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Welcome to Fordham A message from the dean thank you for your interest in Fordham Law, a law school unlike any other in the country. Some law schools focus solely on the letter of the law and steep their students in dense legal theory. others see the law as strictly professional and exclude academic principles in favor of simple career preparation. Fordham Law is decidedly different. We offer a model that is compelling in mission, innovative in practice, and critical for the 21stcentury lawyer.

The Fordham Difference A Complete Legal Education The mission of Fordham Law School is to provide you with a complete legal education, a unique model comprising seven core principles. You will benefit from a curriculum and faculty that is distinguished by academic excellence. craft of lawyering. Your solid grounding in legal theory will be balanced with exciting handson opportunities to learn the Your studies will be enriched by essential and innovative international opportunities. You will

A Complete Legal Education is... Commitment to Academic Excellence Welcome to the 21stcentury legal curriculum. Fordhams expansive list of course offerings will prepare you for a rewarding career in the everevolving legal profession. The classroom environment at Fordham, like the law itself, is dynamic your professors will inspire you to learn creatively, and your peers will challenge you to think critically. Faculty members here are supportive and approachable, and youll find a spirit of colla

Seven of Fordham Laws recently tenured or tenuretrack faculty Howard m. erichson, zephyr Teachout, andrew J. Kent, Tanya Hernandez, martin gelter, Kimani paulemile, and Jeanne C. Fromer Our star fulltime faculty members are praised for their scholarship Sean Griffith has twice been acknowledged for writing one of the ten best corporate and securities articles Richard Squire was published in three top law journals within four years. Our International Law program is strengthened by the Leitner Ce

professor James L. Kainen two intraschool competitions the Summer Summation Competition and the Fall Mock Trial Competition. law.fordham.edumooreadvocates Fordhams Alternative Dispute Resolution program ensures that students are not only skilled litigators but also creative problem solvers. The comprehensive program provides students with the tools needed to expertly resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. The programs Dispute Resolution Society fields student teams for highlevel national a

The Fordham Environmental Law Review focuses on a broad range of domestic and international environmental issues ranging from the regulation of air, water, and soil pollution to social policy issues such as corporate responsibility and environmental racism. law.fordham.eduelr The Fordham Journal of Corporate Financial Law publishes scholarly articles relevant to the business and legal communities and provides a forum for the academic and professional legal community on a wide variety of curren

a repreSeNTaTive SampLe OF eLeCTiveS Civil Practice and Litigation Civil Litigation Drafting Civil Rights Litigation Drafting Civil Rights 911 Noncitizens Commercial Arbitration Conflicts of Laws Critical Race Theory Discovery Pretrial Process Arguing Pretrial Issues Evidence Federal Courts Institutional Reform Through the Courts New York Practice Patent Litigation Products Liability Remedies State Local Government Clinical Education Courses Advanced Trial Advocacy Clinical E

Criminal Law and Litigation Advanced Criminal Law AntiMoney Laundering Law Complex Criminal Litigation Criminal Law, Desertion Punishment CounterTerrorism Post 911 Criminal Procedure Investigative Criminal Procedure Prosecution, Defense Adjudication Cybercrime Death Penalty Evidence International Criminal Law New York Criminal Procedure Psychology and Criminal Law White Collar Crime Fashion Law Fashion Law Fashion Law Practicum Fashion Law Finance Fashion Ethics, Sustainabil

A Complete Legal Education is... Dedication to Craft of Lawyering At Fordham Law, the classroom is only the beginning. While mastering the letter of the law is critical to its practice, students need substantive experience in real legal settings to become complete lawyers. CLiNiCS To solve legal problems in the real world, you need real lawyering skills. With Fordham Laws 15 clinical practice areas, students will obtain the experience needed to find creative and meaningful solutions to the comp

Former Fordham Law dean John d. Feerick, for whom the Feerick Center Social Justice clinic is named In the Federal Litigation clinic, the stakes are high and the legal matters complex. Working in small teams, students represent people accused of serious federal crimes in United States district and appellate courts. Whether it is a securities fraud case or a narcotics conspiracy charge, each case presents a host of nuanced issues that compel the students to employ rigor and innovation in their a

professor Jennifer gordon center When small investors lose their hardearned money to unscrupulous and unethical brokers, the Securities Litigation and Arbitration clinic responds. Students interview their clients, analyze facts, advocate at arbitrations, negotiate directly with opposing attorneys, communicate with the arbitrators, and draft legal documents and briefsin short, they participate in all phases of litigation and they get results. Students in the Tax and Consumer Litigation clinic pr

exTerNSHipS With Fordham Laws externship placements, New York City becomes the classroom. You can find externships all over the city, from neighboring Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts to the hallowed judicial halls of U.S. district courts. Fordham Law students have completed externships at many of the citys courts, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. law.fordham.eduexternships Lincoln Center for the performing arts Legal aid Society The door Center for Constitutional rights

A Complete Legal Education is... Focus on Ethics Ethics is not just learned at Fordham Law it is lived. Since the Law Schools founding in 1905, the study and practice of legal ethics has been a central feature of a Fordham Law education. This focus is continually renewed through the important work of our centers and institutes. The Stein Center for Law and Ethics, for example, explores how ethical values inform and improve the legal profession. The Feerick Center for Social Justice employs ethi

projects, the Center provides students with an important form of experiential learning. law.fordham.eduinterdisciplinary COmpeTiTiON LaW iNSTiTuTe The Fordham Competition Law Institute FCLI sponsors toprated programs on antitrust law and policy. For almost 40 years, FCLI has organized the Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy, widely recognized as one of the leading events in international antitrust law and policy. FCLI sponsors a series of training courses to familiarize

Fashion Law institute director Susan Scafidi with Council of Fashion designers of america president diane von Furstenberg and executive director Steven Kolb community college students to spot misleading and false advertisements and a civil legal advice program for homeless individuals. The Center created and is managing the Attorney Emeritus Project, a statewide program of the New York courts to enlist senior attorneys in pro bono work. In 2009, the Center facilitated a major workers rights doc

professor Joel r. reidenberg, Founding director of CLip, the Center on Law and information policy discussions, expert panels, and academic symposia on topics of current interest in business and financial law. The Centers Business Law Practitioners Series features distinguished alumni whose career narratives provide guidance and inspiration for students during the transition from the study of law to its practice. Reflecting its global outlook, the Center cosponsors numerous events with the Offic

A Complete Legal Education is... International Opportunities A global society demands a global outlook. Our international neighbors require lawyers who can develop a solid legal framework that imparts constitutional strength while recognizing the rights and dignity of every member of their communities. Fordham Law cultivates in its students this critical international perspective through an array of study abroad programs and extensive human rights initiatives. THe LeiTNer CeNTer FOr iNTerNaTiO

benefactor James Leitner 82 seated, right joined faculty and students to honor the Community Self reliance Centre of Nepal, the 2009 winner of the Leitner Centers annual human rights prize As one of the Law Schools 15 clinics see page 10, the Walter Leitner International Human Rights clinic trains students to become the new generation of human rights lawyers and to inspire resultsoriented, practical human rights work around the world. Leitner clinic students have examined land rights in Cambodi

The Leitner Centers 2009 Crowley Scholars traveled to Nepal to investigate and document the impact that inadequate access to land has on the rights of landless and landpoor people eradication. SDLI engages students to assist with its capacity building pilot projects in Ghana. Additionally, SDLI sponsors forums, conferences, and a sustainable development lecture series, as well as legal projects and publications. The mission of the Asia Law and Justice Center is to study, promote, and provide op

The Leitner Center organized a moot court competition in rwanda with participating students from 10 different universities from the african nations of uganda, rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, burundi, and the democratic republic of Congo the Supreme Court of Ghana, the Court of Appeal, and the high Court of Justice, are also available. law.fordham.edughana iNTerNaTiONaL STudY OppOrTuNiTieS Fordham Law students have the opportunity to study the law in many of the worlds most dynamic regions. Students c

A Complete Legal Education is... Dynamic Location Study with us in the greatest classroom in the world New York City. Fordham Laws prime location in Manhattan is your wealth of opportunity. 20


A Complete Legal Education is... Loyalty to Community The Fordham Law community is a dynamic group of leaders. Through its unsurpassed strength and loyalty, the Fordham Law family proves the excellence of each of its individual members. Our community of students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and staff are supportive and enthusiastic. Your professors will challenge you, not overwhelm you. Youll work with your peers, not against them. When you graduate, youll join a vibrant and successful alu

Judge denny Chin 78 of the united States Court of appeals for the Second Circuit at a minority mentorship program event meet with their firstyear students to discuss course information, organize social events, and provide general law school advice. When students need time to relax, the Office of Student Affairs answers with resources for personal wellness and selfcare. Mindfulness and yoga classes are offered weekly to release some of the tension from studying, and counseling services are also

A Complete Legal Education is... Devotion to Service In the service of others is more than our motto. Service is the guiding principle in preparing Fordham Law students for lives of responsible and noble legal practice. Our awardwinning Public Interest Resource Center provides the support for the Law Schools more than 25 studentrun pro bono, advocacy, and community service organizations. Our Stein Scholars program develops highly motivated students into leaders in public interest law and publi

Students in the disaster relief Network traveled to Haiti during Spring break 2010 to run a weeklong camp for orphans and other children living in a tent camp near port au prince following that nations earthquake The Death Penalty Awareness Project focuses on the issues surrounding the use of capital punishment and assists lawyers working on capital cases. The Disaster Relief Network provides outreach to legal and grassroots organizations in the Gulf Coast and in Haiti to advocate for equitable

The 2010 Stein Scholars facing page The Housing Advocacy Project works with Housing Conservation Coordinators, a local tenants rights organization, to protect the affordable housing of lowincome tenants in the neighborhoods of Clinton Hells Kitchen. The Immigration Advocacy Project works with lawyers in nonprofit organizations to assist immigrants facing deportation. It also conducts knowyourrights education at communitybased organizations and raises awareness of issues confronting immigrants.

Workers Rights Coalition is dedicated to addressing employment and labor issues and promoting workers rights. Through partnerships with public interest law firms, labor organizers, and academics, WRC advocates on behalf of lowincome workers while educating the Law School community about social justice issues in the workplace. STeiN SCHOLarS prOgram The Stein Scholars Program is a nationally recognized, awardwinning, comprehensive public interest program. Students selected as Stein Scholars benef

Career planning A comprehensive and focused approach Fordham Laws Career Planning Center CPC has developed a comprehensive and focused approach to assisting students and alumni with their career development in both the public and private sectors. Students begin their relationship with the CPC on November 1 of their first year and that relationship continues throughout their careers. The CPCs commitment to your career development does not end at graduation the CPC offers lifelong career developm

CLerKSHip prOgram The CPC works in conjunction with the Faculty Clerkship Committee to assist students interested in securing postgraduate judicial clerkships in federal and state courts. The CPC hosts a variety of programming maintains resources in this area, including an alumni clerkship database and CPCgenerated guides connects students with faculty advisors to assist them in mapping out an application strategy and has a point counselor dedicated to the clerkship area. THe FOrdHam LaW NeTWOrK

Fordham Law Faculty Outstanding legal educators and extraordinary scholars At the heart of any prestigious law school is its faculty. Fordham Law professors are outstanding legal educators and extraordinary scholars. They publish articles in top law journals around the country and present their scholarship at conferences worldwide. Their academic work shapes the law. Above all, they are dedicated teachers. Fordham professors are committed to teaching the next generation of leaders in the law. F

Sheila r. Foster roger J. goebel Youngjae Lee martha rayner Sean J. griffith Carl minzner George W. Conk Adjunct Professor of Law Senior Fellow, Stein Center for Law and Ethics a.b., College of the Holy Cross m.a., boston university J.d., rutgersNewark School of Law. principal subjects Torts, products Liability, professional responsibility, remedies, Copyright. law.fordham.edugconk Elizabeth B. Cooper Associate Professor Faculty Director, Feerick Center for Social Justice b.a., university

ian Weinstein Nicholas J. Johnson deborah W. denno aaron Saiger Clare Huntington gemma Solimene Jennifer Gordon Professor CoDirector, Stein Center for Law and Ethics b.a. Harvardradcliffe J.d., Harvard. principal subjects immigration Law, Labor Law. law.fordham.edujgordon Whitmore Gray Visiting Professor of Law a.b., principia College J.d., michigan ann arbor LL.d., adrian College. principal subjects Contracts, asian Legal Systems, Comparative Commercial Contracts Law, international Commer

daniel J. Capra Kennisha austin michael W. martin Sonia Katyal Constantine N. Katsoris Helen H. bender Gowri Krishna Clinical Teaching Fellow a.b., Washington university in St. Louis J.d., Fordham. principal subject Community economic development Clinic. law.fordham.edugkrishna Joseph Landau Associate Professor b.a., duke J.d., Yale. principal subjects Civil procedure, administrative Law, immigration Law, National Security, Corporations, Securities regulation, professional responsibility,

robin a. Lenhardt Thomas H. Lee russell g. pearce beth g. Schwartz John pfaff bruce a. green Jacqueline M. NolanHaley Professor Director, Conflict Resolution ADR Program a.b., emmanuel J.d., Suffolk LL.m., New York university. principal subjects dispute resolution, international and interethnic Conflict resolution, mediation, international Organizations. law.fordham.edujnolanhaley Mark R. Patterson Professor b.S.e.e, m.S., Ohio State J.d., Stanford.. principal subjects antitrust, Corporat

Nestor m. davidson Olivier Sylvain Cheryl g. bader ron Lazebnik gail d. Hollister benjamin C. zipurksy Beth G. Schwartz Clinical Associate Professor Director of Professional Skills b.a., SuNY buffalo J.d., St. Johns. principal subjects Child and Family Litigation, Fundamental Lawyering Skills, mediation. law.fordham.edubschwartz Donald L. Sharpe Professor b.a., Oberlin LL.b., boston College LL.m., New York university m.a., Harvard. principal subjects income Tax, business Tax, advanced Corp

Frequently asked Questions Q How do I apply A We strongly encourage you to use the Law School Admission Council service and apply electronically at You can request a paper application by contacting us via email or by calling our office 2126366810. Q Do you accept transfer and visiting students A Yes. Applications for transfer and visiting students may be submitted from March 16 to June 30 for the fall semester. Transfer and visiting applications are con

Spuyten Duyvil RY H BR UD SO ID G N E 1 MetroNorth BR Marble Hill ID GE AY Marble Hill 225 St 1 22 5 S T Lehman College 4 B D Allerton Av Botanical Garden Buhre Av 6 M ID RD HE ST ER 2 5 Pelham Pkwy 5 DL ET O JEROME AV HE GRAND CONCOURSE AD A AY Inwood 207 St O W 1 207 St UNIVERSITY HTS BR FOR University Heights 4 4 E TR W DHA 183 St Am EM ON TC INWOOD HILL PARK ES 1 D MR 4 FORDHAM trak TA V HE 215 St Fordham Rd B D Dyckman St FORT TRYON PARK

ContACt InFormAtIon J.D. Admissions 33 West 60th Street Ninth Floor New York, NY 10023 212.636.6810 LL.M. Admissions 140 West 62nd Street Room 405 New York, NY 10023 212.636.6883 Financial Aid 33 West 60th Street Ninth Floor New York, NY 10023 212.636.6815 Registrar 140 West 62nd Street Room 10 New York, NY 10023 212.636.6801 Student Affairs 140 West 62nd Street Room 06 New York, NY 10023 212.636

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