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Table of Contents College Emergency Response Team Contact Numbers ........................... inside front cover Table of Contents................................................................................................................ 1 Mission Statement ...............................................................................................................2 Preface ....................................................................................................................

Gateway Community College Emergency Procedures Manual Mission Statement Gateway Community College provides high quality instruction and comprehensive service in an environment conducive to learning. We respond to the changing academic, occupational, technological, and cultural needs of a diverse population. Preface The purpose of this document is to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that the College is prepared to face, and to deal with, a variety of critical incidents in order to provi

EVACUATION PROCEDURE All persons should be familiar with the evacuation plan diagrams of each location, be familiar with all exits from the room, lab, office, etc., where they are located and be familiar with the location of the alarm system pull stations and extinguishers in the corridors and with all gas shutoff outlet locations in laboratories. All persons in classroomsoffices should be directed to move in an orderly manner to the designated exit posted for that room. If time and safety permi

LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE Stay in your officeclassroom. Close your door and lock it if possible. Shut off lights. Stay calm and quiet Do not move. Hide behind furniture or under desk try not to be visible. You cannot be a target if you are out of sight Stay Calm Quiet Do not move. Use a college phone and call 9911 or numbers within the building emergency phones are located in all classrooms or cell phone to call 911 and give details. Stay Calm Quiet Do not move. Do not leave your location until you

I. Bomb Threat Response The threat of any type of explosive device or bomb should be taken seriously and be treated as a real incident. Telephone threats are common in government agencies and could be received by any employee, any extension of the phone system, or a pay telephone on campus. The receiver of the threat should Calmly elicit as much information as possible from the caller, using the Bomb Threat Questionnaire next page please place a copy at your workstation. The questionnaire is se

CALLERS VOICE Calm Angry Excited Slow Rapid Soft Loud Laughter Crying Normal Distinct Slurred Nasal Stutter Lisp Raspy Deep Ragged Clearing Throat Deep Breathing Cracking Voice Disguised Accent Familiar Questionnaire Form Bomb Threat Response Place this form near your telephone. QUESTIONS TO ASK When is bomb going to explode Where is it right now What does it look like What kind of bomb is it What will cause it to explode Did you place the bomb Why What is your address What is your name Time o

II. Fire Visible Signs Smoke, Flames, Odor, etc., Person or Clothing Engaged by Fire, Explosion DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GATHER BELONGINGS DO NOT USE ELEVATORS DURING ALARMS OR FIRE Physically Challenged Persons Who Cannot Utilize Stairwells Proceed to the area of refuge see campus map DO NOT USE ELEVATOR. Use emergency or regular phones, at the refuge area, to alert LW Security ext. 2246 or NH Security ext. 2333 of your location. Remain at that location until the all clear call or assistance arr

CConfine Prevent the Spread of the Fire Close all windows and doors as you leave the facility. DO NOT prop open any fire or smoke doors at any time. Stop Drop Roll If your or another persons clothing, hair, or any other part becomes engaged by fire, DO NOT RUN or allow another to run. Running will actually fan the fire and cause the clothes, etc., to burn at an accelerated rate, creating a greater risk for the victim. When clothing, hair or other body part does become engaged by fire, fol

III. Fire Alarm or Warning No Visible Sign of Fire Smoke Heat, etc. Physically Challenged Persons Who Cannot Utilize Stairwells Proceed to the area of refuge see campus map DO NOT USE ELEVATOR. Use emergency phones at the refuge area to alert LW Security ext. 2246 or NH Security ext. 2333 of your location. Remain at that location until the all clear call or assistance arrives. Faculty and Staff Direct all persons to move, in an orderly manner, to the nearest safe exit. If that exit is

IV. Hazardous Material Incident HAZMAT Source GCC maintains small quantities of hazardous materials located in several areas on the campus. The science laboratories, nursing labs, and other academic centers using chemicals are primary locations for spills and accidents as well as intake areas for fossil fuels. College maintenance shops or vendors performing tasks on campus i.e., roofers and painters are another source. Laboratory and Classroom Spills The GCC Chemical Hygiene Plan CHP, Rev. Fa

Nuclear Medicine Laboratory Room 108 at the North Haven Campus serves as a laboratory for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program and is a restricted area. Gateway Community College is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Committee NRC to use small amounts of radioactivity to conduct student lab demonstrations. Kathleen Murphy is the Radiation Safety Officer RSO for Gateway Community College. Emergency Procedures have been developed in accordance with the NRC regulations see below. Kathleen Murphy

V. Major Disasters Emergency Shelter Operations Definitions and Authority A disaster is defined as any event or series of events resulting in a halt or serious impairment of the operation of the GCC campus. Extensive property damage and serious personal injuries may be sustained to a level far exceeding the resources of the College. In these situations, support emergency services from offcampus will be required. Upon the notification of an impending crisis of this nature or in the event of an u

Actual Occurrences The sequence of events that lead up to a disaster can sometimes be monitored and a period of preparation may be available before disaster strikes. There are, however, events that cannot be predicted and will occur with little or no warning. Hurricanes and severe snowstorms might be predicted, tornadoes and plane crashes give near zero warning time. In the event of a predictable series of events such as severe weather, hurricane, flood, or blizzard, it is assumed that there wil

Sounding the Alarm If the Increased Readiness Phase period of time is so minimal that a planned evacuation of GCC cannot be conducted, the Security Department will manually activate the existing alarm systems and sound an alarm and announce directives as follows 1. Fire A steady alarm and flashing red lights will represent a fire alarm. 2. Hazardous Waste or Material Incident During a hazardous waste or material incident, the proper authorities will notify the college community on proper respons

VI. Medical Emergency Definition A medical emergency may be defined as any incident or illness that has caused a physical condition which might be severely injurious or hazardous to the victim. If there is a question as to the severity of the condition, err on the part of caution and proceed as follows Victim Responses If you are the victim Verbally call from the location of the incident to the Security Department for assistance. Use a calm voice. Do not instill panic. Dial Security at LW ex

VII. Violent Criminal Actions This section deals with violent criminal actions such as firearms and other weapons, incidents, and barricaded persons and hostage situations. Decisions made and actions taken during any criminal event will be the responsibility of the emergency responders at the scene of the incident. In the event that state or federal law enforcement agencies are asked for assistance, those agencies may take command responsibility for the event. FirearmsWeapons Gunfire or sniper

Do not leave your location until you are given an all clear sign by an authorized person fire, police, security or staff. Stay Calm Quiet Wait Listen for instructions follow monitors instructions Remain Calm. Victims are urged to remain as calm as possible and make all attempts possible to notify or have others notify the Security Department of their location, condition, etc. Emergency medical aid will respond as soon as safely possible. If necessary and if physically able, seek cover an

2. Barricaded Persons A barricaded person is one who will isolate himselfherself alone in a closed area and make demands in some manner with the threat of harm to self or others if those demands are not complied with. This person may claim to have weapons or other implements of violence such as explosives and will threaten to use them against anyone attempting to neutralize himher or such weapons. Public Safety Officials will Use all means of communication, with extreme caution not to upset

5. Response and Alarm The GCC Security Department will make all attempts to isolate the location of the incident while attempting to alert and remove nonparticipants from the building or grounds location affected by the acts. GCC voice and email capacities will be used to alert persons to the incident and to seek safety or evacuation. The safety of the hostages will be paramount in the decision to use alarms and other types of communications. Speakers may upset or confuse the hostage takers a

DO NOT BE A HERO Do not do anything to stand out or be individually recognized. DO AS INSTRUCTED Follow the instructions and requests of the hostage takers. Be careful not to over comply, as this might antagonize your captors. Remember the hostage takers mind in the early stages of the crisis and do not attempt to address these matters too early unless your condition is critical and life endangering. Once the condition is known to the hostage takers, do not hound them with demands unless yo

EAT If the opportunity to eat presents itself, eat the food, even if not hungry. It is easy to offend a person by rejecting food they have provided. To not eat after the intruder has negotiated for food may be regarded as offensive and a rejection of the intruder. They refusal will certainly be remembered. SPEAK TO NEGOTIATORS If you have the opportunity to speak with a law enforcement officer or negotiator, clearly indicate if the hostage taker is monitoring the conversation. Heshe will hav

College Emergency Response Team CERT Composition Primary Team President of GCC Dean of Administration Dean of Academic Affairs Dean of Research Development Dean of Students Director of Facilities Security Supervisor Primary Evening Administrator on Duty Secondary Team Building Maintenance Supervisors Science Lab Coordinator Director of Human Resources Public Information Officer Campus Administrator Evening Administrator Director of Counseling ADA Coordinator Support agencies Local, state and


Appendix Campus Maps GCC Emergency Operations Manual 24

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