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The Insiders Guide to All Things Emmys C OV E R I N G H O L LY WO O D MINISERIESMOVIES JUNE 17, 2013 a publication of Elisabeth Moss DOUBLE TROUBLE TOP OF THE LAKE SHOWS A BOLD NEW SIDE TO THE MAD MEN STAR STEVEN SODERBERGH Sex, Lies and the Closet on TV MARK BURNETT GETS BIBLICAL Miniseries Rise From the Dead And Ring of Fires Jewel, American Horror Storys Lily Rabe and the Best and Worst TV Movies of All Time


BEHIND THE CANDELABRA ITS A MASTERPIECE The Wall Street Journal ITS MOVIES MINISERIES FYC PHIL SPECTOR ITS STUNNING The Wall Street Journal 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.

Contents Its Prime Time for Longform Remember when the phrase TV movie was an insult, and a miniseries was a big event from one of the broadcast networks How things have changed. Now many of our finest filmmakers, from Steven Soderbergh to Jane Campion to David Fincher, are doing fresh work for the small screen, and the miniseries form has been given a shot of adrenaline on both basic and pay cable long after the networks left it for dead. Our MiniseriesMovies issue of EmmyWrap explores this new

TV Beat Liberace and the Lowest Common Denominator BY TIM MOLLOY Opinion What Steven Soderbergh leaving film for TV tells us about both industries When Steven Soderbergh couldnt interest film studios in Behind the Candelabra, he turned to television. HBO FILMS W hen a genius like Steven Soderbergh leaves movies for TV, theres something wrong with movies. That something, I submit, is fear. Movie studios are trying to take the risk out of a businessguessing what people will pay to seethat i

10 CLAUDETTE BARIUSHBO MOVIE DIRECTORS WHO JUMPED TO TV AND FOUND EMMY LOVE John Frankenheimer, Against the Wall, The Burning Season, Andersonville, George Wallace, Path to War He got his start in TV in the 1950sbut between that and his TV movies in the 1990s, Frankenheimer enjoyed a film career that included The Manchurian Candidate, Grand Prix and Black Sunday. William Friedkin, 12 Angry Men As a film director, Friedkin was riding high with The French Connection and The Exorcist in the 70s. W

Front Center The Bottom Line Emmys may be priceless, but they arent free. Unlike the Motion Picture Academy, the TV Academy charges companies and individuals to submit their shows for Emmy consideration using a sliding scale that depends on whos doing the submitting, what type of program is being submitted and how many people will take home Emmys if it wins. Heres the breakdown, though its worth noting that if youre a member of the Academy, your first entry is free and your second is half pric

Front Center Women of Steel Can an adventurous production of Steel Magnolias put Lifetime in the Emmy game O ver the years, a perception has grown of what Lifetime fare is supposed to be prolific rippedfromtheheadlines television movies and biopics. And then theres the perception of what Lifetimes programs arent supposed to be Emmy winners. In the almost three decades since the network was launched, Lifetime has only been nominated seven times in the television movie category, and it has nev

MEMO TO BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, KENNETH BRANAGH, DOMINIC WEST, BEN WHISHAW... FROM EMMY VOTERS Dear Benedict, Kenneth, Dominic and Ben, First, we just want to say that we really like you guys. Why wouldnt we Youre British, and weve been handing out Emmys to you and your kind for years. And youve done swell work in movies and minis this past seasonBenedict in Parades End, Kenneth in Wallander and Dominic and Ben in The Hour. At least a couple of you can probably count on nominations. But heres the

Mad Men is subtle and minimal, but this was screaming and crying and being aggressive. 12 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 17, 2013

Lady Lake OF THE BY SHARON WAXMAN PHOTOS BY DOVE SHORE We may know her as Mad Mens Peggy, but Elisabeth Moss learned to go rugged for Jane Campions miniseries Top of the Lake At 30, Elisabeth Moss has found the kind of rich professional achievement that is rare in careers twice as long. Having started acting at age 5, and with a regular role on The West Wing as a teenager, Moss finds new range this year as the lead of Top of the Lake, the Jane Campiondirected, multipart thriller on the Sunda

SHARON WAXMAN Lets talk about Top of the Lake, since its a big step for you as an actoryou are really the heart and soul of this thing. ELISABETH MOSS I suppose its the first time Ive been No. 1 on the call sheet. I frankly just had so much to doI was working, I think, 65 or 66 days out of 82 shooting days, and 50 of those days were in a row. So it was definitely a bigger venture for me than Ive ever done. Its so beautifully shot, and it feels like you were completely somewhere other. We were

the episodes. We never spoke about it we never rehearsed it. We would go through the script and skip that scene. We just knew that it was there and I knew what it was and couldnt touch it. And then there were scenes that didnt work, and we had to talk about them and rehearse them and improve. It must be great for you, because on Mad Men the main emotional weight is not on you. Yeah. And also, the acting on Mad Men, I always feel like the style of it is very specific. Its very subtle and its ve

Gospe The ACCORDING TO PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE HISTORY CHANNEL Mark Burnett makes an almost controversyfree Bibleand explains instant forgiveness BY TIM MOLLOY 16 THEWRAP.COM JUNE 17, 2013

el MARK The ultimate mission is to spread kindness and love, said Mark Burnett of his 10part miniseries The Bible. MINISERIESMOVIES THEWRAP.COM 17

T he Bible executive producer Mark Burnett follows a very rare belief in Hollywoodand no, we dont mean Christianity, which he says is much more widespread than people realize. Burnett espouses a way of living that is much scarcer in an industry obsessed with grudges Instant forgiveness. I completely believe that our trespasses can be forgiven asand that words in the Lords Prayeras we forgive those that trespass against us, Burnett told TheWrap. I believe as means instantly. I dont think it mean

F O R YO U R C O N S I D E R AT I O N OUTSTANDING MINISERIES OR MOVIE Meticulously constructed....the pieces fit, the whole thing working as both black comedydomestic satire and horrortragedy....its a serious piece of work...Im hopelessly in love with it when it comes to delivering graphic chills, American Horror Story is more than living up to its billing this year....Im mad about it audacious....unlike anything else on TV....radical art that aims for the body as well as for the mind FXNET

MinisMovies Actors What were the biggest challenges for you this season The murders were very painful. Im used to connectingthe thing that youre very often searching for when youre playing a scene with someone is connecting to them and engaging with them and responding to them and sharing with them. And this role was completely the opposite. There was not an ounce of empathy in those murders or their aftermath. They were absolutely coldhearted, and I dont think I anticipated just how difficult

KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE Jewel, Ring of Fire une Carter Cash may have lived most of her life in the long shadow cast by her husband Johnny Cash, but she was a second banana only by choice. A member of the first family of country music, the Carter Family, and a woman whose history included playing the Grand Ole Opry as a kid, touring with Elvis and then sticking with Cash while his addiction to pills almost killed him, she was a fierce protector of her ailing husband, a beacon of sweetness in the t

revenge of the miniseries BY STEVE POND Left for dead a couple of years ago, miniseries now dominate TV movies in the Emmy longform categories it turns out, were greatly exaggerated. Sure, things were looking dire for a while. Three years ago, the Academy of Television Arts Sciences eliminated Outstanding Miniseries as a separate category, folding it into one category that also included madefortelevision movies. The move came after two consecutive years of only two nominees in the miniseries

Movies vs. Minis WHO WINS An Annual Breakdown In the acting categories, movies and miniseries were combined almost 35 years agobut which side of the minimovie divide dominates when it comes to receiving nominations Judging by this chart that breaks down the acting nominations for minis vs. movies since the turn of the century, miniseries were almost completely dormant around 2000, when movies grabbed nearly every available nomination. Minis staged a comeback of sorts around 20042007 with the li

Miniseries Timeline 1973 Tom Browns Schooldays first miniseries Emmy 1974 QB VII 1976 Rich Man, Poor Man Upstairs, Downstairs 1977 Roots Jesus of Nazareth 1978 Holocaust I, Claudius 1979 Roots The Next Generations 1981 Shogun 1982 Brideshead Revisited Emmy winners indicated with an asterisk Jane Campions Top of the Lake keeps the Sundance Channel in the miniseries game, which it entered with Carlos three years ago. 1983 Nicholas Nickleby The Thorn Birds The Winds of War V 1985 North and Sout

Mikey Glazers Party Report THE OFFSCREEN SCENE 1 COURTESY OF NETFLIX 2, 5, 6, 7 BY GETTY IMAGES 3 COURTESY OF BLACKBERRY 4 BY STEVE PARSONSWPA POOLGETTY 8 BY ALEXANDRA WYMAN FOR INVISIONAP IMAGES 9 BY DAVIDM. RUSSELLCBS 10 COURTESY OF YOUTUBE A queen, a president and TV royalty mix behind the scenes. 1. Creator Mitch Hurwitz and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos at the Arrested Development premiere. 2. The Offices Creed Bratton follows his agents advice at the 2nd Annual Hilarity for

Back Stage TV Movies, for Better and for Much, Much Worse Before pay cable came along to rescue the format and turn it into something classy, the madefortelevision movie was not exactly held in the highest esteem. In fact, for much of the formats existence, the phrases TV movie and highest esteem seldom occupied the same sentence. You can read about how times have changed on page 6but in the meantime, TheWrap surveys a film landscape littered with lots of swill and a fair number that managed to

TheWraps Fourth Annual Media Leadership Conference Coming September 2013 LoS AngeLeS, CA TheGrill has the right people at the right time talking candidly about the industrys hottest topics Keith simanton, Managing editor, iMdb sHAron WAxMAn And seTH MACFArLAne AT THeGriLL 2012 HeAr HoW THe indusTry is CHAnGinG FroM THe LeAders And innovATors Featuring innovative thinkers and commanding voices at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, TheGrill fosters discussion about the rea


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