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FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1893 Printed in the USA INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS Vol. 6 No. 7 July 2012 IN THIS ISSUE 2 3 4 5 6 Americas Second Bill of Rights Pressing DirecTV to respect workers Ind. refinery puts hundreds to work With carmakers renaissance, IBEW jobs Verizon layoffs hit members ATT agreement extended 7 9 North of 49 Circuits Transitions 10 18 19 Local Lines Joint editorial Letters to the Editor Who We Are 20 In Memoriam A Go Green with our eEdition

2 The Electrical Worker July 2012 MAINSTREAM VALUES, ECONOMIC SECURITY FOR ALL Introducing Americas Second Bill of Rights or Wall Street and the 1 percent, life in postrecession America means that the good times are back. But Main Street is still haunted with persistent unemployment and eroding financial security. Workers the nation over are saying enough. Thousands are expected to gather in Philadelphia Aug. 11 to put forth Americas Second Bill of Rightsfive tenets that embody the widesprea

The Electrical Worker July 2012 3 MasTec Workers Call on DirecTV to Stand up for Workers Rights P In the aftermath of the recession, many feel that working families are being scapegoated by rightwing politicians for the results of reckless Wall Street practices. Behind FDRs Second Bill of Rights ts 1944. American and British warplanes have hammered away at the German forces in northern Africa. Following a relentless air campaign that crushed the fascist opposition, Italy has signed an armis

4 The Electrical Worker July 2012 Indiana Local, Travelers Tackle BP Refinery Modernization N o project is without its challenges. But, at a time of agonizingly slow construction starts, it is exceedingly rare for contractors to have to worry about having enough hotel rooms or parking spaces to accommodate a huge influx of building trade workers. But that is the situation facing BP and several general contractors leading the 4 billion Whiting Refinery Modernization Project in Indiana, where

The Electrical Worker July 2012 5 Back from the Brink Auto Recovery Boosts North American Manufacturing, Good Jobs F or Bay City, Mich., resident Jack Tobias, the General Motors Corp. Powertrain plant is more than just a job. For Tobias, a native of this small bluecollar city on the shore of Lake Huron, GM is a family legacy. My grandfather worked for GM, my dad worked for GM, my uncles worked for GM, many of my friends and their dads worked for GM, says the Local 692 business representativ

6 The Electrical Worker July 2012 Verizon Announces More than 600 Layoffs in New England and New Jersey V erizons announcement of more than 600 layoffs in New England and New Jersey is a blow to working families and to reliable highspeed Internet service for thousands of consumers, say International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers activists. Verizons executives have pulled in almost 350 million in the last five years, says East Windsor, N.J., Local 827 Business Manager Bill Huber, who rep

The Electrical Worker July 2012 7 North of 49 Au nord du 49 parallle Flash Mobs and YouTube Creative Tactics Win Fair Contract for Manitoba Local I n June, Manitoba Hydro workers overwhelmingly approved one of their strongest contracts in recent memory, winning some long sought after changes, including a comparative wage survey of utility workers throughout Western Canada and an 8 percent wage increase over the life of the fouryear contract. Winnipeg Local 2034 Business Manager Mike Velie

8 The Electrical Worker July 2012 IBEW MEDIA WORLD In addition to your monthly issue of The Electrical Worker, check out the wealth of IBEWrelated information in cyberspace. ITS BACK 12 20 Our Web site has news and info not available anywhere else. Visit us to connect with the IBEW on Facebook and Twitter. And read The Electrical Worker online EW IB CON OTOT PH TES Its the determination in a linemans face when he climbs to vertigoinducing heights. Its the glint of sunshine

The Electrical Worker July 2012 9 Circuits NLC Degree Track Key to Success for IBEW member At a time when many Ivy League grads have duct taped the words hire me on their mortar boards, its clear that the looming debt students frequently acquire has many degree seekers feeling skittish. Thats why Las Vegas Local 357 member Alex Garcia decided to boost his brain power and earning potential with a degree from the National Labor College. Garcia is on track to soon graduate with a bachelors degr

10 The Electrical Worker July 2012 Local Lines Members Hold Public Office L.U. 1 as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,rts,s,se,spa,st,ws, ST. LOUIS, MOIn early April, volunteers from Fire Fighters Local 2665 in St. Louis conducted a training session called Fire Ops 101. The course was designed to give elected officials the opportunity to see what exactly firemen do on an everyday basis and the training that is required to perform the job. The course consisted of handson residential fires, commercial

The Electrical Worker July 2012 11 clearance tree trimmers to just over 700. The work picture for our Commercial Agreements is also steady at this time. Our Tree Jamboree and Local 17 picnic are scheduled for Aug. 11. Our 18th annual Linemens Rodeo is scheduled for Aug. 4 for details please see our Web site at Contract negotiations with DTE Energy started the last week of June and will continue through August. We congratulate the following members on their retirements Dav

12 The Electrical Worker July 2012 Local Lines Hospital Construction Projects L.U. 103 csi, BOSTON, MALocal 103s Annual Sports Night was held Saturday, March 17, at UMass Boston. The journeyman vs. apprentice basketball game was close, however, the apprentices defeated the journeymen by two points final score 75 to 73. It was a different story on the ice as the journeyman hockey team defeated the apprentices 165. The MVPs of the basketball and hockey games were Mike Paulson and Bob Rosata, r

The Electrical Worker July 2012 13 are conducting an onslaught against working people and trying to bust the unions, affecting the way we make a living. We cannot compete with the massive funds corporate America pumps into elections. What we do have are loud voices and active members fighting for our rights. Now is the time for our members to unite and get active promoting union friendly candidates. Show up at rallies, call legislators and knock on doors. Otherwise, we could find ourselves in

14 The Electrical Worker July 2012 Local Lines The students are bused in, given a hard hat and a brown bag lunch, walked through all the booths and given insight into a possible uniontrade future. Whats also great is we get a large turnout and support of many politicians on a county and a state level. Also thanks to Local 363s instructors and volunteer apprentices for their help in setup and breakdown. Kevin Keeley, P.S. Big Solar Park Project L.U. 375 catv,eesi, ALLENTOWN, PAWhile the work

The Electrical Worker July 2012 15 Collective Bargaining Rights L.U. 557 i,mt,rtsspa, SAGINAW, MICollective bargaining is at the forefront of a fight to save our way of life. A petition to get collective bargaining language in our state constitution is well underway. We need at least 320,000 signatures to get this on the November ballot. If we succeed in getting this on the ballot and passed, it will make most of the antilabor bills passed in the last year null and void. Having collective bar

16 The Electrical Worker July 2012 Local Lines Celebration for Brothers L.U. 681 i,ospa, WICHITA FALLS, TXWe recently had a retirement celebration luncheon at the Lake Kickapoo Tracking Station. Those honored were Jackie Carlton, Roger Ferguson and Donald Heflin. We would like to say a great big thankyou for their many years of service. They are part of the original group that was organized into the IBEW when the Lake Kickapoo Tracking Station was organized in 1987. The inside work situation

The Electrical Worker July 2012 17 efforts have produced substation and wind tower work. It seems for the moment most of our local is employed. We have a new threeyear contract and things are looking up. We welcome former members Dave Arnold and Don McInnis back into our ranks. We extend our condolences to one of our contractors, Pat Guimond, who recently lost his wife to cancer. Timothy G. Bickford, P.S. Construction is under way at the new convention center in Bangor, Maine, employing a num

18 The Electrical Worker July 2012 FROM THE OFFICERS Time to Change the Conversation International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers The Electrical Worker was the name of the first official publication of the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in 1893 the NBEW became the IBEW in 1899 with the expansion of the union into Canada. The name and format of the publication have changed over the years. This newspaper is the official publication of the IBEW and seeks to capture the courage a

The Electrical Worker July 2012 19 Letters to the Editor Thanks for the Assist I would like to personally thank Business Manager Timothy Frew, his staff and all of the members of Tangent, Ore., Local 280 who assisted our local in manning our shutdown call on April 9 at the Georgia Pacific paper mill on Toledo, Ore. A few months ago, EC Company was awarded a major shutdown project at GP Toledo. EC notified us that they would need about 100 electricians for 10 days. We ended up needing 130 elec

20 The Electrical Worker July 2012 In Memoriam Members for Whom PBF Death Claims were Approved in May 2012 Local Surname Date of Death 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 6 6 6 9 9 9 9 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 14 16 17 17 20 21 24 25 25 25 25 26 26 34 35 38 38 38 38 40 42 43 44 46 46 46 Dougherty, P. M. Killian, R. L. Lewis, A. J. Newman, M. W. Weston, L. Yenzer, B. A. Alicea, J. A. Brown, L. A. Brunswick, R. L. Buchman, T. Cartesio, P. Cerrato, A. G. Cole, E. V. Di

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