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The Insiders Guide to All Things Emmys DOWN TO THE WIRE AUGUST 12, 2013 C OV E R I N G H O L LY WO O D INSIDE The Scandalous Kerry Washington, The underappreciated Bob Newhart, The new Susan Lucci its Bill Maher and The end of Breaking Bad a publication of Card Shark KEVIN SPACEY BEATS THE ODDS IN NETFLIXS HOUSE OF CARDS TheWrap 2855 S. Barrington Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064 Predictions, design secrets and the inside scoop on the 65th Emmy Awards

110 NOMINATIONS BEHIND THE CANDELABRA Jerry Weintraub Productions in association with HBO Films OUTSTANDING MINISERIES OR MOVIE Jerry Weintraub, Executive Producer Gregory Jacobs, Susan Ekins, Michael Polaire, Producers LEAD ACTOR IN A MINISERIES OR MOVIE Michael Douglas as Liberace Matt Damon as Scott Thorson SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A MINISERIES OR MOVIE Scott Bakula as Bob Black DIRECTING FOR A MINISERIES, MOVIE OR DRAMATIC SPECIAL Steven Soderbergh WRITING FOR A MINISERIES, MOVIE OR DRAMATIC SPE

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR 2013 PRIMETIME EMMY NOMINEES GIRLS SM Apatow Productions and I am Jenni Konner Productions in association with HBO Entertainment OUTSTANDING COMEDY SERIES Judd Apatow, Jenni Konner, Lena Dunham, Ilene S. Landress, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Executive Producers Murray Miller, CoExecutive Producer LEAD ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES Adam Driver as Adam Sackler DIRECTING FOR A COMEDY SERIES Lena Dunham On All Fours

Contents EmmyWrap Down to the Wire Aug 12, 2013 FEATURES 12 THE POWER PLAYER Kevin Spacey gets political in House of Cards as Netflix shakes up the Emmys 18 KERRY RISING Kerry Washington is making history one episode at a time 22 THE END IS NEAR FOR BREAKING BAD Vince Gilligan tries to stick the landing 24 BOB NEWHART ON THE LINE Can a TV icon finally get some Emmy love 26 THE HABITATION CONFIGURATION Secrets of TVs most gloriously nerdy set, The Big Bang Theory DEPARTMENTS 6 Who


Front Center A Full Hand of Wild Cards OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES Connie Britton, Nashville Claire Danes, Homeland Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men Kerry Washington, Scandal Robin Wright, House of Cards It wouldnt surprise anyone if Danes wins for a second consecutive year, though some Homeland fans felt that the past season season often strained credulity. It wasnt Danes fault She sells Carrie Matheson as one of the messiest, m

OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES Laura Dern, Enlightened Lena Dunham, Girls Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie Tina Fey, 30 Rock Julia LouisDreyfus, Veep Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation If this category were just about being funny, LouisDreyfus would win cold for a second consecutive year. And she probably will win anyway. But she faces Dunham, whose Girls puts a young, female spin on Louie to create one of the most complicated, wonderfully aggravating shows on television. Poehler deserves to

Front Center A Man With a Plan A conversation with Emmy Awards executive producer Ken Ehrlich With decades of variety, music and awards experience behind him including more than 30 Grammys telecasts, Emmy producer Ken Ehrlich knows his way around an awardsshow stage. As he prepped his sixth Emmys show with host Neil Patrick Harris, he let TheWrap in on a few things. Any examples of what youre planning Its a little early to give you any specifics. I can tell you that were definitely going to ta

By the Numbers 0for32 Damn The Winningest Loser Hes lost to Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan OBrien, Stephen Colbert, Dennis Miller and the Tony Awards...and for 10 years in a row, his show has lost to The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. So while Susan Lucci parlayed 18 consecutive Daytime Emmy losses into the stuff of legend, Luccis not the Emmys biggest loser by a longshot. That title goes to Bill Maher, who has now been nominated 32 times without a win over the last 17 years. Maher has competed

By the Numbers THE TWOTIMERS BY STEVE POND LOUIS C.K. There are 94 nominated actors and actresses at this years Emmys and more than 100,000 members of the Screen Actors Guild. So the odds are pretty long against anybody hogging more than one nomination, right Not exactly. When Emmy voters like someone, they really like them so much so that year after year a few actors wake up on Emmy morning to find that theyve been recognized in more than one category. Here are this years four performers in

NOMINATIONS Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Boardwalk Empire Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, Nurse Jackie STORY Cannavale has used his workingclass, toughguy image to good effect in both comedy and drama, playing a gangster in Boardwalk and a corporate physician in Jackie. He also played a bad clown on Modern Family this season, but Emmy voters stopped short of giving him a trifecta. BEST CHANCE OF WINNING Frankly, his chances arent terribly good in either categorytho

Washington In Netflixs groundbreaking political drama House of Cards, Kevin Spacey borrows from Shakespeare to create a schemer for the ages BY STEVE POND PHOT0S BY PATRICK FRASER Spacey Goes I t was one hell of an introduction for one hell of a character. In the opening minutes of the first episode of Netflixs groundbreaking series House of Cards, House Majority Whip Francis Underwood hears a crash and walks out of his Washington, D.C., townhouse to find a dog lying in the street, dying

The camera doesnt know its a streaming camera any more than it would know its a TV camera or a film camera, said Spacey.

Francis Underwood dallies with a journalist played by Kate Mara, top right, and waits to pass along sensitive info in a metro station. He just sees opportunity and moves toward it, Spacey said. And if things have to get diabolical, they do. neared its end hell leave in 2015 did he begin to play larger roles in films like Casino Jack. At the same time, if you look at the shifts that have happened in the motionpicture industry, the kind of movies that I was making in the 90s are not quite the fo

just trying to beat the acting out of you, said Spacey, approvingly. That can be quite valuable, particularly for younger performers who havent had that much experience, who bring lots of handles and gestures and props and things into a scene. David might be just simply trying to wear them down to the point where its just the words and whats going on emotionally, and they get rid of all the gimmicks and handles. And what about for a more experienced performer say, twotime Oscar winner Spacey He

the most emmy award nominated program of 2013 17 nominations including outstanding miniseries or movie Outstanding Lead actress in a Miniseries Or a MOvie Jessica lange Outstanding suppOrting actress in a Miniseries Or a MOvie sarah Paulson Outstanding suppOrting actOr in a Miniseries Or a MOvie James cromwell Outstanding suppOrting actOr in a Miniseries Or a MOvie Zachary Quinto TM 2013 FX Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

the best comedy on television 6 EMMY noMinations including outstanding coMEdY sEriEs TM 2013 FX Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

Im proud to live in a world where a show that has a woman of color as its lead character can be a success. 18 THEWRAP.COM AUGUST 12, 2013

Shes Game GOT As the first AfricanAmerican nominee in her category in 18 years, Kerry Washington is making history one episode at a time BY JETHRO NEDEDOG PHOTO BY MICHAEL NEVEUX A lot can change in a year. Last July, on the heels of the first season of her Shonda Rhimes drama Scandal, Kerry Washington presented the Emmy nominations with Jimmy Kimmel. On one hand, landing the presenters job was a nod to her work and a sign that she had garnered the Academys attentionbut on the other, it made

SCANDAL DANNY FELD ABC By landing a dramaactress nomination for her role as Scandals Olivia Pope, Washington joined a select group that included Cicely Tyson in Sweet Justice, Alfre Woodard in St. Elsewhere and Regina Taylor in Ill Fly Away. and Regina Taylor. These are women whom I admire and look up to, so to be included in a historical category with these other women is really extraordinary. Her answer is no doubt sincerebut its also the kind of thing Olivia Pope would whisper in a client

Emmy Award Winner Emmy Award Winner LIVE ON STAGE Ahmanson Theatre Sep 24 Nov 3 PICK YOUR EXACT SEATS ONLINE CenterTheatreGroup.orgSunshineBoys 213.972.4400 photos michael birt and joan marcus. SunshineBoys season sponsors

Always Cornered, Never Trapped Vince Gilligan relishes the anxiety on Breaking Bad A few days before the Emmy nominations, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan said he didnt think his show would ever win for Outstanding Drama Series. I dont think well ever beat Mad Men, he said. I dont mean to sound negative, but I think we got officially passed over once and for all last year when Homeland won. It probably will never happen for us. But Im fine with that, because I never even thought wed have a

Next year, the final season of Mad Men will go up against the final season of Breaking Bad in the Emmys dramaseries race. Thats the kind of fight you show on Breaking Bad. Is there any happy outcome The happy resolution for us is if we get nominated again. When this show started I never thought wed have a horse in the race. I didnt foresee this show going 62 episodes, and I didnt foresee it being as talked about as it is. Im not gonna lie. You go there wanting to win. When they call someone else

What About Bob Bob Newhart has become an icon during his 50 years on television, but he could use a little more respect from Emmy voters BY STEVE POND THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 19611962 IN BRIEF Hot on the heels of The ALL PHOTOS BY GETTY IMAGES EXEPT THE BIG BANG THEORY BY CBS THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 19721978 IN BRIEF Giving his second show the ButtonDown Mind of Bob Newhart, a comedy album that hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts, Newhart was lured to television by NBC, for whom he hosted a variety s

If there are three cameras trained on you and youre saying somebody elses words and you have to hit marks on the floor, thats acting, said Newhart, who has been doing it on television since 1961. NEWHART 19821990 IN BRIEF Newharts second sitcom ran ER 2003 IN BRIEF In John Wells long THE LIBRARIAN CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE 2008 IN BRIEF Newhart played a former THE BIG BANG THEORY 2013 IN BRIEF In this seasons episode for eight seasons beginning in 1982, and found him playing the innkeeper

DECODING GEEK CENTRAL Nerdy secrets of The Big Bang Theory set Cleanest cookware in Pasadena The pots and pans over the sink have never been used. They always get takeout Shaffner The Big Bang Theory set is the result of an evolutionfitting for a CBS show that revolves around two science professors. I always think that the objects in a room are like words that make sentences, then paragraphs, production designer John S. Shaffner, who served as the Television Academys chairman from 20082012, to

The hidden fire escape behind the whiteboard We have to keep reminding ourselves its there, but weve never used the fire escape. Shaffner Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe globe The shows physics consultant, David Saltzberg, brings us these physicsrelated treats from his travels. Shea The robot art I met this artist, Eric Joyner, who did these really cool vintagelooking robot paintings. I got 10 pieces. Shea The closet door Originally, it had no purpose, but they wrote a script that needed

Did they really Patricia Heaton, 1999 Auditioning for Game of Thrones 12 years before it was on the air. A good stylist is an Emmy nominees best friend, but admit it If everybody looked fabulous, tuning in wouldnt be nearly as irresistible. Joan Rivers isnt the only one who lives to mock those with unfortunate style lapsesand she certainly isnt the only one to have those lapses. Heres a gallery of ignominy to peruse while wondering which star will join the unfortunate ranks on Sept. 22. TheWra

Mikey Glazers Party Report THE OFFSCREEN SCENE A Midsummers Night Scene on the road to Sept. 22 1. Emmy nominees Lorne Michaels, 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DOWN TO THE WIRE THEWRAP.COM 29 7. ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZGETTY IMAGES 8. ALBERT L. ORTEGAGETTY IMAGES 9. ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZGETTY IMAGES 10. CHRIS HASTONNBC Mick Jagger and Jimmy Fallon flank host LWren Scott and Daphne Guinness at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party. 2. The Deschanel sisters, Zooey and Emily, glam up Foxs postTCA party in

Back Stage Just the Facts 101 categories, 178 nominated shows, more than 1,500 individually named nomineeswe sorted through them all so you dont have to FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THREE YEARS, HBO MORE THAN DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF NOMINATIONS OF ITS NEAREST COMPETITORS. IT HAD 108, WHILE CBS AND ABC TIED WITH 53. Netflix received 14 nominations. Combined, the 17 other nominated broadband providers, including Funny or Mick Jagger is up for an Emmy for producing the Rolling Stones documentary Cro

TheWraps Fourth Annual Media Leadership Conference Coming September 2013 LoS AngeLeS, CA TheGrill has the right people at the right time talking candidly about the industrys hottest topics Keith simanton, Managing editor, iMdb sHAron WAxMAn And seTH MACFArLAne AT THeGriLL 2012 HeAr HoW THe indusTry is CHAnGinG FroM THe LeAders And innovATors Featuring innovative thinkers and commanding voices at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, TheGrill fosters discussion about the rea

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