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Welcome To The World Of Advising Student Clubs and Organizations In any college community there is a responsibility to provide opportunities for students to express their individuality and to satisfy their needs and interests. At Gateway Community College, the student clubs and organizations, in cooperation with the Club Advisor and the Office of College Life, provide many of those opportunities. The Office of College Life seeks to complement the traditional programs of study and enhance the ove

Requirements of an Advisor at Gateway Community College Introduction Education, the central goal of a College environment, takes place in many different ways. One way is through a cocurricular student involvement program. Educators facilitate learning in different ways as well. Role modeling and mentoring are two very important modes of helping people learn. The advisor helps the student take full advantage of cocurricular learning and serves as a role model and mentor for members of student org

Advise on specific College Procedure Be available Discuss ideas, but dont dictate Support events by attending Play devils advocate when needed Realize leaders are volunteers Excerpt Taken from the American Student Government Association, 2002 OffCampus Events and Travel Policy Prior to approval of an offcampus activity or special event, the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities or College Life representative must perform an onsite inspection and tour of the facility to check t

Conference participation is a College sanctioned event and therefore, alcohol is prohibited for both student participants and the chaperone. Student participants are to submit a written report and present a report to the SGA within two weeks after the conference. If a student fails to attend the conference once travel tickets have been purchased and past the conference cancellation deadline, heshe will be required to reimburse the SGA for the expenses incurred and will receive their ticket to be

Student Organization Advisor Selection and Agreement Form One per Advisor please As per the SGA Bylaws, all SGA recognized student organizations are required to select, via a vote of the student club members, a fulltime faculty or staff member to serve as the clubs advisor. They may also select a second advisor to work with the club as well. This person may be either a fulltime or part time facultystaff member. Once the club has selected their Advisor, Student Organization Advisor Selection and

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