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Aprilavril 2013 Volume 90 Issue 2 Kinsmen Fanshawe Sugar Bush Maple Festival Official Publication of Organe officiel de Kin Canada

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Presidents Message Pulling Together Teamwork This is what Kin Canada does best, we work together hence my theme this year, Pulling Together. I saw a perfect example of teamwork at Telemiracle in Dist

Executive Director CEOs Message Leveraging Our National Size Decades ago, when Kins membership was at its peak, we moved mountains by all working together for a common cause. Just ask the British fa

Contents Matires 12 8 Photography by Bruce Blom 5 IN EVERY ISSUE Presidents Message ........................... 1 Penny LeesSmith Executive Directors Message ............ 2 Ric McDonald Editors

Editors Message I would like to begin my first editorial by thanking the past editor of KIN Magazine, Karen Piovaty, for all of her hard work and contributions to Kin Canada over the past two years. S

Telemiracle Kinsmen Foundation Photography by Bruce Blom The total that put Telemiracle over the 100 million mark By Joan Steckhan, Executive Director, Kinsmen Foundation For the 37th year in a row,

CoasttoCoast Club News Now Thats a Fundraiser Mamma Mia 1 Kinette Diane Plante L to R Kinsmen Rick Westbrook, Gil Boissonneault and contest winner, Michael Mullin. BY RON LafReNiRe, KiNsMeN cLu

CoasttoCoast Club News Tackle Show BY BRiaN BaRNes, cOchaiR, KiNsMeN cLuB Of tReNtON Fishing Freezin For a Reason Polar Bear Dip BY jON DONLeY, KiNsMeN cLuB Of BaRRie PhOtOGRaPhY BY BRiaN BacKLaND

CoasttoCoast Club News Kinsmen Fanshawe Sugar Celebrating 40 Years of The West London Kinsmen started the pancake kitchen for the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, at the Fanshawe Sugar Bush

Bush Maple Festival BY Life MeMBeR caROL cOOPeR KiNette cLuB Of LONDON We love sharing the Canadiana experience April 2013 KIN Magazine 9

Member Recruitment Recruiting in our communities... Putting Our Best In the past, the month of April has always been recruitmentfocused. But, as we know, recruiting happens all year long. When recru

Member Recruitment Foot Forward BY BicK tRiNh, MeMBeR ReLatiONs cOORDiNatOR SOCIAL MEDIA Post your upcoming events anywhere you can on the internet at least a few weeks before so people can share an

Service Projects The Positive Resu What stood out for you or your club most on Yesterday was KINdness day. In the morning my boys and I went to the local drivethru and bought the truck behind us brea

Service Projects ults of Kindness National KINdness Day Upon handing a hot chocolate package with our KINdness card attached to a young lady on the street corner I just lost my father this morning, t

Service Projects Lets Make Every Day, BY cRisteN quiGLeY, seRvice cOORDiNatOR Harvesting rainwater with rain barrels, an old idea with a new following. 1 Collecting rainwater for use during dry mon

Service Projects Earth Day With spring right around the corner, its time to start to thinking about being outdoors and being active in your community. Here are some initiatives to consider when think

Risk Management To Inflate or Not to Inflate BY scOtt sYRie, NatiONaL RisK MaNaGeMeNt cOMMittee Your club has come up with an idea to inflate its profit dollars at an event by either purchasing or r

Risk Management ...That is the Question SAFETY TIPS You can help reduce your liability exposure by following a few safety tips while setting up the device. 1 First select a site and prepare it for t

Kinvention 2013 Barrett MacKay Photo, courtesy of Newfoundland Labrador tourism BY GaiL BRittaiN, NatiONaL cONveNtiON cOMMittee To register for Mummers Kinvene, August 14 to 17, in St. Johns, New

National Awards Recognition Award Recipients January 1st March 31st, 2013 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 Kinette Club of Chesley Kinette Club of Clinton Kinette Club of Guelph Kinsme

PresidentExecutive Director CEOs Message message du prsident directeur administratif Concerter nos efforts Suite de la page 1 Nous sommes tous l pour rendre la vie meilleure quelquun dautre et n

Kin Announcements Send Us Your Stories KIN Magazine needs you to submit stories and photographs. If writing isnt your thing, simply contact us and well get the story and share the info. We love to he

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