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FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1893 Printed in the USA INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS Vol. 5 No. 11 December 2011 IN THIS ISSUE 2 3 4 Sears techs overcome distance, resistance to organize Satellite workers employ technology for big win Jobs for Canadian locals with government ship contract Founders Scholarship winners 5 6 7 8 14 18 19 North of 49 Transitions Circuits Local Lines Retiree Local Lines Editorials Letters to the Editor Who We Are 20 In Memoriam BootsBlogs ORGANIZE

2 The Electrical Worker December 2011 BootsBlogs Organizers Combine Old, NewSchool Tactics to Win Voice for Workers Continued from page 1 Ill. Sears Service Techs Win Innovative Organizing Campaign V ic Carusi knew what he had to do. For 17 years, he had serviced lawn and exercise equipment for Sears in northeast Illinois. But a new district manager was making life miserable for him and more than 300 other technicians who work primarily in the states northeast. Technicians always expected

The Electrical Worker December 2011 3 BootsBlogs Online Savvy, Shoe Leather Organizing Win Satellite Workers S atellite installation technicians in the Northwest won a big victory Sept. 14, voting to join the IBEW after a tough twoyear organizing campaign at Star West Satellitea company infamous for its antiunion management and often brutal working conditions. Fusing sophisticated 21st century media technologies with tactics as old as the labor movement itself, organizers say the strategy e

4 The Electrical Worker December 2011 From Coast to Coast, Canadian Shipbuilding Contracts Mean IBEW Jobs T he shipbuilding industry on Canadas Atlantic and Pacific coasts got a big boost from the federal government Oct. 19 with the announcement of two multibillion dollar shipbuilding contracts that will create thousands of new maritime and construction jobs in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Were talking almost 20 million in electrical work alone, which translates into a lot of manhours

The Electrical Worker December 2011 5 North of 49 Au nord du 49 parallle New Training Program Sets Standard for Canadian Solar Industry A n IBEW partnership launched the first ever Canadawide personnel certification for qualified electricians in solar photovoltaic installation and maintenance during the events preceding the 38th IBEW International Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. Developed by the National Electrical Trade Councila partnership between the IBEW First District and

6 The Electrical Worker December 2011 IBEW MEDIA WORLD In addition to your monthly issue of The Electrical Worker, check out the wealth of IBEWrelated information in cyberspace. Transitions ELECTED Joe P. Smith Oklahoma City Local 1141 Business Manager Joe P. Smith was elected Sixth District International Executive Council member in September at the 38th IBEW Convention in Vancouver. Im very proud to serve the IBEW, says Smith, who said he is anxious to help devise and support different wa

The Electrical Worker December 2011 7 handling grievances. Im proud of the fact that our locals stood out in their efforts to promote good labormanagement cooperation, Ray said. Outside of the IBEW, Brother Ray served on the Santa Barbara Workforce Investment Board, a countyrun program that connected area residents with job opportunities. He was a president of the building trades for Santa Barbara and San Louis Obispo counties for six years. Ray has been a member of the Elks Lodge 1538 in San

8 The Electrical Worker December 2011 Local Lines Winter Work Scheduled L.U. 8 as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,sspa, TOLEDO, OH Hello, brothers and sisters. I hope all is well with you and your family as we move into the fast approaching holiday season. As calls continue to come in, the number of outofwork members has decreased and things are shaping up to be a decent winter. Lets hope Mother Nature provides a mild winter, enabling construction jobs to move forward. The annual Labor Day parade was a grea

The Electrical Worker December 2011 9 Local Updates L.U. 42 catv,em,govt,lctto, HARTFORD, CTOn Saturday, July 23, Local 42 held a benefit deepsea chartered fishing trip on the Frances Fleet. The boat departed from Point Judith, RI, at 8 a.m. for a funfilled day of fishing for all ages. The cost per person was 85, which included fishing rods, bait and tackle, gratuity for the crew for cleaning and bagging the fish, and lunch. For each ticket purchased by the members, Local 42 matched the price

10 The Electrical Worker December 2011 Local Lines outcome of next years political races are decided. The GOP Republican candidates have promised that if elected, they will do everything in their power to abolish the regulatory systems in place such as the EPA, OSHA and the National Labor Relations Board. These agencies were established to protect working people and their core beliefs and rights to work in a clean environment and have clean air and water to be safe in the workplace and go ho

The Electrical Worker December 2011 11 IBEW Apprentice Graduates L.U. 234 imt, CASTROVILLE, CAOur local offers our heartfelt congratulations to all of the successful graduating apprentices of the IBEW. While acknowledging they face a currently distressed economy, we realize their technical, practical skills will be in great demand both over time and with the retirement of their mentors. As an integral part of an industry that has always been advancing to meet ever progressing technological de

12 The Electrical Worker December 2011 Local Lines as for now, but that changes from time to time. We have three lock and dam systems in our area. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is discussing making two of them hydropowered in the future. The Corp estimates starting sometime in 2016. Wishing all our IBEW brothers and sisters a prosperous future. William Tate, B.M. JATC Graduation Banquet L.U. 380 ei,es,iit, NORRISTOWN, PALocal 380 JATC held its 2011 graduation banquet at the Crowne Plaza i

The Electrical Worker December 2011 13 Annual Events a Success L.U. 530 i,ortb, SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADALocal 530 held our annual summer picnic on July 24. This event saw members and their families enjoy the local water park, including waterslides and bumper boats. Huron Oaks Golf and Country Club was the location for Local 530s annual golf tournament on Aug. 5. We filled the course and had a great day. It was good to see many of our retirees participate and trade stories with old workmates as

14 The Electrical Worker December 2011 Local Lines Retirees Apprentices Graduate L.U. 776 i,o,rtsspa, CHARLESTON, SCOver the summer, work was steady and has now leveled out after the fall shutdowns. Also over the summer, we had four apprentices graduate and become journeyman wiremen Jason Dixon, Dominique Gray, Joseph Michael and Stencil White. We congratulate them on that huge accomplishment. We had a great Local 776 Family Picnic over the Labor Day weekend. Thank you to all who came and pa

The Electrical Worker December 2011 15 Attending Local 26 Retirees Clubs crab feast are foreground, recent retiree Donald Simmel left and wife Danette Simmel, joined by recent retiree Ed Higgins back, right and wife Jessie Higgins. wonderful camaraderie see photo, at left. In September some cruised on the largest passenger ship in the world Imagine ice skating, zip line riding, surfing and so much more, without even counting Jamaica, Mexico or the island of Labadee. Our next cruise will be i

16 The Electrical Worker December 2011 Retirees Schedule for Meetings RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 223, BROCKTON, MAOur quarterly meeting was held Sept. 7. After the reading of officers reports, a moment of silence was held for our deceased members Ernie Barboza, Eddie Cayton Sr., Henry Curran, Sheila Duggan, Everett Minichelli, Tom Moriarty and Ken Spanks. Following the business meeting, members enjoyed a luncheon and yard sale. Our schedule for 20112012 meetings is as follows Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2

The Electrical Worker December 2011 17 few lessons from our Canadian brothers and sisters. Our political and economic situation is a mess Fueled by greed and choked up with cash from lobbyists, electorate control of elected officials has been temporarily lost. Do not despairwe are, after all, a very young country in the scheme of the world. My prayer, for our nation and our industry, is that we will grow and learn from these current situations for the betterment of all. The burdens of war, st

18 The Electrical Worker December 2011 FROM THE OFFICERS A Winning Formula International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers The Electrical Worker was the name of the first official publication of the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in 1893 the NBEW became the IBEW in 1899 with the expansion of the union into Canada. The name and format of the publication have changed over the years. This newspaper is the official publication of the IBEW and seeks to capture the courage and spirit

The Electrical Worker December 2011 19 Letters to the Editor A Good Deed in Tuscon My husband, James Timlin, was recruited as an inside apprentice by Tuscon Local 570 to work the Agua Caliente solar project early this year. He is very proud of his status as a unionized worker and is looking forward to turning out. A few months ago, a brother told him that over the weekend his daughter, her husband, and their two children were involved in a car accident. The brothers sixyearold grandson was ki

20 The Electrical Worker December 2011 In Memoriam Members for Whom PBF Death Claims were Approved in October 2011 Local Surname Date of Death 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 8 9 9 9 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 16 17 17 18 20 20 22 22 23 24 25 25 25 26 26 26 26 26 29 34 34 34 34 34 35 35 Bowen, J. E. 81611 Lachance, D. E. 122009 Landherr, R. G. 91111 Shell, J. H. 91211 Sivley, A. M. 9811 Waterman, D. L. 91911 Abt, M. F. 92711 Adams, A. F. 9111 Betner, P. J. 82211

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