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M r n le p e ea ap eD tH Th es I ak Spring, 2013 Volume 9, 1 The New Look Of Solar Products LEDs Take Charge In The Lighting Market Brick Cladding Made Sustainably Easy WaterSense Products Go Designer Friendly Radiant Wall Panels Add Designer Appeal The Certainteed Solstice PV Roof System

Whats in a name A promise. We specify Collins Pacific Albus for use in pallets, crating, and packaging applications because of its dependable thickness at 1516th. It has fewer knots, is uniform in size, and works very well in industrial applications. Its also an innovative and costeffective solution for manufacturing interior furniture parts. Pacific Albus higher grades can be used in saunas, wainscoting, cabinets, pattern stock, and visible parts in sofas and bed frames. Collins has just begun

BREAKING GROUND i The Designers Choice in Radiator Panels Jaga designed radiator panels that are not merely more energy efficient, theyre also very easy on the eyes. Jagas LowH2O elements provide heat using relatively low water temperatures the panels corrugated fins feature a maximum level of aluminium surface and a large contact area with the copper tube. The fins are positioned to optimize airflow through the elements so they can deliver more heat to a room despite much lower water temperat

the green magazine for dealers... i Volume 9, Number 1 Green Building Product Dealer The Cultured Radiator . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Sustainable beauty for the familiar radiator The Outlook for Growth . . . . . . . . . . 8 The experts are predicting growth in green 25 18 3 Approachably Solar . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Solar products go increasingly mainstream Spotlight On LEDs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 New developments hasten LEDs f

4X Better small particle capture. Filtrete is the brand I trust. Accept no substitute. Mike Holmes Americas most trusted contractor. Choose Filtrete, the most trusted brand in air filters. Better filter. Better air. Refers to performance vs. ordinary pleated filters at removing particles that are between 0.3 and 1 micron in size. Based on 2012 Burke Brand Health Tracking. 2013 3M. All rights reserved. 3M and Filtrete are trademarks of 3M. The Holmes logo is a trademark of Make It Right Lice

Editors Notes Moving Into The Next Normal by Mike Matthews, Editor 11469 Olive Blvd. 103 Saint Louis, MO 63141 3149953067 PuBLiSher Chris Pierce editOr Mike Matthews Youre smart to be cautious, but the first quarter numbers for green building suggest that we are actually moving out of the five or is it eight year slump that has plagued the building and remodeling industry. It seems like weve been on a lowaltitude roller co

The Owens CorningTM ResidentialCompleteTM Wall System is a flexible and simple solution that will satisfy your customers needs. Our components work together to provide superior energy efficiency, complete air and water barrier protection and outstanding structural and acoustical performance qualities. Were the only supplier with a complete line of proven products that can help the builders you supply create customized insulation solutions for any region of the country. Offer your customers the r

Green Building Product News Green Standards Updates The public comment period for LEED v4 ends March 31. The newest version deals specifically with some new types of structures data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality facilities, existing schools, existing retail, and midrise homes. It also seeks to revise existing credits, and introduces new practices and processes that qualify for LEED credits. The new version proposal alsoo includes a streamlined certification process.

Manufacturing Constructing Designing Training Government Business Briefs Osmose, a U.S. based global supplier of wood preservative materials, has acquired the wood preservatives business of Mattersmiths Holdings of New Zealand. Mattersmiths business focuses primarily on the manufacture and sale of antisapstain chemicals and wood treatment technologies, and the acquisition includes Mattersmiths patent portfolio,and other intellectual property. Osmose may be best known for its micronized coppe

AltEnergy A New Look For Solar Rising utility costs, and the growing sophistication of solar technology coupled with the continued availability of governmentassisted financing are fueling increased interest in alternative energy options among residential, commercial, and educational endusers. But solar now has yet another boost, as a growing number of roofing and mechanical contractors are set to install roof panels that blend in with traditional roof aesthetics. CertainTeeds Apollo II has be

black frame, cells, and backsheet visually blend with surrounding shingles. The enhanced product also features sufficient open space under the modules to allow for easier electrical wiring. New water channels and raised fastener locations further improve roof deck integrity. The Apollo II system is offered in preengineered kits containing all components necessary for installation. Modules are Class A fire rated and meet UL 790 requirements. Apollo II is also rated for wind resistance up to 110 m

AltEnergy LaborSaving Innovation For Geothermal Installers Mark Doll makes a good living doing one thing very well designing and installing ground source heating and cooling systems with a professional touch. He has performed many installations retrofit, new construction, small systems as well as large. His company recently completed a 4 ton heating cooling installation on a new home in Port Washington, Wis. Rather than weld together a loop manifold and burying it in the yard as he traditiona

Earth Advantage Institute Offers First Energy ModelBased Net Zero Net Zero Ready Certification in the U.S. Earth Advantage Institute, a nonprofit focused on designing tools for better buildings, has launched the first energy modelbased net zero and net zero ready green home certifications in the nation. Earth Advantage Institutes Home Certification division has launched the new program to encourage the rise of zero energy homes. A netzero or zero energy home is defined as one that generates as

AltEnergy Schools Turn To Solar Energy For Its CostSaving AND Educational Benefits Schools are shifting to solar energy as a costsaving measure that helps cope with budgetary shortfalls. Favorable finance opportunities combine with solars ecoeducational message as additional motivation. Government budget cuts and the economic crunch is driving public and private schools to reexamine their finances. With traditional energy bills continuing to rise, schools throughout the country are looking to s

in Kauai is slated to begin early 2013. Reducing harmful emissions is just one of the reasons schools are turning to solar energy. In 2011, Conergy supplied Albuquerque Academy in New Mexico, a nationally recognized independent school, with 1.14MW of solar energy, producing over 2,000 MWh per year, providing for one quarter of the schools electricity needs. Using PPA financing arranged by Conergy, the Albuquerque Academy was able to cut 20 from its annual utility bill without any upfront costs.

Lighting ceiling, undercabinet, and more. The luminaires use up to 80 less energy than comparable incandescent lighting, switch on instantly even in cold temperatures, generate very little heat, and contain no mercury or lead. CommercialGrade panels are currently available in two sizes 2 x 2 and 1 x 4, featuring a 90 bezel edge for a clean, simple look. They last 60 longer than standard troffer lighting with ballasts, and are RoHS compliant. DIYinstallable residential panels are currently availa

ENERGY STAR LOW CARBON IT CHAMPION Dan Hoyt and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Academic Computing Department colleagues. SAVES ENERGY BY Activating sleep features on 2,900 Windows 7 campus computers. SAVINGS 76,500 per year or enough electricity to make 50 million cups of coffee. CARBON REDUCED 3,520 tons of carbon dioxide over the next three years would have to plant 725 acres of trees to absorb that amount. NEXT GOAL Rigging the office coffee maker to the Sage Hall solar panels. JOIN

Lighting LED Floodlight MaxLites Element LED Flood Lights offer a modular housing design that can be specified in one, two or three 135watt modules, where each module can have one of three beam angles in 22, 55 and 120degrees. Customized configurations allow users to create distributions not previously obtainable with flood lights. Multiple circuits on each module guard against full lighting outage. Available in 5000K color temp, the models are constructed with a die cast aluminum body that acts

ENERGY STAR LOW CARBON IT CHAMPION Targets Technology Center Engineering Team SAVES ENERGY BY Installing variable frequency drives and lowering generator standby temperatures, Target became the first company ever to have two data centers earn the ENERGY STAR building certification. CARBON REDUCED Reduced CO2 emissions by 4,500 tons per year equivalent to taking 800 cars off the road annually. CORPORATE GOAL Having 75 percent of Target buildings ENERGY STAR certified by 2016. JOIN TARGETS TECHN

AltEnergy Under Counter Lighting The new CounterAttack LED is a 120v portablehardwire fixture designed for under cabinet, and workspace lighting applications. It features a 35,000 hour LED at 2,850k thats dimmable with a standard incandescent dimmer. SpeedLink custom connectors allow fast and easy endtoend mounting with instant electrical connections and no wiring between units. The CounterAttack LED is available in the following sizes 8 with one 4.5W light engine 16 with two 4.5W light engines

ENERGY STAR LOW CARBON IT CHAMPION The ATT Energy Team OCCUPATION Driving energy efficiency across ATTs operations SAVES ENERGY BY Deploying power management software to power down over 166,000 retail and nonretail computers at night. SAVINGS Estimated annual savings of over 42 million kWh 4 million equivalent to the electricity use of over 3,200 US homes a year. CARBON REDUCED Over 29,000 metric tons of C02 annually equivalent to over 3.2 million gallons of gasoline consumed. NEXT GOAL Using

Cladding Brickfast Systems Offer A Sustainable Resource to Mainstream and Green Builders What commercial cladding products are heating up in the midwest According to Jon Edwards, Director of Building Products Group in St. Louis, Missouri, Thin Brick is seeing a quick burst in popularity. Thats true for projects that are going for green certification, but also for conventional building and remodeling projects that want a costeffective approach to sustainable construction. We have been doing more

it in place, Edwards points out. The Thin Brick system has a lot of additional benefits. The bricks will not effloresce like a face brick can. The joints are more water resistant because we use a modified Thin Brick grout that has acrylic latex additives in it. The Brickfast system is also extremely durable, and has passed some tough tests for seismic stress and wind load resistance. Its not like other panel systems, Edwards states. The thin bricks are actually mechanically anchored to the plate

Plumbing HybridPowered Designer Electronic Faucet Chicago Faucets merges dependable function and modern style in its new HyTronic Curve electronic faucet. The faucet features a gracefully curved spout and brings a sophisticated look, reliable function and true water savings to any public restroom. The sleek Curve spout is cast entirely from lowlead brass and comes standard with a 0.5 gpm 1.9 Lmin vandal proof nonaerated spray outlet, and includes an optional 2.2 gpm 8.3 Lmin aerator insert. Mod

OneGallon Per Flush Toilet The sleek lines and smooth contours of the new Cadence One toilet from ICERA are aesthetically enticing, but its the ultraefficient performance that makes this toilet stand out. The Cadence is offered in white, bisque and black with a wide array of metal finish options and features ICERAs unique Hyperion flushing technology 3050 more efficient than most toilets. Needing only 1.0 gallons per flush, the WaterSense compliant Cadence One employs only gravity and precision

Case History 26 GBPD Spring 2013

A Community Approach To Green Home Rehabilitation YouthBuild Philadelphias First LEED PlatinumCertified Housing Rehabilitation Project Gets Sustainable Boost from CertainTeed Building Products ...And Their Green Construction Expertise. A comprehensive package of sustainable building products and building science expertise from CertainTeed helped achieve a wholehome approach to sustainability in what is set to be YouthBuild Philadelphias first LEED Platinumcertified housing rehabilitation. The re

Case History income family that has fulfilled eligibility requirements of the Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services and Philadelphia Housing Authority, and that family will have the option of renting the second portion of the house. To ensure a high level of occupant comfort and lower monthly energy bills, West Chester Insulation installed CertainTeeds Hybrid Insulation System in the homes exterior tance that contributes to the safety and longevity of the home. GlasRoc Exterior Sheathing a

29 GBPD Spring 2012

Mark Your Calendar Event Planning Guide April 1620 National Solar Conference Solar 2013 Now in its 42nd year, this American Solar Energy Society event will include a special focus on the success of the German solar industry as a model for future U.S. expansion. Scheduled for the Baltimore Convention Center, you can learn more at www.ases.orgsolar2013. May 79 National Hardware Show The NHS is designed to serve the needs of hardwarehome center buyers, pro dealers, and specialty suppliers of pai

Whats in a name A promise. Ill give you three reasons why we buy CollinsWood for our pattern and fascia stock. One they are the absolute leaders in FSCcertified softwood. Period. Two there is a sense of loyalty, of confidence. They know us. We know them. We trust each other. Finally, our businesses are in close proximity which minimizes our carbon footprint. All in all, thats why we choose FSCcertified Collins Softwood. Chris Richter, Western Woods, Chico, CA SPECIFY Ponderosa Pine Sugar Pine

AT KEEN WE NOTICED SOMETHING Durable work boots werent all that comfortable. And comfortable work boots werent all that durable. So we set out to make work boots better. Reboot with KEEN and youll see Comfort and durability can go hand in hand. CHECK OUT OUR BEST BOOTS EVER GUARANTEE W WW.K E E N F O O T W E A R . C O M U T I L I T Y

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