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LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS July 27, 2012 Volume 8, Issue 20 A HEARTFELT MAZEL TOV TIFERES DEVORAH LKALLAHS ROLE SEE PAGE 121 full coverage Dental Insurance f o r e v e ryo n e now I can really HEATING COOLING, LLC SERVICE INSTALLATION DOORTODOOR VALET LAKEWOOD Central Air Conditioners Furnaces Boilers Condensing Units Hot Water Heaters Thermostats Sheet Metal Ductwork All Makes, All Models OPEN Y SUNDA SMILE Professional Service With Superior Quality 7326642986 R

GROCERY 11 oz Setton Farms Vegetable Chips 5.29 The K osher Experience Under the supervision of Rabbi Moishe Chomsky. Glatt Kosher. Service Kosher Deli Fish Departments under Supervision of U . Butcher Shop under the supervision of Rabbi Yechiel Babad. 24 oz Haddar Honey Wheat Pretzel Kegs You save 4lb 5.49 5.25 oz Effective 72912 8412 Not responsible for typographical errors. You save .20 Haddar French Fried Onion You save 2lb Pieces Canister 2.99 DELI Store Sliced Grilled, Smoked, Hon

ck iOUR pY mo pro D RIE A M NETRY CAB r taste. mo that fits you rks for you the pro wo the promo that or DC DESIGN 732.901.4784 FREE upgrade TO INSET DOORS FREE upgrade TO GLAZE HIGHLIGHT 5discount or 10 off NEW SHOWROOM ON PAINT UPCHARGE SELECT DOOR STYLES NOW UNDER THE UEZ SALES TAX 3.5 DREAM CABINETRY 2 1 2 S E C O N D S T R E E T, S T O R E 2 LEXINGTON TOWERS LAKEWOOD, NJ 08701 732.806.8444 WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPE

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Going to camp STOP Travelling CELL PHONES KOSHER PHONES GREAT CELL PHONE PLANS NS 10 250 Talk ATT service 25 1,000 Talk ATT service 12 250 Talk, 250 Text Verizon service 30 1,200 Talk, 2,000 Text Verizon service 40 Unlimited Talk, Text ATT service UCED RED 45 40 Unlimited Talk, Text Verizon service as an Great ency 10 100 Minutes Minutes rollover. Expires in 4 months. merg e plan 80 2,000 Minutes Minutes rollover. Expires in a yr. LAKEWOOD BEEPERS HAS GREAT PRICES ON COMPARE SAVE BEST CLEAN

The News Obama has Spent More Time Golfing than Working on Economy has considered Americas nancial woes. Readers Speak RE TZNIUS PLEASE To Tznius Please, Yes, you are crazy An overobsession with tznius is making you see something normal, veyearolds in bathing suits, as something perverted. If a child this age has an innate feeling that makes her want to wear a robe while going to a pool, then she may be ready, or her parents probably taught her what I call a sociallyaccepted norm or minhag or c

D O F September 10, 2012 O F L A K E W O O D Sefer Ha A Day of Life O F L A K E W O O D O F L A K E W O O D Sefer Hachaim Dinner O F L A K E W O O D O F L A K E W O O D O F L A K E W O O D Sefer Hachaim Dinner Sefer Hachaim Dinner RCCS of Lakewood 60 Kew Gardens Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701 RCCSDinner12Shopper4.indd 1 Sefer Hachaim D Se Sefer WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7 JULY 20, 2012 7242012 50232 PM


LAKEWOOD LEGACY CAMPAIGN YEshIvAs MIr YErushALAYIM Welcoming Wednesday Evening August 29, 2012 Lake Terrace hall ARTECH 732.961.3091 Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim 5227 New Utrecht Avenue Brooklyn, New York 1 1219 P 718.972.0500 F 718.851. 999 1 E WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 9 JULY 20, 2012

INSERTS sent out to the entire Lakewood at UNBEATABLE PRICES Join the many clients who have found success from inserts In The Lakewood Shopper R 11219 Yeshiva Toras Aron The Kiruv Movement to Develop Bnei Torah Live Healthy. Drink Better. PLUS Call today to have your insert in the Lakewood Shopper 732.367.6245 JULY 20, 2012 10 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM


Community News Yahrzeit of Rav Yisroel Chaim Prager Marked in Lakewood speak. At 610, Rav Yitzchok Hakohen Dwek shlita will speak. Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlita will speak at 630. Minchah will be at 740. Rav Shlomo Gissinger shlita will speak a er Minchah. Maariv will be at 845. On Tuesday evening a gathering was held in Lakewood to mark the yahrzeit of Rav Yisroel Chaim Prager ztl, Mashgiach of Yeshivas Novominsk. e gathering was held in the Pine River Village Shul. e Novominsker Rebbe shlita


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in conjuction with 7329010482 PRESENTS A TUESDAY JULY 31 12 PM 4 PM For Babysitters, Teachers, Playgroup Morahs Daycamp Counselors NO CHARGE CPR When minutes count, you can save a life LIMITED SPACE TO RESERVE YOUR SLOT CALL 7329010482 For women 18 JULY 20, 2012 16 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM LOCA LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS


Township News BPU Commissioner to Join LUAC Meetings It has taken a lot of e ort and patience but it seems that the work is starting to pay o . e Shopper has learned that a commissioner of the Board of Public Utilities will be joining at one of the upcoming LUAC meetings. e a endance of a BPU commissioner speaks volumes on what the panel may be able to achieve. Direct input to a BPU member could go a tremendously long way in helping us with the looming di culties Lakewood is having with service

simcha ad shopper.pdf 1 71112 259 PM CONFUSED catering STERLING KNOWS. full service Waitering Designer China Party Planner Matre d C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Sheva Brochos Bar Mitzvah Kiddushim Parlor Meetings Corporate Parties Siyum Pidyon Haben Aufruf Hotel Shabbos Anniversaries Brissim Vach Nacht With years of experience, Sterling has the knowledge to make sure you are properly covered for all your insurance needs. Call today to speak to one of Sterlings Knowledgable Staff. P

Business News Amp Cellular The Smarter Solution for Cell Phone Savings ever, parents need to make educated decisions about expenses and inquire why their yeshiva or seminary requires students to choose costly cellular plans when many more a ordable alternatives are available. Amp Cellular opened its doors in 2010, with over ten years of experience in the telecommunications industry, to provide students and tourists in Israel with access to a ordable cellular and telecom services while providing

1880 ad liver shopper.pdf 1 72512 618 PM Main Page Talk Read View Source View History Celebrate Hearing loss takes joy out of life. Call OCAC to schedule a hearing test. Liver Babaganoush Chicken Soup Cholent Chummus Gefilte Fish Gribenes Helzel Kishke Liver Matbucha Mediterranean Eggplant PTcha Galla Potato Kugel Schnitzel Tzimmes Yerushalmi Kugel And More.... From Yitzipedia, the tasty encyclopedia Contents Our Foods hide the sounds of life 1. Chopped Liver 2. Variations 3. Chopped

July Ostreicher Bolivian Hearing Further Exercise in Madness was an exact replica of the June 11th hearing. When the last hearing took place, the judge was asked to recuse himself from the case. While still waiting for the higher court to decide, another hearing was scheduled with a di erent judge. e legal advisor of the Minister of Government asked the judge to recuse herself on the grounds that she could not be impartial. e judge refused but referred it to a higher court. Can it be any more o


Torah UMesorah Presents ohfbjnk sguu ,hc Lakewood Teacher Center A Dream That Has Come Of Age By M. Okowita Several years ago, Torah UMesorah established its rst Teacher Center. At the time, it was an idea so innovative and so inventive, that no one could have measured the notable success it would ultimately a ain. An impressively vast warehouselike educational resource nucleus, the Chicagos Teacher Center has become the inspiration that literally swept the chinch world by storm, expanding the

School Growth and Consultation Division Torah Umesorah Presents BacktoSchool Professional Development Sessions August 2728, 2012 1200 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY Yeshiva of Brooklyn Monday, August 27 10001145 AM Derech Eretz in the Classroom Practical applications for creating a culture of Derech Eretz Tuesday, August 28 The Challenging Talmid in a Mainstream Environment Menahel, Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch, Monsey, NY Keeping every talmid within the classroom setting. Menahel, Mach

Torah UMesorah Presents ohfbjnk sguu ,hc Lakewood Teacher Center A Dream That Has Come Of Age continued om page 24 to close to 200,000 stimulating lesson plans, cra s, and original ideas. Many of the Lakewood teachers are very excited, not only to receive so much information from the Center, but also to be given the opportunity to give of themselves, says Rabbi Ryback. By uploading their own lessons onto our system, they can let the world view their contributions. ousands of individuals in fac

Is your 3rd6th grader lacking comprehension, geshmak, or basic learning skills EXPERIENCED REBBE AVAILABLE TO LEARN WITH YOUR SON THIS SUMMER. Please call 7323646025 We sell a full line of checks and accessories BUSINESS PERSONAL CHECKS mes rnaround ti Quickest tu arantee sfaction gu 100 sati e prices Competitiv ComputerLaser Checks Business check books Manual checks Compatible double window envelopes Invoice envelopes Imprinted envelopes EndorsementSignature stamps P. F. 732.901.9

TTE A ION NT EN M The Special Childrens Center Presents Our 2nd annual Exciting Raff le Sponsored by o Comfort Aut restrictions apply Walk, run or jog to raise money for our special children For more information, please call 7326686426 JULY 20, 2012 28 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS 732.367.6245 SE 3 YEAR LEA VALON TOYOTA Aalue sh v or ca red will be ente All runners for a into a raffle on a Joga hon T 5k run on Labor Day Weekend

Bar Great Gift ah Mitzv styles Many from ose to cho SEFORIM STAMPS We carry a full line of Hebrew self inking stamps which include LibraryOtzar Haseforim Shul Stamps TeacherRebbeim Stamps In memory of stamps Customized stamps 7323642700 Courteous professional barbers with many years of experience WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 29 JULY 20, 2012

Loans and liens, surveys and searches. the commercial title insurance process can be a daunting one. thats why savvy attorneys and investors come to Riverside abstract and stick with us for all of their title transactions. Recognized by leading underwriters for using outstanding practices and procedures, we significantly simplify the closing process, and build successful relationships with our clients and their attorneys. From the simplest residential transaction to the most intricate commerc

The News continued om page 6 ed at a pace that did not allow drivers enough time to slow down safely. e program requires the yellow phase of the light to be at least one second long for every 10 miles per hour of the speed of 85 percent of approaching vehicles. So, if at least 85 percent of cars are going 45 miles per hour, the yellow must be 4.5 seconds long. All the towns submi ed recerti cation documents that showed their lights were times in accordance with the legislation that established

D DE TEN G EX TIN SEA w No ble aila Av Tac 2 os 5 pm B urr i to FR BU GE Y ON TO E NE EE s 25 end t Sp ge IFT 5G D AR C Fajita MO JUL Main Dish Side Dish Side Dish JULY 20, 2012 32 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM

Kosher The ONDAY TH LY 30 With our buildyourown platters, South of the Border prices, kid friendly menu items, and comfy seating The Kosher Taco is your familys best choice for heimishe eating out 1091 River Ave. Todd Plaza NEW NUMBER 732.534.5511 Hours 12pm 2am WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 33 JULY 20, 2012

Hashkafa Rishona At First Glance by E.M. Hachabura IT DOESNT M AT T E R W H E R E YO U R E I N S U R E D. . . Heroes in Times of Tragedy Tisha BAv is the saddest day of the year. It is a day that we spend entirely immersed in mourning what we once had and we now lack. We once had a Bais Hamikdosh a house where we could go to be close to the Shechina and soak up kedushah. We once lived as a free nation in our Holy Land. Today, we are in exile and we mourn all these losses. We mourn the destr

World News Crazed Employee Burns Nuke Sub AP Navy investigators have determined that a civilian laborer set a re that caused 400 million in damage to a nuclearpowered submarine because he had anxiety and wanted to get out of work early. Casey James Fury of Portsmouth, N.H., faces up to life in prison if convicted of two counts of arson in the re aboard the USS Miami a ack submarine while it was in dry dock May 23 and a second blaze outside the sub on June 16. e 24yearold Casey was taking medicat

World News continued om page 35 According to Radio Berlin Brandenburg RBB, the debt would amount to 11,200 guilders today, which is roughly equivalent to 112 million euros 87.2 million pounds. Adjusting for compound interest and in ation, the total debt now lies in the trillions, by RBBs estimates. Town historian Vera Schmidt found the centuriesold debt slip in the archive, where it had been led in 1963. ough the seal is missing from the document, Schmidt told Reuters that she was certain the s

World News continued om page 36 China Insist Its Not Covering Up Flooding Deaths e Beijing city government says it has been and will continue to be truthful in its reporting of the death toll from the weekends heavy ooding amid online skepticism. Spokeswoman Wang Hui told reporters Tuesday that 37 people died in the city because of the torrential rains Saturday. She said oodhit areas were still being inspected and any updates will be disclosed promptly. e vow of transparency comes as some Chine

Gary Gutin Appointed Night Patrol Captain at LCSW Since its inception, the LCSW has endeavored to work seamlessly with local, state and national o cials on a variety of safety initiatives. is goal was advanced within much closer reach with the arrival of Mr. Gary Gutin, a frum Lakewood resident who is also a New York Police O cer. Gutin joined the LCSW approximately one year ago. Working with Gutin, the organization now has a much greater opportunity to familiarize itself with the training and t

RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL BUILDING SELLING BUYING INSURANCE LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS HOME INDEX Real Estate Musings By Edward E. Klein, ESQ A Primer On Real Estate Investments Is It For You Part III In the next series, we will explore and analyze the different real estate investments described in the previous articles, and provide informative pointers and guidance as to how to determine whether certain investment portfolios should be of interest and whether you may be assuming unbeknownst risks

M BUSINESSES COMMERCIAL IN LAKEWOOD, NJ EXCEPT WHERE NOTED OCEAN, NJ 1001 DEAL RD 5 UNITS READY TO BUILD In the HOT Ridge area JAMES STREET 1 WOMEN APPAREL BUSINESS 125,000 FINANCING AVAILABLE WAREHOUSE SPACE 17,000 Sq Ft Loading BaysDoors, priv fenced parking, Showroom Office space included 6 per ft 2 cam Shmuel Ungar 10,000 square feet of office space Can build additional similar size building Additional adjacent lot 1003 Deal Rd INCLUDED. Build it yourself or bring a group This uniq

M END UNIT COVENTRY SQUARE Tudor Ct. BEST VALUE available NOT A RANCH ABBA M Rennert RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES IN LAKEWOOD, NJ NEW LISTINGS BY YOUR TOMA AGENTS 1619 CLIFTON AVE 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Baths Nice lot at 76x134 LOW LOW LOW TAXES Just 4,735 1421 TOWERS ST ALBERT AREA 23 Bedroom ranch on HUGE oversized 96x230 lot Taxes 4,010 NEW CONSTRUCTION NEW CENTRAL AVE 6 Bedroom, on a very private lot, 3 full baths on 2nd fl. UPGRADED UPGRADED UPGRADED Yechiel Nakdimen Shmuel Ungar 197,000 20 SEVE

A BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT RIGHT IN THE HEART OF Real Estate Musings continued om page 39 By Edward E. Klein, ESQ LAKEWOOD AHUV APARTMENTS A Beautifully Redone 1 2 Bdrm Apts. Kitchen Flooring NEW Playgound Rent includes gas water INDEX What more would you look for Located on 8th St. bet. Lexington Monmouth NEW An apartment youll love Parking lot on premises Great Chevrah RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT 732 901.4124 Concrete Perfect Construction Call today recourse against

Decided to Buy, Join TOMAs NOW WHAT and learn X FREE HOMEBUYERS WORKSHOP A step by step guide to the home buying process Save money BIG MONEY when you know what to do and when Home Coaching What is it Why do I need it Hershel Weiss Professional House Coach ional And much much more Sunday August 19th Ateres Yeshaya 79 pm Enhanced Real Estate Title Insurance Services M ling up fast Space is l by calling ure your seateregister Sec pr or emailing to Refreshments will be served. 910 Eas

COMMERCIAL LISTINGS FOR Sale Sale Rent RentLease Rent Sale Lease Rent Sale Lease Rent TYPE Business Business Store Front Commercial Office Space Office Building Commercial Space Office Space Multi Fam Office Space Retail Space LOCATION Lakewood, NJ Lakewood, NJ Cedarbridge Grand Central Plaza Lakewood, NJ 230 1st St. Deal, NJ Lakewood, NJ 805 Cross St Allentown, PA 40 Chestnut St 2nd St. DESCRIPTION Women Excersize Business Financing Avail Women Excersize Business Financing Avail 1600 Square

WATER DAMAGE WIND STORM DAMAGE FLOODING FIRE SMOKE DAMAGE PIPE BREAK COLLAPSE RIFKIN ROSEN ULTIMATE PROPERTY LOSS CONSULTANTS, INC. Local National Claim Consulting Services X Serving the Lakewood community for over 20 years Services Provided Analysis of Insurance Coverage Emergency Remediation Services Building Damage Estimators Personal Property Inventory Experts Expert Claim Detailing Presentation Larry Rosen, Pres. Bruce Rifkin, CPA Joel Wiener,

Aaron Slotkin, PharmD, CCN Pharmacist Certified Clinical Nutritionist Individualized Nutritional Consultation and Education Have you got an hour a week to spare Why not fill it with Chessed this upcoming year Come volunteer to do crafts games with children stuck at home, They are feeling sick so alone. Please call if you have the heart to share care, Please join be a part of this Chessed so dear. Holistic Evaluation and Recommendations for diet and lifestyle supplements and medications

Police Report McDaniels Violates Probation Terms, Returns to Jail e man police believe is responsible for many of the burglaries over the last few weeks is behind bars once again, Capt. Paul Daly tells the Shopper. A er nally being caught by police last January and charged with a multitude of burglaries that plagued the community for a year, McDaniels struck a deal with county o cials that allowed him to leave jail in April a er being incarcerated for only three to four months. Since April, ther

THE EVOLUTION OF DAF YOMI IN AMERICA From 700 to 90,000 7TH SIYUM HASHAS 8TH SIYUM HASHAS 9TH SIYUM HASHAS 10TH SIYUM HASHAS By G Heller Klal Yisroel is currently in the nal preparation stages for the largest maamid of kavod haTorah in the history of this galus. On August 1, about 90,000 will gather as one in Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., to participate in the 12th Siyum Hashas. As huge as this siyum will be, most people cannot remember how small the rst few siyumim in America

CHARTER BUSES TO THE SIYUM HASHAS FROM ALL AREAS INCLUDING THE CATSKILL MOUNTAINS THE NATIONAL CELEBRATION OF THE TWELFTH SIYUM HASHAS OF DAF YOMI hnkugv hnuhv s ka ragohbav xav ouhx WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2012 cga, ct dh METLIFE STADIUM Avoid long delays and security checkpoints, tolls, parking fees, by using our convenient charter buses. Advance registration required bus tickets must be presented to board buses. ROUND TRIP tickets only will be sold. No oneway reservations Payment by cas

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SIYUM HASHAS TICKET HOLDERS To ensure that the Siyum runs as smoothly as possible and on a very precise time schedule, we must have the fullest cooperation of every ticket holder. Please read the following important information. Due to the enormous crowds anticipated, access to MetLife Stadium will be tightly controlled. The New Jersey State Police, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and numerous county and local police departments, will set up perimeter checkpoints

THE NATIONAL CELEBRATION OF THE TWELFTH SIYUM HASHAS OF DAF YOMI hnkugv hnuhv s ka ragohbav x av ouhx WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2012 cga, ct dh METLIFE STADIUM If you have reserved seating on the special charter bus transportation to the Siyum provided by Monsey Tours, you must have your Stadium admission ticket and bus pass in order to board the buses. Please be sure to retain the return portion of your bus ticket for the return trip home after the Siyum. 5 CHARTER BUS SERVICE BY ADVANCE

Scenes from the Ninth Siyum Hashas in 1990 JULY 20, 2012 52 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM

Scenes from the Ninth Siyum Hashas in 1990 WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 53 JULY 20, 2012

The Evolution of Daf Yomi in America From 700 to 90,000 continued om page 48 were sold to Daf Yomi learners before any became available to the general public. e organizers hurried to nd a second venue. ey found the Nassau Coliseum and that stadium was lled up as well. One question that arose was how to divide the Rabbanim between the two stadiums. . Rav Pam ztl volunteered to go to the smaller Nassau Coliseum. Once he went, others also agreed to go there. A new technological challenge of hookin

Bais Torah UTefillahJewish Learning Center JLC of Manalapans 10th Anniversary Weekend Retreat A Huge Success By G. Heller e JLC 10th Anniversary weekend, was a very exciting and enjoyable one for the Manalapan Jewish community. Over 100 people, both Manalapan residents and guests, participated in the Jewish Learning Center of Manalapan, Bais Torah UTe llahs, 10th Anniversary Weekend Retreat. e JLC has held these Shabbaton gatherings for the past ten years, but this was the largest one Many of th

Mesivta of Eatontown Holds Inaugural Dinner is past Wednesday, July 18 the Mesivta of eatontown held its Inaugural Dinner in the Nemas Hachaim Hall. Although the Mesivta has been hosting its annual TentEvent the past 5 years on Ivory Ct.,the Askonim involved with the Yeshiva decided the time was ripe for an Inaugural Award Dinner, How right they were Hundreds of a endees came and participated to give kovod to this unique and heilige Mosad. In a endance were the Roshei Yeshiva and local Rabbanim,

Mesivta of Eatontown Inaugural Dinner WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 57 JULY 20, 2012

OUR LIFE AND THE LENGTH OF OUR DAYS An Interview with Rabbi Tzvi Chaim Pincus By C. Baumwolspiner On Tisha BAv, as we re ect upon the suffering of Klal Yisroel in Golus, we should also give consideration to the willful destruction of our Sifrei Torah and other religious artifacts at the hands of our enemies. Rabbi Tzvi Chaim Pincus of Tiferes Stam in Brooklyn has seen tens of Sifrei Torah that fell victim to the Nazi monster and has been able to restore many of them. We asked Rabbi Pincus to ta

Lakewood Home Stories, Laughs, Tips Tricks This Section Is Best Served With Coffee Kaleidoscope Page 61 Roots Page 68 Teicholtz Family Solution Center Page 79 The Other Side of the Desk Page 64 Just Laugh Page 72 Kids Serial Page 74 Kids Place Page 76 Brought to you by LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 59 JULY 20, 2012

SPH1315 MAT 10X12SPH1315 MAT 10X12 7312 1057 AM Page 1 A Better Health Update from Saint Peters University Hospital We deliver more than 6,000 babies a year. When it comes to delivering your baby, choose a hospital you can trust. At Saint Peters, weve been caring for women and babies for generations. Our goal is simple to make sure you have a great birthing experience. Our doctors and nurses guide parentstobe through pregnancy and delivery. Using the latest technology, we help give expectan

THE PENDANT A Story For Our Times A Weekly Womens Column by C. Baumwolspiner Chazal tell us that Yerushalayim was destroyed because of Sinas Chinom and it is Sinas Chinom that keeps us mired in exile until this very day. Sinas Chinom is sometimes translated as baseless hatred hatred for no reason. When there is love and caring among Jews, Hashem acts with us in a way that shows love and care. But when we act with anger and spite, harboring animosity, its as though we re inviting Hashem to do t

continued om page 61 THE PENDANT not there although she loved to travel and certainly could a ord it. Even when Ra ys wife Nechama was tragically ni eres at the age of 57, Dina remained apart a oneline le er of commiseration on her sti white stationery was her only response. Rumor had it that Suzy, Dinas daughter, with several degrees in psychology in hand had droppedout of life and was living on a farm growing organic produce in southern California, but then again, Dinas siblings agreed, it wa

JUST FOR STARTERS, THE AVERAGE LAKEWOOD FAMILY USES IN JUST A WEEK Bar Mitzv Wedding S ah pecial boo OUTDOOR FAMILY S PORTRAIT od in lakewo tains n in the mou k any b wedding p ar mitzvah or ackage get a FREE 16x 20 ca IRES 831 12 nvas pictu re EXP 110 PLASTIC CUPS 70 PLATES 200 NAPKINS 55 BOWLS 7 9x13 PANS 21 KNIVES 52 FORKS 65 SPOONS END OF R SUMME P AY CAM D 2 Weeks Beginning After Rosh Chodesh Elul 820 831 3 4 Yr Old Girls Boys Separate Groups 6th Lexington Call Morah Rivky Kla

Volunteer Want to FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK A weekly womens column by Devora Richmond We need you High School, PostSeminary, Newly Married, or Bubbies to volunteer in homes of families that are in great need of assistance. Teaching Lessons and Lessons for Teachers It was the kind of lazy schmoozing that you only have the luxury of engaging in when youre on vacation. We were a group of ladies from di erent cities, di erent backgrounds, and di erent professions, but we found enough in co

CULINARY DEPOT A fINE sELECTION Of kITChEN PRODUCTs fOR EvERY kITChEN OwNER free Victorinox with 30 purchaSe SwiSS bl ade paring knife Pots Pans knives LadLes PeeLers strainers cutting boards more Food Service equipment SupplieS Kitchen conSulting, deSign Build CULINARY DEPOT now accepting Store hourS Mon.thurs.9am6pm Friday 9am2pm Sunday 11am4pm whILE sUPPLIEs LAsT CANNOT COmbINED wITh ANY OThER sPECIALs 7329422900 1263 RiveR Ave. www.culinarydepotinc.coM Rt. 9N. across the St

Review. Retain. Rejoice. Klal Yisrael is at the cusp of a watershed moment in history. Lomdei Daf HaYomi across the globe are set to complete Shas this summer. Many thousands will be marking the historic moment by not only having learned Gemara each day, but marking the unbelievable milestone of having taken Dirshu bechinas on the entire Shas While now is certainly a time to celebrate these accomplishments more importantly it is the time to prepare for the future. What greater Kvod Shomayim

Dirshu zpy dz dxeza zelinr WORLD SIYUM EXPERIENCE THE DIRSHU WORLD SIYUM Bezras Hashem, the Dirshu World Siyum to take place this coming week, will mark the unrivaled Torah accomplishments of committed Lomdei Torah worldwide, in the unparalleled kedusha of Eretz Yisrael. Dirshu has arranged for the Siyumim to be broadcast live in North America. Now you too can participate in the celebrations and hear the inspiring addresses from our venerable Gedolei Yisrael, from the comfort of your home or o

roots A novel by Naomi Hirsch Bayla tells her husband, Gedalia, about the inscription on the back cover of her fathers old siddur. Her father calls her. Dovid Ganz propped his feet up on the reclining footrest of the living room couch. His daughter, Bayla, was lling him in on the latest antics of his grandchildren. So, Uri has this new obsession with toilets, she said, her baby, Yanky babbling in the background. He decided that a bowl thats always lled with water is a great place to play with h

OCEAN COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT CONTINUES TO OFFER WHOOPING COUGH VACCINE FOR ADULTS THE BEST WAY TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN EN Ocean County Board of Health 175 Sunset Avenue, PO Box 2191 Toms River, NJ 087542191 Phone 7323419700, ext. 7378 whooping cough is for parents to Did you know that the best way for parents to protect their children from e Vaccines are not just for babies and be vaccinated with the Tdap tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccin to protect themselves and those around childr

roots A novel by Naomi Hirsch continued om page 68 Chapter 3 thing else she gave him seemed to produce an allergic reaction. She walked into the kitchen and found her li le redfaced babys cheeks slobbered over with brown goo. His head was slumped forward, and he emi ed intermi ent coldinduced snores. Snuggling her baby into her arms, she swabbed a wet napkin over his cheeks and hands, and then se led him in his crib. All was quiet for the moment. It was the perfect time to call Ta y. She picked

Dear Teichholtz Family, What do you do with five bored kids during a long, hot summer The older ones lack company as their friends are in camp and do not want to hang around with the babies. The younger ones also require entertaining. We may go away for a few days at the end of the summer but there are plenty days to fill Which fun activities can you suggest S o l u t i o n C e n t e r Ive always questioned the need for this long summer vacation. In England they have a shorter summer and refr

Just laugh Horses and Men, and So On In life, theres being unsafe, and then theres just asking for it. Take the famous tale of Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses and all the kings men, Couldnt put Humpty together again. ats the whole tale. Really I didnt leave anything out. But the moral of the story is that you shouldnt sit on a wall. Or an electric fence, for that ma er. Ill tell you what If your feet dont reach the oor, dont sit on

NOW IS THE TIMEr e v Gold Sil ll At A Are s Time High Its a house. Make it a home. for TOP DOLLAR PAID SCHEDULE A FREE NO OBLIGATION APPRAISAL in the privacy of your home Beri Schreiber Dov Jewelry 917.941.8399 718.544.9123 732.552.7518 Avrohom A. Berger Its getting hot out there, but there is no reason for you to get HOT UNDER THE COLLAR No matter how tough the job, you dont need to Shvitz when you rely on GPS for HVAC parts and supply Check Out Our Complete

A SHORT STORY FOR KIDS AHAVAS YISRAEL By S. Broth Dovi opped on his bed and took o his sweaty sneakers. It was two days before Tisha BAv, and Dovi was doing a lot of thinking. Up until this year, hed never really felt the full weight of the ree Weeks or the Nine Days. I mean, sure, hed done the routine every year. When he was a li le kid hes decorated colorful foam slippers and made that project gluing brown bricks to a paper. As he got a li le older, he sang songs about the Bais Hamikdosh an

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THIS WEEKS WINNER Menashe Brandwein, 12 Yeshiva Masoras Avos Chayala Katz, 6 Tiferes Chaya Chayala Teitelbaum, 9 Bais Tova E.B, 10 months Enjoying the Shopper One winner e ach week will win a fREE fROzE N yOguRT at California Sw irls Shmaya Hess, 5 Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom Yisroel Fayazi, 8 Bais Reuven Kamenitz Katz Family Simchy Schlesinger, 9 Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom s, drawings or Clics projects Send in your Mitzvah related photo NJ 08701 or kidsplacelakewoodshopp Send to Kid

T O r A H c r O s s wO r d Parshas Devarim Parshas Devarim Crossword Puzzle 3 2 8 7 10 14 9 13 16 15 The answers toanswers are from the beginning of the parsha thru shlishi The the puzzle are from the beginning thru shlishi 5 4 1 6 12 11 19 21 27 26 28 18 20 17 25 24 23 22 32 31 30 29 33 38 41 37 40 36 39 35 34 43 45 48 49 50 44 47 42 46 Down AccrossO s s A c r 2 4 6 9 11 12 15 16 in the desert eleven and I commanded and I will place them and we came to give to them do no

Tales of Life in Lakewood Once Upon an Endless Friday Afternoon Friday a ernoon, Oh Friday a ernoon, It doesnt seem to ever end, When the kids are home by noon. By the time drop o s are done, Its already time for pickups, quick But once the kids get home, e clock ceases to tick. Life is Now by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin Published by Artscroll, Reprinted with Permission by S. Broth The LifeTransformation Personal Program e lifetransformation personal program that you are about to read is highly e ec

MMER SU UIDE G 2012 a 732.367.6245 Lakewood Home Scetion 79 JULY 20, 2012

SUMMER GUIDE 2012 THAT IN BEIN HAZMANIM IS A MIND, THE SHOPPER TIME FOR FAMILY FUN. PUT TOGETHER A SELECTION OF PRACTICAL DAY TRIPS THAT CAN BE ENJOYED BY THE ENTIRE FAMILY. NORTHERN RECYCLING CENTER IPLAY AMERICA HOWELL LANES Tour hours 1000 AM to 115 PM PriceFree Phone Number7325065047 Address New Hampshire Ave, Lakewood Advanced Booking Yes Details 520 ppl only, book a week in advance Tour of facility lasts 4045 min. Above the oor of operations of processing facility, watch they see t

Brought to you by ROSSIS RENTARAMA CASTLE PARK Price Single bikes 7.00 per hour, 20.00 per day. Family surrey bikes 25.00 per hour Phone Number 7327938573 Address 1607 Bay Boulevard, Ortley Beach Advanced Booking No Details Riding on a fAMilysized surrey bike or riding together on ordinary bikes are great ways to spend fAMily time together. Rossis is located along the beautiful Barnegat Bay, which is ideal for riding bicycles. Enjoy views of the bay along Bay Boulevard. Helmet rentals are als

SUMMER GUIDE 2012 CHUCK E. CHEESE Hours Mon ur 10AM10PM, Fri 10AM11PM, Sat 9AM11PM, Sun 9AM10PM Address 56 Chambers Bridge Road, Brick Advance Booking No Description Chuck E. Cheeses features age appropriate games, rides, prizes, food and entertainment that children of all ages from toddlers to big kids will love. Directions Drive down Cedar Bridge until NJ70 E, where you should make a le . Chuck E. Cheese will be on the le . PLASTER MASTER THE LIVING TORAH MUSEUM Hours Call to book tour Pho

T RENBrought to you by HISTORIC LONGSTREET FARM OSSIS A R ARAM U BUS S RREYS SU RREYS Description Take in the sights, smells, and sounds of rural life in the 1890s at a living history farm. Watch the sta , dressed in 19th century clothing, plow, plant, harvest, cook, clean, and demonstrate how life was lived back then. Tour the carefully restored farmhouse, an excellent example of rural prosperity in the late Victorian period. BIKE BLADE BALL Hours Weekdays 9 am5 pm, Weekends 12 noon to 330

Bain Hazmanim Special Buy 4 soft serve hard ice creams Well treat you to a Water Ice More FUNNEL CAKE is back Your Family Water IceIce Cream Store Personalized fresh ICE CREAM CAKES Milchig or pareve Made on premises GET 1 FREE Of equal or lesser value. Expires 82512. Limit one per family. With coupon ONLY. Buy 3 water ice of any size Buy 3 ice creams of any size GET 1 FREE FREE custom blend Choice of 25 flavors Of equal or lesser value. Expires 82512.Limit one per family. With

COME RIDE WITH US E The Briefing on Biking Peek into any development in Lakewood these days and youll be greeted by a familiar sight bikes, bikes and more bikes. With bikes on everyones brains in the summer months, the Shopper, in conjunction with Bike Blade and Ball, presents a twopart series on everything you need to know about biking. Bike Blade and Ball is Lakewoods number one source for all biking and sporting good needs, carrying a full line of bikes, running shoes and apparel, inline ska

Halachic Discussion Dangerous Activities and Occupations In this weeks column we will be discussing some issues which its practical application is far beyond the scope of this column. erefore it is imperative to note that it is not our intention to o er nal halachik opinions rather we will just be introducing some concepts for the bene t of the readers. ese issues are extremely complex and intricate thus for practical application one would need to speak to a truly competent halachik authority. D

The name you trust with prices you love Beds Hirisers Day Beds Mattresses Delivery available to Tristate area and beyond EXPRESSIVE DESIGN 732.276.0909 732.886.3208 866.32.MATTS Lowest prices guaranteed honest advice, largest selection a 732.367.6245 Lakewood Home Scetion 87 JULY 20, 2012

Isaiahs nurses are my heroes. Joy M., Clients mother With BAYADA Pediatrics... BAYADA client Isaiah M. With a team of pediatric professionals who are committed to keeping special children safe at home, BAYADA provides Specializedcareathomeandatschool Thoroughlyscreenedcareprofessionals Clinicalsupport24hours,7days BAYADAspecialtypracticesinclude HomeHealthCare,Pediatrics, Hospice, and Habilitation. Call 7322400244 l Compassion. Excellence. Reliability. o k f ear c y Ba



Yeshiva Nefesh Hachaim Annual Reception By G Heller e Annual Reception to bene t Yeshiva Nefesh Hachaim of Lakewood was held on Tuesday, July 24, in Park Terrace Hall. A packed crowd of parents and friends of the yeshiva jammed the hall. e a endees were privileged to hear divrei chizuk on inyanei dyoma from Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel shlita, Rosh Yeshivas South Fallsburg. Rav Elya Ber shares a close relationship with the yeshiva, as the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Shmuel Fishel Hirth is a talmid. Rav Hirth

The Real Deal More Guns Less Murder..its That Simple is week America stood witness to one of its most horri c mass shootings. A gunman wearing a gas mask and sheathed headtotoe in body armor opened re in a packed theater, killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. Police in this suburb just east of Denver quickly arrested the alleged shooter, James E. Holmes, a 24yearold graduate student in neuroscience at the University of Colorado Denver with no known criminal history other than a speeding viol

T O r A H SOLUTIONS c r O s s wO r d Puzzle on pg 77 Parshas Devarim Crossword Puzzle Answer Sheet Parshas Devarim x a c n a e e y a p e l a ate ary Corpor Not ls Stamps Sea r p e x y r c g a m d l z z l a m i r c i e w i e i p k y z q d r n d e v e l z z l l x i z l n e y x e p e p s q i m y m i n k g r i e g z e p t k i k m n i y e e y m d i x g c i a k m k m d f d x d a e x x d l r p m y i i m z x a c z e y r l v e z k d a m g c j k h m k l a x z b e x a e g We

fulfilling your ch ilds great expectation s Rebbe program with rning geshmake lea rcement t Kriah reinfo grea Last Chance r cilities f conditioned fa air to Register so ming inground swim the 9 Day t major banque BOYS FINISHING woodworking PRIMARY 1st GRADE exciting trips junior sports Going a way for Save m on REGISTE ey, R BY THE WE EK 908.548.3055 July 23 Aug 17 945 300 over 20 years of camping in the heart of lakewood Mrs. C. Hauer Director JULY 20, 2012 No

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Auto Answers Avoiding Arguments After A Car Purchase For most people the purchase of a vehicle is either the largest, or the second largest expense in their life a er buying a house. Considering the fact that a car consists of thousands of parts, and you only have a few hours to check them all out, there will usually be things that are overlooked and bring you some disappointment. ere might also be disagreements with the person who sold the car to you. We would like to provide some tips to help

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Business These ar t icles ar e f or lear ning pur poses on l y an d canno t be used f or f in al halachic decision Under t he auspices of Har av Chaim Kohn , shlit a weekly a project of the Business Halacha Institute Story Line Just One Tile by Rabbi Meir Orlian e Alperts hired Mr. Fixler, a general handyman, to do some work around their house. While working on one of the xtures, Mr. Fixler accidentally knocked his drill o the ladder. It landed with a thud on the oor of the entranceway, crac

a project of Tel 732.901.0482 Fax 732.415.0915 Email Do you work in a hospital or another healthcare facility Did you know that in your capacity YOU can help people of your community in a very real way, WITHOUT giving up any of your personal time or money Very often, the key to obtaining the most culturally appropriate care is in being able to contact someone in the medical field who is familiar with both a care facilitys policies AND the patients cultural sensitivities

The BROMBERG REPORT News, Politics and Events Happening in the NJ State House and Beyond Governor Christie Lt. Governor Guadagno From the Desk of The Shopper News Editor, Yehuda Bromberg FBI AGENTS STORM TRENTON IN SEARCH OF EVIDENCE LINKING MAYOR MACKS ADMINISTRATION TO MONEY LAUNDERING AND OTHER CRIMES. Trenton Mayor Under Heavy FBI Investigation e FBI investigation into the alleged crimes of Mayor Tony Macks administration continue at full force. is week hundreds of FBI agents ooded the Tre

Bipartisan Law Signed By Christie to Strengthen Growing Alternative Energy Sources Governor Chris Christie today signed into law bipartisan legislation to strengthen and encourage the continued growth of New Jerseys solar industry, while protecting ratepayers from increased costs. e bill, S1925, couples an acceleration of the renewable portfolio standard RPS for solar energy with a reduction of the solar alternate compliance payments, meeting an important goal of the Governors 2011 Energy Master

The BROMBERG REPORT News, Politics and Events Happening in the NJ State House and Beyond Governor Christie Lt. Governor Guadagno From the Desk of The Shopper News Editor, Yehuda Bromberg Show A Little Jersey Attitude Governor Chris Christie Governor Chris Christie had a short and powerful message for New Jersey people this past week that can be summed too, e New Jersey comeback has begun, it is not yet nished. Recently I saw we ranked fourth in the country for job creations, Christie comment

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Iranian Hit Squad Targets Israelis Abroad Six people were killed in a bomb a ack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists at a Bulgarian airport on Wednesday and Israel accused Tehran of carrying out the a ack, promising a strong response to Iranian terror. Body parts were strewn across the ground and mangled metal hung from the buss tornback roof. Its windows were blown out and surrounded by scorch marks, as clouds of dense black smoke billowed above the airport. We heard a very strong blast. e bus w

Bike for Chai 2012 Exceeds Expectations in All Ways In 2009, Dovid Eggert had li le idea of what he was starting when he opted to obtain sponsorships and ride up to Camp Simcha. As someone with a erce devotion to Chai Lifeline and considering both his a nity for biking and his position working at the camp, he gured that a sponsored bike ride in which donors would paypermile would be a nice way for him to fully use his abilities for the organizations bene t. His pioneer voyage biking up to the ca

This is your Pilot speaking, sit back and enjoy the ride home. In the Honda Pilot, every seat is in first class. Wishing the Bike 4 Chai riders Hatzlocha a safe trip Call 1 8777301433 ask for Shmiel 200 Route 36 Eatontown, NJ Just Minutes from GSP Route 18 SHOWROOM MonFri 9am9pm PARTS SERVICE MonFri 69 WE KNOW HOW YOUR MISHPACHA THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 115 WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 ROLLS. JULY 20, 2012 LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS 732.367.6245

COME RIDE WITH US E Road Exceeds Expectations in All Ways Mountain marked professionally to make sure that no one makes a wrong turn along the way. DEPARTURE BERKLEY HOTEL Prior to the ride, Chai Lifeline puts the riders up together in the Berkley Hotel to rest and prepare. Avraham Banda, CEO of Pomegranate Brooklyn who has opted in as a biker has will graciously sponsor the premarathon pasta party at the hotel. Once riders hit the road organizers are hit with an avalanche of logistical chall

Thoughts From The Road with the Skaist family hours on the road of bike time. We made it in toward the late a ernoon. A lot of the ride was in the rain but we made it. On Sunday morning, we road to the top of Bear Mountain and back. Another thing I did to prepare was losing about 35 pounds. When you are climbing a hill, the extra weight really drags on you. I went to a dietitian who helped me plan what to eat. is was of course a personal bene t as well, which I am grateful for. What keeps you fo

First Year 2009 Dovid Egert rides to Camp Simcha Second Year 2010 JULY 20, 2012 118 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM

Third Year 2011 100 bikers to Camp Simcha WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 119 JULY 20, 2012

Join the Shopper teAm Am Newsroom Team Proficiency in Writing a must Excellent Communication Skills needed Must be available to work flexible hours AdvAnce your cAreer, phoTographer Must be available on flexible schedule Must be familiar with Lakewood graphics Team Proficiency with InDesign and all other major graphic design software required Must be available 95 sales Team Excellent negotiating skills needed Self starter and motivated Creative thinker email your resume today to jo

A Heartfelt Mazel Tov Tiferes Devorah LKallahs Role By M. Wyse One of the e Almightys aims behind endowing man with an imagination may have been to allow man to envision anothers plight to picture a scenario that, although not in the personal realm of an individuals experience, provides an understanding of how to empathize with someone else. Utilize the incredible capacity and power of that imagination, says Tiferes Devorah LKallah SEE , as well as FEEL , the real anxiety, awful tension, and su

Yeshiva Meor Hatorah Hanochas Even Hapina JULY 20, 2012 122 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM

Ocean County Police Academy Graduation WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 123 JULY 20, 2012

Yeshiva Bais Hatorah Dinner JULY 20, 2012 124 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM

Breakfast Parlor Meeting for BMG at Willow Woods, South Fallsburg WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 125 JULY 20, 2012

Hespedim for Maran Harav Elyashiv ZTL Top Kollel Chazon Ish Bnai Brak Bottom BMG Lakewood JULY 20, 2012 126 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 7323676245 ADSLAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM

Levaya of Maran Harav Elyashiv ZTL WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPER.COM 7323676245 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 127 JULY 20, 2012

e Chaim Leib and Masha Penzer Matching Simcha Fund e Legacy of an Extraordinary Couple hakodesh in the form of e Chaim Leib and Masha Penzer Matching Simcha Fund that has been established in their loving memories. Designed to encourage donors to give generously by matching a contribution to Tiferes Devorah LKallah, the fund actually doubles the assistance the organization can provide, thereby giving additional cause for individuals to donate at the occasion of their own simcha or other juncture

LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS Summer Printing Schedule SUNDAY July 22 MONDAY July 23 TUESDAY July 24 Deadline for Issue 20 WEDNESDAY July 25 THURSDAY July 26 FRIDAY July 27 ISSUE 20 SHABBOS July 28 July 29 TISHA BAV July 30 July 31 Aug 1 Aug 2 Aug 3 NO ISSUE Aug 4 Aug 5 Aug 6 Aug 7 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 10 NO ISSUE Aug 11 Aug 12 Aug 13 Aug 14 Deadline for Issue 21 Aug 15 Aug 16 Aug 17 ISSUE 21 Aug 18 CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL ADS 7323676245 WWW.LAKEWOODSHOPPE

LocaL News Photos Lakewood Events Zemanim cga, ct SUNDAY iuaj zy 13 Zichron Churban Europe NineDays Memorial of the Holocaust JULY aUGUst 2012 MONDAY iuaj zh 14 iuaj jh 15 ct u 25 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY ct z 26 757 veksv SHABBOS ct j 27 ohrcs ct y 28 235 River Ave. Rt. 9 S. Lakewood 850 tdn aezux 550 .b 1038 vkhp, inz 926 trd aezux 930 ,tm 817 vghea 140 vkusd vjbn 850 tdn aezux 550 .b 1038 vkhp, inz 926 trd aezux 929 ,tm 816 vghea 140 vkusd vjbn 834 tdn aezux 640 .b 1

Professional Courteous Tailor on Premises Best prices in town SunTues 1100 am700 pm WedThurs 1100 am900 pm Fri 1100 amcall Motzei Shabbos Closed County Line Squankum Wawa Shopping Center 605 E. County Line Rd. 732.961.2262 Yeshiva Bochurs Shopping List 5 pairs Washable everyday yeshiva pants 5 Easy Care Shirts 5 paris of socks 1 Davening JacketBlazer New Everyday Hat 1 pair shoes 2nd if your Shabbos shoes are ruined Accessories Belt Ties New suit if necessary yomim noraim comi

THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER 72B Park Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701 t. 732.367.6245 f. 732.901.0463 e. PRSRT STD US Postage PAID Lakewood, NJ Permit No. 58 bunk mericana The A when ice, and bed is n eep on big Ill sl Im bunk the top ou buy and if y Yeah you eca bed, and the Trib or toys ves f get shel oys rs and t diape get you can c also edi orfrop ee orf es fr attress m One Week Only 732.367.6245 with purchase of Tribeca bunk bed expires 862012 must present coupon Under B

CLICK ON LINKS BELOW SEPTEMBER 2011 Volume 7 BACK ISSUES JANUARY 2012 Volume 7 MAY 2012 Volume 8 Issue 28 September 3 Volume 7 Issue 44 January 7 Volume 7 Issue 8 May 5 Volume 8 Issue 29 September 10 Volume 7 Issue 45 January 14 Volume 7 Issue 9 May 12 Volume 8 Issue 30 September 17 Volume 7 Issue 46 January 21 Volume 7 Issue 10 May 19 Volume 8 Issue 31 September 24 Issue 47 January 28 Issue 11 May 26 OCTOBER 2011 Volume 7 FEBRUARY 2012 Volume 7 JUNE 2012 Volume 8 Issue 32 Octo

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