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AMERICAN EPILEPSY SOCIETY w w w. A E S N E T. o r g Volume 21, No. 3 Fall 2012 Whats New at the 2012 Annual Meeting Badges Mailed Ahead of Time If you register before November 7, you will receive your badge in the mail. So you will only need to go to the registration desk if you have a change, registered late or lost your badge. This should save you time and aggravation. Virtual Meeting Bag Watch for an announcement of a virtual meeting bag with attendee information, session handouts and exh

AESNEWS FALL 2012 AES News is published three times a year by the American Epilepsy Society, American Branch, International League Against Epilepsy. Editor Deepak K. Lachhwani, M.B.B.S., M.D. Executive Director M. Suzanne C. Berry, M.B.A., CAE Assistant Executive Director CherylAnn Tubby, IOM, CPP Membership Services Kathy Hucks Kate Flaherty Director of Education Jeffrey D. Melin, M.Ed., CMP Assistant Dire

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Report from the Nominating Committee We are delighted to announce an outstanding group of nominees for the AES Officer and Board of Director positions for the coming year. These nominees were the result of your response to the Call for Nominations sent to members in June. Every attempt has been made to provide a balance of representation by selecting members with a variety of backgrounds, professional interests, and depth of experience in AES activities. The following criteri

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Partnering Epilepsy Centers in the Americas PECA The application should address program goals. This program supports travel between North and Latin America to perform one or more of the following activities 1 Education and training of epileptologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, primary care physicians, healthcare extenders, andor other professionals involved in epilepsy care. 2 Education and advocacy of local authorities and opinion makers, to enhance community awareness of

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy Conference By Jeffrey Buchhalter M.D., Ph.D., FAAN On June 2224, 2012, the Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy PAME Conference took place in Evanston, Illinois. The conference is the first meeting of its type devoted to mortality in epilepsy focused on sudden unexpected death in epilepsy SUDEP. The conference CoChairs were Gardiner Lapham, RN, M.P .H. and Jeff Buchhalter, M.D., Ph.D., FAAN. The meeting was an outgrowth of the efforts

AESNEWS FALL 2012 Accessing Epilepsy Currents from your mobile device The URL for mobile is epilepsycurrents.orgthe same as our full site. When a user with a supported device directs their browser to they will be automatically directed to the mobile site. All unsupported devices and tablets are shown the full siteonly supported devices can access the mobile site. Step 1 go to Select Mobile Step 2 Follow the directions on the screen or the steps b

AESNEWS FALL 2012 MEMBERS IN THE NEWS Member Wins Prestigious Grant Helen Scharfman, Ph.D., of The Nathan Kline Institute in Orangeburg, NY, has received a grant from the Alzheimers Association for a study on Neuronal Hyperexcitability in Seizures and Alzheimers Disease. Only two of the grants are given each year. The grant of 400,000 will fund a new direction for her laboratory in the mechanisms of hyperexitability in animal models of epilepsy that are relevant to Alzheimers Disease. New Medi

AESNEWS FALL 2012 NINDS UPDATE Discovering Genes for The Epilepsies By Brandy Fureman, Ph.D. It is well know that many forms of epilepsy are strongly influenced by genetics. Nevertheless, there has been relatively little progress in identifying the genetic differences that contribute to most forms of epilepsy. In September 2011, NINDS awarded the first Epilepsy Center Without Walls to a consortium of researchers from North America, Europe and Australia. This consortium, called Epi4K because th

AESNEWS Whats New At the 2012 Annual Meeting Continued from page 1 All Attendee Reception Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 1 at 430 p.m. for an all attendee reception in the Exhibit Hall. Our own band, the Dysrhythmics, will entertain as you enjoy wine, beer and appetizers. Continuing Education Credits CME and CEU will again be available for physicians, nurses and pharmacists through the online Evaluator. Payment is required to receive credit and can be done in your registration or whe

AESNEWS FALL 2012 SIGnals SIGnals For more on whats happening with your favorite SIG, log on to Professional Connections and join the discussion. You will find SIGs under the Directory Tab. NOTE Scheduling change The Frontal Lobe Epilepsy SIG on the effects of seizures and AEDs on frontal lobe function has been moved from Monday, December 3 at 700 a.m. to Tuesday, December 4 at 700 a.m. Status Epilepticus SIG Emerging Therapies and Outcome in Refractory Status Epilepticus Tobias Loddenkemper,

AESNEWS FALL 2012 SIGnals Continued from page 10 Neurostimulation Christopher M. DeGiorgio, M.D. and Erika Fanselow, Ph.D. Neuromodulation for epilepsy continues to expand at an exponential rate, and interest is at a record level. This year, Erika Fanselow will lead our symposium with a look at emerging neuromodulation therapies on the horizon. Paul Boon will explore new and alternative approaches to Vagus nerve stimulation now arriving in Europe. Selim Benbadis will lead a debate on the role

AESNEWS FALL 2012 CALENDAR OF EVENTS October 31 November 3, 2012 Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting Huntington Beach, CA USA httpwww.childneurologysociety.organnualmeeting November 14 17, 2012 7th LACE Congresso Latinamericano de Epilepsia Quito, Ecuador November 3, 2012 Movers Shakers in Neurology Epilepsy Movement Disorders Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development CME Event Jacksonville, FL, USA November 30 December

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