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WHY USE WOLFBUCKS Its Convenient Your Seawolf Card is always with you and so are your WolfBucks Its Safe WolfBucks are safer than cash because your Seawolf ID Card displays your photograph only you can use the card to make a purchase. Its Easy Add funds online, by phone, or by mail

SIMPLIFYING STUDENT LIFE WHAT ARE WOLFBUCKS The WolfBucks program is a debit based card system that virtually eliminates the need to carry cash oncampus Simply deposit funds into your account, and enjoy the convenience of being able to make purchases all over campus by just swiping your Seawolf ID card Plus, parents and guardians appreciate the peace of mind WolfBucks brings because they know their student will be using their funds for academicrelated purchases.

WHERE CAN I USE WOLFBUCKS WolfBucks can be used at the following locations Campusdiningvenues TheBookstore Vendingmachines Laundryrooms TheRecreationCenter HOW CAN I ADD WOLFBUCKS YoucanaddWolfBuckstoyour SeawolfIDcardthroughtheSeawolf ServiceCenter,locatedonthefirst floorofSalazarHall. Youcanalsomakeapayment onlinewithyourcreditcardorby calling7076642308.

PARENTS HOW DO I ADD WOLFBUCKS Log into the Guest Seawolf online payment site httpcommerce.cashnet.comsonomapay STEP 1 Enter the assigned PIN, password and click Login. STEP 2 In the Seawolf Online Payment site, click on the Make a Payment button. NOTE Your student must designate a PIN and password to enable parents access to account information and to allow payments. Visit sonoma.eduwolfbucks for more information. STEP 3

STUDENTS HOW DO I ADD WOLFBUCKS Log into Peoplesoft Account from the Sonoma Online Login STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Click on the Make Payments Button. In the Seawolf Online Payment site, click on the Make Payment link on the top of the page. Visit sonoma.eduwolfbucks for more information.

HOW MANY WOLFBUCKS DOES MY STUDENT NEED Estimated cost per semester ONCAMPUS RESIDENT LAUNDRY 100 Assuming two loads per week VENDING FOOD Assuming one food and one water per week 50 Meals, snacks, and convenience items 350 550 100 BOOKS Based on the National Average SUPPLIES Notebooks, presentation supplies, etc. REC CENTER Outdoor Adventures, classes, massages, etc. 150 MISCELLANEOUS SSU tshirt, sweatshirt, license plate frame, etc. 125 TOTAL 1,425

CAMPUS DINING all venues VENDING MACHINES snacks convenience items ALL CAMPUS LAUNDRY ROOMS smell good no change needed RECREATION CENTER outdoor adventures classes massage BOOKSTORE books supplies clothes Phone 707 6642308 Fax 707 6642675 Website sonoma.eduwolfbucks Facebook facebook.comwolfbucks Twitter twitter.comwolfbucks Youtube youtube.comwolfbucks

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