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Editorial Team EditorinChief Micah Muscolino Creative Director Designer Miriam Okine Davies EditorialProduction Director Kathleen Buc Gallagher Georgetown Photographers Shuang Wen, Yovcho Yovchev College, Paulette Waltz College Copy Editor Miriam Okine Davies Cover Illustration David A. Hagen MA, 1987 Features Faculty InterviewsProfiles Katherine BentonCohen Michael DavidFox Miriam Okine Davies Contacts Department Chair Current Carol A. Benedict Director of Undergraduate Studies Tomma

42 IN THIS IS SUE Phi Alpha Theta wins Nels Cleven Award 28 50 Into Sunlight Memory as Movement 12 Matthew Bowman on New Ways of Seeing Old Religions Bryan McCann Awarded for Excellence in Teaching 05 FACULTY 22 STUDENTS 28 ALUMNI 40 DEPARTMENT The past is never dead. Its not even past. William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun 1951 FALL 2012 HISTORY NEWSMAGAZINE 3

Message from the Chair 20092012 T Four new colleagues entered the ranks of our Ordinary Faculty Dr. Mustafa Aksakal PhD, Princeton University, 2003 joined us as associate professor of Turkish history jointly with the School of Foreign Service Dr. Marcia Chatelain PhD, Brown University, 2008 joined us as assistant professor of AfricanAmerican history jointly with the AfricanAmerican Studies Program Dr. Michael PROFESSOR AVIEL ROSHWALD DavidFox PhD, Yale University, 1993, joined us as associate

faculty New Faculty Members Join History Mustafa Aksakal PhD, Princeton University 2003 or Associate Professor of Turkish History Mustafa Aksakal, when we speak of World War I it is not enough that we know something of the famous Battle of Gallipoli and the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia. Dr. Aksakal is currently working on a book that he hopes will go beyond these betterknown aspects of the war, focusing on both the wars immediate, devastating impact and its longerterm social, political, and

New Faculty Members Join History continued from page 5 Michael DavidFox PhD, Yale University 1993 A ssociate Professor of Russian and Soviet History Michael DavidFox joined the department in August 2011. He comes to Georgetown from the University of Maryland, where he taught since 1994. Much of his research, following the collapse of communism and the opening of the archives, has focused on politics, culture, and ideology during the first decades of the Soviet new regime. He earned his doctora

fACULTY New Visiting Faculty Father M. Antoni J. Ucerler, S.J. DPhil, Oxford University 1999 History Faculty Emeritus Faculty Dorothy Brown Roger Chickering Robert Emmett Curran Richard Duncan Ronald Johnson John Ruedy Faculty Osama AbiMershed Gbor goston Mustafa Aksakal Tommaso Astarita Carol Benedict Katherine BentonCohen Marcia Chatelain David Collins, S.J. James Collins Michael DavidFox Peter Dunkley Catherine Evtuhov Alison Games David Goldfrank Yvonne Haddad Sandra HorvathPeterson Mauri

Faculty News Honors G ve Askeri G Strategy and Military Power in the Ottoman Empire was published in February 2012 by one of Turkeys leading publishing houses, Tima. goston was also awarded a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies ACLS for 201213. He is completing his book project War, Empire and the Making of Europe Ottomans, Habsburgs, and Russians, 15001800. The book will examine how Ottoman expansion, HabsburgOttoman imperial rivalry, and Russias Turkish wars shaped the

fACULTY in honor of the King Memorial dedication Congressional Black Caucus Annual Jazz Forum, October 9, 2011. In anticipation of the tercentenary of the birth of Anthony Benezet, the founding father of Atlantic abolitionism to be held in Paris in 2013, Jackson has been appointed a member of the international scientific committee. In this vein, he appeared on CSPAN Book TV and BBC. ropean University and Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, and others. It will involve a series of worksho

and industrial relations scholar Richard Lester, a Princeton alumnus and professor, and is awarded each year for a book that makes the most significant contributions toward understanding the problems of industrial relations and labor market policy. McCartin continues to serve as the director of the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor at Georgetown. J articles or book chapters in 201112, the most interestingly titled of which was Homogeneity, Heterogeneity, Pigs, and Pandas in

fACULTY Guinea and Western Samoa. These studies of Pacific mandates were inspired by the life and writings of Errol Flynn, the subject of another work in progress. Flynn, and his Caribbean connections, also inspired OBriens project on early English colonialism and piracy, which she began as the Jay Kislak Fellow at the Library of Congress in 2011. New Scholarly Publications American Dreamers How the Left Changed a Nation, by Michael Kazin Knopf, 2011. Traces the history of the American Left fro

Professor Bryan McCann Recognized for Excellence in Teaching Miriam Okine Davies The Georgetown College Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching, first awarded in 1996, recognizes up to three faculty members each year for their outstanding contributions to the undergraduate educational experience. This past year, Associate Professor of History Bryan McCann is one of three recipients of the award. says, Our department is full of great of that experience. This kind of close teachers. To be recogniz

McCann reflects, I have always been interested in the overlapping territory of cultural, social, and political history. As he brings this densely interconnected work into the classroom, he hopes students leave his classes with a greater sense of curiosity a willingness to embrace ideas and to engage in meaningful debate and a ravenous appetite for reading. He says, I expect them to come prepared to work hard. This past year, McCann taught a graduate seminar on the history of urban poverty in Lat

New Scholarly Publications continued from page 11 Making a New World Founding Capitalism in the Bajo and Spanish North America, by John Tutino Duke University Press, 2011. Explores the early origins and rise of capitalism in Spanish North America. The book analyzes the political economy of the Bajo, a region of Central Mexico that extends across modernday Sierra de Guanajuato and the state of Queretaro, and explores the cultural conflicts that animated this region and Spanish North America fro

Q A Conversations with Professors Catherine Evtuhov Joseph McCartin FALL 2012 HISTORY NEWSMAGAZINE 15

Russias Uncharted History Moving from the Imperial to the Local A Conversation with Professor Catherine Evtuhov Interview by Michael DavidFox MICHAEL DAVIDFOX Lets start This brings me to my own ambitions in the book. Its kind of a long story, since I first conceived the project 20 years ago. My original motivation was simple and perhaps a bit nave. There are few things more exciting than studying history at a time of momentous historical change, and this was most definitely the case for histori

fACULTY we find that the tropes we have long accepted fall apart upon contact with ontheground experience. Strategies of survival in an environment that was characterized by a constant slow flux produced a variety of occupations and social divisions completely impenetrable to official categories instead of only peasants and landlords, we see a countryside peopled by woodenspoonmakers, fishnetweavers, itinerant iconsellers, and the middlemen and creditors who maintained this subsistence economy.

DAVIDFOX One thing that strikes me is the great range of topics you have taken on, from religious and Silver Age philosophy to material culture and provincial life, with many publications that tackle a range of intellectual, religious, political, and international topics. Can you reflect on the core concerns that tie your work together regions. All of these ideas ran seriously counter to the prevailing wisdom in the historiography, and so I had to construct my own vision as I went along. DAVI

fACULTY A Past that Isnt Past Labor History and Its Future A Discussion with Professor Joseph McCartin Interview by Katherine BentonCohen Professor Joseph McCartin is a political and labor historian who has taught at Georgetown University since 1999. Last year, he published his awardwinning new book Collision Course Ronald Reagan, the Air Traffic Controllers, and the Strike that Changed America Oxford University Press, 2011, and he was recently promoted to full professor. On a quiet day in earl

two volumes, written numerous articles for major journals, and held various editorial positions at labor journals. He has also found time for family life with wife Diane and two daughters. Over lunch, and by email, I asked Professor McCartin about his views on labor history and his relationship to unions. BENTONCOHEN Do youhave you ever belonged to a union McCARTIN Ill answer as long as I BENTONCOHEN What is labor history McCARTIN It is the history of work, working people, and their organiz

fACULTY McCartin is one of those sought out scholars, and lately he has been very busy. In addition to numerous talks and appearances related to his new book and the current crises in union and labor rights, he also runs the Kalmanovitz Initiative. The Initiatives work reflects McCartins vision of why labor history matters. Rather than being a sterile account of past events, he sees labor history as a call to future action. At the same time, as our conversation made clear, he believes that the r

6 T History Doctoral Students Win Competitive and Prominent Fellowships This past year, six doctoral candidates in the Department of History were awarded prestigious and competitive research and writing fellowships. Four of these students are conducting their research abroad. These students strengthen the Universitys continued legacy as an institution at the forefront of worldleading research in the social sciences and humanities. We congratulate them on their recent successes. wo students, Er

students agricultural practice and related institutions in Syria under the late Ottoman Empire and French mandate in efforts to explore the social, economic, and ecological effects of emerging technologies during this transformative period. She plans to examine actors, institutions, and networks, and hopes to explore connections between circulations of capital, expertise, agricultural production, and the associated environmental impacts. In previous years, Williams has received an IIE Fulbright

Student Research Stories Profile Thanks to the continued generosity of our alumni and friends, the Piepho Fund, established in honor of the late Irma Piepho, MA 71, continues to facilitate doctoral student research and field work by supporting student travel where possible. Grants from the fund support doctoral candidates who seek to pursue language study or archival research. The following story is shared by one of our funded students who conducted independent archival research this past summer

Javier Puente visits the community of San Juan de Ondores in the central highlands of Peru. Ondorinos to allow me to consult their communal records documents that shed some light on the internal debates that occurred among community members since the early days of the official recognition of Ondores back in 1934. I am the first scholar to gain access to these very intimate sources. After reviewing these records, I felt a deepened sense of commitment to this community. Along with Ondorinos, I su

Student News Honors J entitled Lawrence, Massachusetts, and the Trade Liberalization Protest of 1938, at the Southern Labor Archives housed at Georgia State University in February, and at the History Graduate Student Association conference held at Louisiana State University in March. The GSU presentation was in conjunction with the Reed Fink Award in Southern Labor History, which he was awarded in 2011. The paper was written under the direction of Professors Joseph McCartin and Adam Rothman. H

students R internship this past summer to work at the American Embassy in Vienna, Austria. His daytoday work and duties were fascinating and included drafting cables, researching Austrianrelated topics of particular interest to the US government, and meeting with Austrian officials and academics to discuss their perspectives on these issues. Being in Vienna also gave him an opportunity to pursue his own research. He met with a professor in Vienna who is working on the Danube Environmental Hist

New Ways of Seeing Matthew Bowman, PhD 11, Explores the Life of the Nation through the Lens of Faith Miriam Okine Davies Grateful for the Opportunities Bowman, who landed his teaching job at liberal arts college HampdenSydney shortly after graduating, says he is owes a debt of gratitude to the Department of History for the many opportunities that were presented to him. The department allowed me to teach not only two US history courses, but also World History I. HampdenSydney was looking for som

alumni A Pleasant Surprise Just a little over a year out of graduate school, Bowman has a book already under his belt and, along with it, many accolades. His timely book, entitled The Mormon People The Making of An American Faith, released by Random House in January 2012, has attracted considerable notice and has been featured extensively in the national media, appearing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Republic, MSNBC, Current TV, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Former

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Toshihiro Higuchi, PhD 11, Appointed ACLS New Faculty Fellow at University of WisconsinMadison r. Toshihiro Higuchi PhD 11, who recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University, recently accepted the appointment of ACLS New Faculty Fellow with the History of Science Department at the University of WisconsinMadison for 201213 and 201314. During the twoyear appointment, Higuchi will complete his first b

alumni Jersey, now working as a consultant on immigrant integration issues. In partnership with the School of Social Work at Rutgers University, he coordinates the American Immigrant Policy Portal nj, which abstracts and collects policyoriented research on immigrationrelated issues. Wrong Place, Wrong Time or Right Place, Right Time in the fall 2010 edition of the New England Journal of History. He also reviewed Olivier Wieviorkas Divided Memory French Recollections o

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Anand Toprani Lands Prestigious Ernest May Fellowship at Harvard Kennedy School nand Toprani, a doctoral student who defended this past summer, has been chosen as a 2012 Ernest May Fellow with the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs in the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The Ernest May Fellowship honors the late Ernest May, former Charles Warren Professor of American History and former member of the Belfer Centers board of directors.

alumni Phi Alpha Theta History A Love Story A my Widsten, F97,and Duncan Van Buskirk, F97, G00 were married on October 15, 2011 at the Carlyle House in Old Town, Alexandria. Alumni in the wedding party were Steven Thomas, F97, G01, Richard Hayden Hurst, F98, and Christian Salaman, F96. Alumni in attendance at the celebration included Keira Forker, B97, Heather Welch Callahan, C97, Sean Burns, B97, Lauren Newell Salvati, C04, Colleen Stack, F97, Pam De Cordova Becker, N00, Katherine Thomas Mag

research grant from the British Academy. 1992 Michael R. Fischbach, PHD92, professor of history at RandolphMacon College, attended two meetings associated with track two IsraeliPalestinian negotiations. The first was a conference held by the Frenchbased Aix Group in Rabat, Morocco, in February 2011, and the second was a meeting hosted by Chatham House of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in Oxfordshire, England in October. He also delivered an academic paper at the conference, entit

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT alumni Mansfield College of Oxford University in July 2012. John B. Waters, C00, is now senior marketing manager at Xaxis. He assisted with the launch of Xaxis, the largest audiencebuying company in the world, in June 2011, and is currently managing the global marketing operations. Xaxis, a GroupM company that is part of WPP, has a presence in 16 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. Evelyn Krache Morris, PhD 12, Wins Research Fellowship with International Security

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Tao Wang, PhD 12, Wins Prestigious Henry Chauncey Jr. 57 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale D r. Tao Wang PhD 12, has won the prestigious Henry Chauncey Jr. 57 Postdoctoral Fellowship with the International Security Studies Program at Yale University for 201213. At Yale, Wang is revising his dissertation, entitled Isolating the Enemy USPRC Relations, 19531956, under the direction of John Lewis Gaddis, the Robert A. Lovett Professor of History, and Paul M. Kennedy, the J. Richard

alumni Politics and the Performing Arts in Imperial Russia Penn State Press, 2009, has received much international media attention. His second book is Wagner and the French Muse Music, Society, and Nation in Modern France Academica Press, 2011. In the last year, he reviewed Wagner Festivals in Berlin, Budapest, San Francisco, and Bayreuth as well as performances in New York, Washington, Chicago, Paris, Vienna, and Salzburg. His recent destinations include Indonesia, where he spent a memorable Ch

Reflections Class of 2006 Thomas B. Philipps, C08, has returned to New York to continue teaching at a KIPP school in the Bronx, after completing Teach for America in Los Angeles, where he recently finished his second year teaching fifth grade at Aspire Huntington Park Charter School. Cassandra Virgin, C08, is a masters student in the History and Education Program at the Teachers College of Columbia University. She is also pursuing an advanced certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution of

alumni well known in Spain, but less known in the United States. Damiano spent a lot of time with the artist between 2009 and 2011, and recounts his experiences traveling with Barcel in Paris, Barcelona, Mallorca, and Mali. Before the book, Damiano wrote feature stories about Barcel for La Vanguarida, the Barcelona newspaper, and its culture magazine. More recently, he has written stories for Modern Painters, a New York art magazine. He resides in South America, where he is conducting research f

Welcoming Our New Graduate Students 20122013 MA Ryder A. Dschida Humboldt State University Rose K. Hallett joint Kings College, UK Washington University Jordana L. Hoyt Wesleyan University Emily C. Koo Claremont McKenna College Elizabeth Miller University of California Berkeley Jonathan Morales Oberlin College Carmen R. Munoz dual SFS University of California Berkeley Joanna Palmer Williams College Nicholas P. Roberts Syracuse University Bryan Schwartz Sonoma State University Thomas R. Simpson

department Undergraduate Awards Class of 2012 The College Morris Medal goes to the best senior thesis Benjamin Kirschenbaum, The High Priest of Nature Isaac Newton The College Foley Award goes to the senior with the highest combination of academic excellence and community service Elizabeth Cerabino The SFS Davids Award goes to the best senior thesis Taylor Lescallette, Vietnam is the Auschwitz of Our Generation National Socialism, the Holocaust, and the Cold War in the Writings of the Red Army

Undergraduate Program Director s Notes T he undergraduate program currently has about 110 junior and senior history majors in the College, and 20 junior and senior international history majors in the School of Foreign Service. The department offers a variety of courses in the history of all regions of the world, and courses that present diverse approaches, formats, and topics. Each semester, we also offer numerous and varied colloquia and seminars, including many with a thematic, global, o

department masters Program Director s Notes T he Master of Arts in Global, International, and Comparative History Program MAGIC and the Master of Arts in Global History Joint Degree Program with Kings College in London MAGHKCL continue to flourish. We have carefully cultivated the slow growth of the MAGIC program, expanding by no more than two or three students per year, in order to maintain the highest quality and to avoid overtaxing seminar enrollments. This past year marked our largest coh

Phi Alpha Theta News continued from page 42 at the national biennial meeting of Phi Alpha Theta in Orlando, Florida in the first week of January 2012. At the biennial convention, five GU students compared to only one the previous time presented their finest history papers. These students joined over 500 other students and faculty who presented on, or heard, 137 different panels a most invigorating preprofessional experience. Four of our students were from main campus one came from our Qatar camp

department doctoral Program Director s Notes T he doctoral program enjoyed another superb year. Professor Amy Leonard passed the director of doctoral studies baton to Professor Adam Rothman, who handed it to Professor Alison Games for the spring 2012 semester while he was on parental leave. Many thanks to Professor Leonard and Professor Games for their work in advising doctoral students while Professor Rothman was looking after his new daughter. He resumes as director of doctoral studies for

Andrew Robarts, PhD 10, Named 2012 Glassman Dissertation Award in Humanities Winner lingual, transnational approach to understanding OttomanTurkishRussian relations. Drawing on a range of historiographies Russian, OttomanTurkish, and Bulgarian, and zeroing in on the Black Sea region, Robarts dissertation seeks to balance the prevailing historiography of OttomanTurkishRussian conflict in the Black Sea region by focusing on transterritorial exchange migration and the spread of disease, communicati

department I nstItute for G lobal H Istory I G H L I G H T S The Georgetown Institute for Global History GIGH enjoyed a busy year. All five of our regular seminars and workshops NineteenthCentury US History, Early Modern Global History, International History, Russian History, and Middle East and North African History, with a focus this year on History and Cultures of Revolutions in the Arab World, continued to meet over the course of the year, for a total of 34 seminars. No major conferences t

GIGH 201112 Seminar Series 19THCENTURY US HISTORY Monday, March 19, 2012 MILLINGTON W. BERGESONLOCKWOOD Department of History, George Mason University A Womans Place is Where She is Needed AfricanAmerican Women and the Politics of Gender, Race, and Party in Boston, MA During the LateNineteenth Century Monday, February 06, 2012 AMY S. GREENBERG Department of History, Penn State University Imperial Amnesia Forgetting the USMexico War and Its Veterans Monday, January 23, 2012 SETH ROCKMAN Departmen

Thursday, October 20, 2011 CEMIL AYDIN Department of History, George Mason University Ottoman Empire and the Idea of the Muslim World Internationalizing Intellectual History Friday, February 17, 2012 MARLNE LARUELLE Elliott School of International Affairs, GWU SARAH FAINBERG Program for Jewish Civilization, Georgetown University CLINE MARANG Department of French and Romance Philology, Columbia University Comrades and Nations Ethnic Politics in the Soviet Union from Stalin to Gorbachev Friday, F

DEPARTMENT SPOTLIGHT Djuana Shields, S12, Graduates from Liberal Studies Program Djuana DJ Shields S 12, Administrative Officer with the department, has always been interested in the humanities. As a student in the Liberal Studies Program, what most appealed to her was the exposure to broad and interdisciplinary course offerings. During her studDJUANA SHIELDS, S12 ies, she had the opportunity to study abroad at the Villa Le Balze in Fiesole, Italy. While in Italy, she toured Florence to examine

Making History From left to right 1. Djuana Shields, S12, graduates from the Liberal Studies Program. 2. James Benton presents paper, Lawrence, Massachusetts, and the Trade Liberalization Protest of 1938 at Louisiana State University. 3. Laura Farina, C83, graduates from the Sports Industry Management Program and receives Most Outstanding Student award at SCS Tropaia. 4. Jason Halub celebrates the birth of his daughter, Jasmine, this past May. 5. Phi Alpha Theta students meet at the beginning o

g eorgetoWN U NiverSity Department of History Intercultural Center 600 3700 O St. NW Washington, DC 200571035 N oN profit o rg . U.S. p oStage PAID W aShiNgtoN , DC p ermit N o . 3901 Key Bridge, Georgetown University and the Car Barn Alyson Hurt

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