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absEntEE bid intErnEt auction autograpHs t coins t currEncy t amEricana dEcEmbEr 1, 2012 Early amErican History auctions, inc. Lot 131 Original Oil Painting on Board Paul Revere by Lynd Ward Book Jacket Cover and Title Page Illustration Artwork For Esther Hoskins Forbes 1946 Americas Paul Revere

Ramblings Make This December Special Even More Historic Four years from now, perhaps quite a bit sooner, you will be very pleased with yourself for being a successful participant in this December of 2012 Auction. The tide has clearly turned. Once again collectors are selectively buying better quality historic material. That trend has now been in place and gaining in strength over the past two years. Our last two Early American History Auctions have confirmed it. Collectors are back in greater

Absentee Internet Auction Absentee Bids Closing Table of Contents Saturday December1,2012 Historic Autographs .................................................................................................. 129 ColonialAmericaRevolutionaryWarEra .......................................................... 3053 GeorgeWashingtonRelated .................................................................................... 5464 PostRevolutionaryWar ............................

Early amErican History auctions tErms conditions of salE BY PARTICIPATING IN THE AUCTION EACH BIDDER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE BIDDER HAS READ AND UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES TO THESE TERMS CONDITIONS OF SALE. PLEASE REFER TO SECTION 12 DEFINITIONS 1. General Terms. All Bidders at the Auction acknowledge and agree that the following General Terms shall apply at all times to the conduct of the Auction a. 3. Bidder Registration Required. All Bidders in the Auction acknowledge and agree, as a condition

7. Descriptions and Grading. a. Bidders acknowledge that all gradings of coin andor currency Merchandise sold in the Auction have been determined by independent grading services, andor by EAHA it being understood that the successful Bidders acknowledge that the grading of rare coins and currency is subjective and accordingly may differ among independent grading services and among expert numismatists, and that such grading may have a material effect on the ultimate Auction value of the coin Merch

autograpHs Outstanding Single Consignor Collections of Presidents, Vice Presidents First Ladies of the United States First Ladies of the United States Collection MARTHA WASHINGTON. Cut Signature, 2 x 0.5 signature of M. Washington, beautifully framed with portrait to a total presentation size of 12.5 x 16.5. DOLLY MADISON. Autograph Letter Signed, 1.25 signature of D.P. Madison, Dated Washington Aug. 1st 1845, Letter measures 7.75 x 10. Also includes her engraved portrait by D. Edwin from a pa

FRANCES F. CLEVELAND. a Typed Letter Signed, 3.25 signature of Frances F. Cleveland. On Executive Mansion Washington letterhead, the letter is dated March 6th, 1893 and measures 5.5 x 7.5 b Autograph Letter Signed, 3.75 signature of Frances F. Cleveland. On Westland, Princeton, New Jersey letterhead, the 4 page letter is dated 27 Jany 1898, measuring 5 x 6.5 c Autograph Letter Signed, 4 signature of Frances F. Cleveland Preston. On The Yacht Club Inn stationary, stamp dated Mar 23, 1936, measuri

Collection of Autographs of United States Vice Presidents 2 AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION OF UNITED STATES VICE PRESIDENTS. Sold as a Vice Presidents of United States Set. Extensive, HandSelected Autograph Collection of United States Vice Presidents, running from Aaron Burr to Joseph Biden, comprised of Autographed Letters, Signed Photographs, Documents, etc., signed during either their Vice Presidential and or NonVice Presidential periods. There are Over 85 Signed Items, all are housed within a Custom b

LEVI P. MORTON. a January 9, 1897Dated Typed Letter Signed Levi P. Morton, 3 x .5 signature, overall 5.25 x 8, b Cut Signature L.P. Morton, 3.75 x .5 signature, overall 4 x .75, c Unsigned Cabinet Photo, 4.25 x 6.5, d Card Signed Levi P. Morton, 3.75 x .5 signature, includes black and white photograph, 8.25 x 10 and photocopy of a November 12, 1891Dated signature 5.5 x 3.75. ADLAI E. STEVENSON. a September 16, 1895Dated Autograph Letter Signed AE Stevenson, 2 x .5 signature, overall 1 page 4.75

Complete Autograph Collection of All FortyFour Presidents of the United States George Washington To Barack Obama THOMAS JEFFERSON. Cut Signature, 2.25 signature of Th. Jefferson, matted below engraved image, framed size 10.25 x 13.75. JAMES MADISON. Cut Signature, 2.5 signature of James Madison, matted below engraved image, framed size 11 x 14.5. JAMES MONROE. Cut Signature, 2 signature of Jms. Monroe, matted below engraved image, framed size 12 x 16.75. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. Cut Signature, 2.5 sig

THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Signed Photograph, 3.5 signature of Theodore Roosevelt dated May 22, 1915, matted above Stereoview image and framed to 11 x 18. WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT. Typed Letter Signed, 2.5 signature of Wm. H. Taft on Supreme Court of the United States stationary, dated March 16, 1927, matted beside portrait image, framed size 21.75 x 15.75. WOODROW WILSON. a Typed Letter Signed, 2.5 signature of Woodrow Wilson on 2 page letter, dated Paris, June 25, 1919 and b Signed White House Card, 2.5 s

Gorgeous Four Presidents Color Photograph Signed J Carter, Gerald R. Ford, Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan Mark W. Clark, General, U.S. Army Signed Artwork 4 JIMMY CARTER, GERALD FORD, RICHARD NIXON, AND RONALD REAGAN. Color Photograph Signed, J Carter, Gerald R. Ford, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, undated, 9.25 x 7.25 by sight framed to 14.75 x 12.75, Choice Extremely Fine. Carter, Ford, and Nixon have signed in black ink on the darker lower portion of the image Reagan signed in dark ink in

Signed by Both Chief Cornplanter and His Wife with Their X Marks March 6th, 1811Dated, Autographed Manuscript Letter Signed, Jonathan Ames Interpreter for the Cornplanter and below also Signed with his X Mark Seneca War Chief The Cornplanter and his wife her X Mark, Cornplanter Township Pennsylvania, Being Written on behalf of Chief Cornplanter, Fine. A historic, Signed Autographed Manuscript Letter, 3 written pages with Integral Mailing Cover. It measuring 6.5 x 7.75 folded and is addressed, T

Rarely Encountered 1818 Benjamin Owen Tyler Broadside of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE the First Historical Artistic Engraving Using Facsimile Signatures 8 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, 1818 CopperPlate Engraved Printing by Benjamin Owen Tyler, Printed Upon Heavy Paper with Linen Backing, Period Mounted with Original Wooden Scrolls for Wall Display Presentation. Exceedingly Rare, original CopperPlate Engraved Printed Broadside and headed, In Congress, July 4th 1776, The Unanimous Declaration o

Rare 1852 Declaration of Independence Broadsheet Mamie Eisenhower Story Regarding Ikes Painting Hobby Titled Ikes Paintings The Ones I Love the Most Published In The Saturday Evening Post March of 1974 10 MAMIE DOUD EISENHOWER 18961979. First Lady of the United States 19531961 wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. c. March 1974, Exceptional Content, Typed Manuscript Article Signed, Mamie Doud Eisenhower being boldly and massively executed in deep black felt pen at its conclusion, measuring

John Fitch Signed Document Granted First U.S. Patent For The Steamboat ...bound unto the Honourable John Hancock Esqr. President of the Continental Congress... 1797 Document Signed J. T. Gilman as Governor of NH 11 JOHN FITCH 17431798. Famous American Clockmaker, Brassworker, Silversmith and Credited as the Inventor, Granted the First Official Patent in 1791 for a Steam Powered Ship in the United States. October 10, 1777Dated Revolutionary War Period, PartlyPrinted Document Signed, John Fitch

Impressive Thomas Jefferson Signed Appointment Mormons Built Their First Temple in Kirkland, Ohio which was dedicated in 1836 Headquarters for Joseph Smith, Jr. 15 THOMAS JEFFERSON 1743 July 4, 1826. Third President of the United States 18011809, American Founding Father, principal Author of the Declaration of Independence. February 21, 1809Dated Federal Period, PartlyPrinted Document Signed, Th. Jefferson as President, at Washington DC, on Vellum, Framed, Extremely Fine. This ornate early Mi

Fitzhugh Lee Signed Card Civil War Confederate General Louis XVI Supported the Americans Seeking Independence From Great Britain Realized In The 1783 Treaty of Paris 17 FITZHUGH LEE 1835 1905. Famous Confederate Cavalry General in the American Civil War, Nephew of General Robert E. Lee, 40th Governor of Virginia 18861890, Diplomat, and United States Army General in the SpanishAmerican War. Autograph Signature, Fitzhugh Lee, upon His Personal Engraved Note Stationary, personally beautifully Au

James Monroe as Secretary of War State July 4th, 1814 War of 1812 United States Travel Payment to a Soldier JAMES MONROE Signed Virginia Military Appointment 21 JAMES MONROE 17581831. 5th President of the United States. During the War of 1812, Monroe held the critical roles of Secretary of State and the Secretary of War under President James Madison. July 4, 1814Dated War of 1812 Period, Manuscript Document Endorsement Signed, Jas Monroe as Secretary of State, measuring 8.5 x 7.25 by sight, f

1769 Signer Robert Treat Paine Legal Document Signed RareCaptain Jack J. W. Crawford Signed 1881 Dated Photograph Noted As Prospecting Across The Top Edge 23 ROBERT TREAT PAINE 17311814. Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Massachusetts Lawyer who also served as one of the Boston Massacre Trial Prosecutors of the British Soldiers involved. November 1769Dated, Manuscript Document Signed, Paine, at Bristol MA, Choice Extremely Fine. This 1 page, 3.75 x 6.5 Legal Payment financial Documen

George Washingtons Acceptance of Command 1813 Silk Broadside by Charles Turell Not Listed in Threads and Unrecorded On Silk May 4, 1949 Chaim Weizmann Signed Photo On The First Anniversary Of The State Of Israel 28 CHAIM WEIZMANN 18741952. First President of the State of Israel elected on February 1st, 1949 and served until his death in 1952. Also a chemist who developed the ABEprocess, which produces acetone, and he founded the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. May 1, 1949Dated, import

colonial amErica Early 18th Century Decorative Wood Metal Powderflask Rare 1731 Dated Brass Table Stand Colonial Grease Lamp 30 c. 17001750 Colonial Era, Rare Wood and Metal Powder Flask with a Partial Leather Cover, measuring 7.75 x 4.5, with Its Original Metal Spout, Folk Art style of Pennsylvania, Fine to Very Fine. This rare, early 18th century Powder Flask is made from wood and metal with a partial leather cover. The body is made of wood, the spout is metal and a metal bar runs through t

Benjamin Franklins THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE 1766 French Indian War Regimental Military Discharge 35 March 4, 1762Dated French Indian War Colonial Period, Benjamin Franklin Printed Newspaper, THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE, Philadelphia, PA, with Act for the Suppressing and Preventing of Lotteries, Choice Very Fine. This original Benjamin Franklin Printed THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE Newspaper has a standard 3column layout, its full 4 pages, measuring 15.25 x 10 whole and complete. The historic imprint

Rare Early Colonial Era Pair of 11 Long Medical Forceps Revolutionary War Period Cooking Pot and Raised Trivet 38 c. 1770 Colonial Era, Pair of Medical Forceps, 11 Long, Iron, Choice Very Fine. Forceps or forcipes are a handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects. Forceps are used when fingers are too large to grasp small objects or when many objects need to be held at one time while the hands are used to perform a task. The term forceps is used almost exclusively within

Revolutionary War Era Rare Cast Iron Salute HandCannon American Revolutionary War Period Scrimshaw Powder Horn With Handsome Heraldic Eagle Engraved Designs 43 c. 177083 Revolutionary War Era. Rare Iron HandCannon, Salute Powder Tester, Fine. This authentic Revolutionary War Era Cast Iron HandCannon in very solid condition. These were used for Salute Cannons andor as a Powder Tester. It measures 5 tall with a 1 14 bore. The top is 2 octagon and its base is 3 and rounded. They are solid Iron t

Extremely Rare Circa 1777 Benjamin Franklin Oval Portrait Medallion the Famous American Inventor by Wedgwood Choice Rev. War Continental Soldier USA Pewter Button 46 c. 1777 Revolutionary War Period. Benjamin Franklin. Rare Portrait Medallion. By Josiah Wedgewood and Thomas Bentley. Choice About Mint. This original, White Basalt High Relief of Benjamin Franklin upon Light Blue Jasper Oval Cameo Portrait Medallion is Extremely Rare. This medallion was modeled by William Hackwood of the firm Wed

July 11, 1776 Revolutionary War Muster Roll Minute Men in the Third Company he First Regt. County of Berkshire Matched Set of Two Vue dOptiques Prints of Boston 51 July 11, 1776Dated Revolutionary War Period. Manuscript Document Signed, Abner Callender Clerk, Muster Roll Return of Minute Men... County of Berkshire, Massachusetts, Framed, Very Fine. This original Manuscript Document is one page, measures 12.25 x 6.5 by sight, being framed under glass to an overall size of 13.25 x 7.5 not examin

gEorgE WasHington rElatEd George Washington Portrait HandPainted Miniature Set of Four General Washington Brass Furniture Pulls 56 c. 1790s Federal Period, General Washington Portrait Furniture Pulls. Set of Four. Brass. Extremely Fine. These four 2.5 x 3.5 matching set of decorative, historic Brass Furniture Pulls have a central portrait of General Washington. They were attached to various pieces of furniture, made of brass which has darkened over the years. Curtain tiebacks with a similar de

1818 Stipple Engraved Portrait of George Washington Rare Chromolithograph Washingtons Grand Entry into New York, Nov. 25th 1783. Printed by T. Sinclair 58 1818Dated, Stipple Engraved Portrait of George Washington, by Krethlow, from a Painting by Frey, Published by Schumann of Zwickau, Germany, Choice Crisp Near New. Exceptionally rare and beautiful, original 1818 dated within the print, Stipple Engraved Portrait of George Washington as President of the United States, measuring 9.25 x 6.75 with

THE LAST MOMENTS OF WASHINGTON Newspaper Reporting George Washingtons last words...I die hard... Beautiful 1876 George Washington Centennial Silk Print 62 1876Dated Philadelphia International Exhibition, George Washington, Centennial Souvenir Ribbon, by A. Larcher, Paris, Choice Extremely Fine. Listed in Threads of History as number 408, this colorful Patriotic Silk measures a very large 6 x 11 thereby being just about the largest Woven Silk Ribbon that we have offered. It was issued as a Souv

War of 1812 War of 1812 Connecticut 4th Brigade Militia Orders Issued by Brigadier General Matthias Nicoll 1927 U.S. Frigate Constitution Copper Ashtray Made From Items Produced by Paul Revere Foundry for the Ship 65 August 12, 1812Dated War of 1812 Period, Manuscript Document Signed, Joseph P. Shelton, Handwritten Military Orders to the 4th Brigade of the Connecticut Militia, Issued by Brigadier General Nicoll, Stratford Connecticut, Choice Very Fine. Original, Handwritten Military Orders, 3

Decorated New England Flintlock Long Rifle By J Mason American Federal Period Decorative Carved Wooden Eagle 68 c. 1792 Federal Period Late18th Century, Decorated Flintlock Long Rifle, Hallmarked J Mason, Choice Fine to Very Fine. This classic New England Style Flintlock design bears inscription Mason stamped within metal on the octagonal, smooth bore, iron barrel top forward of the added brass sight. The decorative carved stock has nice geometric and floral designs and inlaid metal pieces on

Lovely American 1802 Dated Memorial Embroidery William Pitt Inset Brass Portrait Medallion Snuff Box 73 c. 18051820. Black Lacquered Round Snuff Box. Decorative William Pitt Inset Brass Portrait Medallion. Very Fine. This historic Black Lacquered Snuff Box is 3.5 in diameter and just over 12 in depth, with traces of its original worn gilt still upon the lid. The central inset is a William Pitt Brass Portrait Shell on the top lid. Embossed brass circle has Relief Bust Portrait of William Pitt a

Ornate Decorative Early American Candle Lantern Circa 1799 Original Folk Art or Novice Style Watercolor Painting Attributed to Oliver Ellsworth, Jr. 76 c. 17901800s Federal Period, Early Antique American Candle Lantern, Tin and Glass, Fine. This ornate original Candle Lantern is square with glass on all four sides of the metal candle housing, complete with its functioning glass door for access. It measures about. 3.5 square at its base, rising to an overall height of 13.5 including the integra

President Portraits Broadsheet George Washington to Polk 1855 Booklet Addresses on the Presentation of the Sword of Gen. Andrew Jackson. by Beverley Tucker 82 February 26, 1855Dated, Ornate Hardcover Booklet titled, Addresses on the Presentation of the Sword of Gen. Andrew Jackson. by Beverley Tucker, Washington DC, Choice Very Fine. The full title reads, Addresses on the Presentation of the Sword of Gen. Andrew Jackson, to the Congress of the United States, delivered in the Senate and House of

Six Matched Patriotic American Eagle Furniture Pulls civil War Era November 27, 1863 The Capture of Missionary Ridge Nobly did he bear the old Flag to the top of Missionary Ridge... the first over the rebel work on top of the Ridge. 87 November 27, 1863Dated Civil War Period, Union Autograph Letter Signed, John West, regarding the Capture of Missionary Ridge, Very Fine. The Battle of Missionary Ridge was fought November 25, 1863, as part of the Chattanooga Campaign of the American Civil War. T

1863 Civil War 300 Commutation Receipt Certificate Exciting Civil War Union Cavalry Recruiting Broadside 89 August 13, 1863Dated Civil War, Two Item Mated Lot, 300 Commutation Money Receipt, from the Eighth Massachusetts Collection District, for Henry F. Cooper of Medway, Mass. drafted on July 10,1863, plus the Official Certificate, Very Fine. 1. This document is from our consignees private collection and measures 7 18 long X 3 with fold in middle of receipt. Also included is a Certificate of

Handsome Civil War Era Soldiers Portrait Art In Charcoal First Edition 1888 Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan 92 c. 1860 Civil War Era, Original Artwork, Large Size Soldiers Portrait, accomplished in Charcoal, Framed, Choice Extremely Fine. This original HandDrawn Charcoal Portrait is of a seated Civil War Sergeant in his military uniform with Hardee decorative hat, measuring a very large 19.5 x 15.5 by sight, not removed, housed under glass within an early, possibly period decorative gold gil

1861AGAINST REBELLION Dog Tag Not Holed Civil War Dog Tag 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery 96 1861Dated Civil War Period. 1861 AGAINST REBELLION with Central American Heraldic Shield with UNION Type. Union Soldiers Dog Tag Identification Disk. Unissued. Extremely Rare Not Holed. Struck in Brass. Uncirculated. 30mm. This extremely rare Identification Disc is listed in American Political ... by DewittSullivan as C 186111. Sharp in detail, Uncirculated and fully original with natural chestnu

Circa 186070 Original Oil Portrait of Abraham Lincoln Oil Painting of President Abraham Lincoln Folk Art Style 103 c. 1930 Antique American Folk Art Oil Painting of President Abraham Lincoln, Oil on Pressed Artist Board, Unsigned, Framed, Choice Very Fine. This original HandPainted Artwork on late 19th to early 20th century gray backed Pressed Artist Board, measuring 4.25 x 6.25 housed in a 9.75 x 11.75 ornate gold painted wooden frame. It is in American Folk Art style and depicts President Ab

1865 EMANCIPATION LEADERS Photographic Collage Important Early Photograph of The White House 108 c. 1860 Civil War Era, Carte de Visite Photograph of the White House, 4 x 2.5 no makers mark present, Choice Very Fine. At this time The White House was also serving as Abraham Lincolns home. This very rare CDV of the White House has a lot of interesting subject matter. There appear to be two soldiers standing in front with horses in the background upon the White House lawn. The road leading to it

1865 Large Chalk Portrait Bust of Abraham Lincoln Signed and Dated by D. Morgan Superb Mint State 1865 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Medal 113 1865Dated. Lincoln Mourning Medal. Struck in Bronze. Dies by W. H. Key. Superb Mint State. 50 mm. A larger size, heavy Bronze memorial medal honoring the slain President. By W. H. Key. The Obverse A bust of Lincoln facing right with the date 1865 below, ABRAHAM at left, and LINCOLN at right. The Reverse features a broken column with bunting behind, and the l

LINCOLN FAMILY. Litho Print By J. Gemmell, Chicago Superb EDWIN BOOTH SCHOTTSCHE Sheet Music 115 c. 1864 Civil War Period, Large Format Lithographic Print titled, LINCOLN FAMILY. by J. Gemmell, Chicago, Extremely Fine. This fine quality historic, period Lincoln Family Print by J. Gemmell, 123 Randolph Street, Corner of Clark, Chicago measures about 10.25 x 14 housed within a 15.75 x 19.75 matted and gilded modern wooden frame. Printed in black, it features Mary Lincoln, Robert, Abraham Lincoln

Joseph Norman Pencil Signed Lithograph Artist Proof Out at Home Series African American Negro Baseball League To Prince Brown Rare Black History Issued Revolutionary War Massachusetts Commodity Bond 119 Joseph Norman, African American Negro Baseball League Player Lithograph, Out at Home Series, Pencil Signed Artist Proof, Choice Mint. This original, Pencil Signed and Dated, J Norman 1996 upon the bottom of the blank reverse side and fully measuring 7.5 long. An Artist Proof Lithograph from Jo

1858 Vermont to Prohibit the Rendition of Fugitive Slaves Four Slaves 1 Under Twelve 1 Female Tax Values 124 April 1, 1815Dated War of 1812 Era, Manuscript Document, Property Tax Filing, Including Four Slaves, Washington County, Virginia, Very Fine. This is an original, Handwritten War of 1812 period Tax filing is well written in dark brown ink upon clean laid period paper with some fold wear at bottom. It is easily readable, including Four Slaves listed with their individual Tax values. This

post civil War 1865 Reconstruction Letter If we could get rid of the Freedmans Bureau, we could probably do much better. Choice Indian Wars Era Enlisted Mans Kepi 127 October 24, 1865Dated Reconstruction Period, Manuscript Letter, Boydton Virginia, Choice Very Fine. In this 1 page, 9.75 x 7.75 Letter written from Boydton Virginia, A.S. Sandy Boyd writes to John Bennett of Petersburg, Illinois. It reads, in part ... The Yankees all left, but I suppose we will have more shortly. If we could get

dEcorativE arts Original Oil Painting on Board Paul Revere Illustration by Lynd Ward Book Jacket Cover and Title Page Artwork For Esther Hoskins Forbes 1946 Americas Paul Revere Rare CopperPlate Engraving of the Death of Captain James Cook in Hawaii by ClaudeMathieu Fessard, Paris 131 c. 1946, Original Oil Painting on Board, Paul Revere Stands Ready to Ride, Illustration Artwork by Lynd Ward, together with Esther Hoskins Forbes 1946 First Edition Hardcover Book Americas Paul Revere and Complet

Eight Circa 1840 HandColored Steel Engravings of Whales Engraved by the Famous Scottish Artist William Lizars 133 c. 1840, Group of Eight, Fine HandColored Steel Plate Engravings of Whales, J. Stewart delt., Engraved by William Lizars 17881859, Choice Crisp Near Mint. Matched Set of Eight Different HandColored Engravings, being a portion of a larger set depicting various types of Whales and Whale Hunting, each measuring 6.5 x 4 and each professionally custom matted to a 11.5 x 9 finished size.

Liverpool Creamware is the name generally given to pottery produced in England during the mid18th and early19th Century by potters who were obsessed with the idea of copying Chinese porcelain, then considered to be the highest quality ceramic available. Certain potters, such as Josiah Wedgewood, Thomas Whieldon and Josiah Spode, made improvements to the existing earthenwares, which they named Creamware or in Wedgewoods case Queensware. This thin earthenware was dipped into a clear glaze, which c

Beautiful Patriotic Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher Design Type with American Heraldic Eagle With 13 Stars 138 c. 1795 Post Revolutionary War Federal Period, Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher, with Three American Patriotic Transfers Images of George Washington within 15 Linked States also The Seal of the United States, American Heraldic Eagle with 13 Stars Above plus Glebe Patriotic Poem. Choice Near Mint. The two main larger size Black Patriotic Transfers correspond to Arman W.29 seen

Historic American 16Star Flag Three Masted Sailing Ship WASHINGTON IN GLORY Liverpool Pitcher 140 c. 1805 Federal Period, Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher WASHINGTON IN GLORY. and an American 16Star Flag Three Masted Sailing Ship, Choice Extremely Fine. This superior quality Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher measures 9.25 tall x 5.25 at its base. There are three black transfers displayed. One side has WASHINGTON IN GLORY. where the transfer was placed a bit creased at top, as made. The c

War of 1812 Historic Liverpool Creamware United States Macedonian The Wasp Boarding The Frolic Battles 142 c. 1814 War of 1812 Era, Historical Liverpool Creamware Pitcher, Two Historic United States Naval Battle Transfer Prints, United States and Macedonian along with The USS Wasp Boarding the HMS Frolic, Extremely Fine. This extremely rare, original circa 1814 Liverpool Creamware Jug Pitcher measures 5.25 tall x about 5 wide with its full handle and spout intact. It is decorated with two im

Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden, New York 16th August 1824 Blue Historical Staffordshire Plate Antique Folding Stereoscope Magnifier For Stereoviews 145 c. 1824 Lafayettes Return Tour of America Period, Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden, New York 16th August 1824, Blue CLEWS Staffordshire Plate, England, Choice Extremely Fine. This is an original, gorgeous high quality Pearlware plate, measures 10.25 in diameter, with a central image of a group of ships and small boats o

Historic political Proof Engraved Copperplate Portraits of John Quincy Adams and General Andrew Jackson by William Harrison Jr. Extremely Rare James Buchanan Lithograph Locket 149 c. 1824 Presidential Campaign Period, Engraved Proof Impression Portraits of Candidates John Quincy Adams and General Andrew Jackson, Engraved by William Harrison Jr., Washington City DC, Choice Near Mint. An original Proof Impression Pair of Engraved Portraits of John Quincy Adams and Gen. Andrew Jackson as engraved

Superb Mint New 1868 Presidential Campaign Ferrotype Rare Temperance Loyal Legion Massachusetts Badge 153 1868Dated. Presidential Campaign. Ferrotype Portraits of Grant and Colfax. Superb Gem Mint New. 28mm. This Ferrotype of the 1868 Presidential Campaign of Ulysses S. Grant and his VicePresidential running mate Schuyler Colfax, features ferrotype tintype portraits of both candidates, one on each side. The obverse has a Grant portrait set in a flat circular metallic frame inscribed FOR PRESID

Theodore Roosevelt Stand Pat Presidential Campaign Pin TEDDY THE JUNGLE HUNTER Roosevelt Hunt Game 158 1904 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Campaign Political Pin, Stand Pat Poker Hand, with its Original Pinback Intact, Choice Extremely Fine. 32 mm. Listed as 127 on page 62 in Ted Hakes Encyclopedia of Political Buttons United States 18961972. A wonderful, popular brass pinback design with its original pinback fully intact on the reverse. A Poker hand shown holding the winning hand is displaye

Extremely Rare 1958 Japanese Edition Profiles in Courage Outstanding Rare 39Star Flag Converting Walking Stick 162 1958 Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy, Japanese Edition, Published by Nihon Gaisei Gakkai, Tokyo, Japan, With its Original Dust Jacket, Choice Mint Condition. Mint Condition, Yuki aru hito Ryoshin to sekinin ni ikita hacninin no seijika, as translated by Shimojima Ren, The Japanese translation of Profiles in Courage, by John F. Kennedy. Published by Nihon Gaisei Gakkai, Toky

BEE HIVE LION HOUSES Owned by Mormon Leader Brigham Young in Salt Lake City, Utah c. 1875 Photograph Historic maps 1740 Detailed HandColored Map of Early America 166 c. 1875 Boudoir size Sepiatoned Cabinet Photograph MORMON BEE HIVE LION HOUSES, by C.R. Savage, Salt Lake City, Utah, Extremely Fine. This historic Cabinet Photograph was taken circa 1875 about the time period of the Custer Massacre of the BEE HIVE and LION HOUSES owned by Mormon leader Brigham Young in Salt Lake City, Utah on m

Choice 1755 HandColored Map by Jacques Nicolas Bellin Beautiful Early Map of America Septentrionalis by Lotter 169 1755. HandColored DoubleSheet Map titled, PARTIE ORIENTALE DE LA NOUVELLE FRANCE OU DU CANADA by Jacques Nicolas Bellin, Published by the Homann Hiers. Paris, 1755, Choice Crisp Extremely Fine. This is an original, very rare and historically important, French Indian War period Map of New England, South Eastern Canada and the Maritime Provinces measuring 25 x 20.5 including the wi

CARTE DE LA CALIFORNIE SUIVANT by Vaugondy 1818 A CORRECT MAP OF VIRGINIA By M. Carey 171 c. 1768 Late 18th Century, HandColored Map of California titled, CARTE DE LA CALIFORNIE SUIVANT by Denis DiderotDidier Robert de Vaugondy, Choice Very Fine. This vibrant, HandColored Map displays Five different Maps of California, showing the evolution of how California was mapped between 1604 and 1767. It measures 15.75 x 12 including selvage and is currently housed within a heavy cream matte board and a

colonial continEntal currEncy famous signErs on colonial currEncy John Blair. Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Edmund Randolph. Virginia Governor, First U.S. Attorney General, and the Secretary of State under President George Washington in 1792. David Brearley. Signer of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 and Colonel of a NJ Regiment in the Continental Army, 177677. 1773 Colonial Virginia James River Bank Form Signed by President of the Continental Congress Peyton Randolph Founding Fat

Benjamin Levy. Jewish Signer of Continental and Colonial Currency from Pennsylvania. Benjamin Levy Signed Crisp Uncirculated Continental Note November 2, 1776 Thirty Dollars. Signed Benjamin Levy 178 BENJAMIN LEVY. Jewish American Revolutionary War Patriot, Signer of Continental Congress Issued Notes. Continental Congress. November 2, 1776. Thirty Dollars. Signed B. Levy. About Extremely Fine. Fr. CC54. This Philadelphia Congress issue was Printed by Hall and Sellers. The serial number in red

Scarce 1759 Benjamin Franklin Printed Pennsylvania Note continEntal currEncy May 10, 1775 First Continental Congress Issue Colorful Twenty Dollars Note Printed Upon Marbled Border Paper 182 Province of Pennsylvania. April 25, 1759. Twenty Shillings. Plate B. Printed by B. FRANKLIN Issue. Conservation. Choice Very Fine Fr. PA100. This pleasing, far above average Benjamin Franklin printed note is one of the finest we have seen of this Twenty Shillings denomination. Printed by B. Franklin and D.

Uncirculated May 9, 1776 Continental Congress Issue Note November 2, 1776 Eight Dollars Continental Note 186 Continental Congress. May 9, 1776. Eight Dollars. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CC38. This bright Eight Dollars note is the highest denomination on this scarcer 1776 dated Philadelphia issue. Vivid deep red and brown signatures of Parker and Evans, plus the serial number add to its clean eye appeal having just some trace signs of handling. The printed details are sharp and the centerin

Contemporary Counterfeit of the May 20, 1777 Continental April 11, 1778 Genuine Yorktown Note PMG VF30 192 Continental Congress. May 20, 1777. Six Dollars. Contemporary Counterfeit Listed Type. Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CC67CFT. This historic Revolutionary War type as listed in Newman in the Contemporary Counterfeit section, also specifically mentioned and listed in the official Broadside issued by the Continental Congress warning of this Counterfeit. Produced as a means of outright Economic War

Choice Uncirculated January 14, 1779 Continental Note Choice Uncirculated January 14, 1779 Eighty Dollars Note 197 Continental Congress. January 14, 1779. Thirtyfive Dollars. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. CC94. This is a very sharp looking note with just minimal signs of faint handling. The red and black printed colors are bright and bold, the paper is nice and is completely free of tone. Crisp, with above average centering. ....................................................................

June 1, 1773 Five Shillings Note Rare Having No Cancel Gem Crisp Connecticut July 1, 1780 Five Shillings Note 203 Colony of Connecticut. June 1, 1773. Five Shillings. No Cancel. Choice About Extremely Fine. Fr. CT170. This is a most impressive appearing note from the scarce 1773 issue, made even more rare by its having No Cancel. The bold black printed face is sharp looking and very well centered upon the clean, evenly circulated period laid paper. The bold red ink serial number was apparently

Uncirculated 1766 Georgia Savannah CourtHouse Note 1776 Georgia Green Seal Justice One Dollar Note 209 Province of Georgia. 1766. One Pound. Savannah CourtHouse Issue. One Signature. Unissued. Split and corner repair. Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. GA45. The deeply embossed original Red and Black text is still deep and obvious to the naked eye retained within the crisp bright laid period paper. This remarkable, highly colorful large format early Colonial Georgia note also has a magnificent fresh

June 8, 1777 Georgia for the Support of the Continental Troops Issue Millstone on Palm Tree Vignette maryland currEncy Superb Crisp Abt. Uncirculated April 10, 1774 Six Dollars 214 Georgia. June 8, 1777. Six Dollars. Red in Type. Millstone on Palm Tree Seal. for the Support of the Continental Troops Issue. PMG graded Very Fine30 Fr. GA108a. This Revolutionary War Period major type has the in printed in Red. This low Serial number 19 note is extremely well printed in red and black. All five sig

June 28, 1780 Maryland Fully Signed Guaranteed Issue Gem Crisp Uncirculated 1778 Paul Revere Codfish Note 221 State of Maryland. June 28, 1780. Three Dollars. Guaranteed by the United States Issue. Fully Signed and Issued. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. MD117. This 1780 Guaranteed issue was supported by the United States Continental Congress and carried a 5 Annual Interest. There is an actual Interest Payment schedule that is printed on the face at the lower left. The printing is sharp and bol

Superb Gem Uncirculated May 5, 1780 Four Dollars Guaranteed May 5, 1780 Mass. 20 Contemporary Period Counterfeit 227 State of Massachusetts Bay. May 5, 1780. Four Dollars. Guaranteed by the United States Issue. Signed on Face. No Cancel. Superb Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. MA281. A bright, fresh vivid red and black printed note with 5 Interest Guaranteed by the United States issue. As beautiful and crisp as on the day it was printed. .......................................... 500600 228 State o

Choice New Hampshire November 3, 1775 Forty Shillings 1780 Guaranteed by the United States Note PMG AU53 233 Colony of New Hampshire. November 3, 1775. Forty Shillings. Due Date of December 20, 1782. No Cancel. Choice Extremely Fine. Fr. NH152. This note is boldly printed with sharp, crisp text and designs upon very clean laid period paper. Once considered a possible Counterfeit type, it is now considered by most experts to be original and genuine. The serial number, signature of Nicholas Gilm

Rare Superior Quality April 1760 New Jersey Six Pounds Colorful New Jersey March 25, 1776 Three Pounds Note 238 New Jersey. April 12, 1760. Six Pounds. Red and Black Print. Extremely Fine. Fr. NJ141. Low Serial number 112 of only 1,875 notes authorized to be printed. Signed by Samuel Nevill, Daniel Smith, Jr. and A. Johnston in clear, fully readable red and brown. This highest denomination of the issue is listed with a value in Very Fine of 1,500 in Newman with none higher. Printed in both red

nEW yorK currEncy 1771 Arms of New York Vignette By Elisha Gallaudet Quality Circulated September 2, 1775 New York Storks 244 Colony of New York. February 16, 1771. Three Pounds. Choice Very Fine. Fr. NY165. Three Pounds is a far more scarce denomination than the more common 5 and 10 notes. Only 6,000 were printed. This fact is recognized by the higher valuation in the Newman reference of 900 in Very Fine. This note is boldly printed and has nice eye appeal having a small deft sealed edge spli

PMG Gem Uncirculated66 EPQ Uncut Sheet of Three Choice Crisp Colorful Extremely Fine March 20, 1771 252 Pennsylvania. March 20, 1771. Twenty Shillings. Plate A. Red Black Print. Choice Crisp Extremely Fine. Fr. PA149. Only 6,000 notes printed with 3,000 bearing Plate Letter A. Sharp red and black print quality having very light circulation. All three signatures in colorful red and brown ink add to its premium eye appeal. .......................................................................

Choice Uncirculated Lighthouse Fourteen Shillings Note Choice Uncirculated Pennsylvania October 25, 1775 Note 256 Pennsylvania. March 25, 1775. Fourteen Shillings. Plate A. Inverted Reverse. Second Cape Henlopen Lighthouse Issue. Choice Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. PA173. Only 3,000 notes printed of which just 1,500 would carry plate letter A. This crisp, high quality note has excellent centering with four clear margins on both its face and back. The deep black printed text and designs are sharp, i

Uncirculated April 10, 1777 Pennsylvania Four Pence Note Three 3 April 20, 1781 NEW BILL Pennsylvania Notes 261 Pennsylvania. April 10, 1777. Four Pence Denominations. Plate A. Black Text. Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. PA210. This crisp note is very well centered and printed in dark black. The brown signature of E. Davis and red serial number add color. Some natural faint tone and what appears to be paper wrinkling is as made showing the outlines from letters of the papers watermark, which appears t

Crisp Uncirculated April 20, 1781 Nine Pence NEW BILL Lot of Two 2 March 16, 1785 Pennsylvania Notes 271 Pennsylvania. Lot of 2 Notes. March 16, 1785. Ten Fifteen Shillings. Very Good and Fine. Fr. PA270 271. The 10s denomination is missing from most collections and rarely ever found in a quality superior to this example. Signatures quite light but present, the serial number has faded, the text is complete and readable. The 20s is also whole and complete with the text fully readable. A scarc

rHodE island currEncy Pleasing Circulated September 5, 1776 Rhode Island Note Superb Gem Uncirculated Full DoubleSheet Rhode Island July 2, 1780 Of United States Guaranteed Issue Notes 273 State of Rhode Island. September 5, 1776. One Eighth of a Dollar. PMG graded Very Fine25. Fr. RI242. A nicely centered and well printed note where the blank reverse has no distractions, making it a superior specimen for any collection. ..... 8001,000 PMG Certified May 22, 1777 One Ninth of a Dollar Note 27

Superb May 1786 Rhode Island PCGS Gem New66 PPQ Superb Gem Uncirculated May 1786 Rhode Island Note 279 State of Rhode Island. May 1786. Five Shillings. Huge margins. Superb Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Fr. RI295. This superb note is pristine, being perfectly centered and printed within four huge margins and has beautiful vivid red and brown signatures. Exceptional in every respect. ........................................ 600800 soutH carolina currEncy June 1, 1775 Provincial Congress of South Car

Choice October 19, 1776 Six Dollars Wind and Waves December 23, 1776 Twenty Dollars with Bull Vignette 282 South Carolina. October 19, 1776. Six Dollars. Wind and Waves vignette. Extremely Fine. Fr. SC132. This Six Dollars note has superior centering and is far above average for this scarce issue. It is well printed and is quite clean, having light even circulation. This note is cleaner and more attractive than the 5th Edition Newman plate note, as seen illustrated on page 423, valued at 2,000

Impressive February 8, 1779 Forty Dollars Choice Circulated 1779 Hercules Strangling a Lion Note 288 South Carolina. February 8, 1779. Forty Dollars. Angel Blowing Her Trumpet reverse vignette. Conservation. Choice Crisp EF to About Uncirculated. Fr. SC153. This Forty Dollars February 8, 1779 note is the Lowest Denomination of the issue. The entire original issue contained only seven denominations including 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 notes. The 40 had only 2,000 notes printed being the low

TREASUSY Misspelled Error City of Charleston Note Very Choice October 7, 1776 Virginia Six Dollars Note 292 South Carolina. City of Charleston. July 6, 1789. One Shilling Three Pence. Tobacco and Hemp Rope vignette. TREASUSY Error Spelling. Remainder. Hinged. PMG graded Choice Uncirculated64. A beautiful, bright boldly printed note with sharp vivid text and an impressive Tobacco and Hemp Rope vignette. Only 12,000 notes were authorized to be issued. Fresh and clean on laid period watermarked p

October 16, 1780 Revolutionary War Virginia Fifty Dollars stamps and rElatEd Late 1800s U.S. Newspaper Stamps All Mint Some NH 298 Treasury of Virginia. October 16, 1780. Fifty Dollars. Printed on Thin Rice Paper. Choice Very Fine. Fr. VA191. This issue is printed upon thin rice paper with a Printed Back, having text showing its denomination in both Dollars and Pounds. This note has an choice fully printed and solid appearance with several virtually invisible trivial edge splits with small pri

Rare 25 Cts. U.S. Postage Stamp Envelope Major Type EncasEd postagE stamps of tHE civil War Era Encased Postage Stamps are actively sought out by Coin, Stamp, Advertising and Token collectors alike. Due to the tribulations of Civil War, creating a shortage of hard copper and silver coinage due to hoarding and material shortages, most merchants were in need of an alternative for making small change in order to carry on with business. To ease the problem, the Federal government authorized the use

One Cent Joseph L. Bates FANCYGOODS Rarity6 Circulated Three Cents TAKE AYERS PILLS EP33 308 EP6a, HB49, S26, ReedBA01FG. One Cent. Joseph L. Bates. FANCYGOODS One Word Type. Boston. Plain Frame. Choice Extremely Fine to About New. Rated as Rarity6 16 to 20 known according to Fred Reed. This example has some brassy luster and brightness. The Benjamin Franklin stamp is bold, deep blue and well centered, having a very faint natural internal lamination at right from the top of the moon to the bot

Circulated Three Cents AYERS SARSAPARILLA Type Three Cent Browns Bronchial Troches Rated Rarity6 314 EP34a, HB30, S15a, Reed AS03MD. Three Cents. AYERS SARSAPARILLA. Medium AYERS. Cleaned. Very Fine. Rarity1 101 according to Fred Reed. This example appears VF yet at least EF in its brilliance, color and eye appeal from being cleaned long ago. The mica has a number of minor lamination layer craze spots and tiny contact hits, though remains quite clear and unbroken. A most affordable specimen. .

fivE cEnts stamps Choice Five Cent Browns Bronchial Troches Rarity4 Five Cent Gage Brothers Drake Tremont House 320 EP67, HB64, S33, ReedBT05. Five Cents. BROWNS BRONCHIAL TROCHES. Plain Frame. Choice About Extremely Fine. Rated as Rarity4 31 to 40 known according to Fred Reed. The Thomas Jefferson stamp is fresh deep brown in color and centered just a bit to the left. The mica is clear and unbroken, having some light internal lamination at the upper right in the area of Jeffersons forehead.

Pleasing Five Cents J. GAULT Plain Frame Type ninE cEnts strips Popular Nine Cents Feuchtwanger Strip Encased Postage 326 EP78, HB131, S96, Reed JG05. Five Cents. J. GAULT. Plain Frame. Extremely Fine. Rated as Rarity1 100 or so Known according to Fred Reed. The brown Thomas Jefferson stamp well centered. The mica is clear having the surface lamination layers thin at top left by Jeffersons left eye, while remaining solid with other layers being present below. The case is a pleasing goldenchest

Scarce Rarity6 Ten Cent AYERS SARSAPARILLA Impressive Ten Cent Burnetts Cooking Extracts 332 EP98a, HB36, S17, Reed AS10MD. Ten Cents. AYERS SARSAPARILLA. Medium AYERS. Plain Frame. Extremely Fine About New. Rated as Rarity6 16 to 20 Known according to Fred Reed. This is a very pleasing and collectable example. It has a fairly well centered, deep bold green George Washington stamp that is seen under clear mica, with one very small area missing just to the right of Washingtons right shoulder.

Choice Ten Cents J. Gault Plain Frame Merchant Type tWElvE cEnts stamps Rarity9 Twelve Cent J. Gault Ribbed Frame Type The Only Example We Have Ever Offered In 35 Years 338 EP116, HB133, S97. Ten Cents. J. GAULT. Plain Frame. Choice Extremely Fine. Rated as Rarity1 100 Common according to Fred Reed. This is a very nice representative example of this common Merchant type and Ten Cents denomination. The rich deep green George Washington stamp is very well centered. The mica is clear with just e

tWEntyfour cEnts stamps Choice Twenty Four Cents J. GAULT With Plain Frame tHirty cEnts stamps Outstanding Thirty Cent J. Gault With Plain Frame Type 343 EP167, HB137, S99, ReedJG24. Twenty Four Cents. J. GAULT. Plain Frame. Choice Extremely Fine. Rated as Rarity4 31 to 40 known according to Fred Reed. This perfectly centered high quality 24 denomination has a rich violetgrey George Washington stamp that appears clean and sharp. The mica is excellent, unbroken and extremely clear, adding to it

Odd One Dollar and a Half Rare Later Proof Impression The Massachusetts Bank Proof Bond Paper Impression 347 Boston, MA. The Massachusetts Bank. One Dollar and a Half. circa 1700s Original Engraved Copper Plate Later Proof Impression upon Bond Paper. Choice Extremely Fine. Haxby MA270 G68. PRFR5. Odd denomination of the eight note Engraved Copper Plate early Federal Period Boston series. Small format Plate Proof accomplished in the 19th Century. An important, historic note series that is also

Gem Peter Maverick Engraved Plate Card Proof 351 Newark, NJ, The Newark Banking Insurance Co., Three Dollars. L position. Gem Proof on Card. Haxby NJ370 G60 SENC. PRFR56. Impression struck from the original Peter Maverick engraved plate in 1860 for archive purposes. We have never seen a Genuine fully issued note. Only a few Genuine Proof impressions such as this, are known as made off the original engraved plate. The top center with a Unique vignette displaying the Cobblers Workplace with boot

colonial coinagE Specimen Strike 1722 Hibernia Halfpenny with Harp Left Exceedingly Rare and PCGS Graded Specimen64 Brown Mint State 1742H French Colonies Counterfeit Sou 358 1742H French Colonies. Sou Marque. Contemporary Counterfeit. Mint State. 21.2 grns. This rare Contemporary Counterfeit date and mint has an impressive, mostly brilliant appearance. It has lots of flashy luster to its hard, smooth surfaces. ........................................................................ 350450 co

Impressive 1787 Connecticut Copper CONNFC Type Condition Census 1787 Machins Mills Halfpenny 361 1787 Connecticut Copper. Draped Bust Left. CONNFC. Miller 43.1Y. W4250. Very Fine to Extremely Fine. 116.5 grains. Rarity2. This glossy, quite attractive medium chestnutbrown coin is above average having pleasing eye appeal. Typically, it has a small planchet surface fissure at the obverse portraits nose, and some scattered surface granularity is noted on the upper right reverse border near 2 ocloc

Superior Quality 1781 North American Token gEorgE WasHington coinagE Choice Uncirculated 1783 Washington Large Military Bust 367 1781 North American Token. Choice Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. 113.3 grns. This coin has a universal high satiny gloss of original luster over its surfaces on both sides, with just some faint wear. It is deep chestnutbrown in color with lighter tone to the high points. Rarely do collectors have to opportunity to acquire a simple North American Token with thi

NGC Mint State 1783 Washington UNITY STATES Cent 1795 Washington, Liberty Security Penny NGC MS62 374 1783 Washington and Independence Unity States Cent. Baker 1. Whitman10130. NGC graded Mint State61 Brown. This medium chestnut, lustrous coin has perfect centering to both sides. It has a sharp strike and glossy overall underlying luster. There are no marks or defects, allowing for choice eye appeal. This major type is found listed on page 76 of the 2012 Red Book, with a value of 2,200 in UNC

Prooflike Uncirculated Washington Robinsons Fantasy Extremely Rare 1789 LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT George Washington Inaugural Button With Ringed Star 380 1789Dated. Washington Robinsons Fantasy. Struck in Copper. Baker 14. Kenney 7. Choice Semiprooflike Uncirculated. 32mm. Struck by Alfred S. Robinson circa 1863 from original dies cut by George Lovett of New York. This medal is an even tan color, with light blue iridescence around the letters and devices. Baker 14 is a real anomaly because there

Colorful Gem 1787 Fugio Cent Newman 11X Variety 1787 Fugio Cent Newman 12X Bank of NewYork Type 384 1787 Fugio Cent. Pointed Rays STATES UNITED. Newman 11X. Whitman6790. Gem Uncirculated RedBrown. This coin has lots of redbrown color and a superb sharp strike. There are some mild typical die clash marks to the right field, as a noted diagnostic of this variety. Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins listed on page 219. It is perfectly centered on its face and near perfect u

1787 Fugio Cent STATES UNITED Type Newman 13X 1777 Benjamin Franklin Terra Cotta Medallion By Nini 389 1787 Fugio Cent. Pointed Rays STATES UNITED Type. Newman 13X. About Extremely Fine. 158.4 grns. Rarity3. This more common Bank of New York hoard major FUGIO type is medium brown in color. It is well centered on both sides with an overall glossiness to its surfaces from a protective lacquer to the surfaces added long ago. This coin has several patches of darker verdigris at the lower left of

Winfield Scott MI20 United States Mint Military Medal Rare Silvered 1859 Declaration Independence Plaque By Samuel H. Black With Its Original Hanger Choice Mint 393 1814Dated. Major General Winfield Scott. Military Medal. MI20. Struck at the United States Mint at Philadelphia in Bronzed Copper. Original Dies. By Moritz Furst. Choice Mint State. Julian MI20. 65mm. The Obverse shows a Tall youthful bust of General Winfield Scott facing right. The Reverse has a Wreath and an Eternity Symbol of a

Only Six 1868 Union LeagueMedals Struck In Silver Made At The Philadelphia United States Mint Julian RF10 Scarce 1889 Plymouth, MA. National Monument Medal 397 1863Dated. Silver Union League Medal with its Original Ribbon. One of Only Six 6 Struck at the Philadelphia Mint in 1868. Julian RF10. Choice About Uncirculated. This exceedingly rare, original Silver Union League Medal was Struck at the United States Mint in 1868. The 34mm Medal is suspended from its original hanger attached to a patri

James K. Polk Bronze Indian Peace Medal Julian IP24 United States Mint HighRelief Bust In First Largest Size Largest Size Millard Fillmore Bronze Indian Peace Medal 402 1845Dated James K. Polk Indian Peace Medal. Struck in Bronze at the United States Mint. 76 mm. First Largest Size. By John G. Chapman. Julian IP24. Choice Mint State. Julian IP24. 76 mm. This large size Indian Peace Medal was struck in bronze at the United States Mint in Philadelphia, sometime after 1846. The Obverse displays

Gorgeous Franklin Pierce Indian Peace Medal Small Date 1901 Silver Calgary, Canada Indian Peace Medal One of Only Six Issued 406 1853Dated. Franklin Pierce Indian Peace Medal. Large First Size. Small Date Variety. Struck at the United States Mint in Bronze. Dies by S. Ellis and J. Willson. Gem Mint State. 76 mm 7.5 mm thick. Julian IP32b. Belden48. This Large Size Indian Peace Medal was struck in Bronze at the United States Mint in Philadelphia. This is the Small Date 9 mm long variety mention

autograpHs t coins t currEncy t amEricana absEntEE bid intErnEt auction dEcEmbEr 1, 2012 Lot 1 Outstanding Collection First Ladies of the United States Lot 3 Complete Autograph Collection of All FortyFour United States Presidents George Washington To Barack Obama Early amErican History auctions, inc.

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