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The Insiders Guide to All Things Emmys C OV E R I N G H O L LY WO O D REALITY NONFICTION JUNE 12, 2013 The Amazing Race Been there, won that a publication of WHATS WRONG WITH THOSE SINGING SHOWS REALITY, WHAT A CONCEPT BRAVO PLACES ITS EMMY BETS ON FAVORITES AND LONGSHOTS FIRST PERSON Kathy Griffins dirty little secret, Mel Brooks on his new horror movie, Philip Segals advice on fixing the reality problem Documentaries on David Geffen and the Catholic Church


TRUE BLOOD THE NEWSROOM SM ITS FANGTASTIC US Weekly ITS EXHILARATING TV Guide ITS DRAMA FYC GAME OF THRONES ITS MAGNIFICENT Newsweek 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.

Contents BRAVOS REALITY CZAR ANDY COHEN Its nice to be thought of as producers of quality nonfiction TV. EmmyWrap RealityNonfiction Issue June 12, 2013 FEATURES 12 BRAVO FIGHTS FOR GOLD Andy Cohens stable of reality stars gets a big Emmy push 18 OUT OF TUNE What can be done about the slumping singingshow genre 22 RACE, RINSE, REPEAT The Amazing Race tries to avoid the been there, done that syndrome 26 THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE Emmycontending documentaries about David Geffen, Ethel Kenn

Front Center Were Counting on Us A leading producer of reality shows pleads with voters in the reality categories Stop voting for the same damn shows every year Voters for the Emmys reality categories are creatures of habit The 52 nominations handed out in the Outstanding RealityCompetition category over the past 11 years have gone to a grand total of 12 shows, and The Amazing Race has won every single year except one. The wildly disparate Outstanding Reality Program category is marginally bet

THE 1 AND ONLYCBS 1 VIEWERS 1 A18 49 1 A25 54 1 SHOW 1 DRAMA 1 COMEDY ELEMENTARY 60 MINUTES NCIS NCIS 1 NEW SHOW 1 NEWS PROGRAM A FIRST FOR ANY NETWORK IN 4 DECADES. THE BIG BANG THEORY In a media landscape of everexpanding choices, CBS has been the most watched network for 10 of the last 11 seasons. Source Nielsen NPM, Per2 AA 000 Estimates, A1849 And A2554, Primetime All Programs Show Claims Based On Primetime, Regularly Scheduled, Excluding Breakouts And Specials 9241251213 Most Current D

timeline June 10 June 28 June 18 June 23 Late June Aug. 5 Aug. 12 Aug. 23 Au.g 30 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 8 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 12, 2013 THE EMMY Heres whats going to happen, and when Front Center e a h, yo u c a n ri p th i s Y p a ge o u t THE EMMY timeline Nominating ballots posted on the Academy of Television Arts Sciences website. Last date to return nominating ballots to Ernst Young. 5 p.m. deadline. Primetime Emmy nominations announced live at 535 a.m. from the Leonard H. Goldenson The

Great Nonfiction Moments at the Emmys SEPT. 21, 2003 The Amazing Race won the first Emmy in the new Outstanding RealityCompetition Program category, which for one year replaced the Outstanding Reality Program category. In subsequent years, both categories would be awarded. TAR went on to win for seven consecutive years, lose in 2010 to Top Chef and then win two more. JAN. 27, 1950 A film about Dwight D. Eisenhowers military campaigns in World War II, Crusade in Europe, won the first Emmy to g

Front Center The poster boy for being conned by a phony online identity, Nev Schulman parlayed a documentary about his misfortune into a career as a realityshow host with Max Joseph, below and spokesperson for how to behave on the internet. JETHRO NEDEDOG Had you ever planned to have a career in reality TV NEV SCHULMAN I never thought this would be the career path that I would end up taking. The movie came as a big surprise, and its success was also very unexpected. The TV show sort of hatch

No Chance No Problem In praise of the reality shows that arent getting anywhere near the Emmy stage BY STEVE POND And by get real, I mean real as in reality, as in realityTV shows that, lets face it, have no chance of walking the Emmy red carpet until it starts snowing in Dantes neighborhood. It is no secret that the Emmys are one thing, and many of the most highprofile reality shows are another thing, and virtually never the twain shall meet. Voters want shows that represent the best of u

Andy Cohen is an exec, a host and the face of Bravos reality lineup. Bravo Drills for Gold in Unexpected Places As the network banks on its Emmy darlings, it also hopes the Academy will recognize some hidden gems PORTRAITS BY REMY HAYNES 12 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 12, 2013

BY JETHRO NEDEDOG Im like the Susan Lucci of reality, Padma Lakshmi told TheWrap minutes before she was to join Bravos Emmy panel at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. I mean, we won once, but weve been nominated every year Ive been doing the show. Its always The Amazing Race. They always take it. Host Phil Keoghan is so sweet, but God It was refreshing to see Lakshmis competitive side make an appearance as the Top Chef host and judge noshed on the spread that was l

Jeff Lewis thinks hes the reason Emmy voters havent warmed to Flipping Out below. Im polarizing. People watch it because they love me, and people watch it because they dont love me. giving Vanderpumps show its Emmy support. It is our biggest freshman series, I think after Bethenny Frankels spinoff. It was groundbreaking. Some of the things we did, in terms of how we premiered it with a crossover episode on Beverly Hills where literally it was a seamless transition...People talked about that for

A BRIEF HISTORY of BRAVOS Hits Misses Hit Showbiz Moms Dads 2004 Though it only aired for one season, it spawned two spinoffs for the network and inspired copycats like Toddlers Tiaras. Hit and Miss Project Runway 20042008 Its best years were arguably on Bravo, but how could they have let this gem get away from them Miss Queer Eye for the Straight Girl 2005 Unlike its predecessor, this spinoff didnt present anything new for viewers. What gal doesnt already have a gay bestie to advise her Hit


Ratings are down, mean judges turn people off but nice ones are boring, celebs come and go without changing the numbers...the onceformidable singing shows are singing the blues 18 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 12, 2013

As musiccompetition shows slide, everybodys wondering what it takes to make a hit BY TIM MOLLOY Tell us if this sounds familiar... A giveityourall reality competition becomes a national fascination, and people agonize over whether their favorite competitors will be voted off. Other shows mimic its formulaand eventually another show becomes the nations reality spectacle of choice. It outpaces its predecessor and makes many of us forget just how original the original once seemed. We arent just t

in general getting more down and dirty, the devout Christian producer believes The Voice won out with decency. Theres no humiliation on it, he told TheWrap. I feel that thats important with audiences. He added Also, our coaches are very, very current in their careers. I feel like its become young Americas favorite show. No matter how much of a role they truly play, the judges behind the tableor coaches in the spinning chairsalways get the credit or blame for a shows success or slide. Theyre too

FOR CONSIDERATION OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES l d Arl An the O ries atego C from, Bomb Girls doesnt shy away ns. shocking, even gruesome, plot tur Pittsburgh PostGazette A hidden gem... New York Daily News


HOW THE AMAZING RACE FIGHTS THE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT SYNDROME BY STEVE POND PHOTOS BY REMY HAYNES I t has happened before, and it will surely happen again. The brain trust of The Amazing Race will be sitting around a conference table in the shows headquarters, located conveniently close to Los Angeles International Airport, when one of the newer staffers will come up with an idea. We have people whove been here since the beginning, and then well have new people come onto the staff, said Elis

trying to figure out how much you can change the format that drew viewers to the show in the first place, or how long you can keep it the same before it reaches its sellby date. While van Munster insisted, The format doesnt need to be changedits been good since the beginning, Doganieri took a more nuanced view. We like to keep the format of the show true to what it has been since Season 1, she said. Theres always a roadblock, detour, pit stop, fast forward, route marker. But sometimes its nice t

India, van Munster added, the production will station ambulances at intervals on the road, just in case of emergency. We contact hospitals in the cities and countries where were operating, he said. We know the names of the doctors and the surgeons. We know the helicopter operators, the numbers of the helicopters were using. We know the records of the pilots were using. They also know that if theyre going back to somewhere theyve been before, they need to find a twistthough to hear Doganieri tell

Nonfiction I Whats Up Docs n recent years, the Emmy nonfiction categories have played host to heavy hitters like Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Ken Burns and Steven Soderbergh. Here are some of the films in the running this time around.... LETS MAKE A DEAL D Inventing David Geffen avid Geffen is not a singer. Nor is he a movie star. Nor is he a writer. Thus, he would seem an odd subject for PBSs American Masters, a series devoted to artists ranging from Willa Cather to Woody Allen. Yet seri

her documentaries on figures such as Joni Mitchell. In addition to Geffen, the doc features interviews with his friends and colleaguesan Alist Rolodex that includes Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Elton John, Neil Young, Clive Davis, Barry Diller and Irving Azoff. Geffens network was huge, Lacy claims, because his influence was tectonic. In the music business alone, Geffen put his imprint on the singersongwriter movement in the 70s by championing musicians such as Jackson Browne and Laura Nyro, the

Nonfiction THE GOOD HUMOR MAN M Mel Brooks Make a Noise el Brooks is responsible for some of the greatest comedies in movie history, a list that includes Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Producers and the film he claims is surprisingly his most popular, Spaceballs. Those films, and the rest of a career that also includes radio comedy, standup and Broadway, are chronicled in Mel Brooks Make a Noise, part of PBSs American Masters series. Another show on Brooks, HBOs Mel Brooks Strike Bac

Mikey Glazers Party Report REALITYS OFFSCREEN SCENE The captains of the realityTV and nonfiction community keep it real. 1. Returning Emmy host Neil Patrick 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 REALITYNONFICTION THEWRAP.COM 29 ALL PHOT0S COURTESY OF GETTY IMAGES EXECPT 4 FOX VIA GETTY IMAGES, 10 ROB KIM GETTY IMAGES FOR AOL 11 COURTESY OF DOMAIN MSASABRA Harris flanked by David Burtka and Sharon Osbourne at the Race to Erase MS gala at the Century Plaza. 2. Anthony Hopkins dresses up for the American I

Back Stage of a selfaggrandizing ahole even saying that, but hey, Im keeping it realz. Since this is the Reality issue, my reality is that my reality show Kathy Griffin My Life on the DList earned a nomination all six years it was on the air. My little dogandpony show somehow beat out ABCs bigbudget, widely successful and by the way, awesome show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I also wasnt your typical reality villainI never ripped off a bitchs weave on my show, except maybe mine. Trust me, I lo

F O R YO U R E M M Y C O N S I D E R AT I O N 2013 Discovery Communications

TheWraps Fourth Annual Media Leadership Conference Coming September 2013 LoS AngeLeS, CA TheGrill has the right people at the right time talking candidly about the industrys hottest topics Keith simanton, Managing editor, iMdb sHAron WAxMAn And seTH MACFArLAne AT THeGriLL 2012 HeAr HoW THe indusTry is CHAnGinG FroM THe LeAders And innovATors Featuring innovative thinkers and commanding voices at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, TheGrill fosters discussion about the rea

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