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The Insiders Guide to All Things Emmys C OV E R I N G H O L LY WO O D COMEDYDRAMA JUNE 19, 2013 SPECIAL SHOWRUNNERS SECTION EMPIRE DEATH AND BEAUTY WITH STEVE BUSCEMI AND CREW On the Dark Side Nikolaj CosterWaldau, Corey Stoll and Noah Emmerich BOARDWALK a publication of Talking With Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Veep and House of Cards Parenthoods Monica Potter, Girls Alex Karpovsky, How to Run a Network and What Happened to All the Men in Tights

FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION 41 ITS EXCEPTIONAL New York ETHEL ITS SUPERB Los Angeles Times CROSSFIRE HURRICANE ITS CAPTIVATING The Wall Street Journal BEYONC LIFE IS BUT A DREAM MEA MAXIMA CULPA ITS POIGNANT Entertainment Weekly ITS POWERFUL 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.


Contents STEVE BUSCEMI Id like to see Nucky have fun again. He used to laugh. EmmyWrap ComedyDrama June 19, 2013 FEATURES 16 ON THE BOARDWALK Third seasons a charm for HBOs Boardwalk Empire SPECIAL SECTION THE SHOWRUNNERS 20 Mad Mens Matthew Weiner No defenestration on my watch 22 Downton Abbeys Gareth Neame You leave the show, you die 24 Veeps Armando Iannucci Its OK for stupid people to make stupid TV 26 House of Cards Beau Willimon Who cares about likeability 28 IN THE SHADOWS


Front Center Where Did All the Men in Tights Go The creator of Vikings explains why historical dramas are back believe it was old Henry Ford who said, History is bunk. In any case, it was a sentiment widely shared across America until very recently. Now, from Spartacus, Hatfields McCoys, The Borgias and Vikings to Mad Men and, yes, the 60s are history, historically based TV shows are sprouting up everywhere and finding huge audiences. So whats happened Has there been a significant cultural ch

F o R Yo U R c o N s i d e R at i o N Outstanding drama series this may have been the best first season of a drama Ive seen since Mad Men The best show of the year is The Americans STepHen KIng, author the American films I like now do not come from Hollywood studios but from television series, like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Americans BernArdO BerTOLUCCI, Filmmaker A remarkable accomplishment The best new drama of the year One of TVs best shows terrific exceptional to watch episodes go to

Short Takes O The SuperEmmy Fiasco nce upon a time back in 1974, to be exactthe Emmy brass decided that it wasnt enough just to name the outstanding actors, directors, writers and the like in separate fields of comedy and drama. What would really be great, they reasoned, would be to then pit the winners against each other, to come up with ultimate bests of the best. Super Emmys, if you will. Super Emmy, in fact, became the unofficial name for the experiment, which created a bunch of new awards

F O R YO U R C O N S I D E R AT I O N Outstanding drama series This series is having its best season yet God, this is such a wellwritten show....Justified returns with such a familiar resonance of greatness One of TVs best and most enjoyable series....the show offers the same incredibly welcome mix of terrific writing, Emmyworthy acting, quirky characters, innate humor and sudden, unexpected violence, all tied to a promising dual plot FXs most satisfying drama, Justified....Too cool to trumpe

Front Center On the surface, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys look like a normal suburban couplebut you cant trust surfaces in The Americans. IMAGES CRAIG BLANKENHORNFX Can The Americans Put FX in the Winners Circle Soviet spies might do for the longoverlooked network what bikers and dirty cops couldnt FX BY TIM MOLLOY The Americans. The Cold War spy drama has received warm reviews for its captivating storylines and bold performances by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, who play Soviet agents

F O R YO U R C O N S I D E R AT I O N OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES its fifth and bestyet season After four already amazing years, Sons of Anarchy is going fullthrottle and having its best, biggest, goriest and flashiest season ever Over five seasons, Sons has consistently featured some of TVs finest performances Perlmans in particular and quite often TVs sharpest writing compelling, and theres nothing else on TV quite like it Kurt Sutter has managed to inspire awardderiving performances by Katey

Actors INTERVIEW THE BEST MEDICINE MONICA POTTER, PARENTHOOD Monica Potter suggested a breastcancer storyline on Parenthood after an alarming mammogram of her own she ended up with a clean bill of health and her first nomination. Monica Potters journey through the experiences of a mom with cancer on NBCs Parenthood actually began with her own medical scare. When I went in last year for a mammogram, my first one, they said they found something, Potter told TheWrap. On the heels of the discov

F O R YO U R C O N S I D E R AT I O N Outstanding cOmedy series the best comedy on television still TVs greatest comedy....a thing of original beauty....Louie is the gold standard for comedy there can be no doubt that Louie is the best comedy on television....gem of a program....dark, contemplative, pensive....fallonthefloor funny.... richer and more resonant each season 2013 PEABODY AWARD WINNER FXNETwORKS.COMFYC TO wATCh EpISODES gO TO

Actors JESSICA MIGLIOHBO INTERVIEW HIGH ANXIETY ALEX KARPOVSKY, GIRLS LUCAS SHAW Had you ever done TV before Girls ALEX KARPOVSKY I hadnt, but I needed very little persuasion. I loved the way Tiny Furniture came out and was so proud of the movie. I have total faith in Lena. Wherever she wanted to take us, I was willing to go without any hesitation. How would you say the show has evolved over its first two seasons In Season 1 we established a lot of characters, but in Season 2 and now midway


Left to right Steve Buscemi, Gretchen Mol, Michael K. Williams and Jack Huston on the Brooklyn set of Broadwalk Empire, where gentility lifts to reveal jolting violence. 16 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 19, 2013

EMPIRE Beautiful and Damned In its third and best season, HBOs Prohibition drama created the most elegant costumes this side of Downton Abbeyand then got blood all over them BY TIM MOLLOY PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK DELONG BOARDWALK Two of the stars of Boardwalk Empire, Jack Huston and Michael K. Williams, sat recently on one of the shows exquisite nightclub sets, talking about how few scenes they have together. Which may be for the best. Huston plays Richard Harrow, a hired gun whose disturbing halfm

18 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 19, 2013 HBO In the last episode it was like allout fucking war, said Huston, looking freshfaced without his Harrow mask and glasses. And I had such an itchy trigger finger. Last season it was Episode 10, and I said to director Tim Van Patten, Man, I havent killed someone in a long time. Whats going on In lulls between all the death, Boardwalk Empire, like Huston, wears a halfmask of gentility, providing lilting accents, elegant parlor rooms, champagne flutes filled with

Gretchen Mol The shows writers can write anything. And you just have to be prepared to go there. Hes been through a lot, and he just wants to recede a little bit, says Buscemi of his character, Nucky Thompson. But he hasnt lost his appetite for a certain amount of power. drugs I think history made it for us with Prohibition. The show leaves it to viewers to make moral judgments, as it focuses instead on the oftennoble motivations of the criminal class. Gillian, for example, uses her position t

THE SHOWRUNNERS THE END IS NEAR Matthew Weiner, Mad Men BY TIM MOLLOY Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner says people have approached him since the show began to tell him how it should endand many of them have the same idea. Maybe we can hazard a guess Do they suggest someone jumping out a window Yes, he laughed. They do. People think it would be just an amazing rhyme to have that in the opening credit sequence every weekand then in the last episode have it happen. Weiner has a different ending in

What endings have you really admired I admired The Sopranos ending. I thought it was genius. It was such a great way to leave the rest of the show intact. I thought the Six Feet Under ending was very good. I thought that was a great idea. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. MASH had a pretty great ending. laughs The most watched hour of TV ever I thought Weeds had a great ending. Its a tall order. I havent really seen it done badly. The show is getting more dreamlike, with the mysterious injections and D

THE SHOWRUNNERS BODY COUNT AT THE ABBEY Gareth Neame, Downton Abbey BY STEVE POND Shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad killed off highprofile characters during this past seasonbut was any death as upsetting as the car accident that killed Downton Abbeys Matthew Crawley as he sped home from the hospital moments after seeing his wife and newborn son The crash happened in the final moments of Season 3 for the British drama, putting an abrupt and tragic end to a season tha

Given the shows high profile in the U.K. and the U.S., are you now getting script notes from executives in two countries We dont get any notes. The show wouldnt work that way. Julian writes every script. Its a huge workload, and theres no way he could do it if he were getting notes from multiple sources. The only way it works is if he writes the scripts and gives them to me. I comment on each one, he responds to the notes, and we do it together, just the two of us and Liz Trubridge, our producin

THE SHOWRUNNERS POLITICAL PARTY Armando Iannucci, Veep BY STEVE POND Armando Iannucci has raised profanity and insults to an art form with three scorching and sidesplitting looks at politics. First there was the British television series The Thick of It then Oscarnominated movie In the Loop, which grew out of the series and took Iannucci and his cast of venomspewing malcontents to Washington then the HBO series Veep, in which Julia LouisDreyfus plays a vice president struggling to deal with an

these big, grand, imposing buildings in Washington, and yet when you go in you realize theyre just offices. Government is just people at work, and some of them are terrible at their jobs. Armando Iannucci There are The TV revolution Youve now got a much more fragmented audience, large pockets of which are saying, I dont really have to sit and watch I Ate My Sister. I want to look for something good, actually. The fascinating thing, coming to do something with HBO, is the discovery that there

THE SHOWRUNNERS Beau Willimon, House of Cards BY LUCAS SHAW Kevin Spaceys House Majority Whip Frank Underwood begins the first episode of House of Cards by killing a dog, and thats only the first of many signs that hes not your usual TV hero. GETTY IMAGES Beau Willimon has approached White House correspondents, Pulitzer Prize winners and littleknown bloggers about the portrayal of journalists in his show House of Cards, the Netflix series starring Kevin Spacey about the lurid underground of

where he literally walks through double doors in a tuxedo because hes a fucking movie star and were starting a show But I also wanted an antimoviestar entrance to establish that this guy is capable of killing in the first 30 seconds. There were a couple of people on the production side who had done TV for a long time, and theyre like, If you kill a dog within the first 30 seconds, youre going to lose half your viewership. You can kill as many human beings as you want, but kill an animal Itll tur

This years Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category is typically crowded, with a number of actors in the running for playing dark, troubled men in settings that range from the cutthroat back rooms of currentday Washington, D.C., to the battlefields of the mythical Westeros. Here are three of our favorites. The Dark Side PHOTOS PATRICK JAMES MILLER DO YOU TRUST THIS MAN N NOAH EMMERICH, THE AMERICANS Hes a man whos been away from himself and his life for quite a long time, s

LICENSE TO KILL NIKOLAJ COSTERWALDAU, GAME OF THRONES was in fact in on the scam, said Emmerich. I think that duplicity registered with the audience, and I carried it with me, unintentionally. It wasnt so much me carrying it with me as the audience carrying it with me Theres that guy who seems like a friendly guybut dont trust him. So Emmerich is the victim of the best type of typecasting We expect him to play men who are unusual and complex. He owes it to a refusal to embrace caricatures, onsc

TheDarkSide APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING COREY STOLL, HOUSE OF CARDS C orey Stoll said one of the turning points in his life came when he was a morbidly obese teenager, trying to choose roles for an acting showcase at his high school. Someone said, How about the Elephant Man How about the Hunchback of Notre Dame Stoll told TheWrap. I mean, these are amazing roles, but are these the only roles Im good for Shedding weight allowed Stoll, now an athleticlooking 37yearold, to play the dashing Erne

Mikey Glazers Party Report BEST BRIGHTEST Critics Choice, AFI and WGA salute the tops in TV 1. Jimmy Kimmel, David Spade and Ben Affleck act manly at the Guys Choice Awards. 2. Modern Familys Eric Stonestreet and Veeps Julia LouisDreyfus at the Critics Choice Television Awards at the Beverly Hilton. 3. David Cross and Michael Cera at Netflixs Arrested Jay Roach, singer Susanna Hoffs and the AFIs Jean Firstenberg at AFIs Life Achievement tribute to Mel Brooks. 5. Two more Critics Choices Bryan C

The Last Word love that thats been in effect since 1492. Note By no means is this a job application, and no resume will be available upon request, so just stop lining up right now. The jumpingoff place for any network head must be the assumption of being fired not too long after being hired. Hence, Id simply program shows that I like and hope for the best. The immediate and attractive upside of this philosophy is that it would eliminate the need for the heads of primetime comedy and drama. Not t

unless you count great acting, perfect casting, hilarious dialogue, loveable characters, heartfelt stories and intricate plotting as a TV tradition. Where other sitcoms are merely clever, Modern Family is smart where others are glib, Modern Family is sincere where others are vulgar, Modern Family is witty and where others are content to be absurd, Modern Family stays rooted in the real world. No series produces perfection, but week to week, moment to moment, There isnt anything traditional abou

TheWraps Fourth Annual Media Leadership Conference Coming September 2013 LoS AngeLeS, CA TheGrill has the right people at the right time talking candidly about the industrys hottest topics Keith simanton, Managing editor, iMdb sHAron WAxMAn And seTH MACFArLAne AT THeGriLL 2012 HeAr HoW THe indusTry is CHAnGinG FroM THe LeAders And innovATors Featuring innovative thinkers and commanding voices at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, TheGrill fosters discussion about the rea

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