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Department of Campus Safety Annual Campus Security and Fire Report reporting year 2012 PARTMENT O DE PUS SAFET F M Y CA EMMANUEL COLLEGE

Table of Contents A Message from Campus Safety The Clery Report Timely Warning Emergency Text Messaging Daily Crime and Fire Log Department Personnel Criminal Investigation Off Campus Criminal Investigation Services Access to Campus Facilities Procedures for Reporting a Crime Anonymous Reporting Confidential Reporting Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs Crime Prevention Sexual AssaultSex Offenses Relationship Violence Sex Offender Registry Information Policy on Missing Student Polic

Emmanuel College Campus Map Bro ok lin eA ve. 4 6 5 7 2 1 11 8 9 Av 10 3 L e. The Fen ou way is s Pa te ur 1. Administration Building Muddy River Caf Presidents Office Registrar Student Affairs Administration Student Financial Services Treasurers Office 1. Administration Building cont. 5. The Jean Yawkey Center and Marian Hall 8. Saint Ann Hall Residence Hall Dean of Students Facilities FirstYear Experience Residence Life Student Activities Multicultural Programs 2. Maureen Murp

A Message from Emmanuel College Campus Safety The mission of the Emmanuel College Campus Safety Department is to enhance the quality of life for the entire Emmanuel College community by maintaining a secure and open environment where the safety of all is balanced with the rights of the individual. The Campus Safety Department strives to accomplish its mission while adhering to its core values of Integrity, Professionalism, and Service. The success of this mission depends upon an effective workin

The Clery Act The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, more commonly known as the Clery Act, requires colleges and universities to Publish an annual report every year by October 1 that contains three years of campus crime and fire safety statistics and certain campus security policy statements, and to distribute the report to all enrolled students and all employees by October 1 of each year. Campus safety fulfills this distribution requirement by pos

warning is to aid in the prevention of similar crimes by alerting the community about the incident and providing information on what actions can be taken to diminish the chances of being victimized. An effort will always be made to disseminate a warning within twentyfour hours of the crime and to make the warning a preventative tool. Significant criminal incidents that may elicit a timely warning may include crimes of violence or patterns of property crimes. Emergency Text Messaging In the even

with students, faculty and staff while patrolling on foot, bicycles and while eating in dining halls. Officers are approachable and committed to keeping the Emmanuel community safe and secure. Emmanuel College Campus Safety Officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at Emmanuel College. Some Emmanuel College Campus Safety Officers are Special State Police Officers or Boston Special Police Officers and possess arrest pow

communications and stay in constant contact with the Safety Department Communications Center while on patrol. Bike Patrol Emmanuel College Campus Safety additionally utilizes bicycle patrol as an effective way of patrolling the campus while increasing visibility among the Emmanuel College community. Officers selected for bike patrol can cover a much larger area and travel faster than a foot patrol officer. Officers ride as weather allows from April thru November. Safety Escorts Campus Safety Off

Rape Aggression Defense RAD Program The Rape Aggression Defense RAD Program taught by a certified Emmanuel College Campus Safety Officer empowers female students, faculty and staff to combat various types of assaults by providing them with realistic selfdefense tactics and techniques. This empowerment is taught through four basic principles education, dependency on self, making ones own decisions and the realization of ones own power. The objective of RAD is to develop and enhance selfdefense op

nonemergency security or campus safety related matter call extension 59710 or, from outside the College phone system, 6177359710. A dispatcher is available at these respective telephone numbers 24 hours a day to answer your call. What is suspicious Am I witnessing a crime Most individuals have found ourselves asking this at some time or another. However, because they are not really sure, they tend to ignore what they have just seen and continue about their business. They should trust their insti

Confidential Reporting Although we encourage the reporting of campus criminal activity to Campus Safety, in some instances community members may choose to file a report with the College and school officials. Reports of criminal behavior reported to these officials are included in the annual disclosure of criminal statistics included in this report. The officials to whom you should report crime issues to are the Dean of Students, Resident directors, the Director of Campus Safety, Counseling offic

Security and Fire alarm systemsa computer enhanced alarm system monitors a campus wide network of fire, door intrusion and panic alarms. Security Surveyscomprehensive physical and operational security surveys are frequently conducted by Campus Safety Officers to assist various College departments to improve the security of their work or living spaces and personal and College property. Facilities Surveysa program designed to identify and correct deficiencies in exteriorinterior lig

safety issues. If the department of campus safety is not made aware of an incident, they cannot provide assistance to those in need or work to prevent it from occurring again. When Walking Walk with a friend. Avoid traveling alone after dark. Call the Campus Safety Department for a ride or walking escort. Avoid shortcuts. Only walk on welllit regularly traveled walks. Dont hitchhike. Dont accept rides from casual acquaintances. If threatened by an approaching vehicle, run in the opposite dir

Residence Hall Safety Dont give anyone your ID or code to your room. Close any windows that are accessible from the outside. Dont put your name or address on your key ring. If an individual should lose their ID notify Residential Life and Campus Safety. Arrangements will be made to have a new ID made. Dont study in poorly lit or secluded areas. Residence should always ask for identification from service personnel. If in doubt and you dont recognize the person call the Campus Safety. Dont l

Harassing Phone Calls Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269, Section 14A, states Whoever telephones another person, or causes any person to be telephoned to, repeatedly, for the sole purpose of harassing, annoying, or molesting such person or his family, whether or not conversation ensues, or whoever telephones a person of the female sex, or repeatedly telephones a person of the male sex, and uses indecent or obscene language to such person shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hun

What if this happens to me If you are sexually assaulted you may want to consider Finding a safe place Calling a friend Calling for assistance Contacting campus or community police Seeking medical treatment Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, anytime Preserving evidence Relationship Violence What is relationship violence Relationship violence is defined as intentionally violent or controlling behavior by a person who is currently or was previously in a relationship with the victim. Rel

My partner hates it when I spend time with my friends. I feel like I have to sneak around. The other day, my partner got angry about seeing me with a good friend and wouldnt speak to me for several days. When I apologized for seeing my friends without permission, we made up. We have a really good time together as long as I dont hang out with my friends. Remember, if you are a victim of relationship violence, it is not your fault Do any of these examples describe your relationship Or that of a f

What can a stalking victim do Talk to one of the resources listed in this brochure for help. Report the stalking to the Emmanuel College Campus Safety, or the Campus Safety in your area, and follow their advice. Inform others close to you family, friends, residential life staff, coworkers about the stalking. Do your best to safely avoid all contact with the stalker. Keep a journal or log of all incidents connected to the stalking. Keep any letters, packages, taped telephone messages, or em

you may contact Campus Safety and ask to be put in contact with an oncall judge. Resources Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Center for violence prevention and recovery 617 6678141 www.bidmc.harvard.edudisplay.aspnode Boston Area Rape Crisis Center BARC 617 4928306 24Hr. hotline 617 4927273 Possible Sanctions The scope of disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed on students including but is not limited to warning educational projects community service loss of privileges fine

of a missing student will be notified. In the event that parental notification is necessary, the Dean of Students will place the call. Attempts will be made to contact the student, using any confidential contact information that the student may have provided to the college, and an external lawenforcement agency will be contacted if appropriate. Others at the college will be contacted, as appropriate For any student who is under 18 years of age and reported missing on campus housing, Campus Safet

Use and Addiction The illicit use of drugs and alcohol can have a substantial impact on the health, safety, and overall success of members of the Emmanuel community and their families. The College is committed to reducing the harm related to the misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol within the College community. Along with substantial health and safety risks are potentially significant legal consequences. Therefore, all students, staff and faculty of Emmanuel College are urged to read the inform

persons who harass others compromise their own integrity and credibility. Consequently, no form of sexual harassment can be tolerated on campus. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances which interfere with an individuals work, academic, residential, or cocurricular environment, or coercive behavior which threatens employment or academic reprisal or promises reward contingent upon obtainment of sexual favors. Policy on Smoking Emmanuel College prohibits smoking in any College b

Emmanuel College Campus Safety and Facilities Department annually review the fire systems in our residence halls and make upgrades, repairs or revisions when problems are identified. Residence Hall Fire Drills Fire drills are held once a semester for each residence hall. Fire drills are mandatory supervised evacuations of a building for a fire. The fire drill is scheduled with Campus Safety, Facilities and Residence Life. The supervised fire drill is scheduled within the first 3 weeks of the beg

Stay low to the floor and cover your mouth with a wet cloth to make breathing easier in smoky conditions. Never prop open or lock a fire exit. College policy dictates that when a fire alarm sounds in any building, the building will be evacuated for everyones safety. FireLife Safety Inspections During fall semester a residence life staff person will do a firelife inspection of your room. You will be notified as to when these inspections will take place, and you will be required to allow the

Definitions Fire Any instance of open flame or other burning in a place not intended to contain the burning or in an uncontrolled manner. Fire drill A supervised practice of a mandatory evacuation of a building for a fire. Firerelated injury Any instance in which a person is injured as a result of a fire, including an injury sustained from a natural or accidental cause while involved in fire control, attempting rescue, or escaping from the dangers of the fire. The term person may include stud

Crime Statistics On Campus 2010 Murder Negligent manslaughter Formal Report Rape Formal Report Forcible Fondling Formal Report Nonforcible Sex Offense Confidential Report Rape Confidential Report Forcible Fondling Robbery Aggravated assault Burglary Motor vehicle theft Arson Arrest for Alcohol Discipline for Alcohol Arrest for Drugs Discipline for Drugs Arrest for Weapons Discipline for Weapons Hate Crimes LarcenyTheft Hate Crimes Simple Assault Hate Crimes Intimidation Hate Crimes Destruct

Controlled Substances Uses Effects DRUGS DEPENDENCE DRUGS CSA SCHEDULES Opium II III V Morphine II III Codeine II III V TRADE OR OTHER NAMES Dovers Powder, Paregoric Parepectoin Morphine, MS Contin, Roxanol, Roxanol SR Tylenol wCodeine, Emprin wCodeine, Robitussin AC, Fiorinal wCodeine Diacetylmorp hine, Horse, Smack Dilaudid MEDICAL USES Analgesic, antidiarrhe al Analgesic, antitussive Analgesic, antitussive DEPENDENCE Physical High Psychological Tolerance Hours of Duration

Benzodiazepi nes IV Ativan, Dalmane, Diazepam, Librium, Xanax, Serax, Valium,Tran xexe, Verstran, Halcion, Paxipam, Restoril Quaalude Sedative, Doriden Sedative, Equanil, Miltown, Noludar, Placidyl, Valmid Coke, Flake, Snow, Crack Biphetamine, Delcobese, Desoxyn, Dexedrine, Obetrol Preludin Antianxiety, anticonvuls ant, sedative, hypnotic Low Low Yes 48 Oral Withdrawal Syndrome Anxiety, insomnia, tremors, convulsions, possible death Methaqualone I Glutethimide II

Phencyclidine I PCP, Angel Dust, Hog None Unknown High Yes Days Smoked, oral, injected syndrome not reported Days Phencyclidine Analogues I PEC, PCPy, TCP None Unknown High Yes Smoked, oral, injected Other Hallucinogens I Bufotenine, Ibogaine, DMT, DET, Psilocybin,P silocyn Pot, Acapulco Gold, Grass, Reefer, Sinsemilla, Thai Sticks THC, Marinol None None Unknown Possible Variable Smoked, oral, injected, sniffed Mar

Methamphetamine, Heroin, cocaine, Cocaine Base, PCP, LSD, Fentanyl, and Fentanyl Analogue PENALTY 1st Offense QUANTITY DRUG QUANTITY PENALTY 2nd Offence 1st Offense Not less than 10 Not less than 5 1099 gm or 100 gm or more Not less than years. Not more years. Not 100999 gm Methamphetamine or 1 kg1 or more 10 years. Not than life. more than 40 mixture more than life. years. 100999 gm 1 kg or more If death or If death or mixture Heroin mixture serious injury, If death o

Federal Trafficking Penalties Marijuana Quantity 1,000 kg or more or 1000 or more plants Description Marijuana Mixture containing detectable quantity 100 kg to 1,000 kg or 100999 plants detectable quantity Marijuana Mixture containing 50 to 100 kg 10 to 100 kg 1 to 100 kg 50 99 plants Marijuana Hashish Hashish Oil Marijuana Less than 50 k

Department of Campus Safety 400 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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