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24TH ANNUAL STATE OF THE TOWNSHIP ADDRESS BY EDISON MAYOR THOMAS LANKEY B efore I welcome everyone I would like to take a and Zoning Boards here tonight. moment for us all to remember Janet Baio and


SPH1606 Passover Ad MECHSPH1606 Passover Ad MECH 31115 301 PM Page 1 Happy Passover 254 EASTON AVENUE, NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 08901 I 732.745.8600 I

community news In Around The Mayor of Highland Park, Gayle Brill Mittler, the Mayor of Edison, Thomas Lankey, reading to our students on Read Across America Day The birthday of Dr. Seuss RPRY 8th

local news ChoMeTZ DisPosAL in hiGhLAnD PArK For any residents that wish to drop off garbage and recycling materials. Chometz disposal will be offered on Thursday, April 2 during the hours of 630 a ATT VENDORS CORPORATE SPONSORS BOOTHS SELLING FAST RESERVE YOURS NOW EXPO Experience Experience THE CULINARY 5.3.15 SUN N OW I N O U R 2 3 R D Y E A R For boo

community news Thousands From Around The World Attend JeWish PArnAssA exPo in edison By Shimmy Blum heres business networking and then theres...the networking that you can avail of at the 2015 Parnas

local news Our Most Vulnerable T he Edison Police Department is launching a new safety program to better protect township adults and children with special needs who are most atrisk in emergency situa

732 451.4400 PLATINUM AUTO LEASE 169 tax 2015 Toyota Camry LE 179 tax 309 tax 2015 Honda Accord LX AUTO LEASING, SALES AND FINANCING. ANY MAKE. ANY MODEL. 285 tax 2015 Honda Odyssey EXL

local news 24TH ANNUAL STATE OF THE TOWNSHIP ADDRESS BY EDISON MAYOR THOMAS LANKEY B efore I welcome everyone I would like to take a and Zoning Boards here tonight. moment for us all to remember Ja

local news the process much more e cient. the popular 4th of July Fireworks Festival after many We will be updating and enforcing our property mainWith the help of funds years to Lake Pappaiani, again

local news Join Team CNJKIDS For A Run In The Park oin TEAM CNJKIDS and run in the HIGHLAND PARK 5k on Sunday, 5315. To sign up, go to register and register for the race. If you

presss release A safety message from Chevra Hatzolah of Edison Township Clean Safely Chemical Safety for the skin, eyes and lungs Burns P esach preparations involve lots of boiling water. Keep ch

political news Rubio Obama Administrations Treatment Of Israel Is A Historic Tragic Mistake A Transcript of U.S. Senator Marco Rubios speech about Israel on the Senate Floor, delivered on March 19,

political news quick to make that call. It hasnt happened. Maybe it has already but it certainly didnt happen fast enough. But where does this come from Is this new Is this something that happened re

political news Rubio Obama Administrations Treatment Of Israel Is A Historic Tragic Mistake press release declaring that the Departments number two official would be visiting Israel, Jerusalem and

political news his colony and sent the Jews. Balfour is Hitler with colonies, while Hitler is Balfour without colonies. They both wanted to get rid of the Jews. Zionism was crucial to the defense of

community news FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE LEAVES FAMILY DESTROYED, KLLAL YISROEL REELING hen any loved one passes away, the grief is intense when a parent loses a child, the grief is magnified, unfathomable.

community news What is the karban olah for Rosh Chodesh he asked Parim Bnei Bakar shnayim thats me and my wife. Ayil Echad is Tziporah who was saved. Shiva Kvasim Temimim here you have before you s

community news surrender we cant get anywhere. With the seven small coffins next to him, he spoke about the korban he had sacrificed to Hashem. They were so pure, he said of his children. My wife, sh

community news How Children React and How We Can Respond According to Developmental Stages Tips for dealing with children of ALL ages Children react to your reactions, not just to your words How you

community news Your tone of voice and body language have a large impact on how children perceive the situation. Speak in a tone that is calming. Parents can hold children close, or on their lap or wi

community news The Following Is Excerpted From A Speech Delivered By Rav Yisroel Reisman Shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Torah Vodas, In The Wake Of The Tragedy In Flatbush y father zl had a yahrzeit on the da

community news Mitzrayim. They all died. And a din klali overrides. It was a message to the Egyptians. And when things happen here, its a message to the community. We dont know. We dont understand. M

Kiruv Chronicles P eople are often excited by The next big idea. We hope to solve enormous problems by having some brilliant flash of insight or gathering under the banner of a great leader who will l

VACUUMING YOUR WAY PESACH CLEAN HOME by C. Baumwolspiner to a A s Pesach draws near, many of us are looking at our vacuum cleaners and wondering Will it do the job Buying and maintaining a vacuum

I need a new vacuum cleaner. Why should I spend a mint when I can buy one for 100 in a department store Unfortunately, buying a vacuum cleaner isnt like going into a pharmacy and purchasing a generic

VACUUMING YOUR WAY PESACH CLEAN HOME If the suction is good its a good vacuum cleaner. Right Wrong Some rather inferior vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and no one will deny this. But in addition

MEET MR. HOOVER Growingup in England we vacuumed our carpets with a hoover, although I dont remember if it was a Hoover brand. Although Americans talk of vacuum cleaners rather than hoovers and refri

ith Purim but a memory, Pesach is coming up, and with it, chol hamoed trips. Some of you may be planning a trip to the aquarium. If that would be you, you may want to skip this story. Seriously, move

because it happens so often. His insurer wont settle a claim until police catch the vandal or vandals, so Clemens is waiting the investigation, but their involvement doesnt seem to be a deterrent. On

Chometz Cleaning Tips A Just L s a writer, I consider so much so that we buy a different cleanser evmyself something of ery single time. an expert on cleaning. Every 4. A big problem with cleaning

Laugh it in the washing machine. 10. Baking soda is also great for absorbing odors. Baking soda is a mysterious substance. Is it a food Is it a cleaning product Is it laundry detergent And whats the d

INNER BLACK BEL T Sunny Ariella Levi is a fifthdegree black belt Tae Kwon Do master living in Chi cago with her husband and fourgoingonfive children. She shares the incredfor the more spiritual. Sp

How has Tae Kwon Do enriched your life side from being the perfect outlet for me for all sorts of emotions that I was dealing with while growing up under my brother Josh, it also gave me a sense of fu

INNER BLACK BEL T Speak Wome n think push came to shove when my father was really sick with cancer. On the one hand, I had my coach pushing me very hard every day and at the same time, I knew that m

spirit. My students earn a stripe on their belt for each of these behaviors. It gives them something to work toward, an incentive of lo lshmah that leads to true internalization and commitment to thes

Where in the world is Nigeria Puzzles and Games as we explore Join the tour of YOU ARE HERE Nigeria. Picture Clues Use the pictures to fill in the clues. The shaded column will spell the name of

Recipes Chol Hamoed 3 By Sarah Lasry 1 4 5 2 6 7 p 732.481.2533 e adsMiddlesexCounTyJewishTiMes.CoM 8 The Middlesex CounTy Jewish TiMes april 2015 45

Pesach has finally arrived and most of our cooking is happily done....for now at least. But in my house, there is always a few more quick things that I like to make to take me through Chol Hamoed and

Zucchini Pizza Boats 4 extra large zucchini , halved 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 red pepper, julienned 1 yellow pepper, julienned 1 small onion, diced 1 cup mushrooms, sliced Kosher salt black pepper 1 tsp.

HalacHic Discussion by Rabbi Moshe Rotberg Halachos Pesach Hafrashas Challah A s Pesach approaches many of us will be heading to the matzo bakery to bake matzos or to be i

HalacHic Discussion by Rabbi Moshe Rotberg Halachos Pesach Hafrashas Challah he places the two containers close to each other that they are touching, or he spreads a cover

Business weeKly resTorinG The PriMACY oF Choshen MishPAT These articles are for learning purposes only and cannot be used for final halachic decision.Please contact our confidential hotline with your

A tone of restrained joy in her voice, a woman recently called us to give a donation and ask Kollel Chatzos to daven for her sisters daughtera 32yearold who still had not found her bashert. The aunt a

kids story PJ Pepperjay and the Chumash Bee BY Y e h U D i s B AC K e n r oT h chapter 1 H ey, Shua, I whisper to my friend during Chumash class. Can I borrow your ruler on their usual spot slid

desk. The ruler lands right on the bees head, killing it. Black and yellow mush coats Shuas ruler. EWwwww cries Shua. Oops. Everybody cheers. Mendy slowly returns from the corner. Rabbi Refberger is n

chapter 2 W hen I get home from school, Im still thinking about the Chumush Bee. I throw my briefcase on the hallway floor and go find my mother. Hi, Ma I call. One second, PJ This is an easy one.

To Eretz Yisroel, I finish his sentence. I know But Im not going to win Whaaaat Mendy says.Face it, Mendy, Im not smart enough Dont say that PJ, cmon Here answer question number one, Who were the Imah

A Night to Remember A Historical Fiction story by TG Broide Authors Note This story is a work of historical ction. Sir Moses Monte ore and his wife Lady Judith are real historical gures who lived in

in the drawing room, and the corresponding bell would ring in the kitchens, and Abigail, the ladys personal maid, would bear the dinner up the stairs on a covered silver tray. It was the only proper w

Please, milady, Maggie cried, throwing herself down at the Ladys silken hemline, addressing her knees tearfully. Ill do beer nex time, I surely will. Don send me back ter th orphanage, please yer lady

p 732.481.2533 e adsMiddlesexCounTyJewishTiMes.CoM The Middlesex CounTy Jewish TiMes april 2015 59

Kidz Village Roosevelt Park Address Route 1, Edison Township Phone Weather hotline for rinks 7327453900 httpco.middlesex.nj.usparksrecreationroosevelt.asp Hours Dawn to Dusk Admission Free Details 21 Hours 830 a.m. till dusk, yearround. Admission Free for selfguided tours may need to preregister. Guided tours are10 for adults, 8 for seniors and 5 for children Det

NJ Legislative State House Address 125 w State St Trenton, NJ 08625 Morven Museum Garden Address 55 Stockton Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 Phone 609 9248144 Hours Wednesday, Thu

Phone 609 3961776 during normal business hours or609 7773599 on weekends Hours Monday to Friday, 10a.m. to 5 p.m. Guided tours on the hour, last tour starts at 4pm Admission 8 Adu

T enement Museum MANHATTAN NY Address 103 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 Phone 2129828420 Hours Visitor Center Museum Shop, Friday Wednesday 1000 am 630 pm Thursday 10 am 830

Central Park Address 14 E 60th St NYC, NY 10022 Phone 212 3106600 Zoo 2124396500 Hours 600 am until 100 am Zoo MonFriday 10AM5PM Sunday 10Am530PM Admission Free Zoo adults 12, c

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Address 150 Eastern Parkway990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 New York T ransit Museum Address Boerum Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phone 718 6941600 www.mta.i

Hours MonFri 10 to 430 last ticket sold 30 minutes before closing Admission Adults 8, Children 312 5, Seniors 6 ani Details This zoo is famous everywhere for the animals you cant see anywhere else, th

pesacH feature Baking Matzos AN INTERVIEW WITH THE THE PROCESS OF LAKEWOOD MATZO BAKERY by M. Redmont Yes most of realize that the Matzo bakeries dont begin their work a month before Pesach but wh

pesacH feature water and the dough will be hard to work with. Too much water and the matzo will be too wet. The Mashgichim therefore constantly monitor the water levels. Everything in the bakery is

A P e s AC h M e s s AG e F r o M r A B B i YA A Ko V LU B A n Rabbi, Congregation O hr Torah, Edison, NJ How the or weeks before Pesach, we engage in a super effort to purge our homes of every trac

p 732.481.2533 e adsMiddlesexCounTyJewishTiMes.CoM The Middlesex CounTy Jewish TiMes april 2015 71

pesacH feature Winemaking for the Ages A Virtual tour through the winemaking process at KEDEM WINERY, Bayonne Nj by M. Redmont T he lines were snaking around the store. Many customers were carefull

pesacH feature winemaking particularly the Muscat and the Chardonnay actually make for very good table grapes as well. In August they begin harvesting the grapes. Some are picked by hand while others

community news URIM P emories m 8th Annual Purim Costume Gemach at Ohav Emeth Torah Links of Middlesex County Over 500 costumes from infant to adult sizes Agudath Israel of Highland Park Twins fro

April 6th and 8th p 732.481.2533 e adsMiddlesexCounTyJewishTiMes.CoM The Middlesex CounTy Jewish TiMes april 2015 75

community news TWO BROTHERS, ONE KIDNEY M ore than 200 community members gathered in Edisons Congregation Ohr Torah last month in support of Renewal, a lifesaving organization that facilitates kidn

community news There is something which I must confessmany of you have been misled tonight I actually did not donate my kidney to a total stranger in fact Ephraim is a close relative of mine. Achainu

community news Several years ago, after living in the United States for close to two decades, Ephraim reached out to Renewal and was placed on their growing list of transplant hopefuls. Meanwhile, on

p 732.481.2533 e adsMiddlesexCounTyJewishTiMes.CoM The Middlesex CounTy Jewish TiMes april 2015 79

E R I T A G E ltr m

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