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WRAP THE The Insiders Guide to All Things Emmys EMMY PREVIEW MAY 14, 2012 Covering Hollywood ThE RacE BEgIns a publication of emmywrap With Jim Parsons gunning for a threepeat, Emmy season starts with a big bang TVs Fresh Faces, Our Emmy Picks and Mike Wallace Remembered

for your emmy consideration in all categories A...BRilliAnt, HilARious tHe Best comic cAst on tV, By fAR... as twisted, and twistedly funny, as ever. newsday 2012 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. and even unexpectedly inspirational...

CONTENTS FROM THE EDITOR W elcome to TheWraps first Emmy magazine of the 20112012 season. After our first EmmyWrap last year got such an enthusiastic response, weve decided to make a major foray into print with five smart, sassy and occasionally subversive issues offering our take on the Emmy Awards. For those who are new to TheWrap, were in our fourth year as the leading digital news voice covering Jim Parsons calculates the odds of winning a third consecutive Emmy 20 4 Game Change ED LET

TV or Not TV The Primetime Emmys struggle to adapt to a changing television landscape that threatens to make primetime irrelevant By Steve Pond Illustration by RJ Matson I Steve Pond, Awards Editor t used to be so simple. The Primetime Emmy Awards honored televisions marquee programs, the ones that everybody watched in the same place and at the same time on network broadcasts that took place Monday through Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. 7 to 10 Central, Sunday from 7 to 10. And then, for good m

...a perfect vehicle for Machts combined wit and sarcasm. VARIETY ...a dominating and commanding presence... HUFFINGTON POST Equal parts swagger and smarts... THE WALL STREET JOURNAL FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES GABRIEL MACHT usanetwork.comemmys

Submit Wisely inning an Emmy doesnt just come down to being the best. Contenders also have to submit their best work. In the right category. And sometimes even the right genre. Egos get in the way. Feelings are hurt. And actors need to be told, sometimes, that their best acting and best acting out arent one and the same. You have to exert shrewdness and sometimes deviousness, said Tom ONeil, founder of the awardstracking website Gold Derby. Its shocking to me how many contenders are ignorant of

...devastatingly charming and effortless... TVGUIDE.COM of the most watchable actors... TVFANATIC.COM ...doesnt miss a beat... BACKSTAGE.COM FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES PATRICK J. ADAMS SAG NOMINEE usanetwork.comemmys

HISTORY LESSON An Emmys Timeline 1948 The Academy of Television Arts Sciences rejects 48 proposals for a statuette to honor television achievements. They accept the 49tha winged woman holding an atom from television engineer Louis McManus. for his music to Winston Churchillthe Valiant Years. Emmys ceremony takes place. Four years later, Susan Lucci will receive her first nomination she wont win until 1999, on her 19th. 1995 HBO Documentary chief Sheila Nevins wins the first two of her 22 Emmys

...Thorne oozes sex appeal, while still conveying an approachable vulnerability... VARIETY Its impossible to resist Callie Thorne. TV GUIDE MAGAZINE Callie Thorne shines... her presence is reason enough to watch... THE CHICAGO SUNTIMES FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION LEAD ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES CALLIE THORNE GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEE usanetwork.comemmys

1 The long road to the Emmys begins with a single step...on a red carpet By Leanne Williams OUT ABOUT 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 10 THEWRAP.COM MAY 14, 2012 IMAGE 1 STARPIX 2 GETTY 3 STARPIX 4, 7, 8, 11, 12 PICTURE GROUP 5, 6 JONATHAN ALCORN 9 WIREIMAGE 10 ABCRICK ROWELL 13 PICTURE GROUP 1. The cast of HBOs Girls Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, creator Lena Dunham and Allison Williams. 2. Nyambi Nyambi and Jim Parsons at the TV Academys Hall of Fame Gala. 3. Julia LouisDreyfus and Anna White Collar the charm, wit and sex appeal... USA TODAY Terrific acting... THE LOS ANGELES TIMES ...impeccably acted... ...slick and smart... EW.COM FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES MATT BOMER usanetwork.comemmys

Our television editor surveys the Emmy 2012 landscape, and says the shows thatll take home the gold are mostly the ones that deserve it By Tim Molloy The Winners Circle Modern Family, 2011 Were predicting a mix of safe choices and bold changes this year, with the top male acting awards going to the usual suspects and the female ones going to the anchors of bold new shows. We think Mad Men will miss out on a fifth consecutive drama award and will have to cede it to a fellow AMC show. And we ex


But we think the voters will recognize that nothing on television was as flatout dramaticand insanely addictiveas Breaking Bad. AMCs methamphetamine epic, which came roaring back after missing a year because it was off the air during the eligibility period, asked serious philosophical questions even as it spun as intense a crime story as youll ever see. Well, except for The Wire, which was shamefully and absurdly denied a single Emmy. Lead Actress in a Comedy Series WILL WIN Julia LouisDreyfus,

Better ...great than good The New Yorker tv craftsmanship. f o r yo u r c o n s i d e r at i o n o u t s ta n d i n g d r a m a s e r i e s Julianna margulies o u t s ta n d i n g l e a d a c t r e s s 2012 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

THE INTERCHANGE Execs think that if you can write a sitcom, you can write a screenplay and a novel. But theyre wrong. By Peter Mehlman S omeone suggested making a novel of my screenplay that started out as this sitcom idea Sigmund Freud is reincarnated as a coed in rural Alabama. She remembers her past life as miserable, wants no part of psychology in this life, but cant help talking depressed students off ledges. The sitcom was for network TV, so the dumbeddown sales pitch ended Its My Favori

EMMY 2012 FoR youR Emmy considERation in all catEgoRiEs lauRa linnEy micHaEl c. Hall EdiE Falco JEREmy iRons claiRE danEs damian lEWis and mandy Patinkin William H. macy Emmy Rossum david ducHovny don cHEadlE kRistEn BEll maRylouisE PaRkER Watch full episodes at SHO.COMfOryOurCOnSideratiOn 2012 Showtime Networks Inc. All rights reserved. SHOWTIME and related marks are trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS company. Emmy is a registered trademark of the Academy of Television Art

year or that novelists put more description onto Page One than you see in a decade of network pilots or that sitcom writers dont actually write so much as shout jokes in a sugary room until their 22minute personalities are paroled at 3 a.m. every night. Huckleberry Finn, Chinatown, Two and a Half Men...welcome to onewriterfitsall. Truthfully, this is all pretty embarrassing. When people with power and money tell writers they have the talent to write somethinganythingmost writers hug the flattery

TICKET Air Emmy ATS SE LASS After two consecutive Emmy wins for The Big Bang Theory, can Jim Parsons soar into the winners circle again BY KIMBERLY POTTS PHOTOGRAPHED BY AARON FALLON 8 94311 00003 9 20 THEWRAP.COM MAY 14, 2012 C 1 FIR LL ST A

TVs bernerd is going places... on his bike, and in his career MAY 14, 2012 THEWRAP.COM 21

T he Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons has already snagged backtoback Emmys for his role as theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper on CBS comedy hit, and he doesnt even mind that one of his statues may be a little, well, melted. As the Texas native prepares to make his leadingman debut on Broadway this spring in Harvey, he talked to TheWrap about why his is the one show on TV that no one hates, celebrating genius and how he learned to make chicken gravy. down at the end of the day You have a life

These characters are geniuses. On topic after topic, I have to say words that are literally incomprehensible to me.JIM PARSONS MAY 14, 2012 THEWRAP.COM 23

FRESH FACES By Steve Pond Photographed by Remy Haynes Can you qualify as a fresh face if all of America saw you in a hit movie when you were 10 years old If you played a guardian angel in a show thats been on for three years If youve been a constant presence in the biggest film series of all time, with grosses topping 7 billion If your IMDb resum sports a dozen movies and a lineup of series that includes Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad and Gossip Girl Well, yeah you can. Weve seen Anna Chlumsky, B

Shot on location in the new C Suite at Mr. C Hotel, Beverly Hills HBOBILL GRAY When I was 10, I never thought it was anything more than a hobby, she says. Sure, I had dreams of growing up to be Bernadette Peters or Vivien Leigh, but as a kid, you do it because adults tell you to do it. Only after she graduated from college did she go to acting class and recommit herself to her childhood career. I never really embraced the idea that this is what I would do for a living until I got back into it,

BEN FELDMAN e doesnt know very much. And hes not sure he can talk about the things he does know. Such is life on Mad Men for actor Ben Feldman, who made a splash in the awardwinning series this season as Michael Ginsberg, a brilliant and frequently abrasive copywriter hired to be Sterling Cooper Draper Pryces first Jewish employee. In the secretive world of Matthew Weiners show, Feldman auditioned with a script in which names were changed and information was scanty he was told only that there w

Why TENNIS RULES ThE EARTh Wall Street Journal, January 2012 TENNIS ChANNEL ASSEmbLEd ThE pERfECT bRoAdCAST TEAm Sports Illustrated, June 2011 IT hAS ESTAbLIShEd ITSELf AS A dESTINATIoN ChANNEL foR ThE mAjoRS The Washington Examiner, June 2009 oNE mAjoR pLAyER SEEmS To bE oN SomEThINg of A WINNINg STREAkTENNIS ChANNEL The New York Times, May 2010 Tennis is rockin the sports world and generating riveting buzz. Tennis Channel is the only place that delivers the sports passionate followers all

he minute that Krysten Ritter heard about the TV show called Dont Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, she knew that the title was going to change. They gave me the hard sell, says Ritter, who plays the bitch in question. They said, Its the title character And I was like, Oh please, Ive been around the block. There is no way that is going to be the title. Ritter was right about that, but barely After briefly opting for the safe but flavorless Apartment 23, NBC went with Dont Trust the B in Apartment

for your emmy consideration in all categories SM ...ONE OF THE FUNNIEST, ABSURDLY FUN TO WATCH... ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY 2012 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. most emotionally wrenching comedies on TV...

IT GAVE ME A CHANCE TO DO SOME REAL ACTING, AS OPPOSED TO CHOOSING WHETHER TO WEAR SUNGLASSES IN A SCENE, WHICH A LOT OF MY FRIENDS SEEM TO BE DOING. F irst of all, Jason Isaacs would like to point out that he owes his starring role in Awake to a fallacy, one he would like to dispel that theres a shortage of American actors who are ready for primetime. Theres this strange myth that theres a dearth of American leading men, he says of the thinking that has led to plum roles for the likes of Hugh

f r o m t H e p r o d u C e r S o f t o p C H e f Chefs compete, cultures clash. 109c Hosted by Curtis Stone Cat Cora global by 80plates

About TheWrap The Wrap News Inc., founded by awardwinning journalist Sharon Waxman in 2009, is the leading news organization covering the business of entertainment and media. The company encompasses, a website providing highprofile newsbreaks, investigative stories and authoritative analysis, an authoritative film development database and events including TheGrill, an executive leadership conference centered on the convergence of entertainment, media and technology.

Celebrating 25 years in Los Angeles and weve never looked better. Step into the restyled, ultrachic ambiance of Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles. Slip away to Culina, Modern Italian and dine al fresco or step inside and enjoy the show of LAs only liveaction crudo bar. Soak in the striking views from our lush, new pool terrace. 1 310 2732222 www.fourseasons.comlosangeles

IN MEMORIAM Fearless and Timeless M Remembering Mike Wallace ike Wallace, the 60 Minutes veteran who left no tough question unasked, died in April at the age of 93. Wallaces early broadcasting career included a stint as an announcer for radio action shows Sky King and The Green Hornet. He hosted several game shows in the 1950s, but also honed his relentless interviewing style in that decade on the latenight, New Yorkbased interview show Night Beat. There, he once said, We decided to ask the irr

Image Cindy Crawford, Ferre 3, Malibu, 1993, Herb Ritts. Gelatin silver print. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Gift of Herb Ritts Foundation. Herb Ritts Foundation. Design 2012 J. Paul Getty Trust

I met Mike Wallace on a waning summer afternoon less than a decade ago. He was golden brown and stripped to the waist as he came crashing through the back door of Art Buchwalds porch on Marthas Vineyard. Hi, Im Mike he said, extending a hand, his white teeth flashing. The man was a legend, and I shrunk back instinctively. But instead he proceeded to grill me about who I was, why and where I was a journalist, my career plans and did they make any sense. I was smitten. For as long as I could reme

TheWraps Third Annual Media Leadership Conference Sharon Waxman, Terry Semel and Harry Sloan at TheGrill, 2011 October 12, 2012 Los Angeles, CA Jeff Weiner with LinkedIn was phenomenal and I was positively impressed with the moderators and format. Tremendous panelistsRami Yani, Senior VicePresident, Saban Media Featuring innovative thinkers and commanding voices at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, TheGrill fosters discussion about the realities and opportunities in th

WRAP THE Covering Covering Hollywood An Open Letter to Jimmy Kimme Mr. Kimmel, l on How to Be a Great Emmy Ho st night, and the of the funniest monologues in late hosting the Emmys. You have one difficult thing Were excited youre s. Except for the other big, really most important part of the Emmy monologue is probably the of the show. Ideally live. we hope youll do, right at the top night or so was the one by that other late e Emmy opening of the last decade cted Which is sing. Our favorit


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