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apartment professionals total source APTS And the the NOVEMBER 2013 VOL. XIV ISSUE 4 WINNERS ARE ... The 2013 Industry Awards Season

The APTS 2 January 2013 The APTS 2 November 2013

Contents I N THI S I SSU E Recipe with Chef Mechling ...... 7 Recipe with Chef Mechling . 7 Fun Stuff .................................. 9 Fun Stuff ............................. 9 Month in Review Preview ....10 Month in Review Preview 10 I ndustry Calendar ...................11 Industry Calendar .............. 11 AAG P E EducationU Info .......... 12 AAGP ducation pdate .........12 DAA E ducationStars ............ 13 Apartment All U pdate ...........15 Meridian Capital U pdate ..........17 On

The APTS January 2013 The APTS 4 4 November 2013 The APTS 4 January 2013

The APTS January 2013 The APTS 5 5 November2013

The APTS 6 November 2013

Smoked turkey on a Gas Grill .... Rosemary Smoked Turkey Ingredients Turkey Extra Virgin olive oil Fresh Rosemary Garlic powder Sea salt Hickory chips Mesquite chips Patience Scott K. Mechling District Sales Manager SherwinWilliams Floorcovering Directions The first thing you need to get will be a large disposable Place the turkey on a large platter and garnish with fresh aluminum pan that will fit the turkey you have chosen. You herbs rosemary and curly parsley. The awesome smoky

m. ntag Adva Getting rs to my door more rente Three units, leased this afternoon. Including the mom and her daughter who just love their new playground. The key to signing these perfect prospects Your listings on, where innovative consumer marketing attracts just the right renters and delivers them straight to your door. To find your perfect fit, visit us online at or call 888 658RENT. 2013 Classified Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved. The APTS 8

FU N STU FF Ask the Attorney Q . W hat can I do to p rotect m y building from bed bug s A. It is a very good idea to have a bed bug addendum as part of your lease. A portion of the addendum should be dedicated to informing the tenants how to protect themselves, especially while traveling. Another portion should provide legal protections for the landlords. For example, a provision stating that failure to report bed bugs or failure to comply with treatment plans will result in costs being passed o

TH E The M NTH I N RE V iew M O onth in Rev I E W One of the most interesting years in the it s ti e t richc s ith the s a ar s seas ehi s regions f apartment industhe a try history came which include a combination of awards dinners, ofevents of the year to a close with many opportunities for education and and, erfl e constant stream a ficer inductions, a arties. programsstr of course, aith rec eth ra f h i education The i iti of holiday parties. On the More of the intense and of the Delaand cel

2 0 1 3 1 4 C 2 0 1 3 W 2 0 inter A L E N D A R Calendar January NO V E M B E R 4 th 8 th M M HA Class CAPS 5 th th Joint Real E state Forecast L M uncheon, edbug L itighia 8 AAG P Sem inar Dealing with old B Philadelp ation 5 th 0 1 thth AACP Class CAM T A Z 1 3 NJAA Sem inar L easing 6th th NJAA Sem inar Reducing Prop erty Tax es 1 4 NJAA Seminar Leasing Office Best Practices 1 th M id Atlantic uilding s Facilities M anag em ent Show 6 th 6 7 th AAG P CAM K Bickoff Classes 1 DAA Class i

AAG E E ducation date AAG P P ducation U U p p date The associations education program was sucWith the year coming to a close, the Apartment Ascessfully completed with a busy endofyear sociation of G reater Philadelphia has already begun schedule. education lineup for 2014 with several planning the Included among the sessions were the Apartment All Stars see calendar. informative sessions on thenext page, Financial Boot Camp with Cynthiann King and a new seminar that proved to be wildly popular,

Pennsylv ania Ap artm ent Association Particip ates in Com m ittee Hearing s to I m p rov e PA L andlord Tenant L aw Committee hearings in Harrisburg are a great way to spotlight PA Apartment Association members as industry leaders and persuade lawmakers to look favorably on their issues. Thus, the organiza tion takes advantage of as many opportunities to testify as much as possible, on Capitol Hill. They recently had a chance to speak in favor of a bill that would improve Pennsylvanias landlord

NJAA E ducation U p date I t was a busy month at NJAA HQ where several education sessions and events took place last month. I n a Fair Housing B eyond seminar for Central Jersey, Jenel Maraccinni E sq . and Paul Jay Cohen, E sq . of Cohen Willwerth, P.C. provided knowledgeable fair housing essentials including practical explanations of how federal, state, and local protected classes and barred discriminatory acts impact property operations. Popular industry speaker Doug Chasick, The Apartment

DAA E ducation E v ents U p date Ap artm entAssociation continues to exThe Delaware Apartment All Stars pand their education program and will be announcing nerg iz shortly. P Crowd its E 2014 schedulee AAGDAA E ducation Committee For information on DAA education programs, please contact Michelle Carre or Valarie Windle at 888 9638986 NAL P Desig nation Course The enthusiasm was intense and Chairperson Annemarie Hobson from Morgan Propthe and her team have infecertiespositive attitude was creat

Relationship Driven. Execution Focused. Only Meridian Capital Groups powerful nancing relationships can consistently achieve the unparalleled results our clients require. Meridian Capital Group, LLC New Jersey Portfolio New Jersey proudly advised on financing for the following transactions Six multifamily properties totaling 115 units located in Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and Long Branch 10,150,000 Permanent Financing 517 Route 1 South, Suite 4000 Iselin, NJ 08830 732 301 3200 www.meridianc

M eridian Cap ital G roup Arrang es 7 M illion M eridian Cap ital G roup , L L C Neg otiates in 3 Construction and Perm for PropFinancing New 3 M illion in Financing anent erties in for TheJersey, Pennsylv L ania and Connecticut Colling s at the um beryard M ultifam ily Prop erty L ocated in Colling swood, NJ Meridian Capital Group, LLC, a leading national commercial real estate finance Meridian Capital G roup, and advisory firm, announced the follow LLC negotiated a 7 ing transactions million

Selling to the I ndustry O ffers I nsiders L ook I nto the Process The annual event hosted by the Apartment Association of G reater hi a e hia f c ses s eci ca their associate members, offering an rt it t et rst ha i si ht from high level executives for the vendor selection process. Selling to the I ndustry was held at Regency Towers in Willow G rove where more than 5 0 AAG P members listened intently to panelists AAG P president G unti Weissenberger from Westover Companies AAG P board member K

New ARM desig nates receiv e their certificates after being sworn in by 2 0 1 3 I RE M Reg ion I I V ice President Nick Harris. I t was one of the larg est classes to com p lete their course work in sev eral years. Chap ter p resident Sandy Cip ollone receiv es a standing ov ation as she com p leted her final rem arks in office, Sandy serv ed a second term and has been a stalwart for I RE M for years. Form er I RE M Reg ion I I V P and current p resident of the RE M anag ers for Fam ilies in C

The APTS 20 November 2013

I n The News... Members of the ApartCongratulations to Pam ment Association of B ennett, Alfred O . O miss the chance,to register Dont jejinmi, CPM FRI CS, PCAM, of E ast Greater Philadelphia longtime E xecutive Director B runswick, NJ, has been appointed a senior vice today for the 2013 NAA Green will once again head to of the Apartment Association of G reatpresident of the I April 1517, in BaltiConference, nstitute of Real E state ManageThe Pocono Mountains er Philadelphia, on the birth ment

S Getting To Know Adelm an To B e Honored by NFTE gu Dan Flam ini Pennrose M anag em ent 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . B orn in Camden, NJ E ducation Sacred Heart First j ob Paperboy Fav orite school subj ect Science Favorite hobby Winemaking Fav orite sing er or band Steely Dan B est thing about m y com p any Teamwork G rowing up , I wanted to be a Tennis Pro M ost influential p erson Sinclair Stewart Robinson Fav orite m ov ie The Outlaw Josey Wales Fav orite sp ort and sp orts team Tennis, Phillies Who

www. Prev ention Award com satisfacts. Fire for CPR Restoration Cleaning Serv ices SatsisFacts 8 6 6 .6 5 5 .1 4 9 0 x 1 2 4 Michael Fingerman, was present and founder attended by more of CPR Restoration Cleaning Services, was than 300 re a honored by the PhilI nsite and Ap artm ent adelphia Fire Depart cit f cia s a fa SatisFactsTM iment for his continued ies f th the re a Rating s. com TM V erified Resident Prog ram police departments as Mike Fingerman, accepts a special plaque efforts

The APTS 24 November 2013

A Two Peat for K orm an Residential at DAA B est in DE L iv ing Awards More than 300 members of the Delaware Apartment Association celebrated excellence and achievement at the annual awards gala held once again at The Q ueen, the historic theater in downtown Wilmington. The theme of the evening was a masq uerade ball and many in the crowd wore masks but they could not hide their excitement as winners were announced in categories which included Curb Appeal, Leasing Marketing, Maintenance, and O

The APTS 26 November 2013 The APTS 60 January 2013

DAA B E ST O F DE APARTM E NT L I V I NG AW ARDS M elinda B osco with K ev in W olfg ang and G unti W eissenberg er, three of the four p residents in DAA history B oth the orchestra and balcony lev els were av ailable for dinner during the g ala with a p erfect v iew of the stag e Jim K orm an p roudly disp lays j ust a few of the num erous awards the com p any receiv ed during the festiv ities Rep resentativ es from som e of the p articip ating com p anies in the DAA Ap artm ent Ang els p

DAA B E ST O F DE APARTM E NT L I V I NG AW ARDS L ori Sam uels p roudly p oses with The G alm an G roup s Delaware team DAA Platinum Sp onsor M ulti Housing Dep ot Form er DAA p resident G unti W eissenberg er and Nina W eissenberg er stand p roudly with along with DAA board m em ber G eorg e their W estov er Com p any colleag ues Cowden serv ed as awards p resenters M HD s G eorg e Cowden shows his new M ary French, I ng erm an M ichele Patterson g iant business card to Jenna Szy luk, K e

The APTS 29 January 2013 The APTS 28November 2013

DAA B E ST O F DE APARTM E NT L I V I NG AW ARDS L on Steel and Heather K am asa from Acadia W indows Doors with M ichael Hanlon of CO RT Furniture Rental B rian L isiecki and Jam es Przy bysze wski from CO RT Furniture enj oy the recep tion while sp orting their custom m ade bow ties Jenna Szy luk, Stev e W eber and Robin Flag ler from K ettler M anag em ent enj oying the cocktail hour B rad Schwartz from M SB Resources and Jim K orm an of K orm an Residential with V ince M arone from Fer

The APTS 31 November 2013 The APTS 31 January 2013

www. x finity. com m ultifam ily Com cast 2 1 5 8 3 7 7 0 6 6 The APTS 9 The APTS 32 November 2013 4 February 2013

NJAA M em bers G ain Political I nsig hts at 1 0 th Annual PAC Recep tion More than 9 0 members and guests of the New Jersey Apartment Association were in attendance for the 10th Annual PAC Reception. O ver the past decade, NJAA and V P of G overnment Affairs Conor Fennessy have produced some of the most stimulating and informative events for members. Held, as always, at the recently redesigned Crestmont Country Club in West O range, the event remains a uniq ue opportunity to engage prominent le

N J A A PA C R E C E P T I O N Playfully showing their com p etitiv e natures, The p anelists with Conor Fennessy, NJAA Assem blym en W isniewski and B ram nick V ice President of G ov ernm ent Affairs NJAA V P M ike Hayding er of First M ontg om ery are ready to g o at it p rior to the start of the G roup NJAA President B rent K ohere and p rog ram , adding to the up beat and hig hly E x ecutiv e Director Jean M addalon inform ativ e nature of the ev ent NJAA V P of G ov . Affairs Conor Fen

M HD Classroom Prov ides Training for Prop erty M anag em ent The massive complex that serves as Multi Housing Depots headquarters easily converts into a classroom and training center where an increasing number of property management companies are heading. Using factory representatives in addition to their home team of industry experts, MHD utilizes both the classroom and its huge manufacturing and warehouse facility to provide handson demonstrations and education in all facets of appliances and

L on Poland of M ulti Housing Dep ot Com m ittee, g athers up the donated toys to send them off to charity Santa is all sm iles as once ag ain Stev e Dicker of P. Coop er Roofing v olunteers his tim e along with Sue D Ang iolillo from Ap artm ent Finder NJAA board m em ber M ike B eirne from K am son Corp oration with G lenn Pop owitz of Direct Sup p lies W arehouse and Jeanne Hernandez of Hom e Prop erties M arg aret V itale from K am son Corp oration p rov ides a big hug and warm welcom e

Shaping trends ... Supporting rental demand Winning competition Maximize by Design 2014 While the rental market is booming so is the demand for a wider range of amenities from a place potential renters call home. In the midst of this demand for residential rental space, some of the biggest challenges property owners face is growing market portfolios, marketing or better yet, to service existing clients. Identifying what residents are looking for in a more desirable lifestyle, starting with over

DAA B est of DE Ap artm ent L iv ing Award W inners M anag em ent Com p any of the Y ear K orman Residential Prop erty M anag er of the Y ear First Candy McV ey K orman Residential at B randywine Hundred Second Darinda Cesario Apartments At Pinebrook Amerimar E nterprises L easing First Second Second Professional of the Y ear Diana G ay Fox Run Huntley G len Morgan Properties John Jefferson Residences at Rodney Sq uare B PG E liza beth O livier Apartments At Pinebrook Amerimar E nterpri

Cedartree Apartments The Westover Companies Allandale V illage The Westover Companies O aktree Apartments The Westover Companies Scotch Hills Apartments Conway Management Price Point C First Fairway Park Apartments The Westover Companies Jam ie B orodin Second V illage of Canterbury Sovereign Property Management from National Tenant Second Castle B rook Apartments The G alman G roup Network with PennThird Honorable Mention Del AHM A AssociaCountry V illage Morgan Properties tion E x ecut

See how American Architectural Window energy efficiency of these communities and Our Knowledge of Materials Includes Energy Saving Custom AC Sleeves and Covers Saves You Money on Cooling and Heating Costs An overlooked area of tremendous energy loss is through drafty AC sleeves. Upgrading those unsightly AC Sleeves and Covers is the least expensive way to improve the overall appearance of your building and save on cooling and heating costs. The APTS 4 0 November 2013

Door improves the look and others throughout NJ, PA and NY this fall. Every great structure requires matching the right product to the building type and environment. American Architectural Window Door has been trusted by our clients to make the critical evaluation and provide the right product with quality installation for nearly 3 decades. Sales, Installation, Engineering, Maintenance Repair for Windows Doors The leading choice for communities throughout the Northeast. Find out why and

Getting to Know the People in the Industry Getting To Know Know Jody Dim p sey JL D Prop erty M g m t 1 . 2 . Jon Hollin, who has suffered from CF since birth, offered an em otional, p oig nant and heroic address detailing his ap p reciation for the sup p ort of the attendees efforts and his unwilling ness to g iv e in to the disease. Jessica Scully receiv es a standing ov ation as she ap p roaches the front of the room to receiv e a sp ecial To Getting award in ap p reciation of the com p an

I ssues on Ag ing the Focus W ayne p at Farnese Sym Foxosium Getting To Know Getting To Know The fourth Farnese Symposium, which addresses issues on aging, was held at Drexel University. The event is named in honor of Andrew NY 1 . I was born in Brooklyn, 1 . I was born in State College, PA Farnese,ducation CCNY, New School for 2 . E who pioneered the creation of housing 2 . E ducation Penn State for the elderly with the founding of Casa Fermi on Social in Philadelphia, in 1964, the first 3 .

M em bers Hit the Rig ht Strokes at DAA G olf O uting DAA members enjoyed a perfect day on the links as they welcomed a record number of attendees for the annual golf outing. Held once again at the prestigious White Clay Creek G olf Club in Wilmington, players of all skill levels were confronted by the variety of challenges the course provides, with water coming into play on 14 of the 18 holes. With the weather cooperating for the rst ti e i a fe ears a ers were able to enjoy fall sunshine and c

DAA G O L F O U TI NG Harry Fahl from Acadia W indows Doors with Rich Fortner, Screening Rep orts, Jen Hidalg o, NW P and Frank K ucera from W estov er Com p anies DAA M aintenance M ania cham p ion M ike Shaffer from W estov er Com p anies with Jay G ates and B ob Hickey from AFR Furniture Rental G eorg e Cowden of M ulti Housing Dep ot looks on as team m ates Joe Sav ag e from W estov er Com p anies celebrates another birdie p utt Robin Flag ler and Ty Flag ler from K ettler M anag em

NJAA To I nclude NAA Classes at 2 0 1 3 Conv ention As the new year begins, NJAA is once again focusing efforts to make their largest annual event, The Annual Conference Expo, bigger and better than ever, While education classes continue throughout the year, the association will be providing NAA designation courses during the three day extravaganza May 2123. Held once again at the Atlantic City Convention Center along with the host Borgata Hotel Casino, NJAA members will be able to take CAM,

DAA G O L F O U TI NG Cathy G ear and DAA board m em ber Phil M ullen from Royal Pest Solutions with L inda Stokley of B E L FO R at the cocktail recep tion Stev e W eber of K ettler M anag em ent chats with Jim Dep uty from HD Sup p ly Jam es Przb ysze wski from CO RT Furniture welcom ed g olfers with g oodies and p rize s as they p assed throug h to the nex t tee M elinda B osco, Sue D Ang iolillo, Deb Durso and K ristin G uinan p resent the cash winnings from the 5050 raffle to Al Rose

e ONLY Manufacturer 100 Dedicated to the MultiFamily Industry Never Settle problem solver. We custom design and manufacture commercially rated vinyl products specifically fabricated for the multifamily industry and recommend the products that will best enhance your community. Acadia continues to earn awards and recognition as a preferred vendor in the MultiFamily industry. Our highest performing, high quality products matched with our experience, warranty and service makes it an easy decision t

Garden Style Apartments High Rise Towers Resident Center Buildings Business Offices High Performance Windows Custom Window Shapes Entry and Sliding Doors Beautiful Secure Entrance Enclosures It has been 8 years since Acadia completed these highrises with high performing Vinyl windows and doors. Day one after completion we turned our central boilers back significantly and have not had to make any upward adjustments. Obviously this was a great improvement for our community with the add

G etting To K now The Peop le in the I ndustry M aintenance Training Day at I ng erm an Stev e Ferry Ferry 80 maintenance More than s Carp et Cleaning 1 . 1 teamwas bornfrom I Camden, NJ . I members in ngerman participated in a full day workshop 2 . 2 held at Antioch Original Cookie Co. . First j ob Fellowship Hall 3 industry coaching expert, discussed. 3 in Camden, NJ. Attendees wereCity HS . E ducation Gloucester split into two groups for separate Leasing for the maintenance Team. 4. 4 program

O ne Y ear M akes a B ig Difference at PennDel AHM A L uncheon I t was only one year ago that the as the organiza tion Cloud once again welcomed rst Sp eakers Jim Braccille, iSecurity Consultant, and eather re rts ere c members to the across TV t s, radio and the internet M at h e w L add, President COO, The Protection Hilton Hotel on City Avenue of a storm heading to the area. Bureau in Philadelphia. While Session Descrip downplayed many originally tion This session will discuss Presidentelect

Custom er Ap p reciation G olf O uting E nj oys G reat Day at New V enue For many, Columbus Day is often a day off from work, time to spend with kids home from school or extend the weekend a little bit longer. B ut for many in the property management industry, it has become a great day for camaraderie, fun and great golf. facility was purchased this year by First Montgomery G roup, a long time member of the areas industry organiza tions. The golf course provides challenges for every level of pla

Form er AAG P p resident M ike W oodward of W oodward Prop erties keep s his head down and back straig ht as he tees off on the difficult 1 0 th hole THANKS FOR MAKING APARTMENT FINDER YOUR CHOICE Sandy Cip ollone from I nterstate Realty M g m t, p art of the cham p ionship team at the ev ent, shows fine form as she follows the flight of her tee shot IN 3 NATIONAL SURVEYS G eorg e Cowden from M ulti Housing Dep ot who created the orig inal ev ent with Joe Collins, has dev elop ed into one of

Reg ulatory I ssues and Fundraising Hig hlig ht NAHM A Fall M eeting I t was a far different story at NAHMAs Fall Meeting this year. I n 2012, few were in attendance as the reports about Superstorm Sandy made everyone reconsider not only travel but, more importantly, being present at their companies and communities should disaster hit. The atmosphere was considerably more upbeat this time as members from across the nation arrived at The Fairmont Hotel i ashi t f r the a eeti of 2013. Regulatory

N A H M A FA L L M E E TI NG G em i O zd em ir and NAHM A icon and form er p resident Johrita Solari once ag ain serv ed as intense but funny and v ery effectiv e auctioneers ensuring the m ax im um am ount was raised Jim M cG rath, M ike Sim m ons, Chuck Durnin and Sandy Cip ollone eag erly raise their auction p addles to increase the bid on artwork created by a JAHM A m em ber PennDel AHM A p resident Rich Skoczy las with Jody Dim p sey who was recently nam ed association treasurer E ach

M M HA Honors M em bers at 2 0 1 3 Star Awards Cerem ony I t was another outstanding performance by the Maryland Multi Housing Association as they presented the annual Star Awards, recognizi ng excellence and achievement of their members for the past year. Held at a new venue, Martins West in B altimore, site of MMHAs annual trade show, more than 600 members enjoyed a cocktail reception inside the ballroom before the bars and food were shut down so that all attention was focused upon the awards

Casa Farnese, serv es on the board of the Farnese Sym p osium tendees as the p rog ram g ot underway Am ericans, p rov ided closing rem arks M DO NATE S 3 5 , 0 0 0 The 6 0 0 cap acity crowd, a record AL THRO U G H THE I R SE CO ND ANNU for the Star Awards, offers one of its L erous standing ACTI O N A CAM PAI G N TO HE num P E ND ov ations during the E SSNE SS p resentation as their enthusiasm and energ y was infectious throug hout contribution, just simply the ev ening visit www.faceboo

M M H A S TA R AlectsA 1 R D S W 20 3 DAA E O fficers B oard M M HA m em bers arriv e at M artin s W est in B altim ore which was hosting the Star Awards for the first tim e. The v enue is also the site of the annual trade show At its final quarterly general membership meeting of 2012, a new slate of officers and board of directors were elected for 2013. Kevin Wolfgang, who became DAA president in 2009, and who is not seeking a third term, announced the proposed slate highlighted by Melinda

M M HA Star Award W inners PRO PE RTY M ANAG E M E NT CO M PANY O F THE Y E AR G old Silver B ronze Allen Rocks, I nc. WPM Real E state Management Home Properties 1 , 0 0 0 and U p G old Silver Silver B ronze B erkshires at Harpers Mill, B erkshire Prop. Advisors The Seasons, B erkshire Property Advisors Huntington at K ing Farm, G reystar Management Piney Ridge Townhomes, The Rachuba G roup Shining Star Matthew McNeeley, Continental Realty Corporation Howard Cassin Associate of the Y ear Har

professionals Independently Owned Operated by Bath Saver Commercial, LLC you can trust. Efficient one day process excellent durability Time and cost effective little or no maintenance The permanent bathroom solution STOP REPAIRING STOP REPAINTING STOP REGROUTING STOP MOLD STOP WATER DAMAGE 1 Bathroom Remodeler 11 Years In A Row Qualified Remodeler Magazine We have been working with Bath Fitter for about 10 years and have found them to be reliable and professional with topquality wo

The Area s Finest E nj oy a Day at The B elfor G olf O uting O ver 100 guests along with members of the B E LFO R Property Restoration team enjoyed a great day on the links during the companys 3rd Annual South Jersey G olf O uting. The event, which is in addition to the companys June tournament in PA, was once again held at V alleybrook Country Club in B lackwood, NJ, one of the several sites owned and operated by former E agles great and E SPN commentator Ron Jaworski. With great weather and th

The APTS 47 January 2013 The APTS 62 November2013

V isitors Tour the W orld at Ferg uson Trade Show G uests from many facets of business including construction, contractors and management headed to Ferguson B ath, K itchen, and Lighting G allery in K ing of Prussia, PA as they hosted their 4 th Annual trade show. Attendees were invited to travel the world and all 5 0 states to visit over 5 0 different representatives covering more than 200 lines like K ohler, Delta, Moen, and G rohe. The Ferguson showroom is over 12,000 sq uare feet featuring a

NJAA G arden State Awards Honors E x cellence in the I ndustry The 20th annual NJAA G arden State Awards celebrated the best and the brightest in the industry at a new venue, the Hilton Hotel in E ast B runswick, with more than 600 members in attendance. Also new this year was a theme where guests were encouraged to wear black and white formal attire and enjoy the red carpet treatment. Adding to the festive energy, NJAA offered a Joan Rivers impersonator who conducted interviews and posed for ph

AFR B ring s National Tour to Philly What could be better than attending an event produced by a company that focuses part of their business on events. AFR Furniture Rentals Event Furnishings division brought their 2nd annual National Networking Tour to Philadelphia recently for an evening displaying event design, furnishings and culinary delights. Held at 2424 Studios in Northern Liberties, it AFR Furniture Rental p resident Jerry The m assiv e 2 4 2 4 Studios serv ed as a provided an opportunit

N J A A G A R D E N S TAT E AW A R D S The efferv escent Charlene Delia from W estern arketing Director K endra Scully Co. M Pest Serv ices with Christy Chafin, Teri Peri and Charlene M etz accep ts the Corp orate and Prop erty Rawlinson of I W ebsite awards on behalfngoferm an p any her com Norm a Jacobs from AACP M g m t. Co of the Newly elected 2 0 1 3 AAG P President Y NJAA Awards B Com m ittee Sue D Scott ear DeSouz a rown with Chair Ang iolillo G unti eissenberg er n W with im Cathie WD

B rent K ohere and Peg g y Hale salute 2 0 1 3 recip ients of CAM T, Certificate of Ap artm ent M aintenance Technician, an NAA desig nation, who were recog nize d at the beg inning of the cerem onies NJAA m em bers who receiv ed NAA desig nations during the p ast year, in addition to Certified Pool O p erator, were honored during the awards as the association s industry p rog ram continues to ex p and with p articip ation at record lev els and g rowing Old City Renovators, Inc. Your MultiHous

N J A A G A R D E N S TAT E AW A R D S NJAA board m em ber and G arden State Awards Com m ittee Chairm an Scott M achlov itz with the Hilton Realty Team The V alue Com p anies team enj oying the cocktail recep tion as they would once ag ain celebrate being honored m ultip le tim es Jennifer Sohenuick from O n site. com with Andrew Phillip s of Scully Com p any K ev in Stokley from B E L FO R was one of sev eral winners of raffle p rize s from the NJAA Charitable Com m ittee I t s nev er to

Alan Rosenberg from RestoreCore NJAA with form Secretary er I RE M and board m em ber nationalinefsky from p resident Jack L M ichaelCom mp anies ons V alue Sim ofI ris Cordero, E m ily CRM and fellow cig ar aficionado B ill M artin and Nick M artino, DDS, I nc. DeFrancesco, For Rent NJAA p residentelect W illiam Dailey from CI S and Jeff Nug ent with Ap artm ent Finder M att Pincus from Jenel M with Pincus E lev ator arraccini, Esq. and Paul Cohen, Jack W asielak of Esq. from Cohen O K NA W i

N J A A G A R D E N S TAT E AW A R D S Dan Flam ini, Robert L am p her, Reg ional M anag er of the Y ear Sharon Jacob and B randon Jackm uff from Pennrose M g m t NJAA board m em ber Robert L am p her from Pennrose with Julie Alber of Ap artm ents. com Debbie Q uig ley and I an Doug las from M org an Prop erties enj oying the cocktail recep tion Form er NJAA p resident Tom K retsch from Seg al and Seg al with NJAA V P L ynn Aber APTSAdSept25.pdf 1 9242013 104630 AM of B ertram Associates N

Getting To Know Dan Flam ini Pennrose M anag em ent 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . B orn in Camden, NJ E ducation Sacred Heart First j ob Paperboy Fav orite school subj ect Science Pete Q uercetti and AAG P President G unti W eissenberg er in attendance rep resenting the W estov er Com p anies 5. Favorite hobby Winemaking 6 . Fav orite sing er or band Steely Dan 7 . B est thing about m y com p any Teamwork 8 . G rowing up , I wanted to be a Tennis Pro 9.Heather K influential p erson Sinclair Stewart Robinso

The APTS 16 February 2013 Get historically low rates and service that more than stack up. Finance your next apartment loan with Chase the nations 1 multifamily lender. Interest rates on apartment loans have reached a near all time low Now is the time to act, and with Chase, you can act fast. Our streamlined loan process lets us close in 45 days or less while still delivering a great customerfocused experience. Call us today. Early rate lock available LO W F E ES G R EAT RAT ES S T R E A

NJAA G ARDE N STATE AW ARD W I NNE RS Corporate Office Staff Individual L ilian Duran V alue Com p anies Prop erty W ebsite L ong B rook Ap artm ents Candlebrook Prop erty M g m t Prop erty W ebsite The V ue Pennrose M anag em ent Co Prop erty W ebsite Pheasant Hollow Ap artm ents Candlebrook Prop erty M g m t Corp orate W ebsite G oldberg Realty Associates G roundskeep er Porter Jerem y Rudko Pennrose M anag em ent G reen B uilding Dwell The K lein Com p any Prop erty M anag em ent U ni

NJAA G ARDE N STATE AW ARD W I NNE RS Curb Ap p eal Ham ilton G reene Scully Com p any Curb Ap p eal W oodv iew at M arlton M org an Prop erties M aintenance Sup erv isor K arl Hep p ard PRD M anag em ent M aintenance Sup erv isor E dwin B erios PRD M anag em ent Reg ional M anag er Jennifer W illstead Av alonB ay Com m unities Prop erty M anag er L oretta Cum m ing s Pennrose M anag em ent Prop erty M anag er Stev en Stankov ich Av alonB ay Com m unities Prop erty M anag er Jason Fellow

NJAA G arden State Award W inners M ANAG E M E NT CO M PANI E S O F THE Y E AR Affordable PRD Management, I nc. M arket Rate U nder 2 , 0 0 0 U nits The K lein Company M arket Rate O v er 2 , 0 0 0 U nits Morgan Properties Amy Marie DeFeo, Manor Management Corp Jamie Confessore, Morgan Properties Nina Portella, Morgan Properties Loretta Cummings, Pennrose Mgmt. Co. Jason Fellows, The Westover Companies Affordable Prop erty M anag er Andria Roach, Pennrose Management Co. G ail Sola, Pennrose Ma

www. sm kenterp rises. org capture and imprint their actual signatures onto lease documents. M id Hig h Rise Ap artm ents Affordable Harrington also took time to introduce attendees to CloudB uilt After 2 0 0 0 FileTM, OnSites newly expandHeritage V illage At E liza beth, CI S Mgmt. I nc ed cloud storage solution. With Maher Manor, Pennrose Management Co. CloudFileTM, property managers can eliminate the costs and B uilt B etween 1 9 8 1 1 9 9 9 complications involved with B rookside Apartments

PM A Presents 2 0 1 3 PACE Awards The Property Management Association honored the regions most outstanding apartment communities at the third annual PMA Apartment Community Excellence Awards PACE celebration, held at the McLean Hilton Tysons Corner, McLean, VA. The PACE Awards competition was open to all national capital area apartment communities. In 2013, more than 175 communities, serving as home to nearly 90,000 area residents, competed for PACE honors. Judges were experienced professional

NJAA Charitable Cause Raises Awareness NJAA Cocktails for aFund Cocktails for a Cause Raises the Hurricane Donations for the Donations for Awareness and Sandy NJ Relief Fund Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund Hurricane Sandy caused destruction 20 donation per person son allowed everyone Hurricane Sandy caused destruction and devastation to many homes in New allowed everyone to to enjoy drink specials and devastation to many homes in New Jerseyyear. year. With the recent enjoy drink specials all all

The APTS 73 January 2013 The APTS 79 November 2013

ADV E RTI SE RS DI RE CTO Ap artm ent I nternet L isting Serv ices Ap artm ents. com Founded in 19 9 7 Paula Stefan, Regional Manager 175 West Jackson B lvd, Suite 800, Chicago, I L 60604 Phone 215 4 784 9 4 7 Fax 312 60164 4 3 pstefan is a leading national online apartment I nternet Listing Service I LS distinguished by its personalize d searches hi h is a a s a af iati with the local websites of more than 170 major newspaper and partner webs

B uilding M aintenance Sup p lies needs. O ur team of professionals will evaluate your needs and make budget recommendations to provide the highest q uality products for a q uick return on your investment. E xpert kitchen cabinet layouts and property s eci c ateria ra e s rea sheets are r i e for planning and budgetary purposes. This personalize d service makes us the best in the business. Whether your needs are everyday maintenance supplies or help with complete renovations, one call does it AL

ater r . e rk f r c a ies ike i ert r ert Tr st MackCali, Pitcairn Properties, CB Richard E llis and many more. Please contact us for a free estimate on your exterior restoration projects. See our ad on p ag e 5 7 . Furniture Rental Sales Drain Cleaning Plum bing Serv ices CO RT Furniture Mike Hanlon, Sales Manager 31 Twosome Drive, U nit 2, Moorestown, NJ 0805 7 Phone 609 868279 7 Fax 85 6 22215 24 michael.hanlon CO RT is the nations largest furniture rental comp

Service Area North South Central NJ. Mahwah to B arnegat. Commercial G rounds Maintenance, Landscape Design Construction, I rrigation I nstallation Maintenance, Arbor Care by a A Certi e Ar rist a Care er ices ce a a ement Services. See our ad on p ag e 2 1 . O nline L easing Solutions O n Site. com Frank Fico, Area Sales Manager 9 9 0 Cedar B ridge Ave Suite B 7, B rick NJ 08724 Phone 732 74 63769 f c site.c Founded in 19 9 9 , O nSites integrated online marketing and leasing platform has g

U p, PreRenewal and Prospect programs provides 365 day year feedback. See our ad on p ag e 2 3 . Seam less G utters L eaders Resident Screening Collections L ex isNex is Resident Screening Founded in 19 80 Sarah Morgan Phone 724 4 13665 8 Fax 866 85 64 008 sarah.morgan LexisNexis Resident Screening offers one of the most comprehensive multifamily housing screening and collections services for the industry. We enable property owners and manager

wide. O ur technology and service based system is for A, B and C Class properties where we place your onsite waste stream into a controlled environment. As the only regional or national provider of 5 nights a week doorstep waste recycling collection our 1 resident voted amenity adds value to your staff and residents. Allow us to show you how our award winning service is helping improve the resident experience while helping you improve your bottom line. See our ad on p ag e 2 2 . cial, industr

To p lace an ad e m ail info theap ts. com LE ASI NG PRO FE SSI O NAL TheAPTSClassifieds Jobs Wanted or call 2 1 5 9 3 8 7 7 3 3 MAI NTE NANCE SU PE R Company oriented, team leader , ready to bring my skills to a new company. Looking for an exciting and challenging opportunity where ershi is sta e a a cia res si e. i h r cie t i every aspect of apartment maintea ce a ha e AC certi cati . O wn tools, transp, clean record, exc references. Prefer south central NJ PRO PE RTY MANAG E R area b

dryer, assorted furniture and an electrical survey. Please visit our website Lindy is recruiting experienced apartment professionals. Interested in building a career that is right forYou Mark Your Calendars for an Evening of Funraising and a Wine Tasting Sponsored by Real Estate Managers for FAMILIES IN CRISIS FOUNDATION Your donation of 30 per person includes wine, beer and food. Come join us for a preholiday fun and networking event to benefit Families i

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AAG P G olf Tennis O uting Held on the Perfect Fall Day Finally, the perfect day arrived and for members of the Apartment Association of G reater Phila, it was well worth the wait. Postponed from its traditional June date due to weather issues, the industry golf season saved its best for last. The G olf Tennis O uting, the oldest of its kind in the apartment industry, returned to historic Philadelphia Cricket Club in Flourtown where players had the choice to participate in the typical scramble

AAG P G O L F TE NNI S O U TI NG G unti W eissenberg er cong ratulates Stev e Dicker from P. Coop er Roofing , Ty Flag ler, K ettler M g t. , B illie Carberry, W estern Pest and Jeff Halter of B ertram Associates Attendees enj oyed the leg endary surf n turf dinner outside the clubhouse on a m ag nificent fall ev ening Jessica Scully and B ill Hollin from Scully Co. chatting with K eith B arch from Central W holesalers during the cocktail recep tion p rior to dinner and the awards p rog ra

AAG P G O L F TE NNI S O U TI NG NJAA holiday p arty chair Heather K from asa Jody Pierson and Frank K ucera am with nieceCom p anies with M and son Noah W estov er Jordyn K am asa att Pincus of Pincus E lev ator and Jonathan K artm an from K artm an Fire Protection NJAA E ducationand Ryan W itte from M ichael Hanlon Coordinator Jaclyn O CO RT Furniture Rental with Colleen lsz ewski tug s on Santa s beard j ust to be sure it s M ag B rown of The APTS real azi ne M o Ray Q uerey from Coinm R

AAG P G O L F TE NNI S O U TI NG Ronda L ayo of L incoln Prop erty Com p any, Heather K am asa from Acadia W indows Doors and B obbi Jo Carty of M org an Prop erties B ruce B ernstein from M artin G reenbaum Com p any with flooring colleag ue Dav id K atz of CM Q Floor Cov ering Form er AAG P p resident Scott Fag an from M etrop olitan M anag em ent with AAG P President G unti W eissenberg er Cathie Daly from Desig n E ast and Rob Jaffe from B ernard Sig n during the cocktail recep tion a

GIVE YOUR RESIDENTS THE POWER OF FiOS. When you have FiOS, other buildings just cant compare. The ultimate in entertainment. FiOS Internet Americas fastest, most consistent and most reliable Internet. FiOS TV Highquality access to over 575 channels including over 165 in HD. Unparalleled convenience. Verizon Concierge Lifestyle amenity management solution offering property communications and alerts for residents, plus package tracking, integrated vendor services and more. Verizon Enhanced

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Northeast Building Products is the premier manufacturer and distributor of vinyl and aluminum building products for residential and commercial applications. SUPERIOR WINDOWS AND DOORS DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER The APTS 9 5 November 2013

The APTS M M ag azi ine The APTS ag az ne PO B ox 19 6 PO Box 196 Huntingdon V alley, PA 19 006 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 215 99387733 215 387733 http www. THE APTS. com PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID BELLMAWR, NJ PERMIT NO. 1485 W hat s I nside W hat s I Session I ndustry E nside Class in PennDel AHM ducation 2 0 1 3 I ndustry Holiday Parties AAGP Golf Tennis Outing I RE M Chap ters E State Awards NJAA Gardenlect officers NAHMA bershipMeeting and E DAA M em Fall

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