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Your education Choose from over 85 affordable, accredited degree and certificate programs and find the courses you need to accomplish your academic goals. Classes are designed with YOU in mind. Attend during the day, evenings, on weekends or online. JANUARY 2008 2011 2012 GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENT HANDBOOK Your career The Corporate and Continuing Education division offers stateoftheart credit and noncredit programs in the latest technology and best practices. Learn from the experts

WELCOME TO GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE This handbook is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the College. It will also provide you with information about the services available to you and the standards to which you are held as a Gateway Community College student. You will also find information about Gateways organization and procedures. Your success is important to us and the faculty, staff and students are here to help. If, after reading through this handbook, you

Long Wharf Campus 60 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511 North Haven Campus 88 Bassett Road, North Haven, CT 06473 A State of Connecticut TwoYear Institution of Higher Education Gateway Community College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Incorporated. Curricula are licensed and accredited by the Board of Governors for Higher Education in Connecticut. 20112012 Edition The college reserves the right to modify any statement contained herein. Students are respo

AcAdemic cAlendAr 2011 2012 FAll 2011 August 25 August 26 August 29 September 5 September 6 October 10 October 21 November 4 November 11 November 23 November 24 November 26 December 12 December 13 19 December 22 December 28 Professional Day and Last Day of Extended Registration before Classes Begin College Day First Day of Regular Semester Labor Day Recess COLLEGE CLOSED Last Day to Add Classes Until 400 pm Columbus Day COLLEGE CLOSED MidTerm Deficiency Reports Due from Faculty Last Day to Mak

A Message From the President I am pleased to welcome you to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a highquality education, stateoftheart equipment and laboratories, and a caring faculty and staff who provide the educational support you will need to achieve your learning goals and maximize your human potential. I encourage you to become familiar with the contents of this document. It will be your guidebook during your time at the College. My vision for Gateway Comm

Letter from the Dean of Students Dear Student The faculty and staff of Gateway Community College congratulate and welcome you as a student. You have made a wise choice in coming to this highly respected and fine institution of higher learning to further your education. We believe you will find that Gateway offers everything you need to advance your academic pursuits. You are about to begin a new phase in your lives, and while you have had many different kinds of experiences, I hope that you will

GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENT HANDBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX ................................................................................................................... 1 7 9 SECTION I SECTION II SECTION III SECTION IV SECTION V SECTION VI SECTION VII SECTION VIII SECTION IX SECTION X COLLEGE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY .................. 10 12 ACADEMIC INFORMATION .................................... 13 27 STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES ............................. 28 38 REGISTRAR RECORDS

Academic Advising Academic Calendar 20092010 Academic Information Incomplete Grades N Grade PassFail Academic Honors AddDrop Procedure Admission Charges, Student Activities and Special Events Advisors for Clubs and Organizations Affirmative Action AIDS and other communicable diseases Athletics Attendance Auditing a Course Blackboard Vista for Students Bookstore Campus Security Cancellation of Classes Career Services Center for Educational Services Challenges to Content of Records Change of Addre

Computer Log In Procedure Computing Resources Proper Use of Computers Resources Counseling Course Auditing Course Load Course Substitution Crime Report, Uniform Campus Dean of Students Letter Drug Free Work Place Drugs and Alcohol Policy Educational Technologies, Office of Escort Service Evening Administrator Faculty Absences FERPA Family Education Rights Privacy Act Financial Aid Food Service Grades Appeal of grade Graduation ID Cards Immunization Independent Study Individualized Instruction

Racism Intolerance Readmission RegistrarRecords Reviewing and Expunging Records Satisfactory Academic Progress Sexual Harassment Smoking Statement of NonDiscrimination Statement of Student Rights Student Activities and Special Events Policies Student Conduct Policy Student Disability Services Student Government Association Student Rights Policy Review of Academic Standing Appeal of grade Student Success Tips Student Support Services Directory Suspension Table of Contents Telephone Directory Tra

SECTION I COLLEGE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Toll Free College Number 18003907723 General Information 2852000 Long Wharf Campus 2852017 North Haven Campus 2852406 College Web Address Administration and College Services Academic Advising 2852124 Admissions Applications 2852010 Affirmative Action OfficerInstitutional Research 2852415 Athletics Office 2852213 Alumni Association 2852186 Blackboard Vista Distance Learning 2852295 Bookstore Long Wharf 8655614 Bookstore North Haven 239

Dean of Administration Dean of Academic Affairs Dean of Corporate and Continuing Education Dean of Research and Development Dean of Students Educational Technology Long Wharf Educational Technology North Haven Evening Administrator Long Wharf Evening Administrator North Haven Faculty Out Hotline Financial Aid Fitness Center North Haven Gateway Community College Foundation, Inc. Human Resources Ideal Program University of Bridgeport Immunization Institutional Research Instructional Design In

Student Government Long Wharf Student Judicial Affairs Student ServicesNorth Haven Student ServicesLong Wharf Transcripts Long Wharf Transcripts North Haven Tutoring Long Wharf Tutoring North Haven Veterans Affairs Video Conference Center Voice Mail System Long Wharf Voice Mail System North Haven Weather Hotline Womens Center 2852242 2852033 2852318 2852110 2852020 2852303 2852217 2852348 2852144 2852349 2852200 2852200 2852049 2852151 12


ACADEMIC INFORMATION ACADEMIC HONORS Gateway Community College recognizes academic excellence in several ways Deans List Students, both fulltime and parttime, who earn a semester grade point average of 3.4 or higher are eligible for semester honors. Parttime students must pursue three credits or more to be eligible for semester honors. A course Withdrawal or Incomplete makes a student ineligible for Deans List recognition during the semester in which the withdrawal or incomplete took place. Grad

ADD DROP PROCEDURE AddDrop forms are available in the Records Office and in the Counseling Center. To add or drop a class you must complete and sign the appropriate form during the AddDrop period, which is published in the current semester schedule. Please note the following procedures Submit the AddDrop Form to the Records Office during the specified hours, which are posted. If there is a seat in the class that you wish to add, you will be entered into the class. The signature of an academi

In accordance with Board of Trustees policy, GCC will award credit to students who have successfully completed noncollegiate sponsored instruction and various health training programs including the Basic Police Training Program conducted by the Municipal Police Training Council the Preservice Orientation Program conducted by the Connecticut Department of Corrections and the American Institute of Banking Program of the American Banking Association. For more information concerning previously evalu

ATTENDANCE By enrolling in classes at Gateway Community College, you accept responsibility to take full advantage of your educational opportunity via regular attendance in your scheduled classes and laboratories. The college, therefore, does not administer a uniform system of monitoring attendance. For purposes of record keeping, all instructors keep their own attendance records. At the beginning of each semester, each instructor will delineate clearly the expectations necessary for the successf

CHANGE OF ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, OR NAME If you change your address, your email or your name, please notify the Records Office immediately. It is of the utmost importance that the college have the most uptodate contact information on record. Failure to keep your information current is likely to result in delays in receiving grades and other official correspondence from the college. CHANGING YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE You are urged to seek advice from an academic advisor if you have any questions about

FACULTY ABSENCES InstructorOut Hotline 866 3152769 To check if your instructor is going to be absent, you may call the hotline prior to class. If a faculty member is going to be late or cannot meet due to an emergency, he or she should make every effort to inform you. Many faculty members will notify you during the first class sessions about how such situations will be handled. In the event that a faculty member is more than 20 minutes late arriving for class, you may Go to the Dean of Academic

GRADING SYSTEM Credits A credit is a unit of academic achievement awarded upon the successful completion of each course. Semester Hours A semester hour is a measure of time usually corresponding to the minutes of lecture once per week for an entire semester. Grades Grades are an indication of the standard of academic work performed andor the status of the student in relation to a course andor the College. The academic grading system includes basic grades of student performance A, A, B, B, B, C,

The faculty member shall keep the original signed form and forward copies to the student, the academic dean, the registrar, and such other appropriate parties as the college may identify. The form, shown in the attachment, shall be standard for all colleges. All Incompletes must convert to a letter grade. If a student submits the required work on time, the faculty member shall calculate a grade to replace the Incomplete and submit it to the registrar by the end of the semester. If a student fail

P PassFail With the permission of the instructor, students may take an elective course on a PassFail basis. Any student who has satisfactorily completed at least 12 hours of credit may take advantage of the PassFail option. You must notify the Records Office in writing if you intend to take the PassFail option no later than one week following the add period. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a grade of P or F. No other grade will be reported. The Pass grade entitles students to an

N No Grade The N grade is used only when a student has failed to complete course objectives such that it is impossible to evaluate the student on the basis of performance. The N grade is not used in place of an earned failing grade. MakeUp Work By enrolling in a course, students accept the responsibility of completing quizzes and exams as scheduled on faculty syllabi. Course syllabi may also include rules governing makeup work for those students who experience extreme circumstances such as illn

B. For CERTIFICATE STUDENTS the catalog in force at the time of enrollment shall be used, unless the Registrar determines that either the catalog of readmission or the catalog of graduation should be used. IV. To graduate, a student must 1 have a cumulative quality point average of at least 2.0 2 have the minimum semester hours of credit 3 successfully completed the required and elective courses as designated by the curricula, and 4 fulfilled all financial obligations to the College. Awarding o

INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION LONG WHARF CAMPUS ONLY Individualized Instruction is an arrangement between a student and an instructor concerning a catalog course that might not be offered in a given semester. An Individualized Instruction Permission form must be completed and signed by the student, the instructor, and the Dean of Academic Affairs. This form, available in the Records Office, may be submitted during the registration period, but no later than the end of the add period. READMISSION For

Students placed on academic probation will be required to take a reduced course load for one semester. Students who, after being placed on academic probation for one semester and after taking a reduced course load, fail to attain the required Cumulative GPA as shown above will be notified in writing that they are suspended for one semester. After the suspension period, students may be reinstated, either as regular or probationary students, upon application to the college. Gateway Community Co

WITHDRAWAL FROM COLLEGE A student who wishes to withdraw from the College may do so at any time during the semester by contacting the Records Office or the Counseling Office and completing the college withdrawal process. A grade of W will be given for each course not completed at the time of withdrawal. A student must complete a readmit application if heshe wishes to return to the College after a twoyear time period. It is best for students planning to withdraw from Gateway Community College to


ACADEMIC ADVISING College of Advancement Studies Advisement Center Counseling LWC 101 203 2852090 LWC 101 203 2852124 NHC 103 203 2852318 Academic advising keeps students informed about the campus community and its many resources. This service assists students in developing meaningful educational plans to help them achieve their academic and career goals. After taking the ACCUPLACER test, all new students who placed into development courses must contact the College Advancement Studies Adviseme

Career counseling will help to clarify possibilities, suggest resources, and help students move toward career decisions. Students may take interest inventories free of charge to provide them with additional insight and direction. Gateway Community College offers access to Choices Career Planning Software. This interactive program allows students to take interest inventories, search careers and develop educational plans to meet specific career goals. Students can access this software at www.bridg

Placement ReTesting Policy Students wishing to register for courses beyond the Placement Test recommendation ACCUPLACER must get faculty approval from the Math andor English Department. The department may elect to administer a local placement assessment. Faculty may then recommend a placement in a course consistent with the local test results. Students who wish to further challenge the placement outcome may request this from the department chairperson, or the Dean of Students in the absence of t

COLLEGE WRITING CENTER Long Wharf Campus, Rm 139, 203 2852245 North Haven Campus, Rm 200 The College Writing Center CWC addresses the Colleges mission and aims to support, assist and enhance the writing and reading skills of all students across the curriculum. The CWC, under the guidance of master tutors, offers personal tutorials as well as workshops on many topics relevant to the writing process such as book reports, summaries, critiques, essays, research papers, technical reports, literatur

If you experience problems with your NetID, please go to the website If you still have problems, call 2032852040 for assistance. Security Question The security question is a feature introduced to ensure that only the authorized user may reset their own password using the NetID password reset webpage at www.commnet.edunetid. Your security question must have been determined prior to utilization of the NetID password reset page at www.commnet.edunetid. To set the security quest

FINANCIAL AID See Section V FOOD SERVICE While classes are in session, food service is open on both campuses Monday through Thursday 800 A.M. to 200 P.M., and from 300 P.M. to 700 P.M., and on Fridays from 800 A.M. to 100 P.M. Special hours are posted when classes are not in session. Hot and cold sandwiches, salads, side dishes, soups, and soda are available. Snacks and beverages are also available from vending machines. LIBRARY Long Wharf Campus 203 2852057 North Haven Campus 203 2852340 The C

Library Website The website is the key to all resources and information. The URL is httpwww.gwcc.commnet.edulibrary.aspxid162 Users on or off campus will find links to the online catalog, which includes course reserves and electronic books forms and information about library services and research tools, such as the librarys subject and course guides, and links to information about citations and valuable websites. The library also offers approximately 50 databases, including several collections o

REGISTRARRECORDS See Section IV STUDENT DISABILITY SERVICES Long Wharf Campus 203 2852231 North Haven Campus 203 2852532 The Student Disability Services Office facilitates the planning and provision of services for persons with disabilities. Persons eligible for services include individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries, Attention Deficit Disorders, Chronic Medical Conditions, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments. Services are provided

Students receiving V.A. benefits must notify the Certifying Official of their course schedule each semester, and of any changes in their course load and program of study. Courses must meet requirements of the degree or certificate in which the veteran or dependent is enrolled. All credit programs and some noncredit programs offered by the college are certified for V.A. benefits. Contact the Certifying Official for the list of certified noncredit programs. Students must remain in good academic st


NOTIFICATION OF RIGHTS UNDER THE FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. These rights include 1. The right to inspect and review the students education records within 45 days of the day the College receives a request for access. Students should submit to the registrar, dean, head of the academic department, or other appropriate official, written requests that ident

3. The right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the students education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. FERPA permits disclosure without consent to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official includes but is not limited to the following a person employed by the College in an administrative, supervisory, academic, research or support staff position including law enforcement and

4. The right to refuse to permit the College to release directory information about the student, except to school officials with a legitimate educational interest and others as indicated in paragraph 3 above. To do so, a student exercising this right must notify the Office of Registrar in writing. Once filed, this notification becomes a permanent part of the students record until the student instructs the College, in writing, to remove it. The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department

CHALLENGES TO THE CONTENT OF RECORDS After reviewing a record, a student has a right to challenge the contents of the record if the contents are inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student. A student may not challenge the correctness of a grade, which has been assigned to hisher performance in a course, but may challenge the accuracy of the recording of the grade. Upon deciding that some aspect of hisher record is inappropriate, the student sha

REVIEWING AND EXPUNGING RECORDS A students transcript is maintained in perpetuity by the institution. All other records are not considered permanent and are expunged at the discretion of the custodian of each record and in accordance with the laws of the state. TRANSCRIPTS Students desiring to have official transcripts of grades mailed to other educational institutions must complete a Request of Transcript form in the Records Office. The form may be downloaded from the websi


FINANCIAL AID Long Wharf Campus 203 2852030 North Haven Campus 203 2852318 Gateway Community College is committed to providing access to higher education by minimizing economic barriers. The college provides several options for financial aid including state and federal grants, college loans, workstudy and scholarships. Awards may be in any one of these categories or combinations of the four. The exact form of the total award will be determined only after careful evaluation of the students indi

SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS POLICY FOR STUDENT FINANCIAL AID RECIPIENTS A student receiving Federal Title IV financial aid or other financial aid directly administered or certified by the college must maintain satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of a certificate or degree program of study. Satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients is measured by using a quantitative and qualitative standard and is an assessment of a students cumulative academic record at th

Financial Aid Warning Any student who fails to meet the minimum satisfactory academic progress standard will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. The Warning period will be the students next semester or period of enrollment at the college. The college will communicate the Warning status to the student and inform the student that she must meet the academic progress standard by the end of the subsequent enrollment period in order to maintain eligibility to participate in the financial aid programs

If the student feels hisher failure to meet the minimum satisfactory academic progress standard was the result of an unusual or extraordinary situation that affected successful progression, the student may appeal to the Financial Aid Office. Some personal mitigating circumstances could include illness or injury of the student or dependent of the student a death in the family or other undue hardship as the result of special circumstances. An appeal form is available in the Financial Aid Office. T


THE OFFICE OF COLLEGE LIFE Along with its formal academic life, the college conducts a wide variety of social, cultural and special activities that enrich both the college and community. Student activity fees are utilized to run the student activities program within the framework of a yearly budget approved by the Student Government Association. Mission of the Office of College Life As the center of student activity, the Office of College Life is an integral part of the educational mission of Ga

Athletics Intramural Sports Long Wharf Campus 203 2852213 Gateway Community College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association, Region XXI NJCAA, and abides by its eligibility rules and code of ethics. Intercollegiate team sports include mens and womens basketball. All intercollegiate student athletes must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average and carry at least twelve 12 credits per semester as well as abide by all policies stated in the Student Athlete Guideline

Definition of a College Social Event A College social event is an activity In which use of the Colleges name is authorized For which admittance is open to the entire College community Which is publicized on the College bulletin boards stating such Which is planned, sponsored, or conducted by a registered College student organization. If the above criteria apply, a social event is classified as a College social event and is subject to all College rules and regulations regarding social events

College Facility Usage College facilities may be reserved for use by Student organizations Informal groups of students or faculty members Offcampus groups approved by the President Official College committees. Clubs and student organizations must submit the Student Activity Registration Form to the Office of College Life in order to hold events and club meetings. Student organization room reservations must be made by the Office of College Life once the Event ReservationScheduling Form has been s

Use of College Name and Logo The use of the Gateway Community College name and logo in the printing of tshirts, hats, etc. is generally acceptable, provided that the design is in good taste, the items will not be distributed outside the College and the items will not be sold for a profit. However, permission to use the Gateway Community College logo must be obtained by the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. The College logo should be on all print, marketing and publicity. So

4. Posting is permitted on bulletin boards only. All bulletin boards are designated as official College, departmental or Student Organization bulletin boards. Bulletin boards will be cleaned weekly of any overdue or illegal postings. 5. Posting is not permitted on doors, vehicle windshields, or trees. Materials posted in these areas will be removed Large posters may be posted with masking tape on walls only if approved by the Dean of Administration in advance of having the posters printed. Stude

Scheduling Student Activities and Special Events Scheduling Policy The Office of College Life will act as a facilitator for scheduling events while taking the entire campus calendar into consideration. In order to plan a special event or activity on or offcampus, student, clubs and organizations must submit a completed Student Activity Registration Form to the Office of College Life not less than two 2 weeks prior to event three weeks if monies will be needed. The Office of College Life will mak

Clubs may select who they would like to serve as chaperones for any off campus events with the final approval from the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. Club student coordinator and chaperones must meet with the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities prior to the event to finalize expectations and needs for all off campus events. All participants students, nonstudent, advisors chaperones must submit a signed BOT Activity Waiver Form and submit it to

Before departing campus, chaperones must crossreference BOT Liability Waivers, ticket sales and the participant list to ensure all forms are complete and payment has been secured. Any new BOT Liability Waiver Forms must be copied and the originals are to be submitted to the Office of College Life prior to departure. The Chaperone must verify attendance and cash operations while at the event. Following the activity, the chaperones are to submit any cash along with the Fundraising Deposit Form

Supervisory Responsibilities of the Chaperone while Traveling to Conferences Chaperone will be responsible for receiving plane or train tickets. Chaperones may be required to drive school or rental van. Cash advance for student meal allowances will be made out to the chaperone traveling with the students. Oversee hotel and conference checkin. Remember that chaperones are responsible for the integrity of our program and the College while traveling and that they need to be able to make clear,

7. Sanctions will be determined by these organizations and may include but are not limited to probation, temporary suspension, permanent suspensionloss of recognition, suspension of funding, community service, suspension of use of College facilities or other sanctions as determined by the SGA, Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities andor the Dean of Students. 8. Each organization is subject to rules, regulations andor procedures established by the Student Government Association a

13. A current Constitution and a current roster of officers, general members and approved Advisors, including phone numbers and addresses, must be submitted by the end of the fifth week of each semester to the Office of College Life in order to maintain a registered status and have access to Student Activity Funds and College facilities. 14. All clubs utilizing the Student Activity Fee must submit meeting minutes to the SGA following each club meeting. 15. Student members must vote on all club o

4. All advisors serve at the pleasure of the student organization and the Student Government Association. Student club members must vote to nominate a fulltime facultystaff member to serve as the advisor to the organization. All advisors must then be approved by the Student Government Association Executive Board in consultation with the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities on a yearly basis and participate in Advisor Training in order to serve as a club advisor. 5. As a group,

Requirements for Serving as an Advisor Primary Advisors must be a fulltime employee of Gateway Community College. In rare instances, an exception may be made at the discretion of the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. In order to serve as a clubstudent organization advisor, the club or organization must nominate an advisor to be confirmed by the Student Government Association in consultation with the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities on a yearly basis.

13. Advisors are required to attend and chaperone the various oncampus events of the student organizations they advise, held during and after normal business hours. Advisors should arrive at least one half hour before the event and remain until the dissipation of the crowd. 14. Promote student involvement in the operation of the club. 15. Know the organizations process for obtaining new members. 16. Report to the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities any activities which may or

Student Activity Fund Financial Guidelines All Gateway Community College students pay a designated Student Activity Fee to the College each semester. This money is administered by the Student Government Association and dispersed through the SGA Finance Committee, which consists of 510 students. The Student Activity Fund Financial Guidelines are regulated by the Student Government Association and based upon the policies and procedures outlined in the State of Connecticut Comptrollers Accounting P

Funds The Student Government Association Activity Fund account is divided into Allocated Funds, Fundraising Funds, and the CarryOver Cash Account. Allocated Funds are funds that are disbursed to clubs and organizations at the beginning of the fiscal year. Allocated funds are to be used for the good of the entire club and may not be spent to benefit any individual club member. Clubs and organizations may spend these funds through the Student Activity Fund Payment Request System. Student Activity

Donations may be collected by a club or organization. Donations collected must be deposited in the organizations Fundraising Account with the Student Government Association. CarryOver Cash Account are funds carried over from previous years and may only be spent on major student programs that are not a part of the annual programming calendar, Leadership Conference Grants and other student programs deemed appropriate by the Student Government Association Officers and Director of Student Leadersh

Student Activity Fund Payment Request System Student groups must use the Office of College Lifes Student Activity Fund Payment Request System to spend money from their Student Government Association account. Products or services may not be purchased or ordered until a Student Activity Fund Payment Request Form is properly completed and approved. The amount of a purchase is not to exceed the amount approved on the Student Activity Fund Payment Request Form. Only properly executed Student Activity

4. If the request for a Student Activity Fund Payment Request is denied, it will be marked VOID. The person who initiated the Student Activity Fund Payment Request will be notified through the organizations mailbox located in the Office of College Life. 5. Contained on the Student Activity Fund Payment Request Form is Gateway Community Colleges taxexempt number 0660007987701. Tax will not be paid on a purchase or service. 6. A proof of purchase, Personal Service Agreement and invoice MUST accomp

7. There must be four copies of the PSA. One copy is to be returned to the performer agency, the sponsoring club or organization retains a copy, and the third copy is to accompany the Payment Request and a fourth copy will be kept on file in the Office of College Life. The College will only accept a state PSA to be used as a contract with clubs and organizations. 8. All artists will be paid fourteen to twenty one days AFTER their act or performance, by a Gateway Community College Student Govern

The following cash receipts must be deposited Generated Income Funds allocated or appropriated to an organization can be used to generate income unallocated funds. These funds must be deposited to the Office of College Life within twentyfour 24 hours of the event. Monies collected that exceed the amount allocated for the program may be deposited into the club fundraising account to be facilitated by the Office of College Life. Donations Any club or organization supported with Student Activity

How to Hold an Event on or off Campus 1. All student organizations must submit a Student Activity Registration Form to the Office of College Life at least two 2 weeks prior to the event and no less than three 3 weeks if monies are involved. 2. The Director of Student Leadership and Activities will authorize the activity request based on scheduling, personnel resources and available monies. 3. The Office of College Life will place the room reservation on behalf of the club. 4. Upon approval, the

Travel Policy for Participation at Conventions and Conferences 1. Individuals sponsored by a club or organization funded by Student Government Association are eligible for conference travel if they meet the following criteria Student must be in good standing with the College. Student may not have attended another conference or convention during the current academic year. Exceptions may be made if the student is a. Presenting at the conference b. On the conference committee c. On the executive

10. Receipts must be attached to a completed Travel Expenditure Report and returned within three 3 business days following the event. Reimbursement for food is as follows per diem Breakfast 10.00 Lunch 14.00 Dinner 25.00 Gratuity 7.35 NOTE Any expense for food incurred above the allocated amount of 56.35day will be the responsibility of the student. You will not be reimbursed for overspending. 11. A written or verbal report of the convention and an attendance list must be presented to the Stude

Catering Policy 1. Student groups may request money for food, provided that it enhances the educational experience. The Finance Committee will determine the type of events that require food. These instances will be considered on a casebycase basis. Money will only be appropriated for Open Events. An Open Event is accessible to the entire Gateway Community College student community, and it must be publicized in the same manner. 2. Food may also be paid out of the clubs allocated catering money in

Committee Any member of the student body with a 2.0 GPA or better and is in good standing with the College is eligible to become a member of the Finance committee. Members are selected by the Executive Board of the Student Government Association upon recommendation of the SGA Treasurer after an application and interview screening process. The committee consists of five to ten students, where five students make a quorum, and it meets once a month or when necessary. Members should be committed ind

Requests MUST be itemized and estimates must be furnished. Other details necessary on the request are Date, time and location of the event Plans for publicity Cost to students and public attending event Plans for catering, if any and Cost of SecurityPolice, if necessary. Organizations have a responsibility to follow through with the details stated on their request. Any changes to the original request must be presented to the SGA Treasurer prior to spending. 77

The Finance Committee can vote to freeze all previously appropriated funds. In an emergency, the SGA Treasurer has the authority and responsibility to freeze funds with the consultation of the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. Constitution Adopted January 2005 Preamble We the students of Gateway Community College, in order to form a democratic, efficient and responsible Student Government to represent, lead and unify the student body, to decide and recommend for the stude

B. C. D. E. F. G. Promote good citizenship throughout the college and the community. Assist in the governing of the college Provide a forum for student expression through student representation. Work with the Office of College Life to encourage, develop and support student activities and events. Work with the Office of College Life to officially recognize and coordinate Clubs and Organizations. Develop leadership skills. Article III Membership Section 1. Section 2. All students of GCC are eli

Section 4. Elected Officers are allowed to have their votes cast by proxy in the event they cannot be present during the voting. The proxy must be submitted with the voters signature. An official proxy form is available in the Student Government and College Life offices. The Executive Board shall have the power to make decisions in the event that the SGA President and SGA Advisor deem a situation an emergency or a situation that is restricted to a time limit of less than 2448 hours. A. A quorum

Section 3. Duties of the Secretary A. Record the minutes of all meetings of the SGA. B. Type all minutes and agendas. C. Post minutes of all official meetings within 24 48 hours of the meetings adjournment. D. Write and maintain SGA correspondence. E. Chair the Food Service Committee. F. Catalogue Club Minutes. G. Be available to students during office hours. Duties of the Treasurer A. Work in conjunction with the Office of College Life to maintain records of receipts and expenditures of the S

G. H. I. J. K. L. Club Reports Office of College Life Report Unfinished Business New Business Announcements Adjournment Article VII Clubs and Organizations Section 1. Section 2. Clubs and organizations recognized by the SGA may submit a budget funding request for their proposed activities and events. All clubs and organizations wishing to be allocated funds must be open to the entire student body. Article VIII Responsibilities of the SGA Advisor The Office of College Life Section 1. To adv

Article IX The Student Activity Fund Section 1. The Student Activity Fund shall consist of a fee paid by each student upon registration. This fee shall be set by the Central Office Administration with input from the Administration and Student Government of each college and the approval of the Board of Governors of the Department of Higher Education. The Student Activity Fund is placed into a bank account under the College name. The funds will be determined by the number of total students enrolle

Section 2. A ledger is maintained by the SGA Treasurer and the Office of College Life. In the ledger, the Treasurer will keep accurate records of all SGA transactions. Reconciliation of the ledger with the Business Office will occur once per month. In an emergency situation, the SGA budget may be amended with the approval of SGA and the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. Procedure for picking up checks from the Business Office A. The only persons authorized to pick up check

Article XI Amendments to the Constitution Section 1. Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed for ratification by any member of the SGA in the following manner A. The proposed amendment must be accompanied by a petition with the signatures of no less than 3 of the entire student body to establish support for ratification and submitted to the SGA VicePresident. The SGA VicePresident must present the proposal before the Senate for their review and recommendations. The Senate shall decide whe

Adopted January 2005 Article I Membership Section 1. General Membership Any student who pays a student activity fee upon payment of their tuition to the college is automatically a member of the GCC SGA. Voting Membership A. Any student may be eligible for voting membership after attending three 3 consecutive meetings per academic semester, and filling out the SGA Voting Membership Registration form available in the Student Government Office, the Office of College Life, or at the SGA meetings. B.

Section 4. Appointed Senators A. There shall be a maximum of ten 10 senators. Seven 7 appointed senators representing each academic division including Allied Health, Engineering and Applied Technology, Arts and Humanities, Business, MathScience, Nursing and Social Sciences shall have one 1 senatorial position on the Student Government. B. Each Senator must be matriculated into the academic division which they intend to represent, maintain a 2.0 GPA or above, and be in good standing with the Col

Section 6. Student Organizational Representatives A. Each GCC recognized club or organization must designate at least one representative to the SGA. B. Each Official Organization Representative will have one vote on any and all legislative matters. C. There are no term limits for Organizational Representatives. D. A club or organization that does not have representation at two or more meetings will forfeit their funding. Article II Election Procedures Section 1. Criteria and TimeLine for Elec

Section 2. If the VicePresident or Secretary resigns, is otherwise unable to serve, or in the event of impeachment, replacement of the position becomes the responsibility of the President. Once the President nominates an individual, the nominee must receive at least twothirds vote of the Executive Board to be confirmed. If the Presidents position becomes vacant, the VicePresident assumes the Presidency and follows the procedure as outlined in Article IIa. Section 2 of these ByLaws. If the Treas

Section 3. Quorum A. Quorum shall consist of fifty 50 percent plus one of the Executive Council of the SGA. B. Quorum must be present throughout the meeting to conduct business unless absent member has cast their vote by proxy. Official proxy form must be in the hands of the SGA Secretary C. No quorum is necessary for adjournment. Article IV Committees Section 1. Finance Committee A. The Finance Committee shall consist of fiveten 510 members, and will be chaired by the SGA Treasurer. B. Memb

Section 3. Campus Activities Board CAB A. CAB shall be comprised of students whose responsibility will be to program student activities throughout the year. B. An appointment will be made by the SGA President as to who will chair the Campus Activities Board based on the Recommendation of the Director of Student Leadership Programs Activities. C. All proposed activities shall meet the requirements set forth by the Student Activity Fund. Food Service Committee The food service committee shall be

C. D. E. F. G. H. Choose an Advisor. 1. Advisors must be a full time staff or faculty member at the college. 2. All Clubs and Student Organizations must vote to nominate a full time facultystaff member to be their primary Advisor on a yearly basis. 3. The club is to then submit an Advisor Nomination Form to the SGA Executive Board. In consultation with the Director of Student Leadership Programs Activities the SGA Executive Board will confirm the nomination with a unanimous vote or deny with

Section 2. Section 3. In an emergency, the SGA Budget may be amended with the approval of the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. The Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities andor the Dean of Students reserve the right to reject a Payment Voucher that is deemed to be an inappropriate or unauthorized expenditure of the Student Activity Fund. Article VII Impeachment Section 1. If any Executive Officer or Senator fails to fulfill the duties of hisher office, he


INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Gateway Community College is an academic unit of the Connecticut Community College System. The administration is charged with a responsibility to execute the academic policies and procedures promulgated by its governing board that relate to affirmative action. The Board endorses and expects full compliance with the requirements of law, including, but not limited to positive action designed to identify and remove practices, policies, or other job related

Each college president shall designate an individual responsible for coordination, delivery, and evaluation of the college AIDS education program. A committee representative of the college community should be involved in formulating educational and informational activities. Restrictions shall not be placed on admission, programs, services, or employment offered to an individual on the basis of a diagnosis of AIDS, it has been medically determined that there is risk of infection or danger to othe

COLLEGE CLOSING AND DELAYS If, because of inclement weather or other emergencies, the College announces a delayed opening, classactivity cancellation, or governors order for closing, the following radio and television stations are notified WELI, WKCI, WICC, WEBE, WKSS, WPLR, STAR, WTIC, WTNH TV 8, WFSB TV 3, WVIT TV 30. Please tune in to these stations for uptotheminute reports. Students may also call the College ClosingDelay Telephone Line at 203 2852049. Call 203 2852610 for the Early Learning

All colleges shall develop and enforce policies regarding the sale, distribution, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus, subject to state and federal law. Consistent with previous board policy, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus may be authorized by the president subject to the following conditions, as appropriate a When a temporary permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages has been obtained and Dram Shop Act insurance had been purchased b When a college pe

C Making it a requirement that each new employee be given a copy of the statement noted above D Notifying the employee in the statement required by the above paragraph that, as a condition of employment the employee will 1 abide by the terms of the statement, and 2 notify the employer of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than five days after such conviction E Notifying the agency within ten days after receiving notice under subparagraph D 2,

Student Compliance Fulltime or parttime students enrolled in a degree or certificate program who were born after December 31, 1956, must present proof of adequate immunization against both measles and rubella as explained below. Proof includes such documentation as a medical record, a physicians statement, or an elementary or secondary school health record. Adequate Immunization Measles All new and readmit students born after December 31, 1956, must provide verification of two 2 doses of measles

1. Parking of student vehicles shall be in designated areas only, at students own risk. There is no parking in the area designated for facultystaff. Areas zoned by yellow stripes are designated as NO PARKING areas. The driveway in front of the building is designed as a FIRE LANE no parking or standing is allowed at any time, except to drop off passengers. The handicapped parking areas on each campus are designated in the parking lot immediately across from the main entrance. 2. The speed limit o

Achieving the goal of full participation and integration of people with disabilities requires cooperative efforts within and among higher education. The Board of Trustees will work with the board of Governors to achieve a higher level of services and appropriate delivery methods at all Connecticut community colleges. This statement is intended to reaffirm the Boards commitment to affirmative action and equal opportunity for all people and in no way to replace the Equal Opportunity Policy Stateme

No person shall use the Gateway Community College computer resources for monetary gain, development of software intended for sale, or to copy public domain software for other than personal use. Any copies of public domain software must contain the same limitation notices as the originals. Faculty members may distribute instructional accounts only to those students enrolled in the specified classes for which account applications have been approved. Students are limited to the use of that specific

Therefore, the community colleges recognize that they have an obligation not only to punish proscribed actions, but also to provide programs which promote pluralism and diversity and encourage the college community to respect and appreciate the value and dignity of every person and his or her right to an atmosphere not only free of harassment, hostility, and violence but supportive of individual academic, personal, social, and professional growth. Acts of racism or harassment directed against in

SMOKING POLICY Gateway Community College is a smokefree workplace. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the buildings on either the Long Wharf or North Haven campus. STATEMENT OF NONDISCRIMINATION Gateway Community College will not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, marital status, mental retardation, sexual orientation, learning disability, or physical disability, in


STATEMENT OF STUDENT RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS In June 1967, a joint committee, comprised of representatives from the American Association of University Professors, U.S. National Student Association, and other academic organizations, drafted the joint Statement of Rights and Freedom of Students. Gateway adopted the statement in 1969. The following is an edited reprint of that document Academic institutions exist for the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students and t

Freedom of Inquiry and Expression Students and student organizations are free to examine and to discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately. They are free to support causes by orderly means in such a manner as to not disrupt the regular and essential operation of the college. At the same time, it should be made clear to the academic and the larger community that in their public expressions or demonstrations, students or student organizations speak onl

5.2.1 Policy on Student Conduct Section 1 Student Conduct Philosophy Academic institutions exist for the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students and the general wellbeing of society. This Policy is intended to ensure that members of the College community are able to pursue their goals in an atmosphere free from unreasonable interference or threat of interference. This Policy is also intended to foster the development of important values, including accountabil

Section 3 Expectations for Student Conduct Consistent with the Student Conduct Philosophy set forth in Section 1 of this Policy, students are expected to 1. Demonstrate respect for the College community by acting in accordance with published Board policies and College rules and regulations 2. Demonstrate academic integrity by not engaging in conduct that has as its intent or effect the false representation of a students academic performance, including but not limited to a. cheating on an examina

5. Demonstrate respect for others by refraining from sexual misconduct see the Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Statement 6. Be truthful in all matters and not knowingly make false statements to any employee or agent of the Board or the College with regard to a College related matter, nor forge, alter or otherwise misuse any document or record 7. Comply with the directions of College staff members acting within the scope of their employment responsibilities 8. Contribute to a safe and

A. Sanction may be any action affecting the status of an individual as a student taken by the College in response to a violation of this Policy, including but not limited to the following 1. Expulsion is a permanent separation from the College that involves denial of all student privileges, including entrance to College premises 2. Suspension is a temporary separation from the College that involves denial of all student privileges, including entrance to college premises for the duration of the

b. Interim Suspension is the temporary separation of the student from the College that involves the denial of all privileges, including entrance to College premises. Prior to imposing an interim suspension, the Dean shall make a good faith effort to meet with the student. At this meeting, the Dean shall inform the student of the information received and provide the student an opportunity to present other information for the Deans consideration. Based upon the information available at that time,

5. If, upon the conclusion of the Deans investigation, the Dean determines that there is reason to believe the student has committed a violation of any part of Section 3 of this Policy and, after considering both the violation and the prior conduct record of the student, that a sanction of suspension or expulsion is appropriate, the Dean shall provide the student with reasonable written notice of a meeting and shall inform the student that hisher failure to attend the meeting or to respond to th

9. Sanctions imposed by an impartial party or panel are effective immediately. The President may, for good cause, suspend imposition of the sanctions imposed by the impartial party or panel to allow the student time to prepare a written request for review. If a written request is received, the President may continue to suspend imposition of the sanctions until he has reviewed and acted on the students request. 10. A written request for review of the decision of the impartial party or panel must

Section 8 Publication of Student Conduct Policy This Policy shall be published in College catalogs and student handbooks and should be distributed in other ways that are likely to ensure student awareness of the Policy. Section 9 Policy Review Five years following adoption of this Policy, and as often thereafter as the Chancellor shall deem appropriate, the Chancellor shall designate a committee to review the Policy on Student Conduct, as necessary. Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence St

Relationship Violence is defined as Physical abuse, which can include but is not limited to, slapping, pulling hair or punching. Threat of abuse, which can include but is not limited to, threatening to hit, harm or use a weapon on another whether victim or acquaintance, friend or family member of the victim or other forms of verbal threat. Emotional abuse, which can include but is not limited to, damage to ones property, driving recklessly to scare someone, name calling, threatening to hurt ones

Time for Reporting Normally reports must be received by the Dean of Students or other designee of the President within thirty 30 days of the date of a possible violation or within thirty 30 days of the date the facts constituting a possible violation were known. However, the College recognizes that the decision to file a report of sexual misconduct or relationship violence is difficult and may take some time. Because memories may fade and witnesses may become inaccessible, the sooner information

Policy on Student Rights Section 1 Rights of Students It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of CommunityTechnical colleges that the educational offerings of the community colleges be available to students without regard to the individuals race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or learning or physical disability, including, but not limited to blindness, or prior conviction of a

3. Procedure for grievance resolution The Dean of Student Affairs shall investigate the grievance and, within thirty days from the time the grievance was submitted recommend to the President a disposition of the grievance, except as provided hereinafter a. In the course of each investigation, the Dean of Student Affairs shall consult with the Dean responsible for the area of college operations in which the grievance arose. b. In the case of a grievance alleging discrimination based on race, colo

3. At Gateway Community College, the Academic Standards Committee serves as an Appeals Committee to review grades being redressed. The student shall be afforded the right to present a statement of appeal and relevant information in support of it. It is the students responsibility to show that the decision in question is arbitrary, i.e., without a reasonable basis, or was made for improper reasons in violation of Section 1 of this policy. The student is entitled to a written response within thirt


CAMPUS SECURITY INTRODUCTION Gateway Community College complies with the State of Connecticuts Campus Safety Act, Public Act 90259, which mandates the annual publication of a Uniform Campus Crime Report, and establishes a process for raising awareness of safety on College campuses. Broader awareness of campus safety issues and procedures at Gateway Community College is the first step toward improving the security of students and staff. Gateway Community College, located at 60 Sargent Drive in Ne

Contacting Local Police and City Services for Security or Health Emergencies For the emergency services of an ambulance or the city police or fire department from a College telephone, dial 9911. This call can be placed from any building telephone. Gateway Community College is located in close proximity to YaleNew Haven and Saint Raphaels Hospitals. Campus Security should also be contacted to assist with medical and safety emergencies. Distribution of Report Gateway Community College shall notify

Policies Regarding Possession, Use, and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances These provisions shall apply to all colleges under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees of CommunityTechnical Colleges 1. No student or employee shall knowingly possess, use, distribute, transmit, sell, or be under the influence of any controlled substance on the College campus or off the College campus at a Collegesponsored activity, function, or event. Use or possession of a drug authorized by a

North Haven Campus 28523152333 Campus security is present in the building 700 A.M. to 1100 P.M., Monday through Friday, and 700 A.M. to 300 P.M. on Saturdays. Security can be contacted by dialing 28523152333. Communication among the guards is maintained by twoway radios. Security Guard Responsibilities The College Security Guards investigate, render assistance and notify the College Administration in all cases involving accidents, thefts, emergency s