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WRAP THE The Insiders Guide to All Things Emmys DRAMA JUNE 8, 2012 Covering Hollywood emmywrap BRYAN CRANSTON Hes Back and Badder Than Ever a publication of Our DeepDive DRAMA Creating and Running Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife and more

for your emmy consideration in all categories ...its diabolically deranged and debauched twists keeping us on edge...i wouldnt miss it... TVGuide 2012 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. indulge your wilder appetites ...get your tV freak on...

CONTENTS PRIME TIMES This is the good part. The dark, gritty underbelly of televised narrative Dramas. In this third issue of EmmyWrap, we get to dive into our favorite dramas populating the TV landscape, stories that spring from the fantastically deranged imaginations of people like Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad, Matt Weiner Mad Men and Glen Mazzara The Walking Dead. How do they keep us in a state of exquisite torture, week after week, gripping the edges of our couches I dont think we really kne

And the Winner Is... I If you put recent Emmy winners up against their Academy Award counterparts, the results arent pretty for Oscar. By Steve Pond Steve Pond, Awards Editor ts become conventional wisdom that theres more vital work taking place these days on television than in movies. At some point, goes the story, a bunch of TV writers tired of the usual smallscreen fare and started stretching their creative muscles. And strangely, lots of them were named David David Milch did NYPD Blue, D

MACHT and ADAMS really stretch each others acting abilities by both bringing a dominating and commanding presence to their performances... HUFFINGTON POST FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES usanetwork.comemmys

WRONG PAGE SIDE Drama Emmy Scorecard COPS ON TOP When it comes to drama series Emmys, lawyers and police rule. So says our unofficial survey of 64 years in the top drama category, with police shows nudging out law shows 10 wins to 8. Police Story, Hill Street Blues, Cagney Lacey and NYPD Blue, with Dennis Franz, left, figure in the former category, with The Defenders, L.A. Law and The Practice in the latter camp. Politicians and advertising execs tie for third, though the showings of those two


EMMY CHEER By Mikey Glazer TVs onscreen tastemakers stir up the offscreen scene. 5 6 7 9 10 8 11 12 13 8 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 8, 2012 1 COURTESY OF BLOOMBERG 2, 3, 6 , 7, 8 11, KEVIN PARRY FOR PALEYFEST 4 JASON MERRITTGETTYIMAGES 5 MICHAEL LOCCISANOMSNBC 8 DIMITRIOS KAMBOURISCOURTESY OF VANITY FAIRWIREIMAGE 9 COURTESY OF HBO 10 COURTESY OF SESAME STREET WORKSHOPS 12 FRANK MICELOTTAPICTURE GROUP 13 STARPIX FOR HBO. 1. Elizabeth Banks and Jesse Tyler Ferguson at Bloomberg and Vanity Fai White Collar the charm, wit and sex appeal... USA TODAY Terrific acting... THE LOS ANGELES TIMES ...impeccably acted... ...slick and smart... EW.COM FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES MATT BOMER usanetwork.comemmys

Do Movie Stars Have an Emmy Advantage Well, yes. But maybe not for long. By Tim Molloy ell know that televisions inferiority complex about the movies is over when TV stars start routinely beating their silverscreen colleagues at the Emmys. There are signs its already happening. More film actors and actressesespecially actresses, for reasons well get into soonare doing TV. The internet is tearing down whatever walls remain between TV and film. Oh, and TV is getting better. Its all contributing to

CLAIRE DANES DAMIAN LEWIS JEREMY IRONS CONSIDERED DANGEROUS POWERFUL WILLIAM H. MACY EMMY ROSSUM CONSIDERED MICHAEL C. HALL CONSIDERED UNSTOPPABLE INTOXICATING Voting Members Watch full seasons at SHO.COMFYC 2012 Showtime Networks Inc. All rights reserved. SHOWTIME and related marks are trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS company. The Borgias 2012 Borg Film Kft.LB Television Productions Limited Borgias II Productions Inc. A HungaryIrelandCanada CoProduction. All rights reserved. S

Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan may act goofy sometimes, but their remarkable collaboration is back to scare other contenders in the Emmy drama races By Fred Schruers Photographed by J.R. Mankoff

Forget about the lighthearted photosession interaction Breaking Bad is dark and getting darker.If you lie down with dogs, says Cranston, youre going to get fleas. B THIS IS VINCES BABY. IM THE SURROGATE FATHER, BUT HE IS MASTER AND COMMANDER, AND THERE IS NO DISCUSSION OF WHERE ITS GOING. Those episodes will complete a story that began five years ago with a grim setup a highschool chemistry teacher, Walter White, decides that the most lucrative way to provide for his family in the face of a fa

actor can occasionally create almost as many problems as opportunities, the daring, inventive storyteller grins. Yes, sometimes it really goes south, says Gilligan in his softtoned Virginia accent, thankful thats not his problem. The quality that made our show work was Bryan, and Id say that whether he was standing here or not. Our main character is a guy who decides to become a criminal, a bad guy. And as you would expect, during that process he becomes less and less likeable. If you had someon

SHOWRUNNERS Drama Weiss left Benioff on the Game of Thrones set opposite, Emilia Clarke and Jack Gleeson. Bluster and Make Believe ith the first two seasons of HBOs Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss succeeded wildly at creating a world of seven kingdoms populated with old gods, new gods, dragons and constant political plotting. Lost among the accolades for their showfor the brilliant, multitiered dialogue, the sweep of the battle scenes, the complexity of the charactersis how eas

BENIOFF We have the luxury of calling George and saying, What the hell is this Having read them so many freakin times, we get most of it. But there are definitely times when Ill think, Where is this city again WEISS Its kind of like being able to ask God What the hells up with that How do you feel about creating scenes or characters that arent in the books WEISS Our goal has always been to adapt Georges whole story, not just this book or that book, to the screen. Sometimes in the service of that

Glen Mazzara embraces the horror on The Walking Dead. Zombie Jamboree Glen Mazzara, The Walking Dead A serialized cable show adapting a comic about zombies running rampant in a dystopian America may have seemed like a long shot to some when series producers creator Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd debuted it on AMC in early 2010. But two recordsetting seasons later, The Walking Dead has notched gains that even its burgeoning horde of grisly, suppurating walkers might envy. Glen Mazzara took

Madison Blues T Matthew Weiner, Mad Men he first basiccable series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, Mad Men has a cultural impact that reverberates well beyond the cast and crews formidable stack of statuettes. Created by The Sopranos writingroom stalwart Matthew Weiner and centered on the enigmatic ad man Don Draper, the show has immersed us in ,60sera Madison Avenue, depicting the periods pleasures and neuroses without ever becoming kitsch. Weiner, who between seasons four and f

Who Needs Cable I Robert and Michelle King, The Good Wife n an era where cable dramas draw most of the plaudits, a mainstream network drama starts with one strike against it. But few have achieved the kind of critical applause and robust ratings CBS The Good Wife has enjoyed since debuting in September of 2009. Conceived by Robert and Michelle King in response to seeing certain politicians wives put on a brave face in the wake of their husbands scandals, the series follows Julianna Margulies

Homeland Insecurity H Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, Homeland omeland is a psychologicalone might almost say psychiatricthriller about a mentally troubled CIA officer, played by Claire Danes, and her fixation with former Marine POW Nick Brody Damian Lewis, who she suspects has returned from captivity in Iraq as an Al Qaeda sleeper terrorist. Inspired by the Israeli drama Prisoners of War, the Showtime series is the work of showrunners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon colleagues of three decades st

DESIGNS for LIVING For the production designers of some drama series, the challenge is to create new worlds, or recreate old ones that are long gone By Steve Pond A world of seven kingdoms, from arid deserts to verdant seasides to frozen wastes. A grand English country house after the turn of the century, with its dramatic contrasts between luxury upstairs and drudgery downstairs. The speakeasies of New York in the 1920s and 30s, and its advertising agencies in the 60s. Miami in 1960, and Rome

IN THE SECOND SEASON THERE WAS A GREAT INFLUENCE OF WAR, SO THIS BEAUTIFUL HOUSE WAS FILLED WITH IRON TABLES AND BEDS AND ROUGH MEN. IT SHOCKED THE FABRIC OF SOCIETY. Donal Woods designs and models for Downton Abbey, with parts of a glorious house turned into a makeshift field hospital. JUNE 8, 2012 THEWRAP.COM 23

Above, Dan Bishop designed Don Drapers new apartment on Mad Men left, Carlos Barbosas enormous hotel lobby in Magic City. an EtchaSketch was vetoed as a prop because it wasnt released until a couple of months after the story was set, while the endcredits song on the current seasons first episode was switched at the last minute because the original tune wasnt exactly true to the date. Matt doesnt want to draw attention to the period. He wants to be in the period, director Tim Hunter has said. Th

HOL LYWOOD BOW L 2012 THERES A STORY IN EVERY SEAT. JUN 22 OPENING NIGHT A benefit for the LA Phil and its education programs, including Youth Orchestra LA YOLA JUL 234 with performances by 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees REBA MCENTIRE JULIE ANDREWS host AND CHAKA KHAN Fri JUN 22 Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Thomas Wilkins, conductor Celebrate the start of summer with the Hollywood Bowls starstudded Opening Night concert, complete with thrilling performances by our Hall of Fame inductees, a spec

FRIST PERSON Hey, Voters NCIS Is Good By Chris Willman But you wouldnt know because you dont watch it fter nine increasingly successful seasons of NCIS, we all know what it would take for the show to finally get some love from the Emmys. And that is a bomb that somehow destroys all television production life as we know it except for the NCIS production base up in Valencia. That would be left floating in the void, like the small town adrift amid an otherwise obliterated universe at the end of


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