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AMERICAN EPILEPSY SOCIETY w w w. A E S N E T. o r g Volume 21, No. 1 Winter 2012 65th Annual Meeting and 75th Anniversary Celebration Our 75th Anniversary was celebrated during the 65th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. The event was memorialized by the presentation of a proclamation from the International League Against Epilepsy to AES, the American Chapter. The celebration of the 75th included a memorable event with food, dancing and entertainment. Five hundred people attended this event an

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 AES News is published three times a year by the American Epilepsy Society, American Branch, International League Against Epilepsy. Editor Deepak K. Lachhwani, M.B.B.S., M.D. Executive Director M. Suzanne C. Berry, M.B.A., CAE Assistant Executive Director CherylAnn Tubby, IOM, CPP Membership Services Kathy Hucks Kate Flaherty Director of Education Jeffrey D. Melin, M.Ed., CMP Education Gr

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 FROM THE BOARD ROOM An Interview with James C. Cloyd, Pharm.D. Dr. James Cloyd is Professor and Lawrence C. Weaver Endowed Chair in Orphan Drug Development and Director of the Center for Orphan Drug Research at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. During his career, Dr. Cloyd has trained 17 Ph.D. and post doctoral trainees, many of whom have pursued a career in epilepsy. Within the American Epilepsy Society, he has served on the Long Range Planning Committee, th

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 AES 2012 Board of Directors PRESIDENT Frances E. Jensen, M.D. Boston, MA FIRST VICE PRESIDENT Jacqueline A. French, M.D. New York, NY SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Elson So, M.D. Rochester, MN TREASURER Michael D. Privitera, M.D. Cincinnati, OH PAST PRESIDENT John M. Pellock, M.D. Richmond, VA BOARD MEMBERS Janice M. Buelow, RN, Ph.D. Indianapolis, IN William D. Gaillard, M.D. Washington, D.C. David M. Labiner, M.D. Tucson, AZ Page Pennell, M.D. Boston, MA Steven N. Roper, M.D. Gai

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 Building for the Future The Campaign for AES The year 2011 was a significant step forward for the AES Development Campaign Building for the Future. During the year, AES raised 1,232,782 in pledges and gifts to support research and training through AES endowment funds. We were successful in raising these gifts only because members and corporations stepped up to support AES endowment funds. Why endowment fundraising AES and the entire field of epilepsy is simply facing a new

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 MEMBERS IN THE NEWS Epilepsy Therapy Project to Present Lifetime Accelerator Award to Harvey Kupferberg, Ph.D. The Epilepsy Therapy Project ETP, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate new therapies for people living with epilepsy and seizures and the parent organization of, announced that Harvey Kupferberg, Ph.D., has been named the recipient of the ETP Lifetime Accelerator Award in recognition of his commitment and contributions to the field o

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 EPILEPSY FOUNDATION UPDATE The Epilepsy Foundation Gears Up for Major Events in Washington, D.C. By Lisa Boylan Everyone in the national office and our affiliates across the country are getting ready to welcome thousands of supporters to the 6th annual National Walk for Epilepsy on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on March 31, 2012. Directly following the Walk, we will welcome kids with epilepsy from across the country for our annual Public Policy Institute and Kids Sp

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 NINDS UPDATE The NINDS NeuroNEXT A Clinical Research Network Designed to Accelerate Therapy Development By Brandy Fureman, Ph.D. To address the opportunities and need for testing new therapies, the NINDS has established the Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials, or NeuroNEXT. This network was created with three main goals in mind. First, NINDS wants to support scientifically valid, biomarkerinformed Phase 2 exploratory clinical trials before embarking on l

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 MEDIA UPDATE Media Interest in Annual Meeting on Upswing Recent changes in onsite pressroom activities have contributed to making the AES Annual Meeting a vital source of information on epilepsy research and care for key professional trade publications and major Internet medical health news sites. An expanding group of writers for these media outlets now routinely attend each years meeting. Reports emanating from the recent meeting in Baltimore, for example, have appeared

AESNEWS 65th Annual Meeting and 75th Anniversary Celebration Continued from page 1 whom they met at the breakfast on Friday morning. They then attended two symposia that day Epilepsy Specialists Symposium and the Annual Fundamentals of Epilepsy. The fellows and mentors then met for lunch where much discussion and review took place. In addition, fellows were encouraged to attend poster or platform presentations that their peers may have been presenting. WINTER 2012 AES is growing and will co

AESNEWS 65th Annual Meeting and 75th Anniversary Celebration Continued from page 10 Prof. Martin Brodie, Director of the Epilepsy Unit in the Western Infirmary, in Glasgow, Scotland since 1981, proudly accepted the Societys most prestigious professional award from President Jack Pellock, Lennox and Lombroso Fund Trustee Tallie Z. Baram and Research Recognition Award Committee Chair Bob Fisher. The William G. Lennox Award is funded through the Lennox and Lombroso Trust for Epilepsy Research and T

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 Annual Meeting Photos 12 w w w. A E S N E T. o r g

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 Planning for the Future Throughout the last year, the Board of Directors worked on an update to the Societys Strategic Plan and Direction that would help the organization move forward as well as to evaluate itself and its leadership. With the assistance of a leadership consultant, Nancy Axelrod of NonProfit Leadership Services in Washington, D.C., they used surveys, workgroups and discussion to identify priorities. The Board was satisfied to learn that many of the priority

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 SIGnals SIGnals For more on whats happening with your favorite SIG, log on to Professional Connections and join the discussion. You will find SIGs under the Directory Tab. Clinical Nursing Madona Plueger, M.S.N., RN, CNRN, ACNSBC and Gigi Smith, M.S.N., APRN, CPNP The 2011 Clinical Nursing SIG was a great success. Five of the six nursing poster award recipients presented a summary of their respective poster and entertained questions and comments from an audience of close to

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 SIGnals Continued from page 14 TumorInduced Epilepsy Jeffrey Politsky, M.D., FRCPC and Theodore Schwartz, M.D., FACS Tumorinduced epilepsy was a new SIG at the 2011 AES meeting in Baltimore. Nearly 100 members attended the early evening session, which featured discussions on medical and surgical approaches to tumors, morphologic differences in tumor patients with and without seizures, and epileptogenicity of tumors according to tumor type and location. Tumorinduced epilepsy

AESNEWS WINTER 2012 CALENDAR OF EVENTS March 21 25, 2012 9th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress Manila, Philippines April 21 28, 2012 64th AAN Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA httpwww.aan.comgoam12 May 6 10, 2012 Eleventh Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs Eilat XI Eilat, Israel httpwww.eilataeds.comXI June 21 23, 2012 1st African Epilepsy Congress Nairobi, Kenya June 21 24, 2012 Partners Against Mortality Conference

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