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absEntEE bid intErnEt auction colonial currEncy t EncasEd PostagE stamPs marcH 1, 2013 Lot 1107 Massachusetts State. December 1, 1779. Five Shillings Four Pence. Paul Revere Engraved Rising Sun Issue. Denomination with a Human Face. Early amErican History auctions, inc.

Ramblings Proof Positive Of Another Major Business Cycle Complete Dunkin Donuts plans return to Southern California in its longawaited reemergence to the state, which it left more than a decade ago. Being a transplanted, trans coastal Connecticut Yankee, this news is perhaps more significant to myself than to many others. However, it does indeed point out the positive general turnaround in the United States economy. Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. owns Dunkin Donuts as a part of their h

Absentee Internet Auction Absentee Bids Closing Table of Contents Friday March1,2013 Encased Postage Stamps of the Civil War Era................................................10011028 FamousSignersonColonialCurrency ............................................................10291032 ColonialNotesPrintedbyB.Franklin .........................................................10331036 ContinentalCurrency.......................................................................

Early amErican History auctions tErms conditions of salE BY PARTICIPATING IN THE AUCTION EACH BIDDER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE BIDDER HAS READ AND UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES TO THESE TERMS CONDITIONS OF SALE. PLEASE REFER TO SECTION 12 DEFINITIONS 1. General Terms. All Bidders at the Auction acknowledge and agree that the following General Terms shall apply at all times to the conduct of the Auction a. 3. Bidder Registration Required. All Bidders in the Auction acknowledge and agree, as a condition

7. Descriptions and Grading. a. Bidders acknowledge that all gradings of coin andor currency Merchandise sold in the Auction have been determined by independent grading services, andor by EAHA it being understood that the successful Bidders acknowledge that the grading of rare coins and currency is subjective and accordingly may differ among independent grading services and among expert numismatists, and that such grading may have a material effect on the ultimate Auction value of the coin Merch

EncasEd PostagE stamPs of tHE civil War Era Encased Postage Stamps are actively sought out by Coin, Stamp, Advertising and Token collectors alike. Due to the tribulations of Civil War, creating a shortage of hard copper and silver coinage due to hoarding and material shortages, most merchants were in need of an alternative for making small change in order to carry on with business. To ease the problem, the Federal government authorized the use of U.S. Postage stamps to be exchanged in place of c

Circulated TAKE AYERS PILLS EP33 Large AYERS Sarsaparilla Variety EP34b 1005 EP33, HB18, S19, ReedAP03. Three Cents. TAKE AYERS PILLS. Choice Very Fine. Rated as Rarity1 Common according to Fred Reed. The perfectly centered red George Washington stamp appears under natural mica is completely intact, having some natural surface laminations. The case is outstanding, although the right obverse moon has been bumped at some point. It has even chestnut color and is defect free in appearance other th

One of Only 5 to 10 Known to Exist Three Cent John Shillito Co. Cincinnati, Ohio Rarity6 1012 EP45, HB121, S89, ReedTH03. Three Cents. TREMONT HOUSE, Gage Brothers Drake, Chicago. Very Fine. Rated as Rarity8 5 to 10 known according to Fred Reed. This example has a well centered rich red George Washington stamp. The mica has a couple of surface lamination craze areas, remaining clear and unbroken. The case is chestnutbrown in color having even overall circulation wear, some scattered nicks an

Pleasing Five Cents J. GAULT Plain Frame Type Ten Cent AYERS SARSAPARILLA Scarce Rarity6 1017 EP78, HB131, S96, Reed JG05. Five Cents. J. GAULT. Plain Frame. Extremely Fine. Rated as Rarity1 100 or so Known according to Fred Reed. The brown Thomas Jefferson stamp well centered. The mica is clear having the surface lamination layers thin at top left by Jeffersons left eye, while remaining solid with other layers being present below. The case is a pleasing goldenchestnut in color and is mark fre

Remarkable Twelve Cents Joseph Bates Fancy Goods Two Words Type Rarity9 The Second We Have Offered Twenty Four Cents Ellis McAlpin Co. Ohio Rarity8 1023 EP139, HB59, S30, ReedBA12FG. Twelve Cents. JOSEPH BATES, FANCY GOODS Two Words Type. Choice Extremely Fine. Rated as Rarity9 2 to 4 known according to Fred Reed. This is only the Second example of EP139 we have offered in 35 years The only previous example was offered and sold by Early American twice, the first time being in March 28, 1998,

Late 1800s U.S. Newspaper Stamps All Mint Some NH Benjamin Levy. Jewish Signer of Continental and Colonial Currency from Pennsylvania. November 2, 1776 Thirty Dollars. Signed Benjamin Levy 1028 18751890s. Lot of 9 Different United States Revenue Newspaper Stamps, All Mint, Some Never Hinged. This small yet valuable collection of late 187590 United States Newspaper and Periodicals Stamps is displayed in clear mounts on Scott National Album pages. All of the stamps are Mint. Includes Scott PR10

Jonathon Trumbull. George Washingtons Revolutionary War Military Secretary and AideDeCamp. 1782 Revolutionary War Contractors Store Bearer Note colonial notEs PrintEd by b. franklin March 1, 1734 Delaware The Earliest Benjamin Franklin Printed Issue of Colonial Currency Ex Wayte Raymond 1032 JONATHAN TRUMBULL, George Washingtons Military Secretary and AideDeCamp. New York, NewWindsor. December 1782, Payable April 1, 1783. Thirteen Shillings. Private Merchant Note. Contractors Store. WADSWORTH

May 1, 1760 Benjamin Franklin Printed Pennsylvania Note continEntal currEncy Exceedingly Rare Pink Paper Detector Note 1035 Province of Pennsylvania. May 1, 1760. Ten Shillings. Plate A. Printed by B. FRANKLIN Issue. Choice Crisp About Extremely Fine. Fr. PA110. This premium quality Benjamin Franklin printed note has bold, distinct text and designs with three full rich brown ink signatures. The face side is particularly attractive. It is well centered and very clean in appearance having the ey

1776 Continental Congress FUGIO Franklin Design Note April 11, 1778 Continental Yorktown Forty Dollars Note 1039 Continental Congress. February 17, 1776. Half A Dollar. Plate B. FUGIO design. Extremely Fine. Fr. CC21. This attractive, high grade Continental note has excellent centering on both its face and back sides. The bold black printed FUGIO design, and all of the Thirteen linked chain States names are very clear, as are WE ARE ONE and the Sundial design with MIND YOUR BUSINESS. The red s

Choice Uncirculated September 26, 1778 Continental Note January 14, 1779 Thirty Five Dollars Continental Note 1045 Continental Congress. September 26, 1778. Forty Dollars. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CC84. This crisp note is fresh and clean with deep black printed text and designs and has bold red and brown signatures and a serial number that adds color. The impressive eye appeal of this choice crisp note makes it quite desirable. ............................................................

Uncirculated January 14, 1779 Eighty Dollars Continental Scarce 1779 Eighty Dollars Continental Currency Note 1051 Continental Congress. January 14, 1779. Eighty Dollars. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CC102. This is a crisp colorful example of this scarce, highest denomination of the issue. It has bold red and black printing with excellent overall centering. Bright red and rich brown signatures and serial number add to the colorful eye appeal of this extremely vivid and crisp Eighty Dollars n

Early Colonial Receipt for Bill of Exchange 1773 Arrest Warrant For Jeremiah Arnold Of Middletown, Connecticut For Counterfeiting Dollars 1055 July 29, 1760, Colonial Bill of Exchange, Hartford, Choice Extremely Fine. 3.75 x 7.5. This document shows that Nathan Mallery of Norwalk had bills of exchange from March 1758 totaling 58.5.0 Sterling plus 6.19.1 in interest. On the reverse of the document is docketing information containing the name, Nathan Mallery, and the date, July 29, 1760. Signed

A Great Looking Scarce Denomination Superb No Cancel June 7, 1776 Connecticut One Shilling 1060 Colony of Connecticut. June 1, 1773. Ten Shillings. No Cancel. Choice Quality. PMG graded Very Fine30. Fr. CT171. A great looking and vastly superior note for this issue and scarce denomination. The face is well centered and sharply printed with all three red ink signatures very clear and readable. Very rare with no cancel. ................................................................ 1,2001,600

Superb Gem Uncirculated June 7, 1776 Connecticut Note Oliver Ellsworth Orders the Arrest of A Connecticut Colonial Currency Counterfeiter 1065 Colony of Connecticut. June 7, 1776. Two Shillings. Slit Cancel. Superb Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CT196. This exceptional Two Shillings note is absolutely Superb, having excellent centering, deep sharply printed text and designs. The paper retains an extraordinary amount of its original press text embossing. Includes original storage envelope from Sco

Gem Uncirculated Quality July 1, 1780 Connecticut Note Three Days at the Treasury Counting 1780 Connecticut Currency 1070 State of Connecticut. July 1, 1780. Two Shillings and Six Pence. Slit Cancel. Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CT236. This perfectly centered, beautiful crisp note has sharp black printed text with four full even margins surrounding on all sides. The red signatures and serial number add some nice color on this issue which carried a 5 annual interest. This impressive note is eith

Scarce William Imlay Connecticut United States Loan Form Crisp Delaware May 1, 1777 Huge Margined Nine Pence 1075 Connecticut. April 27, 1793 Dated. United States Loan Office Form. Anderson CT56. Very Fine. Rarity5 Rare. Nice and freshlooking, but repaired along two of the vertical folds, with faint bleedthrough of the gum from the tape on the reverse. Signed by William Imlay and issued for 112.71. Printed by Francis Bailey on fine quality hand made laid paper bearing portions of the SANDY RUN

Fully Signed Issued 1773 Georgia Twenty Shillings Note 1776 Two Dollars Blue Floating Jugs Seal Note 1080 Georgia. 1773. Twenty Shillings. Fully Signed and Issued. Backed, Moderate conservation. PASSCO graded Very Fine25. Fr. GA48. This early Georgia Colonial rarity is fully signed with serial number, all written in rich deep brown ink. Contemporarily backed, having moderate conservation provided over two centuries. This note is typeset, printed in deep black and red with all of the text clea

Georgia Five Spanish Milled Dollars With Barrel Beehive Scarce Ten Dollars Orange Seal Millstone on Palm Tree 1084 Georgia. 1776 Undated. Five Dollars. Barrel Beehive vignette. Newman variety d with Exclamation Points in the Border. PASSCO graded Extremely Fine45. Restored corner noted on encasement. A very high quality Georgia rarity of this undated 1776 issue, having bold red and black text and a black vignette of a Barrel Beehive at lower right. The denomination is payable in Spanish Milled

Quality June 8, 1777 Georgia Four Fifths of a Dollar Note September 10, 1777 Revolutionary War Georgia Six Dollars Millstone on Palm Tree Seal Note 1088 Georgia. June 8, 1777, Four Fifths of a Dollar. ...for the Support of the Continental Troops Issue. Choice Very Fine or better. Fr. GA102. This is an impressive, very clean sharply printed note that exhibits excellent overall eye appeal. It is far above average and has bold rich brown signatures. Low serial number 11. This note is well centere

Gorgeous Georgia October 16, 1786 Five Shillings Note Impressive April 10, 1774 Maryland Eight Dollars Note 1093 State of Georgia. October 16, 1786. Five Shillings. Very Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. GA129. This impressive, 1786 Five Shillings Georgia note has perfect centering. Superb eye appeal is amply provided by its bold, vibrant appearance., being vividly printed in deep black upon bright, fresh white special watermarked laid period paper. It has two rich brown signatures, George Jones

Choice Uncirculated June 28, 1780 3 Guaranteed Issue August 18, 1775 Paul Revere Sword In Hand 1099 State of Maryland. June 28, 1780. Three Dollars. Guaranteed by the United States Issue. Fully Signed. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. MD117. This rare Red and Black printed 1780 issued note is fully signed, being Guaranteed by the United States along with its 5 Annual Interest. There is an actual Interest Payment schedule that is printed upon its face at the lower left. It has full signatures on

Impressive June 18, 1776 Massachusetts Four Pence Note Gem Crisp Uncirculated 1778 Paul Revere Codfish Note 1103 Colony of Massachusetts. June 18, 1776. Four Pence. Due Date of June 18, 1778. Choice Very Fine or better. Fr. MA191. Only 8,000 notes of this denomination were printed, of which only 4,000 had this 1778 Due Date. This lovely note has a very clean, well printed appearance and is boldly signed by George Partridge in deep brown. It bears the very low serial number 129, with several ve

December 10, 1781 Sixteen Dollars Note PMG VF20 Rare Ten Shillings December 25, 1734 Merchants Note 1108 Commonwealth of Massachusetts. December 10, 1781. Sixteen Spanish Milled Dollars. Hand Written Date. Massachusetts Treasurers Certificate Note. Payable in Spanish Milled Dollars. Hole cancel. PMG graded Very Fine20. Fr. MA289. An exceedingly rare, odd Sixteen Dollars denominated Revolutionary War issue note, made payable in Spanish Milled Dollars having only 5,000 notes printed. This elusiv

June 20, 1775 New Hampshire Six Shillings by Paul Revere August 24, 1775 New Hampshire Three Pounds Genuine 1112 Colony of New Hampshire. June 20, 1775. Six Shillings. Copperplate Note Engraved by Paul Revere. Due Date of December 20, 1776. Conservation. Fine. Fr. NH128. This extremely rare Key New Hampshire type was engraved by Paul Revere on a Copperplate and printed in bold black on original watermarked period laid paper. Only 3,000 notes were issued , of which there were three distinct typ

Pay Order to Colonel Gillman New Hampshire State Treasurer nEW JErsEy currEncy Exceedingly Rare Red Printed Face January 26, 1756 New Jersey Three Pounds Note The Only and Finest PMG Certified Specimen with Only 250 Plate A Printed 1117 September 20, 1776, Revolutionary War, Manuscript Document, Pay Order to Colonel Nicholas Gillman, New Hampshire State Treasurer, Choice Very Fine. This handwritten document, measuring 3 x 7.5, is dated at Exeter, and reads, in full spelling errors retained Col

Rare June 14, 1757 Fifteen Shillings with Only 677 Printed 1122 New Jersey. June 22, 1756. Thirty Shillings. Plate B. Fine. Fr. NJ98. Sealed centerfold, light conservation. ............... 400500 Scarce June 22, 1756 New Jersey Three Pounds Note 1123 New Jersey. June 22, 1756. Three Pounds. Plate A. Conservation. Fine. Fr. NJ99. This early issue was of only 1,250 notes of which 625 would bear Plate letter A and was to become invalid as legal tender after December 1761. This high Three Pounds

Colorful Six Pounds New Jersey April 10, 1759 Note Choice Circulated New Jersey April 8, 1762 Three Pounds Tied As The Finest PMG Certified 1128 New Jersey. April 10, 1759. Six Pounds. PASSCO graded Very Fine35. Fr. NJ132. Most of these colorful, red and black printed high denomination notes on New Jersey have low print figures. In this instance there is only a mere 1,834 notes authorized to be issued in 1759. This issue was only to be circulated until November 0f 1767 and totally invalid for

April 16, 1764 Red Blue Printed Six Pounds Note Choice Crisp Uncirculated January 9, 1781 New Jersey Note 1135 New Jersey. April 16, 1764. Six Pounds. Red Blue Printed Face. Choice Very Fine. Fr. NJ169. Only 917 notes printed. This evenly circulated note has a nice clean appearance for its grade. It is well centered on both face and back, with the two signatures with wear and readable. The Red Blue printed face is quite bold in its print quality and this note is a most acceptable example fo

Lot of Two Borough of Elizabeth March 25, 1790 Notes April 21, 1760 New York Five Pounds Note Rarity 1140 New Jersey. Borough of Elizabeth. Lot of Two Notes. March 25, 1790. One Penny and Three Pence Denominations. Fine and Very Good respectively. Both notes are well centered the 1 Penny note has four full, even margins and light, even wear. The 3d is more heavily circulated and soiled, and has full clearly readable text. Two very scarce, very useful private issue small change notes that are m

Choice Circulated February 16, 1771 New York 3 Note With Arms of New York Vignette by Elisha Gallaudet Choice About Unc. 1775 New York Water Works Issue 1145 Colony of New York. February 16, 1771. Three Pounds. Choice Very Fine. Fr. NY165. Only 6,000 notes were printed. This 3 is a vastly more scarce denomination that the far more common 5 and 10 denominations and is recognized as such, having a valuation in the Newman reference of 900 in Very Fine. This note is boldly printed in black and has

Delivery of Paper Money To The City County of Albany Scarce 1790 City of New York Three Pence Note 1153 New York. City of New York. February 20, 1790. Three Pence. About Very Fine. This boldly printed, small size note is signed in the typeset printed text, D. Phoenix, City Treasurer. It is fully readable, with decent eye appeal for the grade. A rare note that is becoming ever more valuable with collectors. ............. 400500 1151 March 9, 1780Dated. Manuscript Document Signed, Johnathan Ten

Extremely Rare Dutch Church of Upper Canajohary Note nortH carolina currEncy 1748 Fifteen Shillings Rampant Lion North Carolina Note 1156 New York. February 4, 1793. Two Pence. Reformed Dutch Church of Upper Canajohary. ChurchMoney Small Change Private Issue Note. Conservation. Fine to Very Fine. This extremely rare small change, private issue ChurchMoney note, is listed on page 308 of the The Early Paper Money of America by Eric Newman. It is signed in brown ink by Jacob Maskell Treasurer. Th

March 9, 1754 North Carolina Ten Shillings Bird Note Full March 9, 1754 North Carolina Thirty Shillings Note 1161 North Carolina. March 9, 1754. Ten Shillings. Bird vignette. Backed. Very Good. Fr. NC77. A fundamentally complete note having its full printed 1754 date, text, all four signatures and the Bird vignette clearly shown. Backed on an early collectors card upon the blank reverse side. An affordable and completely acceptable example. .....................................................

Superb December 1771 Act Ten Shillings Ship Vignette PMG Graded Gem Uncirculated66 EPQ 1167 North Carolina. April 23, 1761 Act. Fifteen Shillings. Tears. PMG Net graded Very Fine20. Fr. NC123. Save for two tears that are almost wholly in the margin area, and an insect hole that does not affect any design, the note is close to an XF. The Net 20 grade is realistic for these defects, but the note looks way better than the grade implies. ................................................. 300400 117

1771 North Carolina Note with Dove and Olive Branch 1771 Uncut Sheet PASSCO Gem Uncirculated65 1173 North Carolina. December 1771. Two Pounds. Dove with Olive Branch vignette. PMG graded Choice Fine15. Fr. NC143 Listing number in the Friedberg reference book The Paper Money of the United States. This is a nice circulated example of this high denomination. All signatures are very clearly written in brown and bold red ink. There are some typical contemporary notations on the blank verso, along w

Gorgeous Certified 2 12 Liberty Cap over Altar Note The Friedberg Book Plate Note For North Carolina 1776 American Flag Vignette 7 12 Colonial NC Note 1178 North Carolina. April 2 1776. Halifax Issue. Two Dollars and an Half. Liberty Cap over Altar vignette. Minor restorations at bottom edge. PCGS graded Apparent Extremely Fine45. Fr. NC159b. This remarkable and historic North Carolina Revolutionary War note is stunningly beautiful. The paper is bright, fresh and clean having vivid sharp prin

Scarce April 2, 1776 Fifteen Dollars with Boar Vignette August 8, 1778 North Carolina Ten Dollars with Persecution the Ruin of Empires Motto 1182 North Carolina. April 2, 1776. Fifteen Dollars. Boar vignette. Very Fine. Fr. NC168. This desirable, 15 denomination is one of the most difficult to locate of this popular 1776 dated issue. The black printed text and designs are mostly clear and even in wear, while the Boar vignette is distinct. This note is well above average for this issue and toug

Near Uncirculated May 10, 1780 25 North Carolina Note Extremely Rare May 17, 1783 North Carolina The Finest 10 Shilling Counterfeit Period Note Certified By PMG 1187 State of North Carolina. May 10, 1780. Twenty Five Dollars. Dulce Pro Patria Mori motto. PMG graded About Uncirculated50 Uncirculated. Fr. NC191. This choice crisp notes patriotic Revolutionary War period motto translates from Latin into English It is pleasing to die for ones country. Only 8,000 notes were printed. It is extremely

PEnnsylvania currEncy Herman Rosencrantz Was Executed In Philadelphia For Counterfeiting This Style of Three Pounds Note in 1770 Colorful Pennsylvania March 20, 1771 Five Shillings Note 1190 Pennsylvania. March 1, 1769. Three Pounds. Contemporary Counterfeit. Extremely Fine. Fr. PA133CFT. Herman Rosencrantz Was Executed on May 5, 1770 in Philadelphia for the Counterfeiting this Three Pounds denomination March 1, 1769 Note. Only 3,000 notes of Plate Letters A and B 1,500 of each were to be iss

Choice Uncirculated Lighthouse Fourteen Shillings Note Gem Uncirculated October 25, 1775 Pennsylvania 2s Note 1195 Pennsylvania. March 25, 1775. Fourteen Shillings. Plate A. Inverted Reverse. Second Cape Henlopen Lighthouse Issue. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. PA173. Only 3,000 notes printed of which just 1,500 would carry plate letter A. This crisp, high quality note has excellent centering with four clear margins on both its face and back. The deep black printed text and designs are sharp,

April 10, 1777 DoublePane Sheet of TwentyFour Notes Impressive April 20, 1781 Pennsylvania Three Pence Note 1203 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. April 20, 1781. Three Pence. Plate B. Very Choice Extremely Fine. Fr. PA241. This fresh looking, clean and crisp note has the eye appeal of being virtually Uncirculated. It has four full to huge margins with sharply printed black text and designs. The bold red signature and serial number add nice color and eye appeal. ...................................

Finest PMG Graded March 16, 1785 Fifteen Shillings Note rHodE island currEncy Colonial Rhode Island Bonds are Shipped small box marked TR containing the Colonys Interest Bonds... 1206 Pennsylvania. March 16, 1785. Fifteen Shillings. PMG graded Very Fine30. Fr. PA271. This attractive, nicely margined 15 Shillings note is signed by William Smith, William Tilton, and Francis Wade. Francis Bailey, who printed these notes made them on a laid, watermarked period paper with PENSYLVANIA present

Rare June 16, 1775 One Shilling Revolutionary War Note PMG Certified January 15, 1776 Rhode Island Rarity The Single Finest 1211 Colony of Rhode Island. June 16, 1775. One Shilling. Choice Very Fine. Fr. RI188. This note is far above average and very rare. It is a whole, complete and solid example of this Revolutionary War period issue. All of the text is very clear and easily readable. The paper is clean with light conservation, and a few nicely sealed edge splits basically at the centerfold.

Choice Uncirculated May 22, 1777 Rhode Island Note Superb May 1786 Rhode Island PCGS Gem New66 PPQ 1215 State of Rhode Island. May 22, 1777. One Twentyfourth of a Dollar. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. RI265. This is a much scarcer Rhode Island issue in virtually all grades and legitimately very rare this nice. This is only the third example of this 124 denomination that we have offered in our sales. It has a listed value in Newman at 1,500 in Very Fine, with no higher grades and values provid

Uncut DoubleSheet of Eight 1786 Rhode Island Notes June 1, 1775 Ten Pounds With Full Plate Impression 1219 State of Rhode Island. May 1786. Full Uncut DoubleSheet, Eight Notes, Two 4 Note Full Pane Sets. Including 6 Pence, 9 Pence, 1 Shilling 2 Shillings 6 Pence Denominations. Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. RI290 thru RI293. This is a gorgeous and fully original, DoubleSheet with Eight Notes in total, each note being extremely well printed with full red and brown ink signatures. All four margins

April 10, 1778 Thirty Shillings Hope Anchor Rarity Sharp South Carolina February 8, 1779 Sixty Dollars Note 1224 South Carolina. April 10, 1778. Thirty Shillings. Hope Anchor vignette. Conservation. Fine. Fr. SC152. This is a solid quality collectible note for this highest denomination of the issue. It is clean in appearance and evenly circulated. The thin laid watermarked period paper is has sealed top and bottom centerfold edge splits. The printed face side is quite well centered within ne

February 8, 1779 One Hundred Dollars PCGS About New50 virginia currEncy Quality Virginia July 17, 1775 Two Pounds Note 1230 Current Money of Virginia. July 17, 1775. Two Pounds. Choice Crisp About Uncirculated. Fr. VA78a. This well printed note has excellent centering within four full even margins and has a crisp, even appearance. One light centerfold is present, the paper being otherwise extremely crisp and clean with some traces of original press text embossing within. The blank reverse is c

Crisp May 5, 1777 Handwritten Date Virginia Ten Dollars Pleasing May 3, 1779 Virginia One Hundred Dollars Note 1233 Treasury of Virginia. May 5, 1777. Handwritten Date. Ten Dollars. Crisp About Uncirculated. Fr. VA120. This note is well printed and perfectly centered within four full even margins. The paper is extremely crisp with one very faint vertical centerfold, a bit of natural tone and some light handling present. .. 600800 Uncirculated October 20, 1777 Virginia Four Dollars Note 1236

Gem May 1, 1780 Virginia Two Dollars Guaranteed Note Scarce May 7, 1781 Virginia Twelve Hundred Dollars Note Printed by John Dunlap of Philadelphia 1238 State of Virginia. May 1, 1780. Two Dollars. Guaranteed by the United States Issue. Fully Signed Issued. Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. VA172. This is an outstanding, crisp red and black printed note that is fully signed on both its face and back, and issued. It is extremely well centered on both its face and back. It was printed by Hall Seller

Rare 1790 Dobie Bagley Montreal Private Bank Note Early lottEry tickEts Superb Full Indent Second Biles Island Lottery Ticket 1243 Montreal, Canada. May 1, 1790. 15 15 Sols. Signed Dobie Bagley, Private Bank Merchant Note. Gem Crisp Uncirculated. This is a very rare Canadian note of the late Colonial and PostRevolutionary War era. Being typeset, this note is printed upon broadly margined, crisp laid period paper. It measures about 3.25 x 3.75 being Uniface and with an ornate pattern border. A

The Cheap Repository for Moral and Religious Tracts Depicts the Evils of the Lottery Scarce February 1781 Massachusetts Lottery Ticket 1249 c. 1780, The Wonderful Advantages of Adventuring in the LOTTERY, Sold by J. Marshall, London, England, Choice Very Fine. This choice item is an untrimmed pamphlet, published by The Cheap Repository for Moral and Religious Tracts, which recounts the wickedness and evil which awaits Godfearing Englishmen who would be enticed by Lottery schemes of the day. In

Society For Establishing Useful Manufactures Lottery 1811 Dated Lexington Library Lottery Kentucky Ticket 1254 c. 1797, Paterson Lottery, New Jersey, Ticket, for the Society For Establishing Useful Manufactures, Choice Crisp Near Mint. This fully issued circa 1797 Lottery Ticket was printed by J. Woods, on finelaid paper and measures about 1.75 x 4.5 with a perfectly clean blank verso. This scarce lottery is printed in bold black, is clean and bright, and has excellent eye appeal. It reads PAT

1866 Washington, D.C. Soldiers Orphan Fund Lottery 1876 Lottery Broadside for the Grand Distribution of Shares for Kansas Real Estate 1260 August 2, 1866Dated. Grovers Theatere, Washington, D.C.. Ticket for Benefit of the Soldiers Orphan Fund, Choice Crisp Uncirculated. This PostCivil War Ticket has its text tinted with a green 1866. This is a great theme and the ticket cost 1.00. The back with circular back ink stamped SOLDIERS SAILORS UNION. Very rare item, desirable and in high grade. 1502

The Confederate Note Memorial Rare Chromolithograph rEstrikEs, coPiEs tokEns Sommer Island Advertising Piece Copy in Copper 1266 1909Dated Nieuw Amsterdam Sommer Island Daalder Copy in Copper. Gem Red Uncirculated. Advertising piece for Bermudas Hog Penny Pub, with rendering of the Sommer Islands Shilling on the obverse and advertising lines on the reverse. ....... ......................................................................................... 80120 Choice Mint State Merriam Die S

Painted Circa 1870 Wooden Fairbanks Scales Trade Sign rEfErEncE books Wonderful Reference The Fugio Cents by Alan Kessler 1269 c. 1870, Original Painted Wooden Fairbanks Scales Advertising Trade Sign, Made in Chicago, Choice Very Fine. This superb, large size, 13 x 42.25 advertising sign from the famous maker of coin and other scales, reads simply, Fairbanks Scales in bold black letters on a white background. The sign itself consists of one long, thick, heavy piece of wood, with a molded, blac

Early amErican History auctions st nd tH marcH 1 marcH 22 april 19 Historic Autographs Colonial Documents Revolutionary War War of 1812 Civil War Washington Lincoln Black History Slavery Americana plEasE Visit Bookmark our wEBsitE auction History storE at

colonial currEncy t EncasEd PostagE stamPs absEntEE bid intErnEt auction marcH 1, 2013 Lot 1083 Georgia. 1776 Undated. Four Dollars. Frontiersman vignette. Early amErican History auctions, inc.

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