. wakefield is a native of Melbourne, florida and in his school days, he promised his friend that if he made it to the professional level of baseball, he would help her with her nonprofit preschool, space

has been successful for wakefield because of the deceptiveness of the pitch. wakefield began his transformation to a pitcher in 1989 and didnt look back. He is currently the active leader in innings pitched 3,226.2, wins 200 and losses 180 for his career. wakefield hosts an annual golf tournament and memorabilia auction with the proceeds going to the sCeiC. sponsors of the annual event get to take part in a foursome golf outing with wakefield and other participating celebrities.. some notable in

ClUb peRfoRMAX left to yourselfyou will not see results, says Rod steward, owner and personal trainer at Club performax in suntree. this jingle is just the earcatching advertisement needed to get your feet moving over to Club performax to sign up for a personal trainer. Rod and wife Risa have eliminated all the barriers that get in the way of failure, and have left room only for results. Club performax is affordable, accessible, and provides a high degree of fun. Having the latest exercise toys


Be Bet Forever t er ese e all th Mayb ave s you h is year ed th proach ap n the dition i . tra way wrong does just hearing the word resolutions make you want to crawl in bed and kiss the New Year goodbye Have you always tried and failed at resolutions when toilet training a toddler, going on a liquid diet, or getting a mammogram starts to appeal to you more than making a New Years Resolution, you know you have crossed the line over to a Resolution Revolt. this is when you make an agreement with

great success rate. they achieve their resolutions to the letter. they lose that weight and keep it off they organize not only their homes but their lives as well, and they become better people in the process. solution lower your bar and set a time line to begin perfectionism can paralyze people. temper your philosophy of, if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well, with a portion of Just do it mentality. put perfectionism in its place where it is an asset. since it is more important to

CoMMUNitY bANk of tHe soUtH if you are looking for a bank that takes a personal interest in you, then Community bank of the south should be your choice. with three locations to choose from in Merritt island, Rockledge and Cocoa, banking is both easy and convenient. since being approved by the small business lending fund of the U.s. department of the treasury, Community bank is ready to give small existing businesses a jump start toward success, at a bank where you are not a number but a name. A


THe Kindness the old song, Rainy days and louisville, kentucky area with various acts of kindness that would make even jolly old santa proud. some of the girls favorites were scattering dollar bills around the dollar store, baking cookies for their ballet teachers and putting a gift card in a random book at booksaMillion. some unsuspecting recipients sure got a Merry Christmas surprise As they were blessing people with their kind deeds, they too were blessed indeed elle, age five, proudly excla

ready to put on the market. being a mom of many words i decided to strike up the conversation with, so Josh, what do you want to be when you grow up Josh thought for a moment then wisely answered, Mom, i do not want to just have a career, i want to make a difference. that was one of those monumental Motherhood moments for me. i realized that as we parents teach our children, they are teaching us. Joshs words have become my lifes goal, to make a difference in this world. what about you do you wan

pilAtes ANd fitNess pRivAte stUdio it is at the pilates and fitness private studio, located off pineda extension, where sarah Nephews challenges women to be healthy and fit. Her motto, keep on Moving, helps women discover that exercise can be fun and that goals can become a reality. Her passion for physical exercise has developed into her profession. sarahs journey began when she received a Masters degree in dance from the University of iowa. After dancing professionally in New York City, and r


In t Kit he chen witH lUCY vegetAble CoUsCoUs 3 cups ch icken or v egetable b 1 cup Fr roth ench cou scous 2 tbsp oli ve oil 1 cup red onion, cho pped smal 2 cups zu l cchini, ch opped 1 cup cho pped fres h spinach French c ouscous looks like tiny grain a but it is actually a semolina p tiny asta, whe reas Isra pearled co eli or uscous is a bit l shaped lik arger, e round b alls, made of regular out wheat JANUARY 2012 spACeCoAstCHARM.CoM Vegetable Couscous 26 CHARM

Many people decide that with the New Year they will turn over a new leaf. getting fit and going on a diet or losing weight are some of the top resolutions. Unfortunately, within a few months, our resolve has weakened and we are right back to the same old bad habits. so this year, lets just resolve to eat more vegetables. in 2000, the U.s. government set modest goals for the amount of fruits and vegetables people should eat, but a decade later the majority of Americans are still not even close. e

leANNA fARRell desigN leanna farrell and liz Amero have combined their expertise to offer their clients the benefit of 40 plus years in the designfurniture industry. leanna farrell brings over 20 years of experience in the interior design and visual arts fields to her projects. Ms. farrell excels in color and attention to detail. i feel tremendously rewarded by the difference i make in someones life, not only by making their home more beautiful, but by enjoying the process with them. liz began


The Me, the Ms and the girl THe arT oF reST the very phrase woRking out implies that we have to do soMetHiNg....its built right into the title...woRk. we have heard it called many things exercise, training, lifting, throwin iron, cardio, getting into shape, hitting the gym, etc. All of which implies movement and exertion. so, when we talk about rest, does it have a place in something called woRking out the answer is unequivocally, yes exercise in fundamentally about movement. warm up, elevate

calories at a higher rate. eventually through training, the rest periods become shorter and the work periods become longer...hence extending your Me time. And... after all we do, arent we entitled to a little Me time if your goal of training is for Ms, Muscular strength, then your sets would consist of heavier weights, lower reps and a rest time of up to one full minute. why because during this loading phase, the muscles are recruiting more fibers during the contraction in order to be able to mo

New iMAge MAXillofACiAl sURgeRY An aspect of being a woman is the desire to turn heads and have people say, there she goes, as you walk by. As one progresses in life, one cannot avoid the potential effect of gravity on the face, dr. king kim of New image Maxillofacial surgery comments. dr. kim completed a fellowship in facial cosmetic surgery. dr. kim and partner, dr. schmid, offer free consultations to discuss ways to enhance and rejuvenate your looks without making drastic changes to your appe


Open up any fashion magazine aNd you wIll be boMbarded even for a cosmetic surgeon, the options can be overwhelming. to aid in my decision, i ask this question does the science make sense show me the results fewer wrinkles, smoother, clearer skin, longer lashes, etc... it is important to realize that our choices include pharmaceuticals drugs, cosmoceuticals cosmetics combined with pharmaceuticals and botanicals herbals organic. botanicals and cosmoceuticals are often less irritating and have f

products are purchased online, particularly cosmoceuticals, there is no guarantee that the ingredients are included despite package claims. vitamins C and e play important roles in wound healing, Uv ray protection, and improving age spots and wrinkles. similarly, vitamin C ascorbic acid palmetate has more antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties than ascorbic acid xxx. lascorbic acid is effective but highly sensitive to degradation upon exposure to light and oxygen. it must be stabilized as f

bReNt AllAN sAloN ANd dAY spA brenda brozman, owner of brent Allan salon, always loved doing hair and makeup. training in beauty school while only 19, brendas passion has proved to be her life long career. inside the brent Allan salon and day spa you will find luxury pedicure chairs, and multiple private massage rooms. the salon uses paul Mitchell hair products, which contain 50 less ammonia than most hair colors on the market. All stylists at brent Allan are color specialists that have undergon


4 CoCoA fARMeRs MARket the City of Cocoas farmers Market is held every wednesday in downtown Cocoa village near the gazebo on brevard Avenue. every week there will be vendors selling items to include fresh produce, honey, homemade pasta sauce and bread, baked goods, handmade jewelry, arts crafts items, and much more for more information, visit the markets website or call 321917 0721. 5 RoCkledge fARMeRs MARket Mclarty park, 790 barton blvd. 6 fiRst fRidAY ARt wAlk 530 pM 800 pM first friday A

2122 22Nd ANNUAl iNdiAlANtiC ARt festivAl, 1000 AM 500 pM the quaint, oceanfront town of indialantic is the backdrop for this Annual Art festival held along the Atlantic ocean off A1A. More than 100 of the nations finest artists, blending a perfect balance of wellknown favorites and the latest names in the contemporary art scene, will converge on Nance park for two memorable days. stroll among lifesize sculptures, spectacular paintings, oneofakind jewels, photography, ceramics and much, more. 2


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